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gluten-free cornbread for Thanksgiving

Cornbread. It’s delightful. And you need a good gluten-free cornbread to make cornbread stuffing (or do you call it dressing?) for Thanksgiving next week.

Here’s how to make it.

A few years ago, we gave you a recipe for gluten-free cornbread. It’s the one we have been using for years. It’s moist and holds up well in a pan of stuffing. I’ve updated it for you to make sure you can make it easily. This recipe is really not that much different than what we are making now.

But if you want the latest version of the recipe, it’s available on our Gluten-Free Thanksgiving baking iPad app.

Go to GFThanks to sign up for notification when the iPad app is live. We think it’s this week! (Come on, Apple.)

In our Thanksgiving Baking iPad app, we show you the ingredients you’ll need in your pantry, the equipment you’ll need for baking, and some tips for how to survive the holiday, no matter how your family reacts to the news that you need to be gluten-free. The essays are lavishly illustrated with photographs that are intended to make you hungry.

But the heart of the app are the baking recipes you need to make this a great Thanksgiving, gluten-free. Here’s what we show you how to make in the app:

° a soft gluten-free sandwich bread
° white-bread stuffing
° cornbread
° cornbread dressing
° dinner rolls
° pie dough
° pie fillings to make apple pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry-ginger pie, and dairy-free coconut-banana cream pie)
° apple-walnut cake
° pumpkin cheesecake with a ginger crust

Each recipe is presented in easy-to-understand format, with plenty of interactive features including video illustrations of everything you need to see. Tap the screen and let us walk you through each recipe’s technique and texture.

We want you to have a successful Thanksgiving, gluten-free.

Happy Thanksgiving!