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“let the beauty we love be what we do.”

— rumi

feeding our people


Imagine a quiet corner of the internet. No ads. No sponsored posts. No nasty comments. No politics. No arguing. No need to like a page or RT something on Twitter to be eligible to play. No marketing. Just good conversation with people who love food and want to learn from each other. And they’re all gluten-free. Or they want to feed their people who are gluten-free.

Imagine finding your people.

Imagine a place to find recipes that aren’t driven by the need to please with impossible sweet treats, find more followers, or make something go viral. Imagine a recipe site with weeknight food, everyday food, the kind of food we make when we plan ahead a little and make a big batch of something. Imagine recipes guided by the ingredients in season and what is already in the refrigerator and pantry. Imagine gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free recipes that make food everyone enjoys. Imagine a recipe site that embraces creating something good with leftovers and shows you how to use up all the food you cook so you don’t waste anything.

Imagine those recipes created by a former chef with a deep knowledge of technique and a recipe developer with an insatiable curiosity for new ingredients and flavor combination, a pair who have small children and still need to feed their people.

Imagine being part of building something that is fueled by joy and a desire to create community.

Introducing feeding our people, a subscription recipe service, with an active community of food lovers, created by the makers of gluten-free girl.

Subscribe today. Let’s build this together.

beans in Italy

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.”

— Julia Child


Every Friday morning, people who subscribe to feeding our people will get an email with 3 new recipes and a shopping list.

a. The first recipe will be a big batch of something — a pot of braised beans, a Vietnamese vegetable stock, a pork roast, a big batch of quinoa — with the best technique for making it well.

b. The other 2 recipes will be for dishes that use up that batch dish. Salads, soups, side dishes, breakfasts made from leftovers, quick breads, main dishes. Real food. The food we use to feed ourselves.

c. All the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free. However, this is about the last time we’ll mention that. This is a space without any dogma about food.

We eat well and we talk about the food we’re eating. We celebrate food. It’s about joy.

These recipes will be more than a dinner we made one night that we thought was good enough to write up into a recipe. We have chosen every batch recipe for its versatility. Every recipe we offer will be cooked, tested by us, tested by another skilled cook, and then made again before we send it to you. These are recipes you can trust.

Think of this as a constantly evolving cookbook, in formation.

We believe that a good food life means paying attention to what we eat, using up everything we have made, and remembering how lucky we are to have food in the first place.

Does this sound like you? Subscribe today. We’d love to have you around our table at feeding our people.


feeding our people community

“The greater purpose is: we’re communing together and we want this moment to be really special for all of us, because otherwise, why bother having come together at all? It’s not about proving something. It’s about sharing something.”

— Yo Yo Ma


Do you love food? Let’s cook together.

a. We’ll talk together on a closed Facebook group for feeding our people. The only people commenting and talking with each other on the Facebook page are paid subscribers who truly want to be there. Imagine the joy of connected conversations without the dreck and dross of the internet!

b. Every week, we will be there with at set times — like office hours — to answer questions and share more with you.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

Videos. We’ll do live videos on the Facebook page, demonstrating techniques from that week’s recipes.

Chef411. Have any cooking questions? Danny will be on the page at a set time each week to answer any and all cooking questions, including questions about recipes, how best to make something you’ve always wanted to try, and what you could make for dinner that night with what is in your refrigerator right now.

Gluten-free baking corner. Even though we won’t be doing a lot of baking on feeding our people, Shauna will be on the page to discuss any and all baking questions you might have in general, including recipes from gluten-free girl, how to adapt your favorite gluten recipe, and what to make this weekend. Have a family recipe you’d like to adapt? Every month we’ll choose one, work on it all month, and then give you the recipe on the Facebook page.

Batch cooking on Saturday afternoons. Let’s talk about what we’re cooking on a Saturday to get set up for the week.

Chats with cookbook authors. We’ll be talking with our fellow cookbook authors whose work we love, doing live chats with you about their books, and offering giveaways.

Recommendations. We’ll offer up our weekly recommendations for recipes, ingredients, and restaurants we have discovered that week.

Discounts. Members of feeding our people will have first access and discounts to any digital books, cookbooks, apps, and culinary getaways we do in the future.

c. We won’t have a feeding our people Twitter feed, Snapchat handle, Pinterest page, or whatever new app we’re supposed to be following. We won’t be chasing sponsors to fund the work. You are funding the work we do. And we’re doing it for you.

