in a kitchen like this

Krissy- kids in teh kitchen

The kitchens I like the best are rarely magazine ready.

A few days ago, we spent the afternoon and evening at our friends’ beach cabin. They lived down the street from us, years ago, a brood of thoughtful children and their dedicated parents. When we moved into our first house on Vashon, we only had one car, so when Danny started working at a restaurant again, I was home with a toddler. I felt a little alone until I met these neighbors. My friend often came down the street with her 4 kids to play. (Her two oldest were out of the house by then.) We walked up there. We shared soft pretzels while I worked on the recipe, ate fruit salad at the island in their kitchen, and shared notes of exhaustion. It’s hard being a parent sometimes. It’s good to have kindred spirits nearby.

Krissy and Lee gave us great counsel on adoption as we were going through the process, all those years ago. They adopted four of their children. These children plus the three biological children make for a big, happy family of 7 kids. (Their youngest arrived just before Desmond did.) There’s no difference in the way those children are raised, whether they came from Haiti or look straight from Finland. They are family. It’s part of why I love them.

They moved to Minnesota a couple of years ago, around the same time we moved to another house on Vashon. We’ve missed them. Thank goodness they come back to the island every summer for 5 weeks, to spend time at the beach cabin.

Krissy- lifejackets

Krissy’s grandfather built this cabin on the beach during WWII. He built it by himself, bringing materials from Tacoma across the water, one boatload at a time. When Krissy’s father was 11, his father taught him how to build and together they constructed the loft house where the kids sleep, and then the tool shed. He passed that knowledge onto Krissy, then her husband Lee. It’s rustic. The furniture inside is worn. The kitchen is tiny, with plywood on the walls. Quarters are tight. You have to park at the top of the hill above the small row of houses on the water. Everything that comes into the cabin has to be walked down a winding gravel path to the beach. This place will never be in Sunset magazine.

We felt so at home there.

Krissy- kids on the boat

The kids spend the summer on the water. A few moments after we arrived, Lucy was leaping onto this floating raft with her friend. The older kids, naturally the protectors and parents by proxy for the younger kids, know how to steer the motor boat and paddle the kayaks. Krissy’s oldest girl in the house, Aleia, the sweetest most polite 13-year-old you’ll ever meet, told us that she regularly gets wet, dries through, gets wet, and dries through every single day. Out the window, a view of Mt. Rainier across the water. The big kids paddled and splashed. The littles played with the red and yellow toys on the grey sand. We all stood talking, watching them, catching up.

Krissy- vertical of the kitchen

Essentially, nothing about this kitchen has changed since the 1950s. I love the old Ball jar canning illustration, the copper mold, the worn blue spoons. This kitchen has been lived in, for decades. As Lee told us, “There’s a bunch of things we could change. Work to do. But then we look at it and think, why?”

I will always feel happier in a kitchen like this than one with gleaming countertops and the newest appliances. This kitchen has good juju, the years of summer cooking, the hands helping, the generations of families making meal after meal to feed their kids. Give me this kitchen every time.

Krissy- Danny cooking

Danny started cooking as soon as we sensed that the kids couldn’t stand the wait anymore. We’d promised them gluten-free corn dogs. Half the kids in this house, and both moms, have to be gluten-free. We hadn’t spent any long-afternoon time with our friends in more than 2 years. We wanted to feed them.

There’s something about water that soothes me. Standing at this humble stove, waiting for the oil to heat up, made me so happy. There were no words. Just our friends, the kids, the water, the kayaks, the little guy with us whom we only dreamed of when Krissy and Lee lived down the street from us. This was a gift, this afternoon.

Krissy- condiments

The kids came running. They grabbed slices of watermelon, a bit of the bean and tomato salad Danny made, handfuls of potato chips, bunches of grapes. And two corn dogs each.

Corn dogs are kid food. Hot enough out of the oil to still crunch but not so hot to burn. Crisp crust. Hot dog. Dipped in mustard or ketchup or sriraca mayonnaise. There’s really no point in going into complicated sensory descriptions of a corn dog. The only thing that mattered to these kids is that everyone in the room could eat them. (We made the batter with soy milk, for Woodson and Krissy, who can’t eat dairy.) Did the adults eat them too? Heck yeah! Once or twice a year, corn dogs are about the best food ever.

Krissy- corn dogs

This is why we created our next cookbook, American Classics Reinvented. Danny and I really thought about the kitchens like this one, where meals are made for water-exhausted children who need to be fed. We wanted to make the food that families miss, like the blackberry cobbler Krissy’s grandmother made each summer. (She brought out the pan every cobbler has been made in. I’m going back before they leave to help her make it, gluten-free.)

We listened to the requests for dishes that people missed. We played and failed and laughed and took notes and made 130 recipes the way we wanted them to be, without gluten. We wanted to give people the chance to keep their food traditions, the collective memories of families and communities.

In December, we share cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. On Easter, we spoon up scalloped potatoes. And this year, in the middle of summer, tilted a bit toward fall, we ate corn dogs at the cabin on the beach.

I’m pretty sure we will again next year.


We’d like to give away one copy of our new cookbook, plus two boxes of our gluten-free flour, so you can start cooking and baking right away. Leave a comment about what your kitchen is like and what it means to you. A winner will be chosen at random by next Wednesday, August 19th and notified by email. 

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  1. Kate

    “My” kitchen isn’t really mine – I’m just the a in cook in the house, so I’m rather protective of it. We lived in a mixed family household, in a house built completely by my husband’s grandfather. The counters are too short, and the cabinets too shallow, because they were made for a specific woman (now passed) who was a head and a half shorter than me. But there’s a lot of love and learning left in those walls and doors. I could do a lot worse than to learn grain free cooking in a kitchen made for a fabulous cook in her time.

  2. Melissa pippin

    I’m a Gf baker with celiac. My kitchen is all natural, made from scratch, 100% Gf and I’m looking for some new and fun recipes. My kiddos love hot dogs so I’m excited to get your book. I’ll be purchasing either way, but if I win, I’d give it to one of my celiac customers.

  3. Alexandra

    I recently found myself in the kitchen. I didn’t wake up and find myself there- I realized what a passion I have for food- and the science behind it. The kitchen is my laboratory. It’s my creative space where I get to be the science geek- the chef- and the consumer 🙂

  4. Lise

    It’s festival season around my parts and of course, corn dogs and other fun foods on a stick are all in abundance! There’s always something I can eat, but corndogs are one of those things that, sadly, I’ve had to avoid for a long time. I did try making them once but it was not a good recipe. I’d love to give yours a try because this is a wonderful summer food that elicits great memories

  5. Janet Davis

    I would love to receive your new cookbook and try you gluten free flours! I’ve been reading this blog for years and have celiac disease. Its been hugely helpful and supportive. I hope you have a great vacation it looks wonderful!

  6. Stephanie

    Built in 1955 by my wife’s grandparents, our kitchen is small and full of memories. We still have Grandma’s tin measuring spoons and zester hanging inside an upper cupboard door and a manual pencil sharpener inside a pantry cupboard near the kitchen table. There are also clues that times have changed. The appliance spaces are off – too small for the newer fridge and too big for the smaller range oven. There are only two outlets (one of which powers the fridge). To me, this kitchen is one of the first places I felt at home when I moved here. It feels like family.

