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It’s ten days before Christmas. Okay, by the time you are reading this, it will be nine days before Christmas. And I bet it’s accurate to say that some of you still have not finished your Christmas shopping. (If you celebrate this holiday, of course.)

We haven’t finished yet.

I have to say, right away, that I’m not a big believer in the over-consumption that seems to drive these holidays. My favorite parts of these weeks? The messy process of making cookies with our daughter. Lighting candles as the darkness draws near in late afternoon. Singing fragments of carols with Lucy, who belts them out, unaware she has the words all wrong. And sitting down at the table with my family on Christmas Eve.  

Nowhere in my experience anymore are trips to the mall, frantic shopping trips on the 24th to buy one more stocking stuffer, or a car laden with gifts I bought because I felt I should. What is the point?

But a few thoughtful gifts? Yes. Those I do.

If you are trying to find a thoughtful gift for someone you love who has to be gluten-free, we would like to introduce you to our latest sponsor: the Foodie Box Club from G-Free Foodie.

G-Free Foodie is run by the wonderfully enthusiastic and kind K.C. Pomering. I’ve known K.C. a bit through the blog world, and I’ve always been impressed by her presence. (Her strength and vulnerability in this piece, We are All Made of Scars, moved me deeply.) She has a genuine interest in helping those of us who have to be gluten-free.

She is especially interested in making sure that gluten-free folks still eat some of the best food around. This is why she created her Foodie Box Club. For only $29 a month, you receive 5 gluten-free food items that K.C. sources herself. We’ve received two of them, in the process of working out whether or not we wanted to work with the Foodie Box Club as sponsors. (If you don’t know this already, we turn down at least 80% of the companies that approach us.) Both times, those boxes were empty fast.

K.C. has a gluten-free Foodie Box Club, as well as a gluten-free and dairy-free Foodie Box Club.

Think about it. What would you rather give this Christmas to your friend or loved one who has to be gluten-free? A last-minute gift from the pharmacy or bookstore? Or a box that arrives on her doorstep, filled with good food she can eat?

We’ll let K.C. tell you about the service and what she does.

Why do you focus on gluten-free foods? 

I’m a life-long foodie. I was born into a farming family and have spent my career in food and wine. I was diagnosed with celiac disease after years of unexplained illness, and figured there must be others like me; who needed to know which restaurants they could eat at, which brownie mix was the best, and whether or not they could drink wine. So I started G-Free Foodie. It has only been a few years, and now we’re sharing recipes and ideas from more than 20 writers and helping people in ways I never imagined.


Why run a subscription service full of gluten-free foods? What kind of experience are you hoping to provide? 

I’m lucky enough to have a career in the food and wine industry, so I’m always running across amazing products – some of which have been formulated for the gluten-free consumer, and lots of others that happen to be completely GF but aren’t necessarily marketed that way. At G-Free Foodie, we send 5 full-size, Foodie-grade products that we think are incredible, like Smoked Oaxacan Mole Sauce, Pomegranate Syrup, Roasted Coconut Chips, and Bacon Jam, that we know are delicious and completely safe, hoping our customers will find something new to love and the companies we work with will continue to produce the highest-quality foods with us in mind. I want anyone who gets the G-Free Foodie Box to be thrilled when it arrives, and even happier when they taste each item.


Can you tell us about your sources? 

Sure! I personally curate each shipment, working with large companies and small artisan producers to make sure every item we ship is delicious and 100% safe. There might be some names you’d recognize, like KIND Snacks or Bakery on Main, mixed in with small brands you’ve never heard of, like SOSU Sauces and Sonoma Syrups. Either way, we’re sending the best of the best, and I’m always excited to send something deliciously new, like Cupcake Wars-winning mixes from Kyra’s Bake Shop or the newest creation from INNA Jam.


Can you share some stories of customers happy with your foods? 

“I got the September box as my introduction into the G-Free Foodie world. I was so impressed with this box, the thought and care that goes into it was what struck me first. The sweet potato chips and peach salsa didn’t even really make it out of the box because they went straight into my stomach! Lol! I loved the dried fruit, I’d never tried a persimmon before, and the mango pieces were AWESOME! The oatmeal has been super quick and easy, I love adding blueberries and honey to the top. I didn’t think I would love everything about this club as far as quality/service/contents go, but so far I am beyond impressed! My October box is fantastic too. If you are reading this and are on the fence about joining, seriously….GO FOR IT! You won’t be sorry. I haven’t seen some of these products in stores, and I truly believe you get the value for your money.” – Sara


“I look forward to getting my box each month because I know there will be something brand new for me inside. It’s rare for people with food allergies to get to try something new without hesitation, but GF Foodie comes and I know it’s safe. And always delicious! Thank you for doing what you do and curating boxes of tasty awesomeness each month!” – Amanda O


Why is the work you do important to you? 

