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Jovial olive oil_

We have treasured our time in Italy these past few years, working with Jovial Foods.  Jovial has been a sponsor of this site for years. As you might know, we only work with companies we truly love as sponsors of this site. Jovial makes tremendous food, including the best gluten-free pasta we have ever tasted.

But today, we’d like to tell you about Jovial olive oil.

As you might know, it’s sometimes tough to buy an authentic olive oil. Most Americans didn’t eat olive oil in the 1960s. Now, most of us know that it’s an essential food, full of good nutrients. From 1982 to 2007, American consumption of olive oil increased tenfold. Where did all this extra-virgin olive oil come from?

Well, much of what is sold as authentic olive oil is actually fake, filled out with cheaper vegetable oils and oils not made from olives grown in the places the companies claim they are sold. (Here’s a good piece about the process.) What do you do? How do you choose a great olive oil?

We suggest you buy some Jovial olive oil.

Having worked with Jovial Foods for years, we can tell you that they take enormous care in establishing relationships with farmers who grow food well. This olive oil is pressed from heirloom olives that have been grown since Roman times, not the typical olives made into mass-produced olive oil. Jovial is helping to keep these olive varieties — Favarol, Grignano, and Nostrano — from falling into extinction by selling this olive oil.

And it is, quite easily, the most delicious olive oil we have ever tasted.

I love that Jenny Rosenstrach wrote a piece recently suggesting that people bring bottles of good olive oil as hostess gifts, instead of bottles of wine. Great idea, Jenny! Bring some Jovial next time.


Jovial would like to give away three 1-liter bottles of their olive oil, plus a gluten-free gift basket to one reader of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef. These will ship in January of 2014. (This is open to US readers only.) Leave a comment here about olive oil to be eligible for the giveaway. We’ll choose the winner at random on Friday, December 27th. 

In addition, Jovial has announced that the new harvest of their olive oil is on sale for only $60, instead of $74.99. This includes free shipping. This offer is only good until December 31st, so order soon. 

The contest is closed and the winner has been informed. Thank you! 

172 comments on “Meet Our Sponsors: Jovial olive oil

  1. Caroline

    We use so much olive oil in our house but really haven’t tried to find good quality olive oil. I’m super curious to try Jovial’s and see what we’ve been missing. Thanks!

    1. Joanne Armenio

      Olive oil is truly liquid gold! Can only imagine tasting Jovial pasta with delicious Jovial olive oil and dome rapini! Would be nice to give it a try!

  2. Lisa Burnell

    I believe in using olive oil around here. I’ve even used it as a moisturizer. A friend of mine is Greek and the women have used it as that for years. Such wholesome goodness!

  3. Sarah Winnett

    The Jovial pasta is by far the best gluten free pasta out there, so how could the olive oil be anything but the best olive oil? I haven’t seen this in any stores, though. I’d love to try it!

  4. Liz

    There is nothing quite like a really good olive oil. I look forward to trying Jovial Olive Oil in all my cooking.

  5. Rebecca Brown

    I use olive oil all the time when I cook for my family. I make avacado French fries for my husband and two kids and toss the avacado slices with olive oil, pram cheese, and GF bread crumbs then bake till crispy. My husband can’t believe how good they are!

  6. Mary Margaret Koppers

    I finally got to try the gf egg pasta! It was terrific, I’m sure their olive oil is too.

  7. Melanie Kaplan

    I love Jovial’s GF pasta (especially the egg pasta) and their tomatoes…. I would love to try their olive oil, too!

  8. Linda

    We also use olive oil alot in our cooking, our main oil. I didn’t know other oil’s were cut with other oils, I would love to try Jovial’s oil. I can only imagine how good it is. Thank you for the opportunity to try it.

  9. Jacy Sonne

    Love olive oil, and since going gluten free, always on the look out for a good olive oil and gf pasta.

  10. Liz M.

    I never realized what a difference a good olive oil can make until my boyfriend started cooking for (and with) me. I’m in love with the richness of a good, authentic olive flavor… A rare find! I’m too often disappointed by “olive”-styled vegetable oil.

  11. Ginger Layne

    I love olive oil, and I use it in my family’s food nearly every day. This past week, I found that it is delicious sprinkled over burrata with some freshly ground pepper!

  12. Ali

    I’m cooking taquitos for a fiesta-themed birthday I’ll be attending later and have been debating what simple lunch I want to have. After reading this post, I’ve decided it will be gluten free pasta with olive oil, Parmesan and pepper. So simple and so delicious. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Ellon St. Croix

    My foodie friends often bring me olive oil as a hostess gift! So much better than those bottles of red wine that I’ll never drink!

