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Lately, I’ve been playing with flaxseed again.

Why? For one, I never stop playing with flours, measuring out 100 grams of a new flour in an old recipe, just to see how it works. Thank goodness, we have a flour company now. I have a place besides cookbooks and blog posts to put this strange habit into practical action. (Update on the All-Purpose flour this week. Hint: available for sale soon!)

For years, I measured out my flaxseed in teaspoons, thinking of it as a replacement for xanthan or guar gum. But a couple of months ago, I started thinking of it instead as a flour. Good things have come of this.

You might have heard of this Life-Changing Bread from the wonderful website My New Roots. A couple of years ago, this bread seemed to be on every Pinterest board ever made. It’s marvelous, based on a traditional Danish recipe, a dense bread made mostly of nuts and seeds, held together by psyllium husks. I’m a fan.

I’m crazy about Elisabeth Prueitt’s Flax Muffins. Elisabeth is one of the owners of Tartine Bakery, which is definitively not a gluten-free bakery. But these muffins are gluten-free, as Elisabeth has celiac. They’re hearty and moist, and with the grated apple and raisins, these taste a little like bran muffins. We use our grain-free blend and flaxseed meal to make these.

Here’s a list of recipes from Elana’s Pantry’s that use flaxseed meal, including her multi-“grain” crackers. Elana has been grain-free for decades now, to heal her MS and celiac. Her recipes are always inspiring in their simplicity.

Flaxseed has been used as a medicinal food for thousands of years. It’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, so important for brain and heart function. It contains lignans, which are high in antioxidants. And flaxseed meal contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. There are a lot of benefits to this little brown seed.

(Also, let’s be honest. I’m a woman in her late 40s. Flaxseed has some great qualities for hormonal discombobulation. I’ll leave it at that.)

As you might know, Bob’s Red Mill is one of our long-term sponsors. We have been working together for years now. So we’re happy to share that the Bob’s Red Mill flaxseed meal is great: robust and nutty, ground fine enough to use as a flour, and packaged in an opaque package to keep the nutritious qualities in the flaxseed. It’s also made in their gluten-free facility, so there’s no worries of cross-contamination. We’ve been using it around here lately, quite a lot. We’re fans.

Bob’s Red Mill would like to give away a bag of their flaxseed meal to three readers of this site. Leave a comment letting us know why you would like to win this. Winners will be chosen at random and selected on Friday, January 30th, then notified by email. 

Update: the winners have been chosen and notified. Thank you for your participation. 



53 comments on “a word from our sponsors: Bob’s Red Mill flaxseed meal

  1. Dee

    Great products from Bob’s Red Mill! I’d love to make those flax muffins–so much flaxy goodness!

  2. Katy P

    I would love to win this because I use flaxseed meal quite often in my gluten free baking. I’d like to try more recipes too.

  3. Kristy Brackin

    I would like to win Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Mill because I am just beginning the gluten free adventure and looking for products to create new things and not just eat like a rabbit.

  4. Leah m

    I love Bob’s Red Mill and am always looking for new ways to incorporate their products into my gluten free diet. Also love the blog!

  5. Lea

    Funny you mention it, but I too have been playing around with flax lately. Use to use flax quite a bit 10-15 years ago but chia seeds and life in general left them on the sideline.

  6. Shelly

    I’m looking forward to trying to use flaxseed more in my baking. Have just made up your basic all purpose flour mix from your recipe book “gluten free girl every day” and have been having great success with that so far. It’s building my confidence so I can experiment more. Thanks for such a great blog, and your honest advice on gluten free baking.

  7. Kayla

    I eat Bob’s red mill ground flax seeds every day so I would love to win a bag! I love throwing it into oatmeal, applesauce, smoothies, granola, baked-goods, and the list goes on. It’s such an amazing way to add fiber, nutty-flavor, and healthy fats into your life. Cheers for Bob’s and Cheers for flax!

  8. Tiffany

    I am just starting my gluten-free journey after years of various symptoms and issues, I dearly miss bread though and would love to try this Flaxseed mix! I love Bob’s products but this is one I have not tried.