I’m one of those (possibly insane) people who thinks the best deals in life are the ones where everyone benefits. When I can say: “if you’ll keep making delicious products that are safe for us, I’ll help you get them into the hands of people that want them” – that’s about as close to win-win-win as is gets for me. And when someone is newly diagnosed with Celiac or another type of gluten intolerance send me an email because our Get Started Guide or our articles helped them, I remember why I started doing this in the first place.


K.C. at G-Free Foodie would like to offer a three-month subscription to Foodie Box Club to one lucky reader and a one-time box to two lucky readers! Please leave a comment on this post about why this intrigues you. 

Update: the winners have been chosen and informed. Thank you for your interest.

Additionally, readers of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef can get significant discounts right now at Foodie Box Club by using the code GFGirl13 when checking out at the website. (Enter the code in the comments/notes/gift message box.) 

This discount code will get you 

$10 off a 3-month gift subscription 
$20 off a 6-month gift subscription 
$50 off a 1-year gift subscription. 


This offer is only good through December 31st, so be sure to order soon! 


K.C. would also like to tell our readers that if you place an order with Foodie Box Club by Wednesday, December 18th, she will guarantee Christmas delivery and a special gift for you.

62 comments on “Meet Our Sponsors: GFree Foodie Box Club

  1. D Louise Gerlach

    The box idea intrigues me because of the chance to try new things. I have a local grocery store that has a large GF section, but there are seldom new or imaginative things. I’m the one who has the provide the variety. It would be awesome to have my own “personal shopper.”

  2. Jon

    Our family is always in the lookout for new gluten free items in the store whether they are marked as such or not, but that can make for some very long shopping trips!! The G-Free Foodie Box Club sounds like it would take the time and guesswork out of finding those items and deliver them right to our door. We would love to try a free sample of your service.

  3. Kathryn

    Hello: I would like to branch out in the things that I eat and this would be a perfect opportunity to try new things. Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. Phyllis Strickland

    This sounds like au fabulous food club that I need to try and is a grat gift idea for my sister . Now I have a great idea for her Christmas present Thanks for telling us about it

  5. Emily

    This box intrigues me because while I’ve been reading your blog for years, it’s only in the last 6 months that I’ve had mysterious health problems and found that being gluten free seems to relieve them. So I’m just beginning to experience the challenge of figuring out which of the few processed foods I want to eat are gluten free and safe.

  6. Lauren

    I’m always on the look out for new food items to try. I have a 9 year old budding foodie with celiacs and she would love this!

  7. Andrea

    My husband is gluten-intolerant and we LOVE trying new foods we can’t always find in our little Midwestern town. We tried the Primal Pacs you recommended a couple of months ago and we loved them – it made our cross-country trip so much easier. We would be very excited to try the Foodie Box Club!

  8. Jennifer

    This product intrigues me because my mom was diagnosed with celiac disease this year, and it would be a wonderful way to make eating more interesting and food less limited for her. If you are accepting entries from Canadians, I would love to be entered on her behalf! Thanks!

  9. Judy Johnson

    Our darling granddaughter in both diabetic and Celiac. We would love to help her food adventures by giving her this new way to experience new foods. We’re all eating more healthy thanks to her needs. We never miss an opportunity to learn and try something new.

  10. nina

    My partner has Celiac and is on the road a lot, so having food delivered to us sounds like a great time-saver!

  11. Francesca

    I love to cook. I love to bake. I am constantly trying to figure out new foods and new meals. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease for just over 5 years and my husband for the past 8 months is always up for a food journey with me. He has been amazingly wonderful at eating gluten free with me and at exploring new foods.
    I love the idea of this box and knowing that there will be safe food delivered to my doorstep especially as we start to grow our family and I have days where I am too tired to focus on cooking.
    This is a brilliant idea.

