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The store is open. Our gluten-free flour is here.

Danny and I have been working for years to bring you this flour. Nearly 5 years ago, we figured out a formula for a gluten-free all-purpose flour that works for the baked goods most home bakers want to make. Our latest cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day uses this flour blend for all its recipes. It also won the prestigious James Beard award. And every time we published a recipe for the formula, or made a video, and gave the flour recipe in that cookbook, people wrote to us to say, “Can’t I just buy it from you?”

Now you can.

This is a great baking flour. Use this flour the way you would any all-purpose wheat flour. It makes great pancakes, cookies, muffins, quick breads, scones, cakes, and pies.

This gluten-free flour blend is free of any additives, preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers, xanthan or other gums. No artificial anything. 

This is an allergy-free flour. This flour blend is dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, corn-free, soy-free, tree-nut-free, and of course, fish and shellfish-free. It’s also guaranteed to be free of cross-contamination from those ingredients.

Our gluten-free flour is made with the ancient grain millet, which is high in protein and magnesium. It also has a natural sweetness and lends a warm taste to baked goods. The flour also contains sweet rice flour, milled from “sticky” rice, which has wonderful binding qualities for gluten-free baked goods. The potato starch in the blend keeps everything moist and light.

And of course, this flour is certified gluten-free.

Once you have this flour in your home, you might want to make some gluten-free biscuits for breakfast. How about some gluten-free pizza for dinner Friday night? You could woo your loved one with these bittersweet chocolate brownies with peanut butter frosting. And we think you’ll want to make this sweet potato-dried cherry cake right away.

We want to help you bake a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies for your family and friends. You don’t want to have to combine flours in a certain ratio before you begin creaming the butter and sugar.

We understand — you want the convenience of a box of flour you trust, ready for you right away. That’s why we’ve been working on creating this flour for you for so many years.

Let’s start baking together. Why not try a box or two today? (You could also buy a case!)

Click here to enter the store.

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  1. Karl

    What great news! Before I order, just one quick question. Why am I limited to ordering just 1, 2, 4 or 12 boxes? Is there a way to order three? Or eight? Not sure how much I want, I was just thrown off by that .

    1. shauna

      Thank you for your question. We thought and thought about this the past few months. It’s all about shipping. We want to keep shipping costs as inexpensive for you as possible. To do that, we are limited by USPS flat rate box size. The 1, 2, 4, and 12 box choices are the best shipping deals for you. If you want 3 or any other quantity, just email us and I’ll be happy to hand pack those boxes for you and get them to you as inexpensively as we can.

  2. Cathi Lamoreux

    If I pledged $50 in the Kickstarter campaign, do I get a lb of flour? I will definitely be purchasing some, but thought the first bag would be coming as a result of my pledge. Thanks.

  3. Heidi

    We live in Seattle. Is the flour going to be sold anywhere so I can avoid shipping costs? Congratulations on your business!

    1. shauna

      We will eventually! we have it for sale at our studio on Vashon right now. Tell everyone you know!

  4. Tristy

    How exciting! One question: Does your blend have tapioca starch in it? I see it has potato starch, which I’m fine with, but tapioca seems to make me as sick as gluten and so many gluten-free flour blends are using it. Fingers crossed that yours is tapioca-free!

    1. shauna

      Nope. No tapioca starch. The ingredients you see on the front of the box are the only ingredients.

  5. Janice Thompson

    When substituting your flour for regular flour (non-gf) is anthem gum still needed?

    1. shauna

      We don’t use xanthan gum at all in our baked goods. So the pizza I linked to, the brownies, the cake, the biscuits? They’re all made with this flour and no gums.

  6. Susan

    I just read about this flour on facebook from another blogger. I am eager to try it. I am wondering, though, how do you get the “sticky-ness” of regular flour when you don’t add xanthan or guar gum? I’m excited at this prospect!

    1. shauna

      Aha! I’ve been baking without the gums for years. As long as you’re working with a good ratio with the right amount of flour to fat to liquid, the gums just aren’t necessary. Also, the sticky rice in this mix takes care of much of that “stickiness.” That’s one of the reasons we love this blend.

  7. Amy B.

    I have been waiting for these to be available. I just ordered a couple boxes and can’t wait to use them. I have a friend who does not eat gluten and she mentioned to me that she would love it if I would make her some GF shortbread. Do you have a recipe for that online or in one of your books?