  14. Karen

    This olive oil is on my list to try ASAP now! I love how different good olive oils can taste so different. We try to keep a jar of excellent oil for salads and garnish in dishes, and good but not so expensive oils for in general cooking.

  15. Kathleen

    What a treat! I have splurged on very high quality olive oil a few times, one for dressings and finishing dishes, and the taste difference took my breath away. I bought my favorite Italian-American woman a really great bottle for her 50th- she also seemed to think it was better than wine. 🙂

  16. DamselflyDiary

    I love Jovial’s other products so I would imagine that olive oil is just as good – if not better because there is no need to make it gluten free! Mmmm, some Jovial pasta and olive oil with fresh parm and cracked pepper. I am hungry just thinking about it.

  17. Judy

    I’ve used olive oil for a while, but it’s definitely time to take the next step and learn to recognize great olive oil. Thank you for making me aware of Jovial.

  18. Anne B.

    My husband makes bresaola (he is into charcuterie)! We serve it sliced paper-thin and drizzled with a good quality olive oil. We also use olive oil on most of our salads and roasted vegetables!

    1. Melissa Nunes

      I would love to know how he makes it! Tony Soprano was always eating Brazole on the show, The Sopranos

  19. Stephanie K

    Way back in the day, my Italian grandmother taught her daughter-in-law (my mother) to cook using olive oil. Mom passed down those recipes to me, so olive oil has always been one of my basic, go-to ingredients.

  20. Michelle

    I’d love to up my olive oil game. I buy mine from Costco and Trader Joe’s because I’ve read that they’ve consistently tested to be the real deal, but I’d love to have some higher quality stuff on hand.

  21. Nancy

    I have been craving really good olive oil since an amazing dinner in Richmond, VA! Great to have a recommendation for something other than what the grocery sells.

  22. Taryn

    I love visiting my dad in northern California and tasting the many different olive oils at vineyards there. So different from what I can get in the store at home in upstate NY. Would love to try Jovial, as I love their GF pasta!

  23. Andrea

    LOVE good olive oil, but it is so hard to find the good stuff in our small town. Olive oil dresses up everything in our house, and I am always game for trying something new. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  24. Barrie

    I am an olive oil fanatic. When I have a dinner party, I prefer that people bring me bottles of olive oil instead of wine. Since I already use the Jovial pasta and understand the quality, I would be SO excited to try this olive oil.

  25. Elizabeth

    Wow. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I’d love to win the generous giveaway — I’ll definitely be visiting the Jovial website in the meantime!

  26. Jamie

    My mother raised us on olive oil! Cooking, dressing, baking even. I never knew anything different than brownies made with olive oil until I met my husband’s family.

  27. Bridget Fitzpatrick

    I cannot recall seeing the oil in stores? We are picky, so will take the reco and give it a try.

  28. Methia Gordon

    I’ve been learning more recently about good/bad fats. I would LOVE to try some real deal olive oil!

  29. Anna Popescu

    I love really good olive oil, but then I am part of a big Italian family (my parents were both born in Italy). I have allergies to tomatoes, onions and garlic (as well as gluten and a bunch of other foods). One of the ways I add flavor to dishes is to saute veggies in olive oil. Tastes so good that way!

  30. Mindy

    I recently read about the benefits of unfiltered olive oil, and was wondering if it would be difficult to find. You’ve got it, and I would love to try it!

  31. Rebecca Rasmussen

    Oh this is so wonderful! I have been just dying to try jovial products ever since my daughter (7) and I were both diagnosed with Celiac Disease last May. Crossing our fingers for this one. Thank you for your amazing blog (and recipes! and experiences!). We love you guys!

  32. Ilene

    I am super excited that Jovial is now offering olive oil! I love their products. I am in the first trimester of my pregnancy and have been craving (and eating) jovial pasta with tomatoes and olive oil, as well as pa amb tomàquet. I’m now going to order Jovial’s olive oil to complete these dishes. Thanks for sharing!!

  33. Angela Link

    Olive oil definitely makes great house warming or hostess gifts! Whenever I know the host is at least ‘semi’ into cooking,I always show up with a bottle !

  34. Joan

    I had a bottle of jovial olive oil that I was saving unopened to move with us but when the movers came to pack us they said no oils or vinegar so I had to give it away. So my suggestion is to use the good stuff as you never know.

  35. Kitty

    What a tremendous give away – thank you!
    Just diagnosed as gluten sensitive. In normal circumstances that would be horrible news BUT I have been following Gluten Free Girl for some time now and have read her books/cookbooks so this news isn’t the end of an era, it is the beginning of listening to my body more closely. This website made it easier to understand the issue and the solution – so thank you Shauna.