  12. Jen

    I have seen several of these monthly subscription box ideas pop up, but this is the first one I’m interested in. My whole family is gluten-free (my husband the lone celiac, but my kids and I are intolerant). What better gift to come in the mail each month than one we could all enjoy? 🙂

  13. catherine

    I’ve been working on a gluten-free whole foods lifestyle – no weirdly altered ‘food substances’, please – and would love to find some more adventurous choices. This blog has given me all sorts of interesting ideas, but having a few delivered to my door as a monthly surprise? Genius. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go see if I can order the *bacon jam* online…

  14. Laura B

    This seems like a great way to try new food! I am still completely new to being gluten free. After finding out in May that I had to maintain a gluten free diet, it has been quite the adventure trying to find out how to decode labels, find foods are safe to eat and find recipes and treats that are both healthy and delicious! As a working graduate student, it’s hard to find the extra time in my schedule to research new food to try. This box seems like it would be a great way to explore new options for healthy and delicious snacks! I love it!

  15. Renee

    Foodie Box Club is such a great idea! People who can’t have gluten-whether children or adults- often feel marginalized or like they are being a “pain in the butt” for asking a million questions when eating out. I would think this would be the perfect antidote to that- a gift of gf goodies delivered straight to your door!

  16. Laurie

    I’m entering this for my daughter who we believe is gluten intolerant even thought she has recently tested negative for CD. Bouts of CVS throughout her childhood and we never contributed it to food. (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome). We are venturing now into a gluten free diet for her and are hoping for the best results. Would love to try these foods as we don’t know the best way to begin shopping ! Bless you All !

  17. Helen

    I am intrigued because I love to find new gf products and try new things. But I too easily can get stuck in a food rut so this would be a regular delivery of surprise & delight!

  18. Shannon

    Love the subscription idea! We have just recently crossed over to the “gluten-free” side and are working to transition the kiddos over to less gluten foods too. I have found it QUITE challenging to find GF items on my local grocery stores…this would be a great guarantee!!!

  19. Renata

    I LOVE discovering new gluten-free goodies and treats to pass along to my family! It’s like Christmas every month with a regular delivery service of surprises to share! Thank you so much!

  20. Sara

    I would love this for my mother-in-law who is gluten free due to rheumatoid arthritis. What an awesome gift!

  21. EmSewCrazy

    This really intrigues me since I live in the middle of nowhere and regular GF shopping is limited. This seems like an interesting way to add variety into my GF diet.

  22. Sheree

    This sounds amazing!!! With 11 month old twins, getting to the store and browsing is near impossible. Having new foods come to me would be a great treat!

  23. Jessica

    I like the idea of exploring more GF items than what my local markets have to offer. I know a lot of smaller producers don’t have the same distribution, so it would be really nice to have access to some of those items!

  24. Brooke Carlock

    I’ve been wanting to do one of these mail-order box subscriptions but hadn’t found one that offered a gluten-free option. This is so exciting!

  25. Elizabeth

    I would give this to my niece who is both gluten and dairy free. She was just accepted to college back east and I would love to send her off with some wonderful treats that she could eat comfortably and deliciously.

  26. Mandy

    Have you been reading my diary?… JK! I really want to try this! I have Celiacs. I don’t know about anyone else with food sensitivities but I tend to eat a lot of the same things. I live in an area where there’s not a lot of Gf options and what is available is very expensive (I’m looking at you health food store). I also don’t feel like looking up new GF recipes and making everything from scratch all the time. I mean who’s got time for that. So It would be amazing to have a selection of yummy gluten free foods sent to my home every month. It’s like a Celiacs dream come true!

  27. Bonnie

    I am both dairy free and gluten free. I am always looking for new things to try, but it runs into a lot of money. And although the grocery stores near me all have gf sections, the number of brands is limited. I would love to try a box.

  28. Courtney Scarborough

    I would love getting this box because I’m always on the look out for gluten free and healthy products!

  29. Laura M

    I love to try new gluten free foods. As a member of the Gluten Intolerance Group of Spokane(WA), we are always looking for new things to try. We always bring snacks to share and I’d love to introduce the Foodie Box Club to our organization:-)

  30. Hillary

    I love trying new things and finding new-to-me products. Because of post-infectious IBS I’ve had to cut out a lot of foods from my diet and this sounds like a good fit for me!

  31. Patty Campbell

    I am new to the Gluten Free way of life, and would appreciate all the help I can get, to figure out what products are best for me and my family.
    Thank you

  32. Linda

    I would love to try a GF and dairy free box. Finding good GF foods is hit or miss. It would be great to discover new GF foods without the search!

