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another adventure!_

We’re off on another adventure. And we’d love to meet you along the way.

As many of you might remember, we spent much of September in a minivan, driving around New England, holding potlucks and meeting so many of you lovely people. (If you want to take a look at some of those experiences, here are the posts for your perusal.) Those gatherings and the laughter we shared with so many of you have fueled the recipe development and testing we have been doing in our kitchen studio since then. Now, it’s time to hit the road again.

On Saturday, we’re flying down to San Francisco to start our California road trip.

Why California? There is so much good food there. Think of how California chefs and restaurants have set the trends for meals and ingredients these past 50 years: Chez Panisse, farmers’ markets, Wolfgang Puck, Zuni Cafe, Lucques, Bar Tartine. California supplies so much of this country with fresh produce, particularly those farmers in the central part of the state. And I grew up in California, in Claremont (where we are going), but I never appreciated those miles we drove when we went up to Washington to visit my grandparents. To really understand the food of that state and its importance to American cuisine, I want to go back as an adult.

Danny, Lu, and I would like to meet you.

Here’s where we are going to be.

Sacramento, Sunday February 16th

On Sunday, we’re having an afternoon potluck party at the home of a friend in Sacramento. This one is an invite-only potluck as we can only have so many people there. If you would like to attend, email me at, telling me why you’d like to be there. I’ll let you know the address and details in the return email.


Oakland, Tuesday February 18th — Mariposa Bakery, 7 to 8:30 pm

We’re big fans of Mariposa, one of the best gluten-free bakeries in the Bay Area. Years ago, we had a small event in honor of my first book. Now, we’re going back to their new space in Oakland. We’d love to meet you there.

Bring a potluck dish to the party, a food that really feels like the cuisine of the Bay Area to you. (This is a dedicated gluten-free baking space so please do not bring any gluten!)

Mariposa Baking
5427 Telegraph Ave, Unit D3
Oakland, CA 94609

Come on out!

San Carlos, Wednesday February 19th — Zest Bakery, 3 pm

We can’t go to the Bay Area without visiting our friends Charissa and Patrick at Zest Bakery. Lucy still talks about their baked goods. We’ll be making a stop there for tea and treats. If you’d like to join us, come on by at 3 pm.


Madera, Thursday February 20th — San Joaquin Wine Company, 6 to 8 pm 

We’re very excited to meet the farmers of central California and meet you at the lovely San Joaquin Wine Company in Madera. They have generously volunteered the space for our party. Let’s gather with great food that feels like that part of California to you. Bring a potluck dish, with gluten or without. We want to hear your food stories!

San Joaquin Wine Company
21801 Avenue 16,
Madera, CA 93637

(Thank you so much to K.C. Pomering for organizing this for us!)


Santa Barbara, Saturday February 22nd — Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market, 11 am 

We won’t be having an official potluck here, but we’ll be heading to the farmers’ market to meet farmers and gather armfuls of the produce we won’t be able to find in Washington for months still. If you’re in the area, and you’d like to say hello and share some food, come on by.


Los Angeles, Sunday February 23rd — Silverlake Park, 1 to 3 pm

Years ago now, we had a potluck picnic in Central Park. Everyone who attended either had the word YES or IMAGINE somewhere. That lovely afternoon in New York was really something else. And that experience taught us how much we love potlucks. There’s something wonderfully relaxed and inviting about a potluck. Instead of the perfect table glowing with candles, white plates and wine glasses? There is green grass, dozens of different dishes, and laughter.

It’s time for another picnic in the park.

This year, we’re having a potluck at Silver Lake Park in Los Angeles. As our friend Catherine said, it has a  “…huge grassy flat area with hipsters, kids and kites on a windy day.” There seems to be a open expanse of grass right in front of a reservoir. We’ll meet you there at 1.

Bring ‎the food that really feels like Los Angeles to you. (If you want to bring the gluten version, feel free to do so! Just mark it clearly.) We can’t wait to feast with you.

(We’ve looked at the weather forecast and it’s supposed to be in the mid-60s and reasonably sunny. I remember from when I grew up in southern California, 63° still felt like we needed parkas. But think of the people on the East Coast and their 5 feet of snow right now. They’d love to be in 63° weather. Go ahead. Brave the weather. Come out to meet us.)

