Meet Our Sponsors: Bob’s Red Mill brown rice cereal

Bob's Red Mill brown rice cereal

As you might know, we’re big fans of the good folks at Bob’s Red Mill. When we decided we wanted to create our own ad network for this site, working closely with companies we truly love, Bob’s Red Mill was the first company we approached. They believe deeply in the need to feed gluten-free folks safely. Take a look at their story as to why and how they created gluten-free foods we can trust. This is one of our favorite food companies in the world.

A few months ago, Bob’s asked us to let you know about their gluten-free pie crust mix. It makes the best gluten-free pie dough from a mix that we have ever eaten. Many of you agreed and told us about your successful pie making these past holidays. (We love hearing pie success stories)

Bob’s would like us to let you know today about their brown rice farina. In the middle of this cold winter, many of you might find great comfort in a bowl of this hot cereal, drizzled with maple syrup, frozen blueberries, and chopped pecans. Our friend Jess made a comforting bowl she calls rice cereal supreme, with a mushy banana, nutmeg, and flax that sounds perfect for this February weather. And when we were in New York in September, our friend Cindy made us Liberian plantain bread that was just about perfect. That might be the best way to use Bob’s Red Mill brown rice farina.

Bob’s Red Mill is giving away their brown rice farina to three readers of our site. Please leave a comment about why you might like to win. Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, February 14th, at which point comments will be closed.

This post is part of our sponsorship program, which you can read more about here.

48 comments on “Meet Our Sponsors: Bob’s Red Mill brown rice cereal

  1. Martha Russell

    I enjoy BRM products and appreciate all they do for the GF community. I would love to try the brown rice farina. It has been unusually cold here in NC and a different hot cereal would be great.

  2. Dee

    I would love to try this Bob’s Red Mill product so I can experiment with new recipes to chase away the cold of this long winter.

  3. Karen

    One of my favorite memories of childhood is my mom making Cream of Wheat for breakfast on winter mornings. She didn’t like to cook, much less breakfast, so this was something special she did because, as she put it, ‘You need something warm in your body before going out there.” We’d always put butter and brown sugar on our Cream of Wheat.

    I miss Cream of Wheat, and this would hit the spot right now, caught in the middle of the Polar Vortex as we are!

  4. Abby

    Ooh! I would love to try making that Liberian rice bread. So proud to call Bob’s Red Mill a local company!

  5. Nick Angelis

    My mom always used wheat farina in a Greek dessert called galaktoboureko. I would like to try and make it with the Bob’s Red Mill brown rice farina. Once I get the filling right I can move on to creating a gluten free filo.

  6. Anne

    I just switched to gluten-free, so I’m excited about this new cereal. Also glad it has no sugar. Looking forward to adding this to my breakfast possibilities!

  7. Laura

    I LOVE Bobs Red Mill and would love to try this 🙂 My cubbard has several of their GF flours and grains. Living on the chilly OR coast, I love warm breakfasts this time of year.

  8. Jessica

    My sister-in-law spent a year teaching in Liberia, I MUST make her this bread, so I’ll need to try this brown rice cereal.

  9. Colleen

    I have been gluten free for a few months and just took my daughter off of gluten. She’s four and had digestive issues her entire life. What a difference! She and I love having a steamy bowl of hot cereal together on a cold morning. We would love to try this cereal.

  10. Dana

    My family is very grateful to Bob’s fabulous gf line of products and we’d love to have another breakfast option in addition to their wonderful oatmeal.

  11. Sue

    I already love Bob’s Brown Rice Farina, and would love to share my win with a gluten-free friend! It is so perfect for cold winter mornings. I love mine with a dash of salt and pepper and a pat of butter. I want my morning cereals savory, not sweet–which is probably why I have never learned to love oatmeal in any form. Topped with an egg fried over easy, Bob’s Brown Rice Farina beats a slice of toast any day!

  12. Wendy R.

    I am always looking to branch out from oat bran in the morning and this just might do the trick!

  13. Neena

    I’m crazy about hot cereal in the mornings, as are my kids. So far we are limited to rolled oats and steel cut oats on a heavy rotation. I would love to bring some variety to our mornings with brown rice farina!

  14. sam w.

    Why do I always forget about hot cereal that’s not oatmeal? This looks awesome and could sub out for my oft-missed days of malt-o-meal. 🙂

  15. Kenny

    Bob’s Red Mill makes great products and I’d love to try this cereal. Can you believe I’ve never had farina in my life?