  7. Erin

    My kitchen is new to me. We moved into a new house at the beginning of June. The previous owner (original owner!) was shorter than I am and the whole thing needs an update. We’ll tear it all out in the next few years and start over. But the house also has good juju. 🙂

  8. Karen

    Cooking, in particular baking, has always been a joyous, meditative experience for me. Until I went gluten-free. Since then, I have struggled to find my flow where I lose my self in the process of creating food. I bought my 100-year old house because of my kitchen & pantry…lots of warm, bead-board cabinets and a window that looks out onto lush green trees & beautiful flower beds. I’m hoping I will find my way back to my love of cooking and feel at home in my kitchen again.

    1. Barb Barnes

      Karen – your comment touched my heart. I had the same experience, and had to wall off my baking urges in order to just survive. The first thing I made with the GF flour mix was the oatmeal cookie recipe, to which I added chocolate chips. My husband wolfed them down, and we were off to the races! My baking confidence has returned. The batch of recipes that came with the flour as a part of the Kickstarter campaign have been reliable, and I have branched out into other recipes, with the addition of a teaspoon of ground chia seed for every 2 cups of flour for cakes. Hang in there; the joy will return. Blessings.

  9. Lisa

    I used to love cooking/baking before my Celiac Diagnosis but it’s much more difficult for me right now. We moved into a new home less than 3 years ago and my kitchen is so much bigger and it’s a shame I can’t enjoy it as much as I would like. Am always looking for GF flours and cookbooks and would like to try again… I miss it (or I miss it being successful). Thanks!

  10. Laurie D.

    Most of the kitchen is original to 1942, except the sink (which we replaced) and the stove and refrigerator (both of indeterminate age.) Plenty of space to move, but not great on counter height or the amount of counter space. So far, it works, although we frequently have talks about how it could be improved. It is the room in which we spend the most time while we’re awake, but I don’t really see the room most days because I am focused on what I am doing there.

  11. Clover

    i love the ways you tell your stories. I am intrigued by your new cookbook and would love to try your flours

  12. Kay

    Our kitchen is my favorite room in our house. It is where I come to relax and make great gluten free food. I used to love to bake, especially when my boys were little. Then came the celiac disease and type 1 diabetes and I gave up baking. As I’m nearing retirement I think I’d like to bake a treat every once in a while. Not every day, certainly, but I think an occasional gluten free treat will not harm me.

  13. Crystal b

    I get frustrated about my kitchen from time to time. How small it is. It’s not laid out well. Everything is on open shelves. But then I think about how easy it is for my kid to bring me a bowl. Or how close we can stand while I teach him to mix and measure. Or how I HAVE to keep it clean. And I love it a little bit more.

  14. Birgit Kerr

    Our kitchen is on the small side, but it always has something going on! Luckily it’s open to the rest of the house, so whatever happens in and out of the kitchen just kind of runs into each other. The fun, the creating, the yummy smells, the baking, the cooking, the nurturing … it all happens in and around the kitchen.
    One of the most used phrases at our house out my kid’s mouth is “I smell something good!” as they enter our home. And I love that!
    It’s such a wonderful, comforting thing about childhood … to enter a/your home … and something smells good. Kind of like my grandmother’s kitchen used to be when I grew up. It wasn’t much as kitchens go, but it was the heart of the home and something always smelled good.
    And it sort of wrapped you up and hugged you as you entered. And then came the anticipation and joy of actually tasting that thing that smells so good! And be with family as you do! Yes, that’s the kind of kitchen I wanted when I grew up, and that’s the kind of kitchen I created for my family 🙂

  15. Elise

    My kitchen has potential and I currently spend equal amounts of time cooking for our family of six and lamenting every “design” decision made by the previous owners. It’s fed so many people, including the six teenage boys who lived her a generation ago. There is big screen bird TV (just ignore the rotting window sills) and room at the counter for every kid to eat, paint, talk or dream to their heart’s content.

  16. Neena

    My kitchen is a narrow galley-style kitchen, but we still manage to pile in the kids and our elderly dog in to turn out meals a minimum of twice per day. We love it and love being in it together. It’s the heart of our home. It’s not fancy and will never be featured in a glossy magazine, but we love it.

  17. Annie

    My kitchen is tiny and warm. It gets messy fast with sloshing of food and making preserves and pickles. I love staying up late cooking and spending small bits of alone time in this tiny space.

  18. Wendy

    Our kitchen is part of a “great room”. We designed it that way so I, the cook, could be part of all that was happening. I love it! I have taught my girls to cook here and now I will get to teach some grands! Yes, we cook GF. All the way, all the time. And your recipes continue to inspire and train me. Our kitchen is not pretty, but functional. It is small but many hands and butts can fit. It is our kitchen. It is our home.

  19. Joan Wamsley

    I have been gluten free for 3 1/2 years. Much of my kitchen is gluten free but not all of it. My kitchen is usually a clutter of “stuff “. The island is a perfect place to lay out patterns and fabric! But when I’m cooking and having company my kitchen is perfect. It’s open to the dining room and a huge island make prep time and serving a breeze. I really should spend more time there. 🙂 thanks for all the great recipes.

  20. Gwen

    I just love the whole idea of corn dogs on the beach. I haven’t eaten a corn dog since I was diagnosed with celiac 5 years ago! When I bought my “Enchanted Cottage” in 2004 my kitchen was a hodge podge of original cabinets with inexpensive “stock” cabinets. It all got torn out and keeping with the cottage style it has wainscoting cream cabinets. It is a simple galley kitchen but so sweet and simple. I don’t have stainless steel appliances ( maybe someday) but I certainly can whip up many a gluten free meal that friends and family marvel at. I’m a much better cook now than I was beforehand. Imagine that! Thanks for all the great recipes and inspiration. Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out!

  21. Sheryll Ziemer

    My kitchen is a 4 year old, new, big, fun, family oriented room in an old house on a lake. When we bought our lake house it needed a few things updated and luckily someone had trashed the kitchen so I got to start over and make it mine. My kitchen is almost all gluten free. I am gf but the family is not. For years I fixed my gluten free meals and made them their SAD meals. I’ve been sneaky, and have been making almost all of our food gluten free. If I don’t tell anyone, they usually won’t know. I’d love to have your book, and will buy it if I’m not a winner, because the foods you have formulated and are publishing are the ones that I miss, that I grew up on. Since I’m retired, and have Autoimmune conditions, there’s a lot of time spent in the kitchen. And I love it.

  22. Ann G

    I hate my kitchen. We knew it would need to be remodeled when we bought our house, which has been lived in by solo single men since at least the early 70s. People are jealous of my stainless counters until I point out that they’re not sealed at the ends and water can drip down into the cabinets. They’re jealous of my cabinet space until I point out that it was designed for (and probably built by) a 6’4″ man, while I’m just 5’2″ and can’t reach anything without dragging a stool around. Some of the cabinets are so deep that I can crawl inside them (and have to if something is accidentally pushed to the back). And there’s next to no counter space! I feel like I’ve been camping for 5 years and can hardly wait to fix it up, but life keeps getting in the way. Meanwhile, I’ve been collecting links of kitchens I love, including a brilliant baking station with drawers for all those different flour containers to stand up in under the counter where the stand mixer lives. No more reaching!

  23. Deana Kerns

    My kitchen is small and light and functional and a place where I express love. Cooking food that my family loves to eat brings me great joy. Food is love and nourishment and health and I connect with all of that when I am in my kitchen. ❤️


    I pre-ordered your cookbook, but have a daughter who is also celiac… I’d love to be able to give her her own copy. She got married this past weekend and will be building her own kitchen, with wedding gifts and with old family hand-me-downs. The best kitchens in the world are ones where there’s room for company and a pitcher of cold iced tea in the refrigerator to share.

