how to shop, gluten-free, for Thanksgiving

Let’s talk about buying food, shall we?

We’re very excited to share recipes for great Thanksgiving dishes, gluten-free, in the coming weeks. (And remember that you can put your name on the waitlist for our Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Baking iPad app, which should be live in about a week!) You’ll have plenty of videos to show you how to make cranberry chutney, roasted sweet potatoes, and the softest mashed potatoes you’re ever likely to make.

But before we cook, we shop.

This is a long video (15 minutes!), but it’s an important video. If you are new to living gluten-free, or if you are cooking for someone who is gluten-free and you are new to that, or you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner and you just found out that someone who is coming to dinner is gluten-free? You NEED this video.

Most people aren’t thinking about cross-contamination in the bulk aisle, or looking too closely at the label that says “Manufactured in a facility that also manufactures wheat” or remembering that cream of mushroom soup actually has wheat flour in it.

With the permission of our local grocery store, Danny and I walked up and down every aisle, trying to remember every detail of what people might be buying for the big day. (I’m sure we must have forgotten something! Let us know if we have by leaving suggestions in the comments.) Share this post with the people with whom you will be cooking, or for whom you will be cooking. Communication is key to making this a great Thanksgiving.

And by the way, there’s something about flourescent lights that make me look like I have the darkest circles under my eyes. We were working hard on these videos, to be sure, but I don’t look as death warmed over as I do in the video!