Meet Our Sponsors: Coors Peak

Coors Peak

I have to admit this first: I didn’t expect to like Coors Peak.

When I thought I could eat gluten, I was a bit of a beer snob. A pint of Guinness, pulled over the course of 20 minutes at a pub in Dublin, thick and creamy, as filling as a loaf of bread — that was my idea of a beer. Then again, I could never understand why anyone liked beer, since it left me red-faced, stomach hurting, and a little woozy. And then I was diagnosed with celiac and I understood.

I’ve tried quite a few gluten-free beers, and I’ve liked some of them for different reasons. Some I didn’t like at all. But for some reason, I sort of thought I wouldn’t like this one.

However, when I saw that Joshua Henderson from Skillet in Seattle, one of my favorite chefs in our city, was doing a dinner based on flavor pairings with Coors Peak, I started paying attention. Maybe it was better than I thought?

(Henderson has a few recipes on the Coors Peak website now. This skillet-braised pork belly on a cornmeal waffle? Oh shush. And, it would be easy to make the waffle gluten-free with our gluten-free flour.)

When Coors sent us some of the beer, to see if they could be one of the sponsors of this site, I invited a good friend to try it with me. Our friend Clint is a certified beer snob. He enjoys beers in a way few people I know do:  in moderation and with great devotion. He has definite opinions. And he can eat all the gluten he wants. I figured if Clint liked this beer, we had something here.

Clint and I both took sips of cold Coors Peak, paused, took another sip, and then looked at each other. “You know, it’s not bad,” he said. I was surprised by it too. He took another sip. And then another. And then we both admitted it: “I really like this beer.”

Here’s why I really like this beer: it has very much its own taste. This is not a sorghum-based beer trying to imitate a full-bodied beer made with barley malt. Instead, Coors Peak is made with brown rice, pea protein, and malted brown rice. Frankly, I didn’t even know it was possible to malt brown rice. The final beer is crisp and bright, ever-so-slightly-sweet, and deeply refreshing.

Clint finished his entire beer, happily. So did I.

Danny and I both think this might be the perfect gluten-free beer for making beer battered fish and chips. In fact, we might be making that this week.

Next week is Memorial Day weekend. That’s the start of summer, folks. You know those long hot summer afternoons, when you’re surrounded by family and everything is slow, and you just want a cold beer on the back deck? For me, this is that beer.

Right now, Coors Peak is only available in the Seattle and Portland areas. But I imagine it will spread out to the rest of the country eventually. And given the reach of the company, that means a good, relatively inexpensive gluten-free beer could be available near you soon.

That’s why we’re happy to have Coors Peak as our latest sponsor.

(Check out their Facebook page for updates and more recipes from Joshua Henderson and other chefs.)






12 comments on “Meet Our Sponsors: Coors Peak

  1. DamselflyDiary

    What the heck! I live less than 10 miles from Coors in Golden, CO and I can’t get it here? Do you think if I went over there and pounded on their door, they would give me some? HA! I am not a huge beer fan but sometimes a good cold beer just hits the spot – especially when eating Mexican food or pizza. I am looking forward to trying it!

  2. Brenda

    I just posted on Coors Peak’s fb page, I would love to see Copper Lager in (upstate) NY! I’m still waiting for GF Walkers Shortbread cookies on grocery shelves here, but nis ot available yet. It is available on Amazon. Nope, Coors Peak Copper Lager is not on Amazon. Drats.

  3. Elisabeth

    Huh! My bf and I were just scoffing at the thought of this! LOL We do live in Portland so maybe will have to try…I haven’t explored much of the GF beer yet but this is good to know.

  4. jeanelane

    I am not a fan of beer, but every once in a while. . . . I tried a gluten free beer once. It had to be one of the worst beers I had ever had. Way too sweet. Okay. I’ll try this one when it comes to town!

  5. Diane

    Not all beer is available throughout the U.S. for those of you that deal with gluten intolerances, check out Departed Soles Brewery opening in Jersey City NJ within the next month. They won the NY home brewers contest in the specialty beer category several years ago and actually placed third overall – over regular beer. Now it will soon be available to all!

  6. Ina Gawne

    Would love to give this a try…hope it comes to Canada. Any dates on when your flour mixes will be available in Canada? Would so love to try them too!

  7. Anne

    Sounds great. Now if I could just find a good (or any) non-alcoholic GF beer … but that may be asking for the moon.

  8. Patty

    Don’t you get the willies lining the pockets of the Coors family? I just know how much money they donate to extreme right wing causes and anti-LGBT initiatives and it makes me uncomfortable.

    1. Lise

      The Coors family is well known for supporting conservative politics and for their anti-gay stance, gay friendly commercials notwithstanding. I’m surprised you support them, Shauna.

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