Silver Lake Park
1850 W Silver Lake Dr
Los Angeles, CA ‎


As you can see, we’ll be in plenty of places. But we learned our lessons from the trip in September. We won’t be doing a potluck every day this time. Instead, we’ll be meeting with farmers, friends, chefs, bakers, and savoring the tastes of California. (And also, driving. There will be plenty of driving.) To follow along with our adventures, feel free to check out my photographs on Instagram, see what we’re saying on Twitter, and hear everyone’s suggestions for places to eat on our Facebook page.

Speaking of that, if you have suggestions for great restaurants, farms you feel we must visit, places to stay, farmers’ markets where we should shop, or gluten-free bakeries we should try, please leave your suggestions in the comments section of this post. Everyone who wants to visit California someday — make your lists.

We can’t wait to meet you, to eat with you, and to hear your food stories, California.

37 comments on “the next adventure

  1. Dana Gerard

    I am enjoying your blog and your adventures. I was in Santa Barbara last weekend and the farmers market was beautiful! If you can make it to Solvang, they have a market on Wednesdays and this Dutch town is worth the visit!

  2. Julie

    Lucky you! Yes… Staring out my window at a winter wonderland but LA would hit the spot right now. Spent five months there last year and did a ton of exploring! Oh, Santa Barbara!

    Our favorite GF bakery in the LA area ( we tried the all;) is Venice at 2547 Lincoln. It’s in a totally weird location but fortunately it’s close enough to the beach so you can take your goodies there. Sinners & Saints. Beautiful pastries and cookies. They are really cool, too. Also in Venice of course,(another in Larchmont) Cafe Gratitude, which I’m sure you’re aware of. LOVE!! But you need to take Lu to the beach even though it’s not super warm there and warm up at Cha Cha Chicken, a shack on Pico and Ocean ( good street parking around there). Our most favorite item isn’t on the regular menu but on the specials board. GF Chicken empanadas. Make sure you order them with the crema and pineapple salsa. Heaven!!!

    One last place, which thankfully we stumbled upon at the end of our stay because it’s an indulgent meal that one should rarely eat. But oh! Bru’s Wiffle A Waffle Joint on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica. Great casual atmosphere and service. The take no prisoners GF Waffle & Fried Chicken. I know you guys make this, but the boneless chicken breast breading. We go to heaven! Definitely a splurge… Good balance with cafe Gratitude.

    I did all of this with my 14 year old daughter and we have such great memories exploring LA and the surrounding area. If you PM me I will tell you about a “secret ” little beach in Malibu where you can take Lu to play in the low tide with the seals and sea cucumbers while you and Danny watch the sunset!

  3. Stephanie O'Dea

    Hi shauna, enjoy your road trip! Your itinerary looks great; sorry our paths won’t cross this time. Are you hitting Disneyland at all? It’s a great time of year– not crowded, and the gf dining at disney is fantastic– very inclusive and thoughtful. I can’t remember if Lu has visited or not.
    Travel safely.

    1. shauna

      Oh yes. After the last potluck, we’re having a little family time, going to Disneyland and my hometown. I have heard that Disneyland is wonderful for food allergies! I can’t wait to visit, having been so many times when I was a kid. I’m still sorry we won’t see you, however.

  4. Kristy

    So glad you are coming to Oakland! If you have time I recommend checking out Lake Merritt (there is a botanical garden and of course Fairyland, both great places to take your daughter), plus lots of amazing restaurants on Grand Ave and Uptown (Broadway and Telegraph Ave). Look forward to meeting you!

  5. andrea

    Can you make it to San Jose or Los Gatos for a meet up? I know my son would love to play with Lucy. They are almost the same age, and I feel like she’s almost my daughter as well, since I remember reading about your pregnancy when I was pregnant.
    Maybe you can arrange to visit Manresa in Los Gatos while you are here. The food is amazing.
    The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is lots of fun. The fresh salt water taffy is so good; if you time it right you can get warm samples right from the wrapping machine.

  6. Bee

    I used to live in Santa Barbara and would walk to the farmers’ market every Saturday! It’s still one of my favorite markets. After the market I would swing by C’est Cheese around the corner to pick up some cheeses and roasted tomatoes. Love their roasted tomatoes! Have a fun trip.

  7. Chelsea

    Ooh so excited! I’m glad you guys are tooling through the western side of the country too. Now I’ve got to make room in all my grading to meet and eat with you guys!

  8. Carol Henke

    Are you coming to Orange County? Or Claremont? Any meet-ups there? I would so love to share food with you and your family.

    1. shauna

      We’ll be in Claremont for part of a day. It’s family time, however, mostly driving around showing Danny and Lucy the places I used to live and meeting old friends. But LA!

