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America, you have so much good food to offer. You don’t need gluten to make that good food.

We wrote this cookbook for you. For months, we asked readers here, plus readers at Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Google+ and Pinterest about the dishes you missed the most when you had to go gluten-free. We took road trips across the country to hear your food stories and gather with you at the table. Emails flooded in. Danny and I spent many evenings on the couch, side by side, going through responses from folks from the South on the Facebook page or requests for Midwestern casseroles or pleadings for dishes from Pennsylvania Dutch country or Hawaii or the Southwest. We made lists and spreadsheets and divided them into chapters. We pondered and played and made dishes we loved. I researched the history of every dish we decided to make. And we cooked and cooked and took notes and made more iterations of each dish until we created recipes that truly worked. And then we had friends over for lunch to taste test. And other friends to test the recipes. And we chatted about every possibility — less sugar? could we make this dairy-free? — as we did mounds and mounds of dishes, every day. The next day, we went back for more.

We’ve been actively thinking and talking about and working on American Classics Reinvented since March of 2013. We’re so excited to offer it to you now.


What people are saying:
“Following the James Beard Award–winning Gluten-Free Girl Every Day, Shauna James Ahern and her husband, Daniel Ahern, have created a collection of comfort-food classics that are all unbelievably and amazingly gluten-free. Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting, Chicken-Fried Steak, New England Clam Chowder—the country’s most beloved dishes, reinvented. Of course, it wouldn’t be true comfort food without dessert, and Shauna aptly provides plenty of delicious recipes for sweets lovers. There’s Pecan Pie, Red Velvet Cake, and even a version of those treasured Thin Mint cookies. Shauna and Daniel tested the recipes over and over again, so these dishes are as easy and foolproof as possible for at-home cooks and her thousands of devoted blog followers. This cookbook also includes all the basic bread recipes readers need to keep making classics at home like Pizza Dough, Sandwich Bread, Hamburger Buns, and Pie Dough. Gluten-Free Girl American Classics Reinvented is Shauna’s best assortment of recipes to date.”


“The only thing more sumptuous than Shauna and Danny’s cooking is the spirited and spiritual prose that fills this generous, informative book.” —Lena Dunham

“There is no one on this planet I trust more than Gluten-Free Girl to help guide me through making gluten-free comfort food classics. Shauna and her husband Daniel have a deep understanding of what makes something crave-worthy and the technical know-how required to get there.” —Marco Canora, chef/owner of Hearth, author of A Good Food Day

“Readers will be filled with nostalgia as they take a culinary road trip through the history of American food with the Aherns. With each page, they will realize they can yet again enjoy all of the foods they loved from childhood, gluten-free. With beloved classics like Corn Dogs, Red Velvet Cake, Bagels, and Tuna Noodle Casserole, American Classics Reinvented revives America’s food heritage for those with gluten allergies.”  —Danielle WalkerNew York Times best-selling author of Against All Grain and Meals Made Simple

“Shauna and Danny have reinvented hearty, soul-satisfying American classics in a way that will make us never miss gluten again. Many of the recipes are also dairy- and grain-free, making it easy for those with sensitivities. Sourdough Bread, Lobster Rolls, Coconut Cream Cake and Sour Cherry Pie are some of my favorites, to name a few. The grain-free flour mix has become a staple in our kitchen. A book where you will find comforting recipes for your everyday meals and special occasions.” —Aran Goyoaga, author of Small Plates & Sweet Treats: My Family’s Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking


We think you’ll love this book too. Stay tuned for updates, recipes, and giveaways.