fresh figs with soft cheese and balsamic syrup

We’re having so much fun with making these videos that we took the leap. We bought a new camera. Instead of shooting videos gonzo-style, with our iPhones, we now have a new-to-us, slightly used DSLR that does video. Wow.

We had a blast making this one.

And if you don’t want want to eat these fresh figs with soft cheese and balsamic syrup after seeing this? I’m not sure I can help you.

All you need is

fresh figs
some kind of soft cheese (we used our favorite, Dinah’s cheese, made here on Vashon)
a bit of oil for greasing the pan
balsamic syrup (we showed you how to make that in this video)

Make sure the broiler is on high. (Our oven says HI to us.) A couple of minutes there, until the cheese is oozy, and you’re set.

That’s it.

Sometimes the best food is the simplest.

Thank you, as always, to the Debra and Rod at Smith Bites Photography for the editing. They’re incredible.

And thank you, now, to Jason Parker at One Working Musician for the jazz music. We’re in love with it.

gluten-free shortbread

Scottish shortbread II

I made three batches of shortbread yesterday.

Yes, I’m a little nuts. It’s the last day of posting holiday cookie recipes around here. After jam tarts, gingerbread men, coconut sugar cookies, cannolis, plus 8 more, you think I’d be done. That’s an even dozen, right?

(Plus, if you go over to our friend Silvana Nardone’s blog, Dish Towel Diaries, you’ll find our recipe for chocolate crackle cookies, inspired by our friend Tamiko.)

So I could have stopped. I have to admit — I’m a little exhausted. After I finish this post, we can leave for the city and do our first Christmas shopping. (shudder.) Perhaps no one would have screamed if I had let go.

However, I wanted to give you a baker’s dozen. You know that sweet little act of kindness, when the baker slips one more sugar cookie into your bag of dozen, a small surprise you find when you walk into your kitchen? That’s what I wanted to give you. (I guess I’m not being very silent about it.)

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