  16. Lacey Dippold

    This gluten free thing is a huge shift for me. It’s difficult “speaking the language” and learning how different flours behave. I love BRM mixes!!! They make things so much easier while keeping the goal of gluten free. They have made the shift so much easier for me and I would love to try this hot cereal!

  17. Pat

    OMG I love BRM’s brown rice farina. So fast to cook! Creamy and satisfying! I like to add raisins and nuts and soy milk and a dash of cinnamon, because everything goes better with cinnamon! Unfortunately for me, living in Tokyo, the bureaucrats at Japanese Customs seem to have it out for ol’ Bob. Many of the BRM products aren’t allowed into the country – although I got this one thru iHerb. Seems like their organic items have more trouble than the regular ones. Sigh. Anyway – great for a cold morning!

  18. Sahara

    I’d love to win this because Bob’s Red Mill isn’t available in my country, and I’m so jealous of anyone who has access to their products!

  19. Sharon

    I love farina! I have fond memories of my grandmother making us bowls of farina with butter sugar and milk and I always asked for mine to be lumpy. Would love to try Bobs!

  20. Lindsey F

    Bob’s Red Mill products are pantry staples in our household. I have not tried this cereal but would love to taste it.

  21. stephanie

    Growing up my dad would make cream of wheat for breakfast with a little butter and cinnamon sugar. In the search for breakfasts that give me nostalgic thoughts and push me away from my everyday gluten free honest o’s I’ve been looking for this, but unfortunately it’s not sold locally just yet. I use Bob’s Red Mill all the time because of the variety and quality of their products and would love to use this too!

  22. Jeannine

    I love hot cereal, and while I like both buckwheat and oatmeal groats just fine, I miss Malt-o-meal. Cream of Rice is made of white rice, and nobody in my family much likes it (we’re whole rice fans) since it’s very bland to our palates. I tried whirling our favorite black rice in my mini-chop, but it just wasn’t fine or even enough to make decent hot cereal, sadly. I didn’t know this existed, but I’ll be checking Kroger when I shop on Wednesday – I’m excited to try what’s basically a cream of brown rice! Thank you for telling me about yet another food I didn’t know was out there.

  23. Christina

    I grew up as a child eating cream of wheat with my grandmother so this would be a great replacement!

  24. Melissa W

    My family loves Bob’s! Great products at great prices, and I can find them easily in my grocery store. I’ve never had the brown rice farina, but I would love to try it. I think it would be the perfect meal on a cold morning.

  25. Cheryl

    I am a huge farina fan, and would love to try a rice version (replacing the wheat of my past life).

  26. Janet

    This is my absolute FAVORITE company for my gluten-free goodies especially the brownies. They are delicious!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  27. Sue O

    I would love to win this Bob’s Red Mill new product! I’ve loved every thing I’ve ever bought from Bob’s Red Mill. Thank you for the opportunity.

  28. Mari

    Thanks Bob! I love using your products. I have been baking and eating gluten free for a year now and it is partial thanks to your products.

  29. Janeth Gladden

    I’m a huge fan of Bob’s Red Mill. I order their products in bulk over the internet as it’s cheaper this way then in the stores in my area. I would love to try this hot cereal.

  30. hilary

    Man, that “rice cereal supreme” with banana and nutmeg does sound perfect for February. Count me amongst those who would like to try the rice cereal.

  31. Megan M.

    I’m feeling nostalgic! Growing up, my dad used to make Cream of Wheat for us for breakfast. I’d love to be able to make something like it for my family.

  32. Karla

    When I went gluten free I bought all of the GF flours and cereals I found at my local grocery store! One of those was the brown rice cereal, but I’m not much on hot cereals. Any suggestions on how I can incorporate it into other recipes? I will try the Liberian bread recipe, but would like more ideas. Can I use it like brown rice flour?

  33. Joy

    “Eat it, it’ll put hair on your chest,” is what my Dad used to say to get his three little girls to eat cream of wheat. With butter, cinnamon, sugar, and milk, it was yummy and we really didn’t mind that we might grow chest hair! And my greek Grandma made halvah, a crumbly cinnamon sweet dessert made from farina and walnuts. I’m really missing these tastes from my childhood, so I can’t wait to try Bob’s new Creamy Rice Cereal!

  34. Monica

    I’ve just started being GF, thinking it may help my stomach (I’m 23 and have been lactose intolerant and had IBS since I was about 10- I’ve also had issues with depression and iron deficiencies off and on) and my breastfed baby’s tummy too. I love hot cereals and it’s always reassuring to have something with easy prep in this early stage (1 week GF tomorrow).

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