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I’ve been waiting since November to share this with you. The gluten-free baking video class we created with Craftsy is now live.

For years now, as we have offered baking classes on Vashon and the Seattle area, so many of you have asked how you could attend when you live elsewhere? That’s why we immediately said yes! when Craftsy approached us about working together. Now, with this gluten-free baking video class you can learn how to make two gluten-free flour blends that work, as well as gluten-free cookies, cakes, pizza, quick breads, sandwich bread, artisan bread, and pie, all from your own home.

(This way, you can bake in your pajamas. And watch the videos over and over again, to learn the techniques.)

We want to help you make great food.

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let’s bake bread together

GFG Poster v.2

I love this island where we live. It’s bucolic and lovely. It’s filled with good people who make great food. It’s also just a touch wacky. (Okay, maybe more than a touch.) Downtown we have a local creamery, a great bakery that makes baked goods with our gluten-free flour, the best Thai restaurant I have ever experienced, a gluten-free raw vegan takeaway place, a great used bookstore, and an origami store. Yes, a gallery that sells nothing but one woman’s origami creations.

You know you want to come visit.

And if you’re gluten-free, you know you want to eat great bread again. Why not combine the two urges and come here for a gluten-free bread baking class?

I’m teaching a series of gluten-free bread baking classes in early 2016 on Vashon at the Lodges on Vashon. We’ve been teaching classes here on Vashon most of this year, focusing on cakes or pies or cookies. There were plenty of happy people. But the classes that always sold out first and had long wait lists? The bread classes.

Let’s bake bread together.

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gluten-free bread

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