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how to make gluten-free stuffing

This week, in our kitchen, it has been Thanksgiving.

In the past few days, we roasted a turkey breast, made cranberry chutney, figured out to make great mashed potatoes without any dairy, conquered a big challenge (vegan pumpkin pie that tastes fantastic), and baked stuffing infused with rosemary, sage, and thyme. You’ll see the results of all this, plus more, in the next two weeks.

We’ve also been giving thanks because Danny’s parents, Jerry and Rosemary, came to visit us. They are a delight. Not much happened. That’s the best kind of vacation. We sat around the dining room table, talking, and watching Lu play. And then Rosemary read books to Lu or taught her how to play Simon Says. Jerry helped her with Mr. Potato Head.

And in the midst of it, we shot this video for you: how to make gluten-free stuffing.

(Special appearances by Lucy and Rosemary Ahern.

A few notes for you. Turn up the sound! We’re still suffering from low sound on Danny’s end of the camera. Luckily, we have ordered a microphone! It might be here in time for next week’s video!

Danny likes stuffing to have large cubes of bread. You’ll see that in the video. Me? I like smaller cubes. After eating this stuffing, which was delicious, Danny agrees with me. You don’t want the taste of the bread to overwhelm everything else. Smaller cubes are better here.

The bread we used to make this stuffing is from a recipe in our cookbook. If you have been thinking about buying it, now is a good time.

Finally, we made this stuffing with 2 eggs and a half a pot of stock. Now, Danny would suggest you throw in another egg.

Also, if you’d like to see the basic recipe, it’s right here.

Happy Eating!