  25. Emmy

    The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms of the house and probably where I spend most of my time! It is just naturally where people gather to talk and eat and be together. I love watching people cook and cooking with people I love 🙂 I have great memories with my mom as a kid as she cooked up her famous apple pies (which I can’t wait to make again with your flour!)

  26. NicoleW

    My kitchen is tiny, without any frills, but it’s the hub in our house and thankfully open to the main room. I’m so excited about this book. After a year gluten free without any gf subs (my kids other allergies make store bought impossible) I discovered your site and felt like I could finally bake for us again. I’m hoping for a good cake for my daughters fifth birthday party!

  27. Sharon McGrath

    My kitchen is my happy place. Its my favorite room in the house. Its small but has everything that I need to cook for my family.

  28. Michelle

    My kitchen isn’t glamorous, but it’s spacious and gets good light. The range is original to the 1940s house, and the rest of the kitchen was updated sometime in the 80s or early 90s. It looks nothing like the kitchen of my dreams, but it’s pretty perfect.

  29. Audrey Farmer

    My husband and I are food people. We are the kind of food people that what we are at the wedding had more thought than what we wore (it was a Cajun food truck, if you were interested). So, to say that our kitchen is a refection of us if kind of an understatement. It is where we start our day. It’s the first place we go to when we come home. It’s where our friends hang out and where we feed our cats. It’s a little messy and cluttered, and has a space invader cutting board, but that’s what kind of people we are.
    We started our relationship learning to cook pasta. So much of who we are as a couple that when I got diagnosed with celiacs a few months ago, it seemed like a huge blow. And while I was crying and processing what this meant, he just went through the cupboards pulling out everything I couldn’t have anymore, acting like it was the most normal thing in the world, because I was more important than any food that he might have wanted. And that told me a lot.
    When I ask my husband what our kitchen means, he says it means love, and it does. Every inch of it means love. We have been going through this new crazy journey, and the kitchen is the place where we face it. It’s the heart of our home and the place that really means us.

  30. Kerry

    When we first moved into our house, a 1970s ranch with lots of nice windows, the kitchen inspired us to dub the style of the house ‘modern cottage’, and we’ve kept that theme in mind as we’ve decorated and spruced up. The kitchen desparately needs new cabinets and countertops and a better work flow, but I love the way it looks at the end of the day after I’ve been cooking and baking and eveything is wiped down and put away. It’s never spotless, but it’s warm and inviting and just tidy enough.

  31. Nina

    Our kitchen is small, with various kitchen appliances and ware stuffed wherever we can find room. It’s modest and bit tight and not all the cabinets and countertops match, but it’s ours. It’s the first kitchen my parter (who has Celiac Disease) and I have that’s just ours. Completely our own, completely GF, and completely safe for him to be able to cook and eat out of. So we love it.

  32. Jacki

    My kitchen is a dream come true. After years of living in small, one bedroom apartments with very little counter space, we moved into a gigantic (to us – 981 sq ft) 3 bedroom house. The people who owned the house before us remodeled the kitchen and did a marvelous job. The formally housed washer/dryer & hot water tank were moved to the garage and the counter tops expanded. My husband keeps trying to get me to upgrade to granite or some such nonsense, but I am holding firm – the Formica still looks great and is super easy to clean. I love my galley kitchen! I can twirl in it if I want to (and who doesn’t love a good twirl?)! Best of all 4 people can work comfortably in it and there is nothing better than cooking with friends.

  33. Lee

    My kitchen is where I happily spend most of my time. I thankfully enjoy cooking and baking for my husband and 4 kids. My hubby and oldest have celiac disease so to keep them safe the house is gluten free. It’s a little smaller than I’d like, but keeps my kiddos close.

  34. Summer

    My kitchen is where I freely dance in a perfect triangle formation in my new apartment. I just moved from a house with a huge kitchen that lulled me into thinking it was the perfect place for me. The house’s energy was stifling and I took a significant financial hit to move to a new place, but it is worth it because I want to cook healthy food and feed my soul now.

  35. Katy P

    My kitchen is the room in our house where I spend the most time. It is an open space and brightly lit- both by the sun and lights when needed. I love to create good good for my family- and since my son’s Celiac diagnosis a little over a year ago- I have been creating good gluten free good for us all. We pretty much make everything from scratch- so lots of time is spent in the kitchen- but I enjoy it! Would love your cookbook!

  36. Amelia

    What a beautiful kitchen! I’m glad to say that I’ve just moved into a small one bedroom apartment that is entirely my own with a newly renovated kitchen. Everything in it is brand new, not contaminated by anything. I can’t leave a dish in my big, giant sink and not worry that a roommate will put their gluteny remains on top of it. It’s been life changing really having my own space to cook in.

  37. Sharyn

    My kitchen is full of laughter and noise and schoolbooks and laptops. Cats run across the floor. Eclectic music plays as my children and I bake and cook. My kitchen is my place of refuge, joy, and peace.

  38. April M

    My kitchen is where my friends enjoy gathering. It’s not fancy or special but the friends that stand or sit around my kitchen island are what makes this the best place in my house.

  39. Birgit K

    Our kitchen is on the small side, but it always has something going on! Luckily it’s open to the rest of the house, so whatever happens in and out of the kitchen just kind of runs into each other. The fun, the creating, the yummy smells, the baking, the cooking, the nurturing … it all happens in and around the kitchen.
    One of the most used phrases at our house out my kid’s mouth is “I smell something good!” as they enter our home. And I love that!
    It’s such a wonderful, comforting thing about childhood … to enter a/your home … and something smells good. Kind of like my grandmother’s kitchen used to be when I grew up. It wasn’t much as kitchens go, but it was the heart of the home and something always smelled good.
    And it sort of wrapped you up and hugged you as you entered. And then came the anticipation and joy of actually tasting that thing that smells so good! And be with family as you do! Yes, that’s the kind of kitchen I wanted when I grew up, and that’s the kind of kitchen I created for my family 🙂

  40. DebrafromMD

    Our kitchen is the biggest room in our house. It is where magic happens and the family gathers. We are empty nesters now, but whenever the family gets together, everyone always ends up in the kitchen – talking, cooking and sharing food. It is the heart of our home.

  41. Amanda H

    I live in a studio apartment in a building from 1926 and absolutely LOVE my kitchen! Yes, it has some upgrades, but the essence of it still remain. I love working on the tiled counter with it’s colourful backsplash, and trying to reach things in the high cabinet that goes all the way to the ceiling. As the owners are slowly remodeling the apartments and “opening them up”, I am holding out. I love the wall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the place. I love that people can sit at the long rectangular table and hang out, help prep and cook. It may be small, but it’s got character, and there’s nothing quite like a kitchen with character.

  42. Jen Van Cleave

    I love and hate my kitchen. My house was built in 1961 and the kitchen has never been redone except carpet was added in the 80s. I don’t have enough counter or storage space and don’t get me started on how many times I scrub eggs out of the carpet. On the other hand, my solid cherry wood cabinets are lovely and I always know where everything is. I sometimes marvel at the picture perfect kitchens some of my friends have but realized that they look this way because they are hardly used. My kitchen is put through its paces every day and it never fails me despite its less than perfect features.

  43. Martha

    I’ve been gluten free since I was two years old, so there are many foods and recipes that I have never tried. I try to experiment but recipes help inspire me! I would love to try making corn dogs someday.

