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Freshly, a gluten-free fresh meal delivery service, is our latest sponsor. The opinions and words used here are our own. 

As we all seem to grow busier, cooking every meal from scratch, made with whole foods, seems more and more difficult. Add to that the pressure of feeding a gluten-free family? Mealtime can be laden with guilt and exhaustion instead of good flavors. That’s part of the reason that meal delivery services and deliver prepared ingredients and a recipe ready to cook are so popular now.

However, I had yet to find any of those services that guaranteed their gluten-free entrees were truly gluten-free, due to precautions taken to avoid cross-contamination. That is, until I met the folks from Freshly.

We’d like to introduce to you our latest sponsor, Freshly. They make delicious prepared food, made with ingredients everyone can recognize, to deliver refrigerated to your door. And the entire service is completely gluten-free. The entire service!

This is not the food of deprivation or living without. This is citrus salmon with kimchi style bok choy, roasted turkey with apple almond butter gravy, three bean ancho chili, and Lebanese style meatballs with sauteed spinach and chickpeas. This is the kind of food Danny and I make for ourselves. We tried more than a dozen entrees, sent to us to see if we wanted to partner in this sponsorship, and we liked every one. This service has our enthusiastic recommendation.

Imagine that your gluten-free friend has a baby and you’d like to give her a present. Send her a week’s worth of meals from Freshly. Nine meals in one week is $99. Does that sound like a lot? Think about how much you would spend on groceries for that time. Someone recovering from a car accident? A grieving family? Freshly would be a kind gesture. Do you live alone and don’t have the time to cook that often? Trying to learn what a healthy portion of good food is? Freshly can help.

Truly, we think Freshly is great.

Freshly is offering a special promotion for readers of gluten-free girl: 50% off any meal plan they have. When you check out, use the code GFGirl50. 

We asked Carter Comtock, the co-founder of Freshly, to tell you more about what they do and why.

It’s so exciting that your meals are entirely gluten-free. Why did you make that decision?

The gluten-free movement is very close to my heart! I come from a health-oriented family that, until about five years ago, had no idea how gluten intolerant we were! Some family members were dealing with migraines, digestive issues, and even neurological issues, without realizing that gluten was the culprit. Since then, several family members have been diagnosed with celiac disease and I discovered that I’m severely allergic to gluten. Once we cut gluten out of our diets, the symptoms disappeared and we never looked back. It’s incredible how rejuvenated we all feel!

When we started Freshly, gluten-free was a natural fit for our food philosophy, which eliminates processed foods, sugars, and artificial sweeteners from your diet and replaces them with high-quality proteins, healthy fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates. Freshly is at the forefront of a powerful gluten-free and paleo movement that is becoming more prominent every day.

As a gluten-free consumer myself, I know how difficult it can be to find great tasting gluten-free meals, especially if you are not a creative cook. It can be hard to eat out since you don’t really know what happens in the kitchen and there are always concerns with gluten cross-contamination. We wanted to offer a product that was healthy, convenient, and most importantly, delicious! We knew we could make fun meals that taste great so you won’t even miss the breads, pastas, or the sugars we avoid. We want to replace the unhealthy heavily processed foods that oversaturate the American diet with the REAL food we are meant to consume as fuel! We use healthy substitutes, such as almond flour, cauliflower rice, and zucchini pasta, so you have all of the taste and none of the regret later.

Can you tell us about the food in the Freshly service?

Similar to the paleo movement, we have a very “back to the basics” food philosophy. We create meals with healthy and naturally gluten-free ingredients and avoid artificial, heavily processed foods full of refined carbohydrates, hidden sugars, unhealthy fats, and dangerous additives that are all too common in the average American diet. We ensure our meals are balanced with ample servings of high-quality protein, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense carbohydrates. With high quality ingredients and a lot of creativity, we were able to find the perfect balance of healthy and tasty. We often have customers tell us they can’t believe the quality, because they aren’t expecting delicious, fresh meals to be delivered to their door. If it isn’t natural, we won’t touch it. It often takes months of testing and sourcing to find an ingredient that meets our standards. An example of a creative Freshly meal is a chicken parmesan we did recently. We used free range chicken breast breaded with cage free egg and almond flour, and in place of pasta we used a pasta made with organic red lentil beans. We introduce new meals to our menu every week to ensure our customers always have new options to choose from.

