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Danny and I walked into the kitchen, ready to cook. A blue post-it note on the front door said, “We’re out walking the dog. Make yourselves at home.” We unpacked clarified butter, bags of fresh arugula, a carton of eggs, a bag of apples, the scone dough that needed to go into the freezer. Danny turned the dial to heat the oven to 425°. I found the knives. In only a few moments, this new space felt familiar, thanks to the kitchen rituals.

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Meet Our Sponsors: Pink Ribbon Produce

produce haul

Today was farmers’ market day on Vashon, as it is across the country. Danny and I had our one-hour date, picking up red jalapeños, 10 pounds of tomatoes, fresh shallots, kale, collards, golden beets for roasting, and potatoes dug out of the ground this morning. There were also hazelnuts just off the tree, an olive cashew creme spread, a goat cheese feta, and a pound of Coho salmon. We’re lucky. There is still plenty to buy at the farmers’ market on Vashon in October.

(The photo above is from a couple of years ago, still one of my favorite photos of one of our farmers’ market hauls.)

Danny and I both grow jazzed about produce at the farmers’ market. Even after all these years of shopping together, we feel like the most important and enjoyable choice we make during the week is what produce we’ll bring home. This is the basis of our meals, these vegetables and fruit. Our plates at the dinner table are almost always half filled with vegetables. Everything else is a flavor enhancer, a texture, a condiment. It is s produce that makes up our days.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that Pink Ribbon Produce is our latest sponsor.

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