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It’s December 1st. At our house, with a very excited and articulate 6-year-old, that’s a big day. Rehearsals for Lucy’s first Nutcracker performances began last week. We put up our tree last night, to the befuddlement of poor Desmond. (His face looked like: “Can you people please explain to me why we now have a tree in the house?”) And our girl has been talking about Christmas for weeks. Months, really. She was singing Jingle Bells with great gusto in July. The other morning we had a dance party to Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Two days ago, in the dark of 5:45 am, she informed me: “Mama, I’m too excited to sleep for the whole month. I might sleep in the day after Christmas.”

So there has been no end of anticipation here. However, today we opened the first day of the advent calendar — it was a wacky little drawing of Santa barreling down a snowy hill on a sled.

Officially, the season has begun.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus (my brother and his wife do), this can be a joyful season. It can also be a confusing season. What the heck do you buy for everyone in your life in this season that implies a constant state of gift giving?

We didn’t go shopping on Black Friday. I refuse. I haven’t been to a mall in years. We don’t have a lot of money, so there’s no mindless spending here. Instead, we’re choosing our gifts for loved ones carefully, with great mindfulness. All through this month, we’d like to share some of the gifts we might be buying for friends and family, especially those who are gluten-free.

If you know someone who is gluten-free and loves food and great magazines, we highly recommend a subscription to GFF Magazine.

Erika Lenkert began GFF this year, with great passion and a successful Kickstarter campaign. (She was quite the inspiration for our campaign.) She’s driven, kind, and determined to bring great food and stories to those of us who have to be gluten-free. We’ll let her tell you the rest.

Why did you decide to start GFF?

A lot of people ask me why I would start a magazine, given how challenging it is to make a go of it now that most media has gone online. In that way, GFF is the definition of a passion project. I’d been writing about food, wine, and travel for national magazines and cookbooks for 20 years, and I’ve been gluten-free since 2001. I have a nine-year-old daughter who had to be gluten-free for several years. Simultaneously, I’ve always been obsessed with exceptional food and life experiences and have never sacrificed taste or satisfaction eating gluten-free. I saw a perceived disconnect in the marketplace between exciting food and gluten-free food. I wanted to bridge that gap and give the gluten-free community something to get excited about. And I tend to write about what I know.

But more than that, GFF was an opportunity to do what I love most: seek out incredible people, food, and experiences and celebrate and share them with others…and to get inspired to do a lot more cooking, and boy is that happening around my house these days!


A dear friend of mine who is a painter always says, “You have to create the art you wish existed in the world.” What are you trying to provide with GFF that didn’t exist in the world before that?

My aim has always been to create the best new food magazine out there, period. I didn’t want to focus on the medical aspects of gluten-free diet or the things you couldn’t eat. I longed for a gluten-free food magazine that featured the kind of inspirational cooking that Gourmet did in the mid-1990s, where recipes were exciting and gorgeous and helped you broaden your cooking repertoire and feel proud just by making them.

I also wanted a trusted source for gluten-free product recommendations, because there’s nothing worse than wasting your money and time on yet another new brand of sawdust-y GF bread or slimy GF crackers.

Beyond that, I wanted to create a good read loaded with interesting articles and tidbits and infused with playfulness, because food is fun!

Plus, I love the good, old-fashioned print magazine that you can hold in your hands, and that builds up its own stories and memories with each dog-eared page and chocolate smudge. We evolved that notion by making GFF a sort of collectable cookbook-magazine hybrid with super thick pages and high-quality printing. We wanted to make something people would keep and would stand the test of time, but we also created a digital version for people who don’t share my sentimentality.

Partnering with my friend and photographer Maren Caruso for GFF was critical to realizing the vision. She brings all the deliciousness to life through food photographs so beautiful, you want to eat them right off of the page.


Can you tell us about some pieces from issue #1 you want everyone to read?

I’m in love with pretty much everything in that first issue. The pasta recipes by ex Chez Panisse chef Niki Ford are masterpieces. Everyone should make at least one, though I repeatedly make the Corn Orzo and Heirloom Bean Soup and freeze it in single-servings. Aimee Lee Ball’s Gut Instincts article is an important read on the state of gluten-free affairs, and Lena Kwak’s lightning-fast rise to Cup4Cup flour CEO stardom alongside famed chef Thomas Keller is fascinating. Then there’s the off-the-hook holiday menu by James Beard Award-winning chef Craig Stoll of San Francisco’s Delfina restaurants. I’m obsessed with the Brussels sprouts. Our first “Skill It” feature (a reoccurring section that teaches GF cooking fundamentals) is truly a Perfect Piecrust by allergen-free baking expert and regular contributor Jeffrey Larsen. And then there’s your wonderful piece, Shauna. I really could just list the table of contents!


