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Meet Our Sponsors: Dough Buddies Gluten-Free Donut Mix

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The other day, we called out to a group of friends hanging out at our kitchen studio. “Hey guys! Doughnuts are ready!” It seems that nothing can make people run faster, happily, than a batch of hot doughnuts, ready to eat. Every one of the people in the room made little happy noises and exclaimed as one. “Oh, these are good!” Only after the doughnuts were gone did we tell them these soft, cakey doughnuts were from a gluten-free mix: Dough Buddies Gluten-Free Donut Mix.

We’re happy to announce that Dough Buddies is our latest sponsor. We truly believe that you’ll love this easy-to-use mix. It makes some darned fine doughnuts, gluten-free.

This small company is run by two lovely women, Karen Manarolla and Pat Landy. We’ll let them tell you their story.

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