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As you might remember, we’re big fans of the Gluten-Free Media Group, one of our sponsors. They run Gluten and Allergen Free Expos across the United States. Their Find Me Gluten-Free app is helpful whenever you’re traveling and don’t know where to eat. And now they have begun Send Me Gluten-Free, a subscription box stuffed full of great gluten-free foods, which arrives on your doorstep every month.

send me gluten-free

We’d like to let Jen Cafferty, founder and CEO of Gluten-Free Media Group, tell you more.


Why did you start a GF Goodies of the Month Club?ย 
I decided to create Send Me Gluten Free to help people have access to more gluten-free products than what is offered in their local stores. I often hear that people are tired of wasting money on gluten-free products that they don’t like. Send Me Gluten Free allows folks to try numerous products, receive coupons and have exposure to brands they might not have otherwise, so they can make an educated purchase at the store or online. Our hope is that they find a new favorite brand or product that they may not have known about.

What kinds of foods do you want to offer to people?
Each month we send our members 8-12 new gluten free products to try that will include at least 1 full-sized item. We not only offer full-size and sample size food, but also personal care items, supplements and household products that support a gluten free lifestyle.

What kind of experience can people expect when they sign up?
Customer service is our first priority. People can expect a positive experience and clear, transparent and timely communication from the time they sign up. It’s also just a nice surprise to get a box full of goodies in the mail each month!

We can confirm that. Even after all this time of being gluten-free, I was happy to open this box from Send Me Gluten-Free and see only foods I could eat.

To learn more about Send Me Gluten-Free, see their About Us page. And their Frequently Asked Questions.


Leave a comment here about why you might be interested in a service like Send Me Gluten-Free and you’ll be eligible for a great giveaway: a free three-month subscription to Send Me Gluten-Free. The winner will be chosen at random on Monday, September 22nd.ย 

Update: a winner was chosen at random and informed. Thank you for your comments.ย 

113 comments on “Send Me Gluten-Free (sponsor)

  1. Nanna Mercer

    Instantly interested and ready to sign up, I hurried to the FAQ, hoping against hope that International Shipping was on offer. Unfortunately not!

    And so it goes. While slowly getting better, good gluten free foods are difficult to find. I have to order special flour from within the EU and, not only are the prices out of this world (but I’ll pay), but the S & H usually make it so prohibitively expensive that it’s not doable.

    Please notify me when and if you decide to ship across the pond. Then I’ll sign up!

  2. Summer

    I love to be surprised by new things. Getting a package that has new food that is outside of my typical routine would be fun and feed my curiosity.

  3. Neena

    I would love to try this service. I have two young kids and this seems like the perfect way to keep us stocked on new and safe snacks. I am always looking for new GF treats and this seems like an ideal way to check out new products!

  4. paisleyapron

    The idea of sampling gluten-free items is wonderful. How often I have bought a full package of something only to throw most of it away because it just didn’t work. I would love to gift this service to a friend who doesn’t have time to shop around for new things.

  5. Brooke

    This is so exciting! I have wanted to try a subscription box but have always been held back by the fear that I wouldn’t be able to eat half of the stuff.

  6. Hannah

    I would love to send a subscription as a gift to my friend who was just diagnosed with Celiac disease. She’s a pretty picky eater and bread-lover and has been struggling with her diagnosis, and I think this would cheer her up so much and help her see that gluten-free foods can still be tasty!

  7. Amber Lewis

    I just recently started a gluten free diet due to my thyroid. This would be a wonderful addition to discover new options for food!

  8. Bonnie Arnold

    Really great idea! My daughter in college just discovered she needs to be Gluten Free. She is so frustrated with trying to navigate this new lifestyle need at college. Having to eat at the dorm makes it so hard for her to eat properly. She is also in the learning stages of what is safe and what’s not, so the box would be a great source of education for her as well.

  9. Jan

    I have a few friends w/ celiac, and I am gluten-sensitive (in my case, I’m pretty certain it’s because of how our wheat has been changed over the years).
    I would love to receive a box and to share it, and find out about new products. I already tell people about the glutenfreegirl website, which I think should be included in each box ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Machelle Christiansen

    I live in what amounts to a GF desert, and I would love to try new things to find out about them before I commit to buying them. It is just so difficult to know what is going to work and not work!

  11. Diane Harris

    It sounds like a great idea…I like the fact that they are including non-food gf products. I’d love to win a free subscription

  12. Aaron M

    I love this idea! I hate spending money on items that we end up not liking, so being able to test things before buying a large container of something is a really great idea, especially for the high price of gluten free items.