What are you planning for issue #2?

We are finishing the next issue right now. It’s coming out in January and I’m excited to say I think it’s even better than the first. You’ll discover how to make insanely good vegetable dishes using everyday winter produce, learn how to whip up Perfect GF Scones, read about the Jestons-like high-tech advances being made in the food industry, and get the moistest, most chocolaty gluten-free chocolate cake recipe ever. Our food muse Niki Ford is back with an exotic, to-die-for brunch and a dinner that’ll romance the pants off of anyone, and we’ve got spectacular gluten-free, dairy-free baking recipes from a top New York bakery. We also tell you where to find the best GF food in Hawaii. (Can you tell I’m excited?) Oh! And two-Michelin-star chef Daniel Patterson’s way to cook a whole chicken, which is also included, changed my life. Seriously.


What are your plans for the future?

We’re two working moms spending every free moment on GFF so my first goal is grow our visibility and readership so we can afford to get more help! Beyond that, we are building out our website ( so there will be immediate gratification in the way of recipes, articles, and easy access to our favorite food and products. And of course there’s the spring issue, which we’ll start working on right after the holidays. Until then, my plan is to do a lot of GF cooking, eating, celebrating, and working to get our inaugural issue under as many Christmas trees and menorahs as possible. With that in mind, please let your readers know they can get 40% off the print version of the inaugural issue until December 15 if they use coupon code holiday40 at checkout and take 35% off print subscriptions with coupon code gff35. They make great GF gifts and come in a fancy box, too.

To buy a single issue:

To buy a subscription:


Erika has kindly agreed to do a giveaway: a copy of issue #1 to 3 lucky readers. Leave a comment here about why you are interested and we’ll do a random drawing at the end of the week! 






68 comments on “GFF magazine

  1. Melissa

    I am a foodie who has to eat gf, and this beautiful new magazine is EXCITING!
    I’m also the branch manager of our local support group & will be honored to share this with our group at our next meeting

    1. Erika Lenkert

      Thanks, Melissa, so much for your excitement and support. Reactions like yours are what inspire us to keep creating. Wait until you see the next issue, too! I think itt’s super fun.

  2. Dana

    My daughter has celiac and our whole family has been happily gluten free since 2011. I do tons of cooking and baking, and would love to read an innovative magazine devoted to GF!

  3. Amy

    My family has been GF for over a decade. I am always looking for inspiration, and it appears this magazine can provide it!

  4. Brenda

    I might sleep in the day after Christmas, too, Lucy! 🙂
    Erika, your ideas for the GFF Magazine sound unique, delicious, and fun–I’m looking forward to my subscription! Thank you for the discount.
    Enjoy your holidays with friends and family.

  5. Sara

    Still learning to live GF since making the (long-overdue) decision in April. I still LOVE food and enjoy cooking and am hungry (pun intended) to learn new and healthy ways to enjoy GF meals and products!

  6. Joanne

    I am not a mail girl either, grew up in a rural area where going shopping was a 120 mile trip one way. Ordering from Sears, Wards,etc plus the one local store, much easier. Today it is the local small home-owned business that get my dollars.

  7. Heidi

    As a gluten-free girl and a writer, I’m excited to see another creative reach her goals. It’s always inspiring and I can’t wait to read the different features. I’m especially interested in Gut Instincts and Skill It!

  8. Bradlyn

    I’d love to have a copy of this great sounding magazine! Wonderful ideas–love to put them to use. Thanks for the opportunity to have a copy!

  9. Kim Naphegyi

    I’ve been gluten free for almost a year now and am in constant need of new recipes and ideas that will let me eat the foods that I love.

  10. Catherine

    How refreshing to see a regularly published GF magazine as oppposed to articles here and there in mainstream food publications. No doubt this will be done with a lot more thought and senstivity to the celiac and GF communitty. Well done, Erika!

  11. Emily

    My way to relax in the evening is to curl up with a good cookbook. I am on the constant search for the most delicious and nutritious gluten free food I can make. I love finding inspiration from magazines, and rely on the old gourmets for that. I would love to have a source that I do not have to convert and will have great results right off the bat. Thanks for making this inspiring magazine.