  44. Megan

    My current kitchen is a dream! We bought this house after renting a tiny house with a horribly laid out kitchen. When we looked at this house I fell in love! It’s a big L with a sink in front of windows that face west and overlook my apple trees. We just put in a new stove, switching to gas instead of electic (finally!!) There’s so much counter, and so many cabinets! The work triangle is perfect. I’ve even gotten used to the funny green Formica… I can bake and can and cook all day! 🙂

  45. Martha

    I’ve been gluten free since I was two years old, so my mom taught me basic cooking skills when I was still in elementary school. I still have some of the first gluten-free cookbooks that she used to make my first few birthday cakes. My kitchen is a pretty small one in NYC, but to me it is comfort and possibility. I have a window next to my sink, and it is one of my favorite places in the apartment. Because I’ve been gluten-free my whole life, there are many foods and recipes that I have never tried. I try to experiment but recipes help inspire me! I would love to try making corn dogs someday.

  46. Kathleen Ojo

    My kitchen is a small one, in an apartment. The counters are always littered with spices and never quite clean enough, there’s not room to open the dishwasher and the cupboards at the same time, and my oven is so tiny that I had to replace all my bakeware when we moved in (the old pans wouldn’t fit).

    It’s also the kitchen where my daughter helped bake her own 3rd birthday cake, that somehow produces Christmas brunch for a dozen people, that my husband stands in to shovel in his dinner after a his 2-hour commute home. No lie, I’d love a bigger kitchen and a few fancy appliances, but I don’t think those things would change my cooking much. I cook for the love of my family, to feed them well, and that can be done anywhere.

  47. kathy

    I rarely cook in MY kitchen. Im usually at one of my daughters watching a bunch of grandkids. 8, 7yr and 18mnths. So after cooking meals for them, the last thing I want to do is start all over in my kitchen for my husband. The poor man usually starves or waunders the neighborhood in search of a quick meal. If I can make something gluten free, I do. Its a no brainer. Kids these days are more susceptible to allergies. Its just a given to try eliminate gluten, sugar, food coloring, corn, etc. I would love the book. I rarely buy cookbooks, I would rather pay fines at the library than buy books that have to been stored or packed or moved. Done that more than enough times, I have given away far to many cookbooks just to not have to pack them. I would give my daughter the book, shes gone successfully gluten free for three years now. Only because it makes her feel better.

  48. Mattie

    My kitchen is small, yet can hold a lot of people-seems to grow magically to fit all who want to be there. Last winter we hosted a gingerbread house party- our kitchen built 13 homemade/handmade houses and on the day of the party became covered in candy and icing, it was beautiful! This winter we’ll do it again.

  49. Stephanie

    my kitchen is my happy place. Nothing fancy but large windows, lots of light and plenty of room for my kids and I to cook together.

  50. Elizabeth in Portland

    My kitchen has been other people’s kitchens for three years now, as I ate my way around Europe. For the two places I lived in France the longest, I bought chef’s knives and cutting boards and some good big mixing bowls because I can’t cook without them, but mostly I have been rummaging around in drawers and cupboards, enjoying the differences and learning regional dishes. Some day I will have a kitchen of my own again, and it will contain chef’s knives and cutting boards and some good big mixing bowls, and a window that looks out over the streets of Paris (where there are more and more gluten-free options, pioneered by the bakery Helmut Newcake).

  51. Rosie

    my kitchen doesn’t have much meaning to me yet, though it’s the place I feed my two kids. It’s my parents’ kitchen with all the memories. It’s the gathering place in their house. Now my brother has been diagnosed with celiac and my doctor tells me I likely will develop it or an intolerance, so we’re making changes in that kitchen.

  52. Deb

    My kitchen is a tiny 1925 blue collar bungalow kitchen. It’s the place I cook and drink wine with my daughter when she comes home from college, where I make yummy (yet always lop-sided) birthday cakes each year, and where I come to relax and zone-out while cooking every day. It’s well used and well loved:)

  53. Teresa Atkinson

    my kitchen. it’s cluttered. it’s full of pictures on the fridge. my first set of dishes. my favorites. there’s a recipe book with my mama’s ice cream – moma norvan’s chicken and rice casserole, dad’s chili, and a favorite strawberry / cherry delight in it. there are pages in lots of cookbooks with splatters and stains – and those are the cookbooks i open again and again. the original GFG book/cookbook is among those – that’s where i learned that it’s ok to have recipe fails as you attempt to make them more healthy for you and your family.

    My daughter’s kitchen is much the same way – she has go to recipes and splatters and stains in the books —- life is beautiful -use the good stuff everyday – don’t wait for a special occasion – today is plenty special enough

  54. Wendi Niccole

    Our kitchen is easy to work in, everything close at hand. I was blessed to find some of my grandma’s old kitchen tools a few years ago. They hang on a log wall. I think of her each time I see them. I have great memories of her delicious cooking.

  55. Jan Molinaro

    You are just a wonderful writer…period. Thanks so much for taking me on vacation with you.

  56. Alex

    My kitchen is in my small apartment, open to my living room and front door. It’s the hub of everything in this house and where I spend a ton of time, cooking most meals! I would love some more counter space but otherwise it serves us beautifully.

  57. Vanessa

    I’m supposed to write about my kitchen, but I’d like to write about my grandparents kitchen I grew up in on summers in Maine. This post reminded me of that log cabin in the Northern Woods. Everything was simple and well worn, lovingly used by generations. Cooking with my grandmother was one of the best memories I have there, aside from the lake, the docks, the boats and finally reaching the age I could light the gas lamps by myself. Everything my grandmother made, I would make a miniature version alongside her – from pies to cookies to casseroles. I loved the ramekins and the stoneware plates, the soft warm light and the lake right outside the windows. The kitchen was the heart of that cabin and the screened in porch was where we would put on dinner shows where my grandmother and I would make menus and dance the charleston for entertainment. I’ve spent years working with her recipes to make them gluten free and in every kitchen I’ve had, I always try to include a part of “my” Maine kitchen – the heart of my home, bits of history and memory and a love of cooking for friends and family.

  58. Lisa

    My kitchen is a galley kitchen in a 40 year old condominium. It has changed over the years but I have pretty much every gadget anyone could have in it. I just found out that I’m gluten intolerant so it’s going through another transformation but I’m sure it won’t be a problem as I love to cook and have been doing it in this kitchen for 28 years.

  59. Nancy

    My kitchen is a mix of useful tools, and piles of hopeful GF ideas, and usually some new foods to try, so as to avoid dairy & egg too. It’s become an experiment station, trying to keep us fed with food that tastes as good as it is for you. It means a new classroom to nourish my family, as I’m needing to learn how to re-make our favorite biscuits & tortillas and blackberry cobbler. I’ve so enjoyed all I’ve learned from you both. Keep it up!

  60. Karin

    Our kitchen is small, and white and blue. It is our very first kitchen together and has been mostly unchanged since we bought our house in 2005. We often bump into each other when we’re cooking meals together but it always turns into a dance! My husband loves to cook, but he leaves all of the baking to me. I guess I have an unfair advantage since I come from a very long line of Italian and Sicilian bakers; I was raised in my Grandparent’s bakery. Our kitchen is the room in our home that I love the most. It’s the place where I learned to cook with an electric oven, where I failed miserably at my first try baking gluten-free, where I sat on the floor and cried because I was convinced I would never bake again, and where I eventually got the courage to give gluten-free baking another try – and now after nearly three years being gluten-free I can admit that I’m really good at it!

  61. R Goff

    My kitchen has been “mine” for 12 years. It has been thru a house fire and, because of the fire, renovated. It is now host to my two oldest, girls who are stretching their wings learning to cook and clean up after themselves. It is the place where I’m learning to cook gluten free, due to a new diagnosis (finally!) for my husband. It is where we sit and homeschool when it’s too hot to work in the schoolroom. It’s the place we play board games and have Bible study. It is truly the heart of our home!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this incredible book! It would be a blessing.

