our gluten-free baking video series


I’ve been waiting since November to share this with you. The gluten-free baking video class we created with Craftsy is now live.

For years now, as we have offered baking classes on Vashon and the Seattle area, so many of you have asked how you could attend when you live elsewhere? That’s why we immediately said yes! when Craftsy approached us about working together. Now, with this gluten-free baking video class you can learn how to make two gluten-free flour blends that work, as well as gluten-free cookies, cakes, pizza, quick breads, sandwich bread, artisan bread, and pie, all from your own home.

(This way, you can bake in your pajamas. And watch the videos over and over again, to learn the techniques.)

We want to help you make great food.

10177_CB_Baking with the Gluten-Free Girl_Shauna James Ahern4879_retouched

I made sure that everyone on the Craftsy set was fed once we finished filming segments. This gluten-free pizza was lunch that day. It has a chew and a crunch. You can fold the slice like a real New York style pizza. No one on set had to be gluten-free. This pizza disappeared fast.

10177_CB_Baking with the Gluten-Free Girl_Shauna James Ahern4804_retouched

Samm, the former pastry chef, who made and styled all the food — along with Danny and Victoria — still talks to me about these chocolate chip cookies, months later. She was blown away by the taste. I think I’ve convinced her to add teff to any chocolate treat, even if she can eat gluten.

10177_CB_Baking with the Gluten-Free Girl_Shauna James Ahern4746_retouched

And pie. There is pie.

Can’t eat gluten? You can still eat apple pie.

10177_CB_Baking with the Gluten-Free Girl_Shauna James Ahern4600_retouched

One of the keys to great gluten-free baking is to use a great flour. Of course, you can buy our all-purpose flour and use it in every recipe in this video series. However, I show you how to make two great blends in this class: the all-purpose flour blend and the grain-free blend.

You can make every recipe in this video series grain-free, if you need it.

10177_CB_Baking with the Gluten-Free Girl_Shauna James Ahern4573_retouched

Life without gluten does not mean deprivation. And it does not mean giving up baking.

I have never baked so much in my life as I have these past 10 years. Once I figured out how to make great artisan bread without gluten, I found the joy of kneading dough again. So satisfying.


Words can’t convey how much I enjoyed working with this crew. They’re all doing what they love to do, whether it’s filming, directing, making food, or producing an enormous project like this. There’s something electrifying about doing work with people who all want to be there, who are giving everything they have. That ineffable feeling comes out in the final video. You will feel it.

(Also, we laughed between takes. All the time.)

Shauna at Craftsy

That wasn’t a fake smile. I felt so enormously alive on that set. I like doing video work because I know I can reach so many more people with the joy of gluten-free baking in a video than I can in individual classes. I want to go back and do more!

Danny and I loved the team at Craftsy and we want to go back to make more cooking classes on video for you. If this class sells well, they want us back. What recipes would you like to see us develop specifically for video? Gluten-free snacks? Gluten-free holiday favorites? Gluten-free brunch and breakfast? Let us know.

So, if you’d like to learn how to make gluten-free flour blends, great gluten-free cookies, cakes, pies, quick breads, pizza, and breads? Buy our gluten-free baking video class on Craftsy. It’s quite the deal.

Today is launch day! To celebrate, we’re offering 50% off the regular price of $39.95. Today and tomorrow, January 12th, our gluten-free baking class is only $19.95. Follow this link to buy the class today.

Let’s start baking!