  33. Liz

    This box is such a great idea! I am always struggling to find healthy GF snacks without reaching for chocoloate haha. I would love to try these goodies!

  34. Johanna

    I would love this – I am hooked on subscription boxes and hate it when they contain goodies I can’t enjoy.

  35. Janelle

    Oh this would be lovely. My SIL has celiacs, and I have a gluten intolerance. As you know, gluten free food isn’t always of the best quality (when it’s not homemade), so it’s great when someone can vet it for you and recommend quality items. Plus I love trying new gf items. Yum!

  36. lmend

    would love to try the gluten & dairy free selection. so weary of trying products that don’t meet up to my taste buds’ high standards!

    this is a great idea.

  37. Jess

    I’ve been eating gluten-free for several years now, and Shauna’s site was one of my first inspirations. I appreciate her open and adventurous attitude toward food, in a situation in which many people feel limited. I love cooking and baking–it’s my calm, wind-down time–and like to make things from scratch when I can. But as a new mom recently back at work, I’d welcome a box of new and different treats and things to work with delivered to my door!

  38. Jody

    I am new to Gluten Free. I am also a new Diabetic and hope that Gluten free helps me with the blah feeling every time I eat. Hoping to stay off insulin with a proper diet and exercise!

  39. Francoise

    My best friend’s 8 year old son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and then celiac 1 year later. I love the idea of being able to give her family yummy food that they can all eat safely.

  40. Wendy R.

    I am still on a quest to figure out what foods will make my body feel good, feel strong, feel invincible. Unfortunately these days that list is limited and I would love to expand my safe food list with new options to keep my taste buds alive.

  41. Carolyn Weske

    I am always on the look out for a new GF product that we haven’t tried. Often, I am disappointed with the product. Having a box of GF goodies delivered to my door would be a great “present”

  42. Tammy

    This sounds like an amazing way to try new things that are safe for my gluten free family. On our tight budget it is difficult to try new products. I hope one day to be able to afford a treat like this. It would be so exciting to receive a box of GF items every month. Thank you for sharing this sponsor with us.

  43. Holly

    I am new to the gluten-free world although I have been reading your blog for over two years. Both my son and I are on the GAPS diet now, and it’s a little overwhelming at first when you have to eliminate almost all foods we really enjoyed. I’d love to have someone introduce me to new products I may not have found on my own.

  44. Claudia

    Fantastic idea! What a gift for a group of people who can tend to feel deprived. Just as your blog does, it can turn the whole ‘poor me’ thing upside down! I love it!

  45. Renee Bell

    I love trying new things and your boxes sound like a grest and easy way to do so. I look forward to ordering my first box. Thank you for your work on making us all feel special.

  46. Brittany

    What a brillant idea! While trying to find a gift for my good friend I came across this blog and post. I would love to be able to gift my friend with this awesome array of GF goodies. She is in the medical field, and she is so busy helping everyone else that she forgets about herself. What a great surprise this would be for her to come home to after an all night shift!

  47. Sherri

    WOW! I was diagnosed with celiac in 1998. Things have come a long way! I live out in the country and I have to drive 45 minutes into town to grocery shop – always looking for new products! This is a great service and would be so convenient for me!

  48. Debbie Schein

    We live in a rural part of Vermont and it is often difficult to find a selection of gluten free snacks. I am looking forward to sampling some new treats and knowing a source for ordering them.

  49. Natasha

    I’m excited that G-Free Foodie will be starting a Paleo box! I just donated to their Kickstarter campaign to help make it happen. Awesome company!

  50. Melinda Huff

    Have been having serious problems for a very long time and now they think I am allergic to gluten am trying to find good places to get good food from that is gluten free and nutricious for me. I am hoping to win this so i can get an idea of whats out there

  51. Jill Schroeder

    I love the idea of getting a food gift in the mail and not having to spend hours researching each ingredient and contacting the company to make sure each item is safe. It’s also great to be introduced to new products and brands. There are so many items that are naturally gluten free that I just haven’t found yet. I would love to be exposed to more great brands and support companies that make it a priority to provide safe, gluten-free foods!

  52. Leah V.

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking for more companies that do food boxes! This is a great way to hear about more gluten free companies!

  53. Ally S

    I am new to the GF lifestyle, and I would love the idea of trying new items! I haven’t found a ton of snacks that excite me yet and this could solve that problem!!

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