How do you feel that a freshly prepared meal delivery service is important in today’s culture?

Freshly is so important in today’s culture because we are busier and more unhealthy than ever! The state of health in the US is troubling, to say the least, with obesity and diseases like diabetes becoming epidemics. Unfortunately, foods that are cheap and convenient are usually the worst for you. We knew there had to be a better way, and we were looking for a better option ourselves. We believe people want to eat healthy, but either feel overwhelmed by the amount of “healthy” information and marketing out there, or they feel like it’s too hard and lose motivation. We also believe that many more people are affected by dietary intolerances that they aren’t even aware of – such as gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy, peanuts, and dairy. Our customers are often surprised at how good they feel when they eat our meals and avoid these ingredients that were causing negative reactions to their health! We constantly hear about incredible weight loss, glowing skin, improved energy, fewer headaches or stomachaches…the list goes on and on! I also think there is a premium on convenience like never before. A lot of amazing companies are offering incredible services at the click of a button, and we see ourselves as your personal chef and nutritionist in a box.

I always love to promote healthy living and the power of diet, with or without Freshly. I challenge people to eat less processed foods and give up gluten, sugar, and refined oils for a month to see how they feel. Chances are, you will feel much better and the results will motivate you to make more healthy lifestyle changes. You have to do it yourself to believe it, and Freshly is here when you need us!


freshly turkey
photo courtesy of Freshly

Tell us about what inspires you to create the meals you do for the Freshly service. 

We are fortunate enough to have recruited some incredibly talented chefs and food scientists that are exclusively focused on product development. Our R&D team is so creative and bursting with ideas that we are constantly testing as we produce new meal options for our menu every week. They are always trying to top the last successful meal. We are continuously inspired by the customer feedback, which we look at daily to determine what meal changes need to be made, whether it is an idea for a new meal or an adjustment to an existing meal. This is the main driver of our menu decisions. Additionally, we also get a lot of inspiration from the industry’s leading food experts through our Tastemakers program – an initiative where we partner with innovative chefs, healthy brands, and nutritionists from across the country to inspire new meals on our menu every month.


Can you share some customer stories, stories that keep you creating meals for people?

Our customers are the heart and soul of Freshly. Every day we have customers tell us how Freshly has changed their lives, which is incredibly rewarding! We have people tell us about effortlessly losing weight, having more energy, digestive issues such as heartburn going away, dramatically losing body fat while sustaining lean muscle, getting into the best shape of their lives, or simply enjoying the time Freshly has put back into their busy schedule. A specific one that comes to mind is a woman whose husband was recovering from a stroke. She was overwhelmed and tried Freshly to alleviate some of the burden while he was recovering. She contacted us after a couple months and sent in this testimonial: “Freshly was just what my husband needed after a serious health scare. 30 pounds 
later he has never felt better! Freshly is simply delicious and is a big part 
of him getting his health back!” I will share another recent email we received from a customer: “Wonderful Freshly Team, I am so grateful for you! I was sick with an exhausting chronic illness. Freshly was an enormous blessing through it. I had no energy to shop, cook, clean. Because of you, I was able to eat nutritiously, ethically…& save energy. Honestly, I can’t find the words to describe the impact Freshly has had on my health & life, over the past few years. Literally an answered prayer!” Getting customer feedback like this is hands down the best part of the job.


Freshly gluten-free meal delivery service
photo courtesy of Freshly

We recommend Freshly to all of you reading. This company is something special.


Freshly is offering a special promotion for readers of gluten-free girl: 50% off any meal plan they have. When you check out, use the code GFGirl50.