  62. Teri

    I have been gluten free going on 2 years now and have been building up recipes even though my kitchen is tiny. Living in a studio in NYC does not lend itself well to doing a lot of cooking, but I have been doing my best. There is about 2 square feet of prep space and I always end up cooling cookies out on the coffee table! (…and the chair, and the floor…)

  63. Terri

    Our kitchen began closed in, with a drop ceiling and 2 square feet of counter space. We took down the walls, raised the roof, and built the biggest island you have ever seen. When I say we, I do not mean the contractor, it was my husband and the kids, getting dirty on weekends, working to pull it together bit by bit. We entertain often and people come through the door with dishes and bottles that are set on the island and we never leave that space. A joy.

  64. Megan M.

    My kitchen is the nicest one I’ve used in all my years of living away from home. It’s not perfect, but it suits my needs just fine. I do wish I had a bit more space to spread out. I feel like I’m limited to a small area of counter space because the rest is just not practical to use. I also have an island in my kitchen, but its sole purpose is to hold junk mail. I’m content with my kitchen though, and I’m in no hurry to change it.

  65. Verna Caho

    My kitchen is the heartbeat of our blended family. It has worn butcher block kitchen counters, with old wood floors, a large sink sits in front of a huge window overlooking the timber out back. I have a small round kitchen table that has been in the family for 60 years that sits in the corner. I raised my two sons in this kitchen and now I have privilege to have my bonus kids and grandkids in my kitchen. Even though my family has changed, my kitchen remains the same. It has been gluten free for 5 years. My granddaughters now stand on the same step stool stirring chocolate pudding at the stove for homemade chocolate pie as my sons did when they were young. My kitchen has seen its share of tears, laughter, great food, ok food, and wild schemes. My kitchen is like a warm hug on a cold day.

  66. Connie

    My kitchen is where wholesome food and memories are made. Especially, it comes alive when the kids and grandies are home. Until then my husband and I enjoy creating our meals together, usually with a puppy begging to taste test some treat.

  67. Starlene Roop

    My kitchen is small. So very small. Hardly any counter space and cupboards stuffed full. We’ve lived in this house for 8 years and in that time, I’ve actually come to love my kitchen. I love that my kids stop by and open the fridge to see what leftovers they might find. I love when friends come for dinner and we squish in together laughing and drinking wine while cooking. I love that my dog lays in the doorway watching me and waiting for the inevitable scrap to fall. I love that I can see who’s at the front door. I love that I can hear the stereo and dance with my sweet husband. All from this tiny room.

  68. Amy

    My kitchen would likely be considered gleaming and high tech. But that masks how hard-working it is, turning out 3 meals a day plus snacks for two working parents and two teenage boys, all of us GF. The kitchen is the “hearth” in our home and we all love it.

  69. Natalie Heleine

    My kitchen is small and simple but “safe”! I feel safe in my kitchen for many reasons…the most obvious is as a person living with celiac disease, what I make in my simple kitchen will not make me sick! I also see my kitchen as a safe place where I can experiment with new recipes and culinary creations with no judgment, it doesn’t matter if I succeed or fail…it’s about the experience. It is truly one of my favorite places and I would love to win a copy of your book and some wonderful and “safe” gluten free flour so that I can continue doing what I love in my safe little kitchen.

  70. Heather Odell

    My kitchen is nothing special, but it’s mine and I love it. I love to cook food for my family and bake them special treats. My boys pull up a chair to help me make cookies and lick the bowl. I come home from work at go straight to the kitchen to make dinner, sometimes I make something to take to work the next day. Gluten Free baking has been a challenge but one that I’m up for. I love finding a recipe that works, it makes all the flops worth it. I should have been a baker, but instead I work in an office. Maybe I will be when I grow up.

  71. Jen

    I’ve just moved into a new home so my kitchen is in transition. I’m leaving behind a huge kitchen with a ton of outdated cupboards and countertops, an older range, an island with a huge, gorgeous pot rack, and a garden window behind the sink. In exchange, I’m gaining a smaller kitchen with modern but fewer cabinets, a smooth top range (that I’m not too sure about), gorgeous granite countertops, a faucet with an automatic sensor that still turns the water on at the most inopportune times(!!) and a gorgeous view of Tanwax Lake and Mt. Rainier. Pros and cons of both. But both kitchens allow me to do what I love to do – feed my passion by feeding others, gluten free. While there is hardly room for a new cookbook – I’d love yours! Especially for the corn dog recipe. My 7 y/o boy would love them after an afternoon of playing on the lake! 🙂 Cheers!

  72. Susan

    I love your writing, I love this post, I love your island! Well, that said – I love my kitchen, too. 34 years older, never renovated (but maybe next year!) and full of tools that have been with me most of my 37-year marriage. If it were a glove, it would fit my hand perfectly.

  73. Koala Kate

    To borrow your phrase, my kitchen was in a big, wondrous home and was right for me until it wasn’t. My partner and I moved across the country to a city we have always loved and now have a tiny kitchen. It’s so hard to get rid of things like specialty bakeware and yet, it’s so nice to lighten life’s load and simplify.

    Thank you for writing this delicious taste of summer!

  74. dorothy

    I am not GF but love reading your blog and learning new things. My kitchen is a place of gathering, I love bringing people together and have found a way to do that on a monthly basis. I host a cooking class where 20-25 ladies arrive to chat, eat, make new friends, and hopefully learn something from another culture as a presenter demonstrates a dish from her home country. Over the past 4 years, we have enjoyed food from every continent and women have been drawn together in friendship and support. My kitchen is the heart of my home and I love sharing it with others.

  75. Sinden

    My kitchen is special to me because my husband and I recently renovated it. It is the gleaming, sparkly new one you mentioned–but in the best way. It is clean and functional with lots of counter space. The newest addition is the “island”–a 1930’s era baker’s table from a Chicago bakery, complete with years of wear and even a burn mark or two for character on the Rock Maple top. One area contains my favorite part–framed photos of my daughters baking in the kitchen when they were young. It is definitely the heart of our home.

  76. Hillary

    My kitchen right now is in a small and cheap apartment. I can’t wait to have a home with a kitchen that becomes full of memories. I think I found the guy and I’m so excited to find our kitchen together.

  77. Mary Stark

    I live in a house over 100 yrs. old. 11 years ago we put on an addition so we could add a second bathroom for our family of five. We also put in a new kitchen. I love my kitchen and could live in this room. My food is exactly the same delicious food, made with love! I previously had an old electric stove that never heated evenly. My new appliances, gas stove, second electric oven are certainly a dream but appliances don’t put in the thought and care of planning and preparing wonderful meals for family and friends!

  78. Grace

    My 50s style kitchen is new to me and my husbsnd. We have settled into a lovely retirement community, and we are blessed to NOT have be renovated yet! This kitchen is a joy to cook in, and the huge porcelain sink and counter tops are a delight to process all the wonderful farm stand produce we are blessed with in western new york.

  79. Melissa Ritter-Maylone

    My kitchen is big, and open to the rest of the upstairs. The view through the front windows is of the bay and Vashon Island. I get lost in watching the waves, weather, and boats.
    I can (and have) had 4 people in there all cooking at the same time. There are a few things I would change, but mostly I love that I (finally) have the counter space to mass produce things like enchiladas for the freezer, and that the former owner put speakers in the ceiling so I can sing while I cook.