  9. Elle

    Delurking here as I just wanted to provide a word of caution on flax. My mom had estrogen-receptive breast cancer and I have endometriosis and issues with estrogen dominance. We have both been warned to avoid phytoestrogens at all costs–including soy and flax. Flax has some great benefits, including omega 3s, but the kind of phytoestrogens it contains can cause a higher incidence of prostate cancer in men, hormonal imbalance from estrogen dominance in women–which can result in infertility– and early puberty in girls . I recall from some time back that there was some concern for you with breast cancer, so felt it important to share the information I have from my own experiences. It is a shame as I used to love to add ground flax to gluten free muffins and cookies, but would rather not take the risk.

    1. shauna

      Thank you, Elle. This is such a grey area, with so many people disagreeing. I’ve checked many times with my oncologist, who is very well-read and highly regarded. She has told me repeatedly that the studies that prove that soy and flax contribute to the risk of breast cancer just can’t be found. There’s plenty of speculation, some assumptions of correlation, but certainly no proof of causation. It’s an individual decision, to be sure. I feel fine with my moderate use of flax, since it also seems to be helping in other areas in this time of my life. That’s the choice that’s right for me. Each of us has to decide for ourselves.

      1. Elle

        Thank you for the thoughtful reply! It can be confusing with so much conflicting information out there and I am always open to revisiting things based on new insights and studies. I agree that it can also be a matter of our own personal chemistries and how we each react to things uniquely. I do love Bob’s products and since having to go gluten free found they eased the transition greatly!

        1. shauna

          I really find it very difficult to find straight answers on anything to do with health and food sometimes! There are so many people with so many opinions. And the longer I’m alive, the more I realize how little training in nutrition and food most doctors have. I think we all have a lot of work to do.

  10. Camille

    I am constantly looking for ways to make GF food healthier and I really need more fiber in my diet – this flax seed meal would certainly help me with that!

  11. Judith Sharpe

    I would feel so honored to win this flax seed meal. My journey is just beginning and I have a lot to learn. I’m grateful for this site, the recipes, the advice, and the encouragement. Thank you.

  12. Julie

    I’ve just recently started experimenting with wheat alternatives in my baking. Some success, but I’ve a ways to go! I genuinely enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading and following it since the early days. I always learn something new. It’s fantastic “food” for thought. : )

  13. suzy

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in Jan 2010. Was in the hospital for a month trying to be well enough to discharge after chemo, radiation and surgery. I never got better and lived on narcotic pain medicine, zofran and tranquilizers for 2 years. The surgeon tried to fix me with another surgery and replaced the ileostomy with a colostomy. I was in the hosp for another month. I was told in 2010 not to eat fiber except for 1/4 cup of cooked carrots or green beans. I didn’t know how to eat and became very afraid of food. The colostomy retracted in May 2014, my very underactive thyroid had me on a rollator walker and i had enough. Getting bloodwork at the beginning of June i learned that my thyroid jumped from hypo to hyperactive. I was beside myself and didn’t have enough money but went to a naturopathic Dr. who was willing to see me. He urged me to start eating live food, go gluten free and said that it was impossible for the thyroid to jump from hypo to hyper to this degree. I followed directions and learned i am in fact gluten intolerant. Don’t know if i have celiac or not. I have continued to eat as healthy as i can afford and though i was diagnosed with osteo arthrotis am able to rely on nutritious food and prayer to become fully well. I would love to win the g.f. flaxseed to incorporate another healthy, clean food. My income could improve if i became well enough to work. Sincerely, suzy

  14. Sharon

    It would be a great way to sneak in the flaxseed and another option to flaxseed as a supplement. Trying to incorporate more food, less supplements.

  15. Alexis S

    I love Bob’s golden flaxseed meal. I use it in smoothies, oatmeal, muffins, and other baked goods. It improves the texture of my gluten free baked goods, and adds fiber, so I don’t feel as guilty feeding my kids chocolate mini muffins in the morning, with lots of fruit of course. I would love to win a bag. 🙂

  16. Alexis Linton

    I love Bob’s Red Mill’s Ground Flaxseed Meal. I use it both as a vegan egg replacer in my favorite GF breakfast cookie as well as in nut butter snack bars as a flour, and I would love to win a bag. Learning to cook with nutritionally-rich alternative grains, seeds, and whole foods over the past few years has helped me make immense strides in healing from both Celiac Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Thank you, Bob’s Red Mill, for all of your safe, healthy, and delicious products!

  17. dawnesea

    Would love to be able to try something new. I have been semi-gluten free since August 2012. I can really tell when I stray but it is so hard to make thinks that taste good without gluten. I need a little push in the right direction.