  9. Julie Schutt

    I am so excited! I’ve been wanting to visit Silver Lake since moving here. Now I have the perfect excuse!!!! Looking forward to the picnic.

  10. Amanda H

    *SQUEE* You’re coming to Santa Barbara!!!!!!

    I’ll definitely plan on meeting up with you at the Farmers Market!

    Be sure to stop by Chaucer’s Bookstore (exit at Las Positas, head towards mountains (as opposed to the beach-which you can also get to from the same exit) and just before you get to the lights at the bottom you’ll see a large one story mall that has Gelson’s as an anchor. Turn in to the parking lot and Chaucers is directly on the other end. It would be a perfect place for book lovers and, especially Lucy.

    Looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

  11. Alexis (GF in Orlando)

    We loved Pica Pica in San Fran and Napa. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. All the food is gluten free. If there was a Mariposa near me, I would be eating the almond bear claws at least once a week. So amazing! 🙂 Have fun!

  12. susan

    That sounds like the perfect road trip. I love how you, Danny, and Lu embrace the “quality of life” aspect. Lu picked darn good parents! Cannot wait to see you. I’ll bring 2 of my 3 boys! xx

  13. Terry Conway

    Ah, shoot. Can’t make the weekday events when you’re in the Bay Area, dang it. I look forward to seeing pictures and reading of your adventures! Have a wonderful trip.

  14. Lauren R

    Are you all coming up to Canada anytime soon? (ok.. maybe not soon, it’s pretty cold here at the moment)

  15. charity dasenbrock

    of course we all want you to come to our home towns. I am so sorry you are not coming to Santa Cruz. We have amazing farmers’ markets, no gluten free bakery ( which may or may not be a good thing for me personally). Just in case, the downtown Farmers’ market is Wednesday afternoons and is lots of fun! many great restaurants with organic, local, etc. stuff plus plenty of gluten free options.

  16. Deb

    Gluten (and dairy) free Los Angeles local here!
    My go to spots in LA are as follows: Hugos in West Hollywood. Its old school but has some really great stuff on the menu. Cafe Gratitude (Venice and Hollywood). Sage Vegan Bistro in Echo Park. Superba in Venice – delicious food in general and the chef’s son is celiac and they make their own gf pasta which is very very good. Jitlada for Thai food is truly worth the visit. Tacos, tacos, tacos everywhere you look. Best GF bakery in my opinion is Breakaway. She does a fantastic job. Great news – they are open on Sundays!

  17. Holly

    When you mentioned Claremont, I got so excited about meeting you until I read that you will only be visiting family there. I grew up in Claremont, too, and I feel you are a kindred spirit since I am married to a chef as well. I hope that some day you will have an event in this area.

  18. Maggie

    Ahhh I wish you were coming to San Diego! LA is still at least 2 hours for me and I don’t know that I can make it 🙁

  19. Jana

    Hi Shauna. Your book ‘Gluten Free Girl’ was the first one i read after being diagnosed with Celiac almost 5 yrs ago. It saved me and gave me hope…would be such an honor to meet you in Madera on Thurs night. Is it invite only?

  20. Martha Kight

    Well, today’s potluck in Sacramento was just the most delightful an delectable aftenoon! It was terriffic to meet you and Danny and Lucy, along with your lovely friends who hosted and all of the great gf folks who were there! A swell time. I indulged like I haven’t in ages, but being at a potluck where it was all safe to eat (and so tasty) brought out my inner kid in a candy shop! 😀 thank you so much for visiting our lovely town. Enjoy the rest of your visit here ! While you’re downtown, I hope you’ll find one of our beautiful parks to play in (they’re everywhere!)!

  21. Heidi

    I second (or third) the votes for Cafe Gratitude and Hugo’s. For me, the best GF bakery in LA is Buttercelli on Ventura in the Valley. They have a wide variety from scones and cinnamon buns to lemon bars, bacon donuts and cupcakes. They also have a small paleo section that is really tasty. Thought that might interest you with the grain-free stuff you’re doing. Enjoy and see you at the Silver Lake Pot Luck – we can talk Italy writing/cooking retreats!

  22. Carol Sacks

    Hi Shauna, I look forward to seeing you and your crew tomorrow at the Farmers Market. In case you didn’t know, there is a bakery across the street from the Market (on Santa Barbara Street) called Recipes Bakery. It’s known for its cinnamon rolls, but has gluten-free treats as well.

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