  8. Jessica

    I wish we could get these in Australia. I really struggle to find one for my son that’s not full of additives and tastes nice!

  9. Lavonne

    I just read about your flour blend. I was wondering, if you substitute your flour in place of wheat flour in “regular” cookie recipes, such as chocolate chip cookies on the Nestles choc. chip package, is it necessary to add xanthan or guar gum, or is it only for use for “gluten-free” recipes?

    1. shauna

      No need to add the gums! This flour works best as a replacement for wheat flour in the recipes you already love. The only gluten-free recipes we use are our own!

    1. shauna

      For all of you asking about Canada, that’s going to be awhile. There are very different, complicated rules for food packaging in Canada. (we don’t have any French on our package, for example.) We’re working toward it!

  10. sarah

    excited to receive first shipment as a kickstarter supporter; anticipate wanting more, as I love to bake . . . any idea when those will be shipped out? you’re very good at building the excitement!!!

    1. shauna

      Sarah, those have been sent out, but there seem to be a few orphans. Send me an email and we’ll figure out how to get this out to you!

  11. karen

    Shauna, I love that I’ll be able to make my apple pie with gluten free flour! When I went to order, your site will not “take” my state of Massachusetts, or any state for that matter. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

    1. shauna

      Karen, someone else reported this and figured out that it was Internet Explorer 11 that is the glitch. If you use another browser, it should work just fine! (And our developer is on vacation until Monday, but we’ll have him take a look at this next week too.)

  12. Ina Gawne

    Congratulations Shauna! Can’t wait till we can get this in Canada! (I live just across the waters in Sooke….not really that far away at all!)

  13. Joan

    Many Many Congratulations!!! The selling day has finally arrived after all your hard work.

    And a Happy First Birthday to the little one. Can’t believe he’s one already.

  14. Amanda

    Would you mind posting an actual shot of the nutrition label? I buy a fair amount of food products online, but I like to peruse the actual label before I go ahead with a purchase. Thanks!

  15. Jan

    Shauna and Danny, I am very happy for you!
    Even though I don’t seem to be gluten sensitive, I have read your blog since before the two of you met, because I’ve always been interested in nutrition, recipes, and good writing. And I had learned about GMO and that wheat has more gluten than ever in it, which is causing many problems. The fact that the two of you have, with much work, sweat and tears, created flours that can be seamlessly substituted for wheat starch, is really quite amazing!! And many of us “observed” (as we read your blog) at least some of this journey through the years.
    I hope that your family and your business thrive.

  16. Kate

    So excited the flour is now available. I pledged to the Kickstarter and was supposed to get a PDF of recipes – is that going to go out sometime soon since the flour has now shipped?

  17. Alicia

    From reading your responses I see that you have told people xanthan gum is not needed with this flour. Two of the recipes that you have linked to are biscuits and pizza dough. Both of those contain psyllium husks which are a substitute for xanthan gum. Can you skip the psyllium husks when using your flour? Thank you and congratulations.

    1. shauna

      Alicia, breads do need something for a bit more binding. (The biscuits don’t require psyllium, but a tiny pinch helps them hold their shape. It’s entirely optional.) The psyllium behaves far better than the xanthan gum, in my estimation. It’s an insoluble fiber that really helps fully hydrate the flours and cinch in a wet dough to something kneadable later. So you don’t need any gums or psyllium for most of the baked goods that people like to make. Bread doughs, such as pizza, are a different animal, since they are the foods that truly rely on gluten.

  18. Terry

    Just ordered. I can’t wait to start using it! Congratulations on this huge milestone, and thank you!

  19. Jen

    I’m very excited to try the flour! I’m curious about the kickstarter rewards – I did the cookie pledge and never received any. Perhaps they’re still in the works? Thanks!

  20. Margo

    I see you erased my previous comment… That’s OK, I’ll writ it again:
    Where is the Heroes Page?
    Where is the kickstarter flour?

    1. shauna

      No erasing. It must have been a technical glitch. I’ve been updating the backers of the Kickstarter through that site. So if you’re a backer, you’ll find information there. The page honoring those who donated to the Kickstarter is coming soon. We’re doing a major redesign of the website and we’ll be debuting the heroes page with that launch.

  21. marie

    The quantity of servings listed on the nutrition label on your flour is off by a factor of ten (160 instead of 16). You might want to look at your remaining stock for that error & print stick-on labels to correct the mistake.

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