Meet Our Sponsors: Farmigo



You and your spouse both work full-time jobs, have kids, and want to make home-cooked meals. But there’s no time to go to individual farm stands or go to the farmers’ market because it’s happening during the kid’s soccer match. And yet you want to honor the work of farmers and eat the best carrots you can find. (Mostly, kids love fresh carrots.) When are you going to shop? What would it be like if you could order directly from the best farmers from your area and pick it up in one spot? For many people, this sounds like heaven.

Danny and I are happy to announce that we’re working with Farmigo as our latest sponsor. Farmigo is now available in New York and New Jersey, Northern California, and Seattle.)  At the heart of Farmigo’s work, as they write: “…we connect farmers to neighbors, neighbors to each other, and everyone to their food. We want to make it possible for the best fruits, vegetables, meats and artisanal products from local growers and producers to be brought directly to your table.”

If you live in an area near Farmigo, we’d like to recommend it to you highly. We loved the quality of the produce we received, the diversity of it (microgreens! lobster mushrooms!), and the mission behind this company. We love Farmigo and we think you will too.

We’ll let them tell you more about their work here.

Who started Farmigo and why?

Benzi Ronen, our Founder and CEO, started Farmigo in 2009 out of a desire to put farmers back at the center of our food system. After spending two decades in the technology sector, Benzi saw the opportunity to use technology to connect eaters directly to the best farmers and producers, collapsing the food distribution chain to create a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable food system that is better for consumers, farmers and for the planet.

Today, Farmigo serves over 15,000 families and works with over 180 producers, including over 30 in Washington. We deliver food from farms and food-makers directly to convenient pick-up sites where people already convene, such as schools, workplaces, local businesses and even private homes.

Why work this way with local farms?

By connecting consumers directly to the best local farms and food artisans, we’re able to give them access to the freshest food. Our producers only harvest or make the food our members order. This reduces food waste and spoilage and allows us to give farmers and food artisans a much larger cut — 60 cents to the dollar of the retail price vs. the industry standard of 20 cents to the dollar.

At Farmigo, we strongly believe that local farmers, producers and artisans are the backbone of a better food system. We know that many families are fed up with the lack of transparency and healthy choices offered by supermarkets and online grocery retailers, so we’re providing them with a better way to eat — an online farmer’s market where they can buy all of their food for the week, and feel confident that they are doing right by the farmer, the planet, and their health.

Why do you have to reach gluten-free customers in particular?

It’s important for us to offer a wide selection of items, including gluten-free items. We know that many people are looking to eliminate gluten from their diet and are looking for alternative options that are healthier for them without compromising on taste. In addition to featuring naturally gluten-free products,  we also work with many great food artisans who are interested in creating delicious gluten-free foods such as Seattle-based bakeries, Macrina, and The Essential Baking Company, as well as local small-batch granola maker, Marge granola. We’re huge fans of all of their products, including their gluten-free items.

Can you tell us about some of the farms you work with? And how do you work with them?

We’re proud to work with some of the best producers in Washington, such as Nash’s Organic Produce (vegetables, grains, and flours), Collins Family Orchard (fruit), Farmbox Greens (microgreens) and Crown S Ranch (pastured and humanely raised meats), to name a few. We select farms and food artisans based on high standards of quality and transparency. We focus on small independent farms that apply sustainable farming practices and on food artisans that use whole ingredients to produce quality food.

As often as possible, we choose products that are certified organic or organically grown, and everything is non-GMO. All of our partners are transparent about their growing practices and the treatment of their workers, and know where everything they sell comes from.


Farmigo has graciously offered to give away groceries to two readers. Sign up for an account at Farmigo. The first two readers who email a confirmation of signing up to will receive a voucher for up to $150 of free groceries on Farmigo.