Meet Our Sponsors: Schär

Schar- breadsticks

When Danny and I spent our honeymoon in Italy (man, was that really 7 years ago?), I was happily shocked to find that nearly every farmacia in Umbria stocked gluten-free pastas, breads, and chocolate croissants. I never expected to eat gluten-free chocolate croissants on a honeymoon in Italy. And they were good.

All those products were made by Schär, our latest sponsor.

Schar- baguettes

Seven years ago, when we returned home, I had a hard time finding Schär products here in the United States. There were far fewer gluten-free products on the market then. I’m happy to say that not only is the entire line of Schär gluten-free foods available in the US now, but also those foods have improved since then.

These par-baked baguettes (ready for you to finish baking them in your own home oven) are just right for that hot garlic bread you want to make, the one with the shattery crisp crust.

Schar- ciabatta_

Most exciting, to me, is the fact that the new Schär breads do not contain xanthan and guar gum. Instead, they use psyllium husk powder, which is what we have found to make the best gluten-free breads. We’re testing bread recipes so often that we don’t buy packaged bread often. But we have a bag of these multi-grain ciabatta rolls in the freezer now, always, so we can make a quick sandwich for Lu’s lunch if we’re between loaves at home.

Schar- honeygrams

The big hit in our house right now is these Honeygrams, which are delicious gluten-free graham crackers. Lucy is particularly happy about these, since they make it possible to have s’mores in the house. (We have taken her camping a couple of times, and she wants to camp all the time now. Even in the house. Mostly for the s’mores.) They’re mildly sweet and hold together well when dunked in milk. Lu asked for one in her lunch every day until they disappeared. We have more on order right now.

Schär makes some of the best gluten-free packaged food I have ever tasted. (And Danny and I have tasted a lot of gluten-free packaged food in the past seven years.) Their breads, crackers, crisp breads, cookies, and graham crackers are really a tremendous boon for those of us who have to avoid gluten. We recommend them to you wholeheartedly. That’s why we’re thrilled to have Schar as our latest sponsor.

Schär would like to give a big basket of their cookies — chocolate hazelnut bars, lemon wafers, ladyfingers, cocoa-dipped wafers, shortbread cookies, honey grams, and more! — to one lucky reader here. Just leave a comment letting us know why you would like to try these products.