There is, however, a feeding our people Instagram feed. Why? We love the way people share themselves on Instagram, the little glimpses of life that come to light. We’ll be sharing what we’re working on. But mostly, we want to share what you are cooking and eating. We’ll be featuring the dishes you create with the theme of that week.


Subscribe today. We’re going to inspire each other.

big pot of beans


What recipes will you be receiving? Here is the menu for the first 8 weeks. 


week 1

1. big pot of white beans braised in olive oil

2. kale and butternut squash and braised white beans soup

3. white bean-miso-sesame oil dip with roasted broccoli


week 2 

1. salty seeds

2. roasted tofu with salty seeds

3. roasted cauliflower with salty seeds and herb pistou


week 3

1. crispy roast chicken

2. cold chicken salad with raisins, cabbage, and curried mayonnaise

3. quick chicken soup with cooked pasta, leftover roasted vegetables, and fresh herbs


week 4

1. Vietnamese vegetable stock

2. braised bok choi with bean sprouts, Sriracha, and toasted cashews

3. black rice with lemongrass, ginger, sesame oil, and sunflower seeds

week 5

1. lemon-tahini dressing

2. grilled chicken skewers with lemon-tahini marinade

3. roasted 3-kinds-of-squash salad with lemon tahini dressing


week 6

1. carrot salad with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and currants

2. braised beans + carrot salad + goat cheese + avocado + fried egg for breakfast

3. carrot salad savory muffins
week 7 

1. big pot of quinoa

2. quinoa salad with sweet potatoes, kale, pecans, and an apple-cider vinaigrette

3. quinoa savory breakfast porridge with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, almonds, and spinach


week 8 

1. roasted applesauce

2. sautéed pork chops and applesauce

3. applesauce-honey buckwheat cake


Subscribe today so you don’t miss a week. Over the next year, you’ll make 52 batch dishes you can turn to again and again.


Here are some recipes already on gluten-free girl that should give you some sense of the food we’ll be making. 

Buckwheat crepes 

Carnitas with coriander-coffee spice rub 

Cauliflower cumin fritters

Coconut brown rice 

Date-hazelnut balls with chocolate ganache

Fennel-apple slaw with tuna and walnuts 

Halibut with asparagus, leeks, and dill

Halibut coconut curry with charred chiles and lime  

Kale and red cabbage wild rice salad 

Mango cocktail sauce 

Oatmeal breakfast bar

Pistachio-encrusted salmon with edamame mash

Prosciuitto-asparagus tortilla 

Roasted beet salad with dill horseradish vinaigrette 

Roasted sweet potato wedges with cilantro and lime

Roasted tofu with ginger-tamari dipping sauce 

Smoked paprika-chipotle sauce 

Smoked salmon potato cakes 

Spring quinoa salad with pickled red onions 

Summer vegetable hash

Walnut butter 

Wild rice salad with dried cherries, chanterelles, and cashew cream 

Yellow split pea soup


For more food like this, subscribe to feeding our people today.


produce haul


help us build this.

Will you want a feeding our people podcast? Maybe. We’d probably love doing one. But we don’t want to start one until we know you’d like to listen.

Should there be a feeding our people app? Maybe. But not until enough of you say it would make your life easier and more useful.

Should there be t-shirts? Downloadable printable grocery lists? Aprons? Printable laminated recipe cards (and a metal tin to put them in)? Maybe.

Will we end up building a non-profit so we can all do something to feed our people tangibly, in our communities? We’d love that but we don’t know.

Do we need a separate website, a forum, a place where people can ask questions live of us and each other? Maybe. You tell us!

In the words of John Lasseter from Pixar, we haven’t finished this yet. We’re merely releasing feeding our people to you.


Subscribe today. Let’s build this together.


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If you have ever bought one of our cookbooks and loved it, especially Gluten-Free Girl Every Day, we think you’ll love the food on feeding our people. If you ever attended one of our potlucks around the country or book events or baking classes, we think you’ll love being part of the feeding our people community. If you’ve ever stopped me at an expo or a farmers’ market or an escalator at Whole Foods or an airport, to tell me how much our work has helped you in the past, we’d love to have your help in building this together.

If you have been reading gluten-free girl for years, we’d love to spend our time cooking and talking with you. If you’re new here, but you already feel a kinship, then welcome.

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