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Napa- macarons

During our California road trip, after our stay in Sacramento, the three of us drove to Napa. Eating extraordinary meals in one of the best places for food I know reminded me of the beginning again. When you are first diagnosed with celiac — or figure out for yourself that gluten is not your friend — you might think that life is going to be drab and without interest.

Grab yourself some macarons from Bouchon Bakery and those dreary preconceptions will disappear.

(Now let me say what might need saying: Bouchon is definitively not a gluten-free bakery. These macarons are made separately, away from the other baked goods. This time, when we were in Napa, I could watch a young woman making them through the bakery window. The folks at Bouchon know about gluten-free, since everyone in the Thomas Keller restaurant group seems to know how to take care of folks with food allergies. And this is the third time I have eaten them — I’m not sure how I’m lucky enough to write that statement — and I have never been made sick. Still, proceed at your own caution.)

There is nothing drab about Napa.

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