gluten-free holiday baking classes

holiday baking

It’s December 1st. Our tree is twinkling in the window, leaning a little. All the ornaments and bulbs on the bottom are in a perpetual state of being plucked away by our toddler son, then returned to the branches, a little askew, by our daughter. It’s a marvelous time of the year, all this coziness in the darkness.

For many of us, the December holidays mean baking. It’s not the eating that matters so much as the ritual of rolling out sugar dough and letting the kids put too many sprinkles on goopy frosting. The joy is in making pie dough to feed a grateful family after a big dinner. Around here, it feels like the holidays when we’re readying cinnamon roll dough for breakfast on Christmas morning, the only morning that truly calls for frosting.

Gluten-free? You may feel like you’ll have to go without these rituals this year.

No need for a bah humbug. I’m here to teach you.

Come be part of a community, learning how to bake for the holidays, gluten-free.

This December, I’m teaching two gluten-free holiday baking classes on Vashon Island.

In each class, I will show you how to make ginger-molasses cookies, pie dough for your favorite holiday pie, and cinnamon rolls. You’ll learn how to make each of these dairy-free or grain-free, if you need that. We’ll also talk about your favorite holiday recipes and figure out together how to make them.

This will be a gathering of good people who cannot eat gluten (or the people who love them), sharing cookies and talking together. At each class, I’ll have a big pot of soup and loaves of crusty bread for you to eat. It’s the darkest month. Let’s gather together and make some food.

1 to 3 pm.

Each class costs $50 and is limited to 12 people.

You can sign up now by clicking on the buttons below. Details on the class will follow on sign-up.


gluten-free baking class: December 13th


gluten-free baking class: December 20th

If you live in the Seattle area, and you are interested in a private holiday baking class or gathering in your home, please contact us at


For those of you who live farther away, video classes are coming! We traveled to Denver two weeks ago to work with the good folks at Craftsy. There, I taught six fundamental lessons of gluten-free baking, with detailed recipes and professional production values. It’s going to be a great value! I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.


For those of you who live nearby, I hope to see you around the table, making cookies together soon, at these gluten-free holiday baking classes.