  36. Corey

    I had no idea that I could be using low quality olive oil. I use it often and would love to try Jovial’s and make the switch to high quality olive oil

  37. jess

    I had no idea that some olive oils aren’t really olive oil! Eek! On another note, going gluten free and following this blog have transformed the way I shop and eat. I used to buy huge bottles of cheap vegetable oil and used it for everything. Now I have in my cabinet 5 different oils with different uses. Probably my favorite change had been the difference between shortening and lard.

  38. Wendy R.

    Thank you for continuing to highlight these scrupulously chosen products. I have been on the hunt for a great olive oil,I have an olive oil g/f cookie that is calling my name!

  39. Rebecca Garcia

    I love good olive oil with roasted vegetables. Perfect winter dish! Adding Brussele Sprouts, green beans or cabbage half way through the cooking time also works.

  40. Linda

    I had read about the controversy concerning olive oil fraud, and so have always looked for organic extra virgin olive oil. Would love to try Jovial’s.

  41. Pat

    I love olive oil and try to buy the best I can afford. Would love to try Jovial. I have also one olive oil tastings and am amazed at the variety of tastes.

  42. Kate

    I’ve been experimenting with making herbed and flavored olive oils lately, to add to dressings and even use to roast vegetables with (at a lower oven temp, of course). I’d love to try some really high quality olive oil for this!

  43. Kerry

    Yum! I’ve seen this on Facebook and would love to try it. I love that they are using heirloom varieties.

  44. Gillian

    I have yet to try truly fresh olive oil and am wondering what differences await my tastebuds! This site has fast become one of my favorites for the down to earth candor and the wonderful recipes (and no gummy-gums! yaay!) I’ve just begun discovering teff flour thanks to this site and am finding that it just adds so much flavor–another yaay! Thank you to Shauna and her chef for all the hard work they do!

  45. Melissa

    Love the idea of olive oil as hostess gifts! Think that will become my standby now that my husband is no longer in the wine business:)

  46. Laura

    I use olive oil daily and would love to try this. Thank you for reminding me that Jovial makes this wonderful product.

  47. Caitlin

    A friend of mine let me try homemade olive oil from her boyfriend’s family once…it was far and away better than anything you can buy at the grocery store. This giveaway looks amazing, and I look forward to experimenting with better quality ingredients for cooking in the future. Happy holidays!

  48. Gaby

    Shauna, two questions for you. What is the difference between the olives used in the Jovial olive oil and the olives used in mass produced varieties? How are they better/what are the flavor nuances you’ve noticed?

    Also, aren’t all olive oils gluten free? What makes this one unique?

  49. Shamaira

    I’ve been intrigued about Jovial’s products ever since you introduced them as a sponsor a few months ago. I would love to try Jovial’s olive oil! We use olive oil mostly for our skin and putting on salads.

  50. Alison Gordon

    Jovial pasta is by far the best GF pasta my family and I have EVER eaten! I recommend it to everyone. I would love to try their olive oil. I buy only organic extra virgin olive oil but would love to taste the difference in flavor! Thanks for the opportunity to win and the fantastic website! I have learned so much from you and highly value your recommendation.

  51. Sharon Penna

    How terrible that they can market other oils as olive oil! That seems so unfair!! I would love to try Jovials olive oil!!

  52. Kirstie

    I would love to try Jovial Olive Oil and compare it to the brand I’m currently using. It’s always nice to find a higher quality product!

  53. Janna

    We love Jovial pasta, having learned about it from you Shauna, definitely would love to try their olive oil! I’ve read all the items about sham olive oil, and am very picky about my sources about this point!

  54. Laura in SP

    Olive oil is something I use daily in the kitchen. I like the oil I use so I can imagine that I will LOVE Jovial’s olive oil, made from ancient, organic olive varieties.

  55. Karen Morrison

    Love me some olive oil! Ever since I tasted authentic from the machine pressed in Israel, I have been on the search for one as good…I hope this is it! Can’t wait to try!

  56. Lisa

    I was under the impression that the EU reforms in 2012 had taken care of the problem of fraudulent olive oil–in Europe anyway–and that domestic regulations made olive oil from California trustworthy as well. Was I mistaken? There are certainly wide variations in quality, and the Jovial brand sounds great…but I’m reasonably sure a $7.99 bottle from Trader Joe’s is what it claims to be.

  57. Jessica

    I would love to try this olive oil, we go thru gallons of the stuff! It’s vital to my cooking, and while I try to buy the best quality I can afford, it’s hard to find good tasting, every day olive oil. I can’t wait to try this!