  12. Katey Roemmele

    I love cooking, beautiful photography, and good writing. This magazine combines all three! (Which is why I love Shauna’s blog and books so much). Plus, I love reading about food and cooking; I read cookbooks like novels. Really looking forward to this magazine.

  13. Tammy

    Our family has been gluten free for almost 3 years due to our daughter’s sensitivity to gluten. We are food lovers and this magazine looks fantastic!

  14. Hillary

    My favorite part of the gluten free world is experimenting with the flavors that are produced using different flours. I would love to win a copy of this magazine for some amazing inspiration!

  15. Alexis Linton

    GFF Magazine looks and sounds incredible, and I just may lose some sleep myself in my giddy anticipation over finding a copy under my Christmas tree!
    My sister and I have been gluten-free for the past ten years, and are both foodies, cooking enthusiasts, and fans of intelligent, intriguing food literature. This publication sounds perfect.
    I think I’ve found what I’m getting someone this holiday season 😉

  16. Lisa McCane

    A really good publication that can take the place of the food magazines I used to love would be very welcome right now.

  17. EmSewCrazy

    I love the glimpses into your family life. Your kids sound so precious.

    This magazine sounds very interesting. I think something that celebrates the love of cooking while gluten free sounds like just the thing.

  18. Nina

    Why would I like GFF? Because my BFF (and husband) has CDF (celiac disease forever) and we are GFF… not that that is a bad thing. But it would be great to have a FIF (first issue freebie) to see if we want to get GFF and SFF. (subscribe fearlessly forever)

  19. Joanne

    Yes! I love reading about chef-y ideas for great food and to have the whole magazine about GF means it’s worth buying for me. Hope I can find it in Canada!

  20. Rita Marlowe

    I am anxious to read the cup4cup article as well as how to make great gf pasta, emphasis on great! I am very interested in your new magazine being a kinda magazine lover.

  21. Margaret@KitchenFrau

    Wow. I am really excited to read this magazine. I loved the Gourmet magazine so much, and am thrilled to hear that this is the type of magazine Erika is bringing out. Love, love, love it.

  22. Erin

    Sounds like a really interesting magazine. I’m curious to read the about the pie crust, though I’m not sure they can beat your pie crust. Yours is definitely my favorite gf pie crust recipe out there!

  23. Hanna

    I was diagnosed as Coeliac yesterday. It’s a relief, but also very intimidating. I’ve just ordered a load of flours (as per your flour mix pages) and now need to learn to bake all over again. My partner adores lemon meringue pie so the first issue of GFF sounds like just the thing I need!

  24. Elizabeth

    I’m interested as a cook who enjoys finding new things to play with in the kitchen. I’m interested as a writer who wants to contribute to magazines like these. Maybe I need two copies of the magazine, one for each of my Gemini sides.

  25. Kayce Carey

    I love to bake and trying to go GF has been difficult. I have tried many recipes from many blogs and cookbooks and some have been good and others not so much. This magazine may be my answer.

  26. Magda

    I’m always looking for new food ideas that are low on gluten but where the food is still great. I’m curious to see this magazine 🙂

  27. Kim H.

    My husband has been having health problems for 4 1/2 years and all the doctors can give him is “it is an autoimmune disorder but we can’t diagnose which one yet”. When he tells his doctor that he experiences certain symptoms when he eats the doctor said “I don’t know why that would happen” but does not go any further with trying to find an explanation. After reading about gluten reactions he has decided to go gluten free at the beginning of the year. This means we have to learn a new way of cooking!! Having a subscription to GFF would be extremely helpful to us making this transition!

  28. pamela

    I am impressed and excitied that there is a magazine of such a high quality and brilliant recipes as GOURMET…I am “over fifty” and was a regular subscriber for many years. I feel the same foodie thrill over your magazine. I have switched to Paleo and GF is part of my healthy eating. So many of the GF recipes are lackluster, unappealing and uninspiring. So, I would just like to say THANK YOU!!!

  29. Jessica

    I manage a public library branch in Texas, and this is the kind of thing I would love to try out with many of my patrons who I know struggle with eating gluten free in a small town.

  30. Twyla

    I am a foodie and generally stray away from grains, although I don’t have to eat GF. I do however, love me a good magazine. I would love to get the first issue!!

