gluten-free cardamom apple bread

cardamom whole and ground

When I first fell in love with Danny, almost a decade ago, I adored how much he loved food. Food for Danny is like words are to me: play, a chance to learn, a stutter step becoming graceful dance into something tangible, a letting go. He has never been bored by food, not one moment of one day since I met him. He will always be jazzed and meditative in front of the stove, connected and concentrating. And then we eat.

So, you know, I still dig him. 10 years later, I’m still watching him in awe.

In our first cookbook, I wrote about our first moments together every morning. I woke up slowly, the sunlight coming through the windows a gentle awakening. I looked over at him, smiling. And Danny? He was thinking, “What should I do with that leftover fish at the restaurant? Maybe a new special with artichokes and fava beans?” First thought? Food.

As much as I loved him, I thought that was a little weird.

Imagine my surprise when, 10 years later, I wake up in a dark room, alone in the bed. Danny has early-morning shift that morning, playing with Desmond downstairs before 6 am. Lucy is playing in her room, singing. There is no restaurant rhythm to our lives anymore. It’s all driven by children now and the wish for just a bit more sleep. And my first thought, upon waking?

Cardamom and orange zest.

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