  58. Ginny

    At our farmer’s market, I got sample of something topped by what I thought was melted butter. It turns out it was olive oil! The difference between that and what I’ve had before was like fizzy water to champagne. It was incredible. As I love Jovial’s pasta, the chance to sample it with their olive oil would be decadent.

  59. Michael

    As something of a purist, due to multiple health issues, I now only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, with a smattering of sesame & other nut oils & real butter. Your column isn’t the first place I’ve read that Americans are being snookered about the quality of the “extra virgin” olive oil they are purchasing, so I’d love the opportunity to sample Jovial’s superior olive oil and some gluten free goodies; please pick me! How was that for a blatant request? Good eating to all.

  60. Jen

    I love olive oil! I love exploring new flavors and brands. I currently obsessed w lemon olive oil. Yum. Would love to try jovial’s!!!

  61. lynda

    I love to use olive oil wherever possible. I want some good high-quality olive oil. I have always been confused as to whether the color of a good quality olive oil should be green or gold. What is the best color? Are Italian olive oils the only way to go? Thank you!

  62. Amy Johnson

    I would love to try this olive oil along with the rest of the Jovial products. I am always happy to hear about heirloom varieties being preserved!

  63. Jennifer bravo

    Jovial has amazing pasta! I can only imagine how wonderful their olive oil is! I would love to try it in the vinaigrettes I make

  64. Dorothea

    What a novel idea! I know many of my friends and family would very much enjoy a good bottle of olive oil as a hostess gift, or Christmas gift, or birthday gift, etc.!

  65. Chris

    I haven’t had good olive oil in a while. And I really like the idea of giving olive oil as a hostess gift, too!

  66. Calley

    I had no idea olive oil “fraud” was such an issue! Thanks for the article. Good to know there are companies interested in preserving the true quality of our food 🙂

  67. Katy

    We use a lot of olive oil in our house. I’ve been very happy with Jovial pasta but didn’t know they have olive oil as well. Look forward to checking it out. Thanks for the heads up.

  68. Brenda Finkle

    I absolutely love Jovial pasta and will look forward to trying their olive oil! Thanks for the post!

  69. Jena

    I would love to try this brand of olive oil. It is incredibly important to know where your food comes from and to trust the company that makes it. I will definitely buy Jovial Oil next time and try their gluten free items too!

  70. Jessie

    A good quality olive oil makes all of the difference!! I have yet to try Jovial. On a trip to Italy I was able to do an olive oil tasting and it was amazing!

  71. Susan Huffstutter

    Just got the olive oil from Jovial. Had been looking around for a new one to try and was confused by all the available brands and worried that some were not as advertised. Love Jovial’s gluten free pasta!

  72. Rebekah

    I can almost taste this olive oil with their tagliatelle pasta, fresh basil and toasted pine nuts with parmesan cheese!

  73. Cat

    Ever since I read about adulterated olive oil, I have been careful to research what kind to purchase. Jovial sounds like a wonderful source. Thank you!

  74. Pat

    I’ve used olive oil for a long time but don’t know if I’ve had really great oil. I’d like to try this

  75. Sarah Gaunt

    Your site is fixing my kitchen. I’ve been studying your recipes, trying to make the entire family gluten-free. My mother (who lives with us) is the only one of us with Celiac’s, and for a long time she just ate different food than the rest of us. Making gluten-free meals was fairly easy, (My husband started frying fish in crushed blue corn tortilla chips; amazing.) but Mom missed desserts. And I missed baking foods that were safe for everybody. Your site is totally the solution. Thank you!
    (I would dearly love to win some amazing olive oil! We have little money, and I can’t remember ever buying anything other than cheap store-brand olive oil. Good olive oil would rock my socks!)

  76. Bonnie

    I love the flavor of olive oil and how it can change the tastes of a dish into something great. Would love to taste this oil.

  77. Notme

    I love the pasta but haven’t yet tried the olive oil. I wonder if it would be good in the pizza dough.

  78. Yael

    I’ve become rather addicted to olive oil, using it in all my baking since I went GF. And the difference between common brands and actually decent olive oil? Wow. It’s amazing.

