If you are interested in working with us in sponsorship, please contact us at sponsorship@glutenfreegirl.com. 


For the most part, the stories and recipes we write are personal, particular, and very much our own story. Those posts are part of an ongoing narrative that began in 2005, with shifting attitudes about the foods we eat.

Sometimes, as part of our work, we do sponsored posts on this site, clearly marking them as sponsored posts. We filter through the thousands of new gluten-free foods on the market and recommend the best to our readers. We only work with companies whose products we truly love. (We turn down about 90% of the companies who approach us.) If we are paid for the placement, you will know.

We keep you in mind when we sift through products and decide what works well. We work with sponsors that are truly gluten-free, keeping us all safe. We have to like the foods we recommend, but we also keep in mind foods that work for folks outside our small family. (We tend to make all our food from scratch because we have the luxury of doing so. But we know most folks rely on high-quality packaged food.)

We love small companies that are doing great work. We appreciate large national companies that are making good certified gluten-free food for us too. We’re looking for the best of gluten-free foods, ingredients, and products to make life easier.

Here are the sponsors we have worked with through the years. These are Gluten-Free Girl Recommended.


Baked goods

Brazi Bites

Bridge City Baking

Dough Buddies Donut Mix 

Hail Merry

Keep It Real Food Co

Walker’s Shortbread



Coors Peak 





Three Bakers




Attune Foods

Bakery on Main

Keep It Real Food Co



Mary’s Gone Crackers 



Fosse Farms dressings 


flours and baking mixes

Bob’s Red Mill 

The Teff Company


gluten-free advocates

Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide 

The Gluten-Free Marketing Group 


gluten-free flours

Better Batter

WEDO Banana Flour 


good ingredients

Alaska Gold Brand seafood

Applegate Meats 

Beetnik Grass-Fed Beef

Cinnamon Hill Cinnamon 

Greek Gods Yogurt

Morey’s Smoked Salmon

Nakano Vinegars

Red Star Yeast

Suzanne’s Specialties (alternative sweeteners) 

Tri-Lamb Board 

Viva Labs Coconut Oil 

Washington State Dairy


meal plans

The Fresh20





Jovial Foods


Prepared foods

Cook Simple

Freschetta Gluten-Free Pizza

Gallo Lea Pizza Kits

Garden Lies

Luna Bar 


Starfish Seafood



Organic Girl 

Pink Ribbon Produce



Primal Pacs 


subscription services that bring you good gluten-free food

Love with Food 

Send Me Gluten-Free 

Taste Guru


sweet treats

PASCHA Chocolate


Tools for eating well





if you would like to become a sponsor


As you can imagine, we receive dozens and dozens of emails a day from companies asking us to recommend their work. There is no way for us to recommend everything or even a small percent of them.

We have to genuinely love the food or products you make to move to the sponsorship level. We don’t promote or write blog posts about companies that don’t work with us on sponsorship.

Here is the process we use to recommend good food and the companies that make that food.

1. We talk. (Send us an email at sponsorship@glutenfreegirl.com)

2. If we both like that talk, you send us the food or product.

3. If we like the food or product, we talk with you about sponsorship.


If you are interested in talking with us about the process, please contact us at sponsorship@glutenfreegirl.com.