  13. Kristina

    I would love to win a subscription like this. I live in the middle of nowhere, and it’s difficult to find a large selection of products. I typically order online, and often in bulk, which makes it difficult when you don’t know if what you’re getting is “good” or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Amanda

    It would be nice to try things before spending the exorbitant amounts of money that gf companies often charge. It’s really disappointing to spend the $ on something and have it turn out to be terrible.

  15. Margaret

    Would be great for my daughter at college, try get and try new things. Also for a young adult moving into their first place on their own

  16. Ary

    I love subscription boxes. I always see subscription snack boxes advertised in my Facebook feed, but they’re never safe for me to eat. ๐Ÿ™ It’s great that someone is finally doing a box for GF people. And I already love the app.

  17. Laura E

    I was actually looking for a good GF subscriptuion box yesterday! What perfect timing! My dad and I are both newbies to having Celiac disease and eating GF (me- 8 months, him- 6 months), and we’d both like to try some good-tasting things that we can actually eat! I’ve bought full-sized things at the store, only to find out they’re so-so tasting or quite bad. I hate wasting that money, and I’d love to be able to try things with my dad as a sample size before going out and buying the full-sized version.

  18. Lindsey

    I’d love to give this a try! I’ve been moving a lot toward subscription services. I liked Graze but was disappointed by the gluten-free selection.

  19. casey

    This is such a great idea, it allows people with Celiac to try new products that they might not ever try. I rarely try new gf products because they can be quite pricey.

  20. Janet

    This sounds great! I’m always a little nervous to try a new gluten free product because I have had some bad gluten free food! This would be a great way to try products and figure out what I like best with very little risk!

  21. Hillary

    Because GF snacks are expensive, I find it hard to “test out” new ones. A subscription service like this would be a great way for me to discover new products.

  22. cathy

    My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease over 20 years ago and I cannot even guess at how many hundreds of dollars we’ve wasted on products that we’re really awful. It would be wonderful for her to be able to try new products without wasting her”young adult” very limited salary.

  23. Erin

    I’m interested and will be looking into this more for sure, it’s hard to know what to buy, just saying gluten free doesn’t mean it’s good!

  24. Kali

    What an exciting service! As a busy recent graduate I don’t have time to scour grocery shelves for new products. I’d love to try this out! And seeing as how the 22nd is my birthday, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’d love to receive this monthly gift! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Emily R.

    My husband and I have been trying to find ways to transition away from gluten, but it hasn’t been easy to locate really great products (that we actually LIKE) to help with that transition. I think these boxes would make that search a lot easier!

  26. Gretchen

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease relatively recently and am still learning a lot about different gluten-free brands! This subscription service would be a great way to test them out! And who doesn’t love getting a fun surprise in the mail!

  27. Kate Notman

    What a great idea! I have found a lot of GF products I absolutely depend on but it’s always nice to find ones I haven’t heard of to expand my repertoire.

  28. Playin_d_fiddle

    I tell anyone who is newly gluten-free to just call me when they’re at the store and thinking of buying any gluten-free product because it’s very likely I have already wasted my money trying it (and hating it) so that they don’t have to! These cool boxes will help mitigate the impact that has had on my grocery bill ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Erin D.

    I love this idea because I have spent so much money trying gluten free products and am not always happy with them. I like the idea of trying samples so I can taste them before I spend my money on something I may not like. I also love finding new and yummy gluten free products!

  30. Sheryll Ziemer

    What a wonderful idea!! It’s always nice to see the new products that are on the market.

  31. Amber

    I’ve never got to try too many subscription boxes, that would be fun to try something that would be useful. I too have a blog and I love doing food reviews and trying new things. Something like this would be wonderful to try out!

  32. Alison Harris

    I have Celiac and am always looking for new GF goodies. This would be a great way to sample new products.

  33. Fiona T

    This would be great for a friend who has just been diagnosed and who is finding grocery shopping really depressing right now (I remember how it felt all those years ago when I was first diagnosed). I’d love for her to get a little boost.

  34. muglinka

    I just started a new job where people bring in fresh baked goods at least weekly (sometimes daily!) and it’s pretty tough even after a couple years of gluten-free-ness — tougher than I expected. It would be so nice to periodically receive counter-munchies just for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Michelle

    I’m always interested in trying new gluten-free products, but I often don’t want to commit the money to place a big order online. It would be great to try some new things with minimal commitment.

  36. Pat

    It would be great to sample products. I would share it with my sister and daughter, who are also gluten free.