  18. sarah

    My latest use for Bob’s products is to make a custom breadcrumb mixture at home. This is how I would use a winning bag. The custom breadcrumbs can be used in stovetop meatballs or latkes, sprinkled on mediterranean salads, or baked into a crust for appetizers. The use of ground nuts and seeds in my cooking gives it a savory flavor. My family just says, “Wow, this is really good.” I prefer Bob’s products because they are the most purely refined and the highest quality. I feel and smell the difference to competitors when cooking with Bob’s products. Flax has always been a favorite of mine, though, for the omega, fiber and protein.

  19. Morgan

    I love Bob’ Red Mill products, I have their Steel Cut Oats and Flaxseed Meal in my pantry right now. I want to start using Flaxseed meal more regularly this year.

  20. Robin Berger

    Like so many of your readers I also use Bob’s red mill products. I use it in the gluten-free muffins I make as well as in my daily breakfast of yogurt and fruit. We used to grind our own, but since finding Bob’s we no longer bother with grinding it since Bob’s Red Mill is always delicious and fresh. Would love to win a bag of this.

  21. Colleen

    I like to sneak a little extra nutrition into my kids meals with flaxseed. I add it to my ground beef or ground turkey when we are making burgers. My kids would never guess! I too am excited to test it out in baking.

  22. pym

    i’d sure love to try flaxmeal because I am plugged up and need. to be more “regular”(wink,wink if ya know. what I mean)

  23. Nicki P

    I love Bob’s Red Mill GF products. As a celiac with two GF daughters, we are always looking for alternatives to gluten-containing deliciousness. Apparently flax is the way to go! 🙂

  24. Sally Laegeler

    Another great idea, Shauna. I would love to try some of the recipes you listed. Would really like to be more grain free! I did hear that flax should be ground right before using to preserve it’s qualities. Have you heard anything along these lines. Would be much simpler to just buy it already ground and perhaps store it in the freezer.

    1. shauna

      I believe that’s why Bob’s packages this in an opaque package. It seems to be light that degrades the nutritional value.

  25. Hillary

    I’m from Portland, OR so am very familiar with Bob’s products! I love Mary’s Gone Crackers and would love to start making my own version at home. They have flax seeds which offer such a necessary and delicious crunch!

  26. Lauren

    Because I’d LIKE to start baking again!
    I was GOOD baker, until I had to become GF. I want to get good again!

  27. Mimi Gin

    I really have never liked to cook. But since going gluten free last October I have discovered I enjoy experimenting with my favorite recipes to make them so I can enjoy them again. I have heard a flax seed and it’s good qualities, and am interested in trying to incorporate it into some of my foods.

  28. LittleMissDangerous

    I Love Flaxseed..
    Use it in many things, my favorite is in my very healthy fruit smoothie i make and flax crackers made from organic golden, whole, flaxseeds!

  29. bookczuk

    So, did you substitute the flax meal for the psyllium husk in the Life-Changing Bread recipe? Exact amounts or altered amount?

  30. Chrissy

    The gluten free lifestyle is new to me! But my main reason for this change is to help my cousin. She is like my sister to me. But for years, she has been suffering from colitis. And she was just hospitalized for pancreatitis as a result from the meds she takes! I have suspected for a while that she may be gluten intolerant, but they haven’t tested for it. When she is feeling better, I am going to spend a weekend with her and we are going to experiment with different menus and flours. Your website is a wealth of information and I appreciate it very much. I also think this will help my husband too! Thank you!

  31. Jodi

    Hi! I would love a bag of the flax meal. I recently just started doing gluten free but really would like to experiment more baking. I was classically trained in pastry so I am trying to change the way I think about the science of baking for a healthier alternative without compromising a tasty treat! Have used Red Mill many times- always a consistent quality brand!

  32. Dawne

    I’d like to play around with some flax seed. I’m trying to cook meals that are appetizing and healthy for diabetic, lactose intolerant, chronically constipated, and celiac family members. sheesh, seems every doctor appointment brings a new dietary requirement or restriction. 🙂

  33. Brie

    Love flaxseed meal – I replace about an ounce of flour in nearly every recipe I make with an ounce of ground flaxseed. Either kind is fine, but if one uses golden flaxseed meal, it’s pretty much indistinguishable from the other flour.

  34. Jessica

    I use a fair amount of flax in my baking, and in smoothies. I often read of the benefits of flax when it is raw. Do these hold true once cooked? I am having a hard time finding information on this.

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