  80. Gail

    I love my kitchen. It’s roomy but cozy at the same time – warm wood tones are prevalent. One of my favorite things about my kitchen is the view. The lush green of the yard and woods during spring and summer, the golds and oranges of autumn, and the stark, icy white of winter (okay, that view gets a little old in Minnesota). A mama dear and her spotted fawns were strolling through this evening – fills my heart!
    My favorite times in the kitchen are cooking for and with my family, eating together, laughing and learning (I homeschool my kiddos, and just as often as not, we’re learning at the kitchen table).
    I’m an adequate cook, but not gifted in any sense. I’m not creative and require recipes to follow. I appreciate beyond measure those who create gluten free (and dairy free) recipes for me to follow as I continue learning on this path for my Celiac daughter. Thank you so much for all you do! I’m truly grateful!

  81. Joanne

    My kitchen is my favorite room in the house. We paid to renovate the old one, but I dug my heels in to save money–no granite, no under-cabinet lighting, no nifty vacuum hole for the floor sweepings to go down. I figured if I got along without for the past 50 years, I didn’t need it now. However, when my son saw the dark line in the molding on the cupboard doors I chose, he was gobsmacked–“you paid for fake dirt?”

  82. Brooke

    My kitchen is not huge, it is not beautiful, and it has the most irritatingly useless 1950s cupboards. But I love my kitchen because it is where I fell in love with cooking and baking. When I got married, I could barely make things that came out of boxes, and the idea of baking a pie from scratch was unfathomable, let alone a gluten free one. In my kitchen I have grown so much and learned so much, and now I miss it when I am cooking somewhere else.

  83. Laura

    We have moved a lot over the last 8 years for work, so we rent. The kitchen, wherever we are, is the first thing I set up and immediately bake something (recently your McCartney pop over rolls). So whatever kitchen I am in, what it means to me is ‘home’, for however long or short it may be.

  84. Juliana

    My kitchen is a place I love to use. I’ve baked for years and now find myself needing to be GF. I’m still not sure what to do with myself where this is concerned.

  85. Kelly Higgins

    My kitchen is 80 years old and very small. There is a sunroom at one end. I feel very comfortable in my old kitchen. There are canisters of flours on the counter, and several kitties wandering around as well.

  86. Nancy

    My kitchen is a place I can escape from my littles for a little while and bake gluten free or pickle vegetables or make sauerkraut.

  87. Linda

    Before I got married, I had a huge kitchen with sinks on opposite walls and a gas range. Since I married a United Methodist minister, I’ve lived in a number of parsonages with pretty good to really bad kitchens. (Cramped, not enough storage, not 1 but 2 with broken dishwashers that never could manage to be replaced.) Our current kitchen is U-shaped, with a bank of floor to ceiling 24″ deep cabinets on the opposite wall. Plus a separate pantry! The trustees redid the kitchen soon after we got here – the first parsonage kitchen we’ve had with cherry cabinets and granite countertops. I’ve only had one parsonage kitchen with a gas cooktop, and do miss that. But all in all, it is a comfortable kitchen for my husband and me to cook in. We have been blessed wherever we’ve been.

  88. Kandi

    My kitchen is really my roomies kitchen, but she lets me use its like its mine. I have filled it with red fiesta ware and lovely red cast iron cookware. This kitchen is a gift and I’m cooking up a big batch of spaghetti sauce on Saturday. Yum!! Pick me, pick me! 😉

  89. Deneen

    My kitchen is empty… practically. We just moved back into our house after several years in Europe. I have a “kitchen essentials” package from CORT Furniture Rental so don’t even have our own plates or bowls yet. While waiting for our container to cruise across the Pacific,I attempted a GF blackberry cobbler with berries I picked by hand (the first time in my life). I had to borrow a baking pan from a neighbor. It was OK. Not great. Not terrible. But definitely, not what I had dreamed of while picking those berries. I obviously need your new cookbook!

  90. Michelle

    I just got married and moved from a tiny kitchen with few cupboards and only two drawers to a wonderful galley kitchen with many cupboards and 18 drawers!

  91. Mary C

    Having coffee at my kitchen table, looking at the birds in the birdbath, planning the day and making sure I have a game plan for dinner – that’s what I like about my kitchen.

  92. Jen

    My kitchen is a rental. The house is old and tilted so all my creations are a bit slanted from my crooked oven. I constantly fight mice and cockroaches coming in from the holes and cracks that I can’t fill in fast enough. Everything is in plastic bins to keep it safe. I am constantly cleaning everything in the kitchen. I also love cooking for my family despite all of the trials. I love my stainless steel double sink with the movable faucet and the gas stove. I have 20-30 people over every Thanksgiving for food made with love. I feed anyone who is hungry. My kitchen is an extension of my happiness.

  93. Julie

    My kitchen is a cozy space. My favorite part is the window above the sink that looks out to our backyard. In the yard is a huge oak tree. I love watching how the seasons of New England change this tree. It is majestic.

  94. Lindsey F

    We remodeled our kitchen in the 90’s but it is not a dream kitchen – just functional. It is okay but not great but it works for me. About 5 years ago the fancy built in refrigerator stopped working; they have not been able to repair it and the company no longer makes the same configuration which was chosen because it was the only one that fit within the confines of the space. Newer models are out of my budget so instead, I go down to the basement to collect everything I need on a tray to bring upstairs. Of course, I always forget something. Though it is not ideal place to work, I still love cooking.

  95. Christine

    We remodeled our kitchen in 2008, and 2 years ago I was diagnosed celiac and so made most of it gluten free. It involved re-arranging the contents of several cabinets, and designating a 30″ section for the “gluten people” to prepare their regular cerals and such. But the rest is my domain. Though I still find myself going to the wrong cabinet for ingredients or tools that I haven’t kept there for over 2 years. I love it, it’s where I spend so much of my time, I’ve worn the finish off of the floor in front of the stove & the fridge 🙂

  96. Laura

    My kitchen is a wonderful space filled with many memories. My daughter at 2, pulling every single pot, pan, and bowl out of the bottom cupboards and entertaining herself for hours. My son and I scooping out all those yucky seeds out of a pumpkin to make our very first jack-o-lantern. It was also a place of frustration as we tried gluten free baking once celiac disease came into our home. It has been a wonderful place to cook thousands of meals through 32+ years. I spend a lot of time in it every day, and it is a good and happy place.

  97. Amy

    Our kitchen is almost 40 years old. It’s in serious need of a gut job. But every meal, every day… Is prepared with love! And JUST yesterday… My best friend and I were talking about wanting to perfect gluten-free corn dogs! 🙂

  98. Wendy

    My kitchen is all mine- to anyone else it’s chaos. It is a Kosher kitchen so I have a set of everything for meat and another set for dairy. a year ago my son was diagnosed with Celiacs so I added a GF set of Meat and Dairy everything. It’s a full kitchen but it works for us.

  99. Shari

    I have been gluten-free for 6 years. My kitchen is small and I wish it had more storage space and an island. My favorite thing is the view of sunsets out my kitchen window.

  100. Elisabeth

    Oh gosh…I am in an apartment with 90s white laminate-wood-trimmed cabinets. And crappy linoleum. But it is mine and I don’t mind. It is small enough I can reach things easily which is really handy! And after a good scrub-down it is also now gf! I am newly diagnosed (4 months now) and still feeling my way. I was also staying with family for about 5 months while I was so sick so I am so, so happy to be in my own space!! My mom bought me your first book and it was so comforting. I am still struggling to pace myself and figure out how much energy I have now that I am feeling so much better…I would love to have a recipe book to add to my collection on this journey! Though not gonna lie corndogs are so not my thing. 😉 anyway thanks for being wonderful and inspiring!

  101. Annie

    Sounds like a great day at the beach. Would love to get your new book and try your flours. Wish I didn’t live so far from you. I am sure we would be great friends.