  37. Cathy

    I would love the opportunity to try gluten free products I haven’t heard of or tried before through this service.

  38. Mich

    This sounds fantastic. My son who has celiac disease would be so surprised by this exciting package arriving in the mail! Kinda like a birthday gift for him every month ๐Ÿ™‚ our whole family eats gluten free so we would all enjoy it!

  39. Eileen

    This’d be such fun, and a great way to get over the “what if I don’t like it?” hump! Thanks for the drawing!

  40. Dawn

    This would be great to have at work or for just random snacks and a great way to learn new products hitting the market.

  41. Kristen

    As I am newly diagnosed, I am trying to figure out a new way of eating and trying different products. This would be great!

  42. Mary T

    Just what I was looking for: multiple gluten-free options sent to my front door! What’s not to like? Imagine not having to pay for full-size products that I don’t like.

  43. Tana

    With a celiac son and husband, this would be a great way to try out some new products for both of them. What a great idea to include non food items as well! I love it!! This would be a great bday or Chirstmas gift to some other gluten free people in our family!!

  44. Amelia B.

    I’m always on the lookout for great Gluten free products. I even spy a few of my favorites in this box (pmaelas, schar, etc.) Is that coconut tea in the back right? Would LOVE to try this service out!!

  45. cat

    I’d love to be able to try products before buying. I’ m so tired of spending money and throwing things out when they don’t work for me.

  46. Brooke

    Always looking for new GF snack options, looks like fun, plus who doesn’t love to receive packages in the mail!

  47. Bonnie Anne

    I love the convenience of “try before you buy”! Some GF products are great; others not so much. Theme boxes would be fun (like baking, healthy snacks, savory seasoning & mixes without gluten, etc.). I just wonder how delivery in a hot/humid climate can be successfully done… foods can get “off” flavors quickly.

  48. April

    My eight year old daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. We live in a fairly rural area so the availability of gluten free products and support is limited. This has been a struggle, especially because of the fact that she needs to have “safe” foods both at home and at school. While I am always on the look out for any gluten free products locally, it would be fantastic to have various products delivered to our home so that we can experience some variety.

  49. MichelleC

    With the expense of GF products and having experienced so many GF products taste or texture to be lacking beyond what is tolerable, I feel this sampling-style option from Send Me Gluten Free will help my family spend money on what works and what we enjoy and will allow us less waste as we are finding new products we love! I am very excited to see what comes in each new box!

  50. sara amos

    My son is autistic and we r trying a gluten free lifestyle while working on behavioral issues. This would b a fun opportunity to help him transition.

  51. VanC

    What a terrific idea! I can’t count the $$$ I’ve wasted on GF items that have a taste or texture that’s so bad I would have better off eating the packaging.

  52. EmSewCrazy

    Oh my! This sounds great! I’d love to be able to try a product before I buy a whole box only to find it’s disgusting… I don’t mean that meanly but there are a bunch of nasty foods out there. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Thanks for the information and the giveaway.

  53. Cynthia S.

    I would love for my daughter and her family to try some gluten free products. Being on a budget, it is hard to spend money on gluten free items only to be disappointed. Sampling first is the way to go!

  54. Linda

    It has always been hard to justify trying new gluten free items when they are so much more expensive, but the reality is I do get bored with what I’m eating. Having 8 to 12 new items to sample on a monthly basis is a pleasing idea!

  55. Gayla

    I get tired of trying new products and feeling obligated to finish eating something I don’t like due to the high cost of GF foods. Samples would be great!

  56. Kathryn h

    What a great way to try out different GF foods. There are so many GF options available now, but not all stores carry them – so what a great way to try them, make sure my daughter and I like them, then request them at our local store.

  57. Kay

    I live in an area where it is difficult to find gluten free items in grocery stores. This would be a great opportunity for me to try new products.

  58. beth

    I’d like this so I could try new gluten free products. They are so expensive so it would be nice to try some to figure out what I want to purchase.

  59. Mari

    I have never heard about this service before! How wonderful it would be to be introduced to new items! In my area it is difficult to find gluten free products. I was diagnosed with Celiac about a year ago and although it can be challenging, it can be done. New opportunities await!

  60. Kirsten

    Don’t know if I’m actually eligible (not being a resident of the USA), but I think something like this would be wonderful. I don’t miss most foods, so haven’t been spending hours looking for replacements, but do love the idea of being able to create my own little stash and as I find things I like, getting more of them. That and with a munchkin on the way, I’d like to have options for him/her if needed as well!

  61. Elena

    As I begin to navigate the gluten free world, this would be great to have. Trying things out without having to buy an entire box/bag, etc. is perfect.