  31. Judy Johnson

    I am a Grandma of a 9 year old Celiac. We have all learned a lot about what we eat thanks to her. We want her to grow up focussing on what she can eat – not what she can’t. And we want it to be delicious for all of us because we all eat together. This magazine intrigues me!

  32. Pam

    My dear friend would love this, we’ve struggled to come up with gf recipes for her for many years. I love turning her on to new tricks, she doesn’t go on-line much, so she’s easily impressed with whatever I come up with. I’d would love to bring magazine over to her house.

  33. Teri Noel

    I’ve been GF for 10+ years now. I’m looking for resources to take my cooking from acceptable substitutions to fabulous food. This sounds like just the ticket!

  34. Kiki

    This magazine is very exciting news. I’ve been GF for several years and after a post Shauna wrote about Lucy going GF, I realized that my youngest son needed to join me. This has been quite a struggle. I have no problem skipping and not replacing gluten foods. He’s another story. He feels he needs these replacements. I need all the help I can get.

  35. Petra

    Just the idea of a gf magazine that can compare with Gourmet is what I find so exciting. After being diagnosed with celiac for 20+ years I am so tired of the same old flour blends and recipes I would love to find something really new and challenging to the old norms!

  36. Sharon

    Going gluten free has changed our family’s life! So excited about this new magazine-we’ve had so many missteps when trying new products and recipes. Super appreciate your vision and enthusiasm!

  37. Elizabeth

    Wow, Shauna, first your kickstarter to get excited over and now finding out about this magazine= priceless! I did a Whole 30 at the end of the summer and a 21 Day Sugar Detox here in November, and I’ve found I’m gluten intolerant, so this magazine will be a welcome addition to my resources. Happiest of holidays to you and the family.

  38. LB

    Looks like a great magazine!
    I do have to say ‘ouch’ on the mindless spending comment. I happen to enjoy the mall, and I don’t think that just because I shop there I spend mindlessly (happen to also love people watching). I know there are people that do spend mindlessly and don’t live within their means, but not everyone. I also shop at small businesses and also make some gifts. Not trying to be negative, just honest.

    1. shauna

      LB, I wasn’t talking about you, of course! The images of people at the mall on Black Friday were fresh in my mind.

  39. Mackenzie Harkins

    I have very recently gone gf and have been searching for new fun and inspiring recipes, articles and research. It looks like this might be the trifecta!

  40. Tania Smethurst

    Gourmet Gfree food, I am so excited to learn! Too bad the shipping costs to Canada are so high…. Silly border.

  41. Barbara

    cooking magazines are my weakness and I’d love to start cooking gluten free for my family after watching my nephew adopt a gluten free lifestyle over a year ago.

  42. Debbie

    I was forced to make this change this year to better my health. This magazine seems to contain some great recipes and stories of different reasons to go gluten free.


    I have a 95 years-young friend who has suffered for years and I just read your book and she fits it to a T. SO I am madly trying to find ways to feed her. She did not test positive for celiac’s disease but we are still trying this way and she feels a bit better after a few days. I would love to have the magazine so I can help her more. She lives in senior housing and the chef is brand new at this and trying, too. Thanks for your book and your blog!!

  44. Dawn

    A GF foodie exciting! and doesn’t hurt that it’s also aesthetically pleasing! Looking forward to this…

  45. Shelly Bortolotto

    Ooh, how exciting. I’m all for supporting anyone trying to get more knowledge out there for those people that have to eat gluten free. I’m popping over to their website now. Thanks for telling us about this Shauna.

  46. Evan

    I love well-written, high-quality print publications, and I have yet to find one that makes gluten-free eating look like art instead of deprivation. All of the content you mention in the interview sounds like something I want to read right this very minute, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the magazine!

  47. Donna

    Oh My! What a beautiful concept… I’ve been GF since 2010, and adore Shauna and Danny’s work (I have all their cookbooks, and don’t intend to stop collecting them!). A magazine that gives another insight into the GF world is welcome indeed. I was so sad when Gourmet left the planet, I have a feeling yours could easily stand in its stead. Sure hope I’m the one to receive the give away.

  48. Erica

    My mother and I have both been gluten free for years. We are always on the look-out for great resources for GF recipes and articles. This sounds perfect. Really excited to read this magazine!

  49. Amanda

    How fantastic! I do love a good food magazine. I’m completely with her on the sentimentality. Just when I thought I was out…

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