  102. Mindy

    I bought my first home (a condo) in 2009…my aunt (my mom’s sister) helped me move in, cleaning and organizing. At one point we were in my kitchen, and my Aunt was doing dishes and looked out the window over my sink, which looks into a lovely landscaped courtyard (I live in downtown chicago). She said, “you know, my mom said you always need to have a window above your sink so you have a pretty view when you do your dishes. She’d approve of this.” We both started crying. My grandmother died when she and my mom were little, I never met her. My Aunt died a few years later. I always think of them both as I do my dishes and look out my window. Connected to two strong wonderful women. And regardless of where I live next, I will always, ALWAYS look for a view from my sink.

  103. Carolyn W.

    Physically, my kitchen is just a kitchen. My oven cooks unevenly, my cheap 1970s cabinets falling apart. But emotionally, it is the place where I provide my celiac daughter safe food and baked goods. She was diagnosed at 17 months. That was 17 years ago. I have preordered your book. In three days I will be moving her out of state for college. So I guess I will just need to practice on a few things so I can welcome her home at thanksgiving with some new things. Just want to say you are a wonderful writer. I love reading your blogs. I am a few years older than you, grew up not too far from you. I relate to many of your reminisces of your childhood. Plus my best friend growing up was a Shauna! Last thing, Lucy will be fine. Not just fine but great. She has wonderful parents who will guide her through these changes.

  104. EllenFitz

    My current kitchen is a wreck but the kitchen I grew up in in Muchigan holds fond memories. It was just your standard kitchen from a cook’s perspective but it was “the” gathering place. It’s where we hung out. Whenever there was a party, it didn’t matter that we had a HUGE living room, a den, and a formal dining room; everyone would be crammed into the kitchen. Sitting on the counters, sitting around the table, or just standing there or leaning against the fridge. It was the place to be and I smile every time I think if that.

  105. Kelli

    Thank you so much for helping me and so many others through this crazy gluten free path! It is do hard to travel this road alone and you make it easier to make food that the whole family will eat and love. I appreciate your mission and can’t wait to make some of your new gluten free recipes!

  106. Nolo

    My kitchen is small but well-laid out with a window over the sink. It is big enough to cook for many, many people and small enough to feel welcoming when cooking for our family of three.

  107. Gail

    My husband and I joked that our kitchen in New York City was like a miniature food truck. When I used the oven and stovetop to make multiple dinner courses for visiting relatives, the temperature in the kitchen would climb into the upper 90s to low 100s since there was no window. Sometimes the kitchen work would flow into the rest of the living space, like tamale night, which was an all-hands exercise for my husband and I and guests alike as we gathered around the small, rickety, dining room table to press masa dough into banana leaves. Lots of great meals–all gluten free–were made in that kitchen.

  108. Denise

    I recently had to move back in with my parents because of some health issues I’m facing. I have to admit that it is so wonderful to come home to a fully stocked kitchen and be able to whip up whatever I can dream up. They’ve got a great collection of old gadgets, including some they brought over from when they moved from Argentina to the US. I’m a lucky girl!

  109. laurel

    My kitchen is tiny and cluttered and even more so when I cook as I like to spread myself out. Funny though, that I can make it work and still dish out good eats! I am super excited about your new book and would love to win a copy as well as the flour! Thanks!

  110. Tanya

    We just bought a house and I’ve been a little sad that the kitchen is so small. It’s not my dream kitchen….. But now that we’ve lived here a few weeks and I’ve finally unpacked everything, I’m kind of loving it. Everything is within reach, there’s a beautiful aspen tree outiside the window over the sink. And I love the big enamel sink. There still stuff I’d like to change about it, but it’s also got a good feeling to it. I’ve already pre-ordered your book for my gluten intolerant partner, but would love to try your flour blend and regift the book to my brother-in-law whose been feeling like gluten is not agreeing with him.

  111. Kathy M

    The best part about my kitchen is people gather there to talk and laugh, cook, and sit on the counters. Not a big kitchen mind you, but just enough. Four labs gather around when I’m cooking and its like a graceful ballet to move through the 16 legs that occupy the floor space. It’s a happy place where many a fine meal has been made and shared. It is the heart of the house…meaningful place to connect with those I love!

  112. Cynthia

    My kitchen is the hub of a Amish farm house in rural southeastern Montana where we farm and ranch. Pots and pans hang over head everywhere including over the large pine counter island in the middle. There is an old Thermador range that I so love, and a big red oval kitchen table where everyone settles when they visit. The living room is very lonely and largely ignored because of this kitchen table. I have quite a cast iron collection which includes an antique waffle maker (for gas range) by Montgomery Wards. This kitchen produces all of our canned, frozen and baked goods for the year.

  113. Beth R

    I have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen. I love to cook, but hate how many foods I’ve had to give up over the last 4 years. I miss baking and creating, and the joy of just starting with really great ingredients and ending up with something fantastic. I miss a lot of my favorite recipes. My kitchen intself was in the beginning stages of a remodel in the mid 1980’s, and then the previous owner never finished it. Tonight, after dinner, I took fairy lights off the porch (I got globe lights to replace them), and moved them into hang around the windows and door that face out to our porch. I’m going to work on making my kitchen a happy place again, and this was the start. Thank you for all you have done, with your recipes and flour, to help make my life better. Looking forward to your new book. ~B

  114. Lelia

    My kitchen is huge, the previous owners had 6 children, we only have two. I’m grateful for every square inch of it. It’s well used, in need of a serious deep cleaning (as we speak I have 2 pull out shelves drapped in wet rags on top what I can only assume is a whole bottle of petrified pancake syrup) But its were I feed my family and will until they’re grown.

  115. Anne

    Our kitchen island ebbs and flows in waves of neatness and various cooking/baking messes. All of them are gluten free and more recently, dairy free. When friends come over, the island anchors all of us in the kitchen (where else to socialize?) with libations and snacks. It also holds our summer produce on one corner with tomatoes, eggplant, summer squash and anything else ripe or near-ripe for the picking. Other small things I love: A place for baking pans, racks, pizza stone in an organized slotted cabinet above the refrigerator and a walk-in pantry. My husband and I love cooking in our space.

  116. Annie Marsden

    My kitchen is tiny. I live in a just under 400 square foot cabin and I live off the energy grid using solar panels for my electricity. Gratitude is what I have for my kitchen every day that I use it. After spending all of my money on my property and cabin (which was unfinished inside), several friends helped me put in a kitchen counter and sink. My water comes from a shallow well that we hand dug, and is pumped up to a water tower that was hand built. I will never forget turning on the faucet for the first time. I have celiac and eat gluten free and I eat from my huge garden. It is fun to surprise friends with scrumptious food from a very humble but cute little kitchen.

  117. Jody I

    I love my kitchen and it was the main reason I wanted our house 5 years ago when we bought it. It is not too big but has a nice flow and great pantry space. It also opens up to the dining space which is is exactly what I wanted (most homes have a separate dining room where we live).

  118. Anna

    I have moved around the world a lot so my kitchen is about the few key items that I carry with me to start cooking – some new items (Japanese knives), a few old (my mother and grandmother’s things). Yours was the first site that gave me a clue on how to cook gf … and it gave me hope that I could eat safely 🙂

  119. Elaine

    My house is over 100 years old. My kitchen was originally built in 1934 (the cabinets were signed by the carpenters), and redone by us in 1980’s and although there are still things I would change, it all works for me! More modern, no, just a few alterations for more accommodations to an aging baker! I’ve lived in my home for 42 years now, and have a hard time imagining being somewhere else!