  62. Angela L.

    I would be interested simply because you would get to try 8-12 new gluten free items per month, that is a huge variety of new things! Expanding horizons from what the neighborhood grocery store has would really be helpful to the gluten free cook (such as myself).

  63. Karen

    I am just starting to eat gluten-free and finding it very expensive. I would love to try new products before spending a ton of money for something I may not like.

  64. DeAnne Rickabaugh

    Learning I need to live gluten-free was quite a surprise. If I’m not careful to remain adaptable, it could be quite an isolating prospect. How cool then that I have happier surprises every month with Send Me Gluten Free! It would remind me that there are a lot of cool folks on this path and companies willing to ride along with us. A box of surprise. I would love that!

  65. Jennifer

    Feeding a finicky teenager is a constant challenge. Having new foods to sample would definitely keep it interesting!

  66. Tonia

    Everyone in our family of 4 is gluten-intolerant. And we live in the middle of nowhere. New gluten-free stuff delivered to our door? Yes, please!

  67. Xiu

    PLEASE say this is in the UK =/ I’m a student but allergic to gluten, so this would be all kinds of amazing

  68. claudia

    Terrific idea! I’m in the Black Hills of South Dakota–beautiful country but limited, very limited access, so it’s great to have a way to find out about new products. Thanks!

  69. Lisa

    It would be so fun to get to experience foods and treats that I normally wouldn’t associate with gluten-free – and a fun package to get in the mail!

  70. lisa z

    what a great way to try new stuff – especially since our grocery stores don’t generally carry new gf foods unless we ask for them (so how do we get to try them first?) great idea!

  71. Dede Owens

    I am newly diagnosed with Celiac, after at least 20 years of symptoms. I would LOVE the extra help of finding GF food. At this point, I don’t know what I don’t know, which is the worst. Thanks for the service. I’m pretty sure I’m signing up.

  72. Andrea L

    2nd of 3 children just diagnosed. She cried into her pillow last night but I told her it’s not going to be that bad. We have got this down pat by now! A sampling box in the mail each month would be just the thing for a 12 yr old to look forward to and take a bit of the sting away. Clever idea!

  73. Andi

    You’ll be glad to know that someone at an art workshop this past week put me onto your site! I need a recipe for the newly diagnosed celiacs in my house hold, so I hopped on to see if you had links. Found this post and checked out their site. Looks smart and good. Winning would be even better. Thanks!!!

  74. Dana

    I love this idea! I am absolutely the person who has 15 half eaten packs of GF snacks in my cabinet because I wanted to try something new but ended unsatisfied. This is the perfect way to expand your GF options without feeling wasteful when something isn’t up to par!

  75. EVA

    I’m a gluten-free starving college student and see SO many GF products I want to try, but unfortunately my wallet doesn’t want me to spend an arm and a leg on something I might not like when I’ve got books and electricity bills to pay for. With this magic box, I’d FINALLY get to try the products I’ve been yearning for!

  76. Dawne

    This looks great! I always pass up the GF snacks at the store because I hate spending so much on something I might not like. At home, I usually just don’t have the time or energy to make treats for me (that the kids will gobble up in 5 minutes when I turn my back ๐Ÿ™ )

  77. kate

    i’ve had to be gluten free for thirty years now. and while it’s crazily awesome that you can actually go into stores and restaurants and buy pancakes or a burger or biscuits and have it all be gluten free, it still blows my mind how expensive it all is. $5 for a loaf of bread that is half the size of an artisan whole grain loaf. $8 for a bag of cookies. and now $30 a month for samples?!? holy hot jesus on a waffle . . .

  78. Shelly Kidd

    Just diagnosed in June with gluten sensitivity, and would love to try this. It always feels like a Russian roulette trying brands that say “manufactured in a facility that processes wheat.”. Some items I react to, and some I don’t. Getting a box of goodies I can eat is a real treat.

  79. Melissa

    It’s hard eating gluten free at college, especially since all my friends eat pizza and ice cream a lot. My college has good gluten free bread but it’s nice to get variety. This product seems like a great idea. Maybe I’ll ask for a subscription for Christmas

  80. Ilsa

    Wow! I would love to get a box of treats I can enjoy each month. It might take away some of the sting from the huge pile of monthly bills!

  81. Cathie

    I rarely buy prepackaged GF products b/c they are usually expensive, but I would love to sample recommended items every month!

  82. Agneta

    I so need insiration to give my son new food and bread. I wish him to be happy when he is eating and it’s not like that now…

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