We love the community that gathers around the table together here, talking and asking questions, laughing, and supporting each other.

We read every email you send. However, we can’t answer most of the emails we receive, due to the volume of them that pile up in the inbox. There are only two of us and so many hours in the day.

So here are our brief answers.

New to gluten-free? You’re going to be okay. Read this first. 

Sorry, but I’m not a doctor. I cannot read medical histories or give advice. At all.


We do not accept guest posts.

We only accept food or products if you are interested talking with us about sponsored posts or long-term partnerships with gluten-free girl. Please contact Daniel Ryan Kinney at dkinney@apa-agency.com.

If you have specific questions for Shauna about interview requests, writing opportunities, or hiring us, please email at


Please know that we would love to answer each individual email but we simply cannot. We receive about 400 emails a day and it’s not possible for us to answer them all.

Keep breathing. Say yes. Life goes on, even without gluten.