  120. Stephanie

    My kitchen is too small, too cramped, no dishwasher, yet the place I spend much of my happy time! I love feeding people (Jewish Mother thing), and particularly love feeding people for whom eating can be troublesome. Your post about feeling included really resonated with me. During the summer, I love spreading out my CSA acquisitions each week and planning–what can I do with everything to create delicious, healthy meals, and make it fit in the kitchen! Small, cramped, yet full of life and love and health.
    I will look forward to making corndogs with Tofu Pups 🙂

  121. Eileen

    Corn dogs are my GF hubby’s fave “stick food”, so we’ll be looking forward to your recipe. 🙂 Our kitchen is a 70’s relic (except for the 3 year old appliances): all cut up with nooks & crannies, plus no fixed pantry (we took over part of the laundry room). But it’s where some of the best times happen for our little family & we’re so glad to have it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. steven trevallee

    What is my kitchen like?
    1920’s Seattle Capitol Hill one bedroom kitchen:
    imagine a postage stamp with a sink and late-1940’s appliances (except for a refrigerator–only 25 years old, which has to live in the area originally designed for a tiny dining table).
    When I open my oven door, there is only one spot in the kitchen in which I can stand. And when I open my oven door, any other person must leave the kitchen. There will not be enough square inches to accommodate an open oven door and two people.

    It is too painful to discuss counter space at length. Lets just say about 20″wide by 12″deep as the main work area. There are other little spots to put things here and there.
    It is not only well-equipped, it is OVER equipped.
    My mirror finish AllClad often needs to be dusted.

    I am single and live alone. I eat out. A lot. At yummy places that are healthy and hip and neighborly. I am very lucky.

    So what does my kitchen mean to me?
    It connects me to a life growing up with grandparents who were first generation German and Norwegian immigrants and farmers in Wisconsin. This was a long time ago. Their lessons about food and its meaning live on in my tiny, not-too-often-used kitchen. What happens there is organic and local and fresh and simple and tasty. And it does not HAVE to be gluten free. And I feel so much better when it is.
    It is a place to take care of myself. And on those occasions when a meal is prepared, I am grateful.

  123. Charlotte

    My kitchen has a lovely layout although the decor is stuck in the 90’s – cupboard doors with antiqued wood at the bottom, pinkish laminate counter with white subway tile backsplash. I love my double ovens but long for a gas cooktop and pull outs for the pantry cupboard. I love it when friends sit on barstools at the counter and nibble or drink wine or tea while I pfaff in the kitchen. I’d love this book as many friends are gluten free and I love feeding with comfort food and would love to be sure that what I cook is safe for all to eat.

  124. Kim O.

    Our kitchen is at the south end of our home. I can see sunrise and sunset beauty from multiple windows around the kitchen perimeter. The daily changes in our garden are easily noticed while I wash dishes or prepare food. We can see the tidal river change by the hour and by the seasons, especially in winter when leaves are not available to block our view. Inside we pair the 1960’s harvest gold counters and multiple layers of wallpaper with a new stove and fridge. We happily gather with friends for shared meals. Our kitchen is the center of our home, filled with fond memories and promises of yummy adventures yet to arrive.

  125. Lori Evans

    Our kitchen is HUGE. It’s a place we gather to eat, drink and be merry particularly when our adult children are home. The dogs like it here to as we make their raw food meals for them. We are health conscience. And with me being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, my kitchen (I’m the prime cook) has changed so much for me. I had to clean out all of the cupboards, freezer and frig when I changed my diet to paleo and sugar/gluten/caffeine-free foods. No processed foods here, except for what’s made in the food processor. It’s back to basics for us. I have also cleaned out my cookbook collection for healthy, basic and paleo. I rely on these heavily to keep my system in check. And thank goodness for the folks who have gone through the trial and error to make good food healthy and tasty. Bless your hearts for putting those kind of recipes in a book. Sharing these allows our whole family to enjoy a meal good for everyone…..including me!

  126. Patti

    I have a new kitchen. I have worked myself from a sweet small young family home, to homes that grew in size with my family, and now I find myself in a condo that I am trying to make my own space with a kitchen that isn’t quite mine yet.

    I am working on it. Would love to bring back the warm memories of time with my grown family when they visit.

  127. Monica

    Your recipes look and sound so yummy..I mentioned before I’m a newbe.. would love this cook book ..I know it would help me greatly.. lots of comfort food in there and I’m sure my son wouldn’t know the it all tastes scrumptious !?

  128. Monica

    I got so excited I forgot to mention my kitchen lol.. it’s very tiny not enough space,but I make it work .. the counter space is only about 4 feet total in a corner
    ..I love to bake and holidays are wonderful ! now that I am newly diagnosed ..I been experimenting with different flours.. I made gluten free blueberry pancakes for the first time ..I actually loved them 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what else I can bake ?

  129. susan

    my kitchen is nothing to “shake a stick at”, but it’s a place where people gather any season, whether its our annual gingerbread house parties (I host 2 !), or a “Sunday at Susan’s” in the summer. Good food and loved ones are a must, always!

  130. Lea

    I’m currently in a rental home with a rather blah kitchen. However, in a few short weeks we will hopefully be closing on a lovely, tiny little house in the woods. The light in the kitchen is so pretty. Although small, it has great windows that look out to piney woods, and once we clear the weeds and bramble, a babbling brook. I’ve always longed to live near a creek like Plum Creek from Little House On The Praire. I so look forward to looking out on the serene surroundings whilst making family meals in this kitchen.

  131. Alison

    My kitchen is the space where I am happiest in my apartment. I’ve moved a lot, but when I unpack the jars of grains and beans, the well-worn cookbooks I read over breakfast, the wooden spoon with the burn mark on the handle, the brown and blue fruit bowl that was my mom’s, and the plaid linen dishtowels that dried my grandmother’s hands, I am home.

  132. Elizabeth

    My kitchen is under construction, but getting there. It’s smaller than I’d like, but we have an older home, so I’m satisfied to enjoy others’ gourmet kitchens on HGTV and my Pintrest board. I can’t have people gather there, but it’s a quick hop to the dining room, so that is fine, too. I love my window out to the hedge, the yellow paint on the walls, and the black and white industrial tiles on the floor. I’ve used up my kickstarter flour already, so I’d love to win more…

  133. Patricia

    When I think about my kitchen I think about the window sill just above the kitchen sink. It features a pot of thyme in a planter that belonged to my aunt, my grandmother’ s teapot, a vase that belongs to my mother, a cracked pottery donkey that has been on many kitchen window sills since my childhood, in other words memories of the many cooks that cooked for me and with me. My kitchen has an old feel. I use my grandmother’s copper bottomed Revere pots, vintage bowls and tried but true kitchen utensils. My kitchen si a place to remember and to make new memories with my grandchildren. Thank you for creating recipes for such classics as corn dogs and cobbler.

  134. Liz

    The kitchen I learned to cook in has not changed a bit since it was “installed” in the 1950’s. It is the kitchen at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Kentucky. The house, built prior to the civil war, didn’t have electricity or indoor plumbing until they bought the place. The cabinets and counter tops, luxurious for their time, are worn and dated. I have such fond memories of standing on a stool at the end of the counter helping to stir, add ingredients or watch to learn just the right way to hold the spoon. Whenever I visit, which is not often enough, the first thing I always do is go to the kitchen. I open and close the tin lined bread drawer and open and close the screen door to the back porch just to hear the sound it makes. Even the wallpaper, with little farmhouse drawings, torn and yellowed through the years is comforting to see. For me, that kitchen is home and I hope that nothing about it ever changes.

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