feeding our people

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.”

— Julia Child


Welcome. You’ve probably come over here from gluten-free girl. If so, you know that we love food. We love playing with flavors and challenging ourselves with new recipes. We love making olive tapenade, Thai yellow curry, cured salmon, braised Caribbean black beans, and the best roast chicken we can make. Danny is a chef. Shauna writes about food.

And we have two small children and need to get something they will eat on the table by 5:30 pm every night.

We have found that we enjoy those dinners if keep our meals simple. We make make one new dip, dressing, or sauce each week to keep the roasted vegetables or pork chops or the pre-dinner salad interesting. On the weekends, we make a big batch of something that will feed us all week long. And we do it all on a pretty tight budget.


We want to help you make the best food you can in the time available to you.

Welcome to Feeding Our People.


oven-dried tomatoes and polenta


The many conversations we’ve had with people who love gluten-free girl have convinced us: there are a clutch of you who really love the work we do. You love the food we make, the relationship we have with food and each other, and my writing. Heck, some of you even like the honest, un-guardedness of us, including the waffling.

Some of you have made it clear that you’d like to support our work. Rather than us using Patreon or something else like it — another infrastructure to learn — we think of Feeding Our People as a membership service for people who would like to help us to keep doing our work.

We’d love to have you part of that community.

So here’s what we offer on Feeding Our People. 

Every Friday, we send out a weekly newsletter. Each week we give you one batch recipe for a food that’s truly useful to have around all week. All the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free.

And there’s an essay from Shauna, equal parts irreverent and earnest, full of details and suggestions about the food. And stories. Always stories.

There’s a Feeding Our People Facebook page, where we talk directly with subscribers on a regular basis. We have a Saturday morning conversation about planning meals and shopping for the week. On Sundays, we do a live video so we can all cook that week’s dish together. Three times a week, we start a post, a place for questions, recommendations, cookbooks, articles we’re reading — community.

We’re going to start offering one baking recipe a month on gluten-free girl. These will be reliable, tested baked goods that are familiar and sturdy, not elaborate or aspirational. These home baked goods will be ones that save you money when you make them from scratch. Big batches of chocolate chip cookie dough we can freeze as 3-ounce discs and bring out to bake when we need them. Scones for Sunday morning gatherings. Sandwich bread. Sourdough starter. Grain-free savory crackers. And so on. Members of Feeding Our People will get our recipe for the next baked good the month before we go live on gluten-free girl. You are the community that helps us test these recipes and makes them good for everyone else. Other dietary restrictions? Let’s tackle them together. Let’s make sure together that these baked goods work.

There will be cookbook giveaways, conversations with other authors, and voices besides our own.

Members of Feeding Our People receive discounts on anything we bring out — ebooks, cookbooks, classes, etc.

Soon, there will be a password-protected section of recipes on gluten-free girl, just for Feeding Our People batch recipes.

You are supporting us in our work. We are offering Feeding Our People so we can keep gluten-free girl running for everyone else.

big pot of beans

“The greater purpose is: we’re communing together and we want this moment to be really special for all of us, because otherwise, why bother having come together at all? It’s not about proving something. It’s about sharing something.”

— Yo Yo Ma


Here are some of the well-tested recipes we have sent out since we began in March of 2016:


a big pot of Tuscan olive-oil braised beans

quick pickled carrots 

Thai green curry paste 

romesco sauce 

Vietnamese vegetable stock 

homemade smoked salmon 

toasted nori clarified butter

sauce gribiche

berbere spice blend 

caramelized pear vinaigrette

oven-dried tomatoes

romesco sauce

spinach-artichoke hummus

grilled ratatouille

summer peanut sauce



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produce haul

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We made the decision to keep the price of feeding our people reasonable. We want you to be part of this.

Subscribing to this community is only $9.95 per month.

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If you have ever bought one of our cookbooks and loved it, especially Gluten-Free Girl Every Day, we think you’ll love the food on feeding our people. If you ever attended one of our potlucks around the country or book events or baking classes, we think you’ll love being part of the feeding our people community. If you’ve ever stopped me at an expo or a farmers’ market or an escalator at Whole Foods or an airport, to tell me how much our work has helped you in the past, we’d love to have you as part of the community.

If you have been reading gluten-free girl for years, we’d love to spend our time cooking and talking with you. If you’re new here, but  already feel a kinship, then welcome.

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