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Favorite Cookbooks of 2013: the writer’s edition

It’s 2014. Have you started writing the correct year on your checks yet?

(Wait, does anyone still write checks?)

Since the new year began, we’ve had brunch with 2 dozen of our closest friends, swam with our daughter, made dinner for more friends, played, laughed, and waited for our daughter to go to sleep. (She’s such a night owl.) And then I flew to San Francisco for three days by myself, to attend book launch parties and hang out with friends in Dolores Park in nearly 70-degree weather.

(Midwest and East Coast readers, I apologize for that sentence.)

2013? That feels like soooo long ago.

Still, I’ve had this post in draft form for at least two weeks, and I’m determined to share it before it’s 2015.

(Can we talk about how wonderful it is to have the kiddo home for 2 full weeks without any school or childcare? Long, slow mornings. Family game night. Afternoons at the pool. Dance parties. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. Can we talk about how wonderful it is to have school start again? I can actually finish a post!)

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