  79. Asante Sinclair

    After my father’s surgery(to put in stents) I learned about olive oil searching for healthy meals through cookbooks at the public library. While I was learning gourmet cooking,it was in my class that I also learned that olive oil has great health benefits. FDA recognized that olive oil is good in fighting heart disease,cancer,lowing blood pressure,preventing LDL cholesterol from sticking to wall of arteries,arthritis and asthma and so much more! Last year I learned about gluten free foods, which has helped my son who has food allergies and my daughter-in law who has diabetes,by using olive oil and using gluten free products my family has benefited by eating healthier,losing weight,lowered blood pressure. I look forward to using Jovial extra virgin olive oil and their products(which I have not tried before) Thank you Jovial for saving the favarot,grignano and nostrano olives from becoming extinct.

  80. Susan d

    Olive oil is something I eat every day, I pour it raw over many dishes and with a dash of salt it becomes heavenly, buttery and flavorful. I always try new olive oils from my local coop but really would LOVE to try Jovial. Thanks for inspiring my post! 🙂 I love your sponsors. Bought primal pacs the day you posted about them. Thanks GF girl! 🙂

  81. Jyll

    I love Jovial pasta and I’m sure I’d love their olive oil. I’m impressed by their mission and I am proud to support their business.

  82. Patricia

    I sometimes like plain olive oil on my salad greens. A good quality one is a must for this! This company sounds amazing.

  83. Stephanie

    I remember having a small spoonful of Jovial olive oil at the Boston/Belmont potluck. It was amazing, and made the gluten free roll I dipped into it taste that much better. I’d love this!

  84. Kimberly LaMendola

    Olive oil is the elixir of life! Or so would say my Sicilian immigrant grandparents. Until I started to cook on my own, I could never understand how people could feel so passionate about “oil.” I recall my grandparents drinking little sips of green-tinted olive oil and declaring that it was as important as wine to maintaining good health. I also remember feasting on grandma’s past dinners and then somehow always feeling ill afterward and several times having my parents rush me to the hospital but only to leave with no answers. Fast forward many decades later, I’m a passionate Sicilian who loves to cook with quality ingredients but have recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance. It all makes sense now! With a strict household budget, quality olive oils have been out of reach for quite some time. I would be honored to be chosen to receive such a gifts as this and can’t imagine a more perfect union between Jovial oil, pasta, and other gluten-free food. Fingers crossed!

  85. Esther

    Even my non-gluten free friends and family love Jovial brown rice pasta. I’m looking forward to their olive oil too!!

    Very proud to support their business.

  86. Karen

    It is disheartening to learn that some olive oils are not what they claim to be. I have never tried a truly quality oil. Being gluten free has opened my eyes to a whole new world of food and your blog started me on that journey.

  87. Mary Patton

    I was sad to read that some companies are falsely claiming their olive oils are 100%, but happy to see Jovial is expanding their already wonderful offerings. I would LOVE to try their new olive oil because I use Olive Oil for EVERYTHING. From cooking to moisturizing my skin and hair, I believe that Olive Oil is a miracle worker…and a bit of a wonder drug *wink. It is an essential staple in my Gfree pantry.

  88. sonya

    There’s almost nothing as wonderful as a freshly pressed olive oil in all its fruity, spicy, greenish-golden splendor. I have never tasted Jovial’s olive oil, but I would love to try it!

  89. Allyson

    How nice! I came to your site to learn more about GF baking/cooking since my son may need to eliminate gluten (possible Celiac disease). Great site and now I’m learning a thing or two about olive oil! We buy highly-rated oils and try imported, smaller brands but I believe there is better out there …so this will be on the list to try 🙂

  90. Gena

    I recently learned about adulterated olive oil on the news while taking a nutrition class at the local community
    college. Sometimes the food industry in our country really makes me angry. I would love to try Jovial’s olive oil. I’m already enjoying their GF pasta and cookies.

  91. Kristen

    Thank you for posting this! The links are so helpful- I have been aware of this issue for a while now but have been uncertain what brand I could trust, and so have mostly stopped using olive oil until I could find something I was sure about. Love this! Thanks!

  92. Kelly LeSage

    Would love to try truly authentic olive oil. I thought I had been using olive oil for a while now, but now I’m not so sure what I’ve been using! Argh! How do the food companies get away with stuff like this? Thanks for posting this! Now I know one company that is really olive oil. 🙂

  93. Janet Gernon

    I love Jovial gluten free pasta! I use olive oil to cook with and in my hand and body lotion. I would love to have some truly authentic and wonderful tasting olive oil.

  94. Amanda P

    I have been avoiding olive oil since I heard about the “fake” stuff- and now I can finally try the real stuff for the first time! Can’t wait to try Jovial!

  95. Susan CK

    I read somewhere that in Italy the consumption of olive oil is almost 14 liters per person. I think that is a good new year’s goal for me!

  96. Marcia Setzer

    Merry Christmas to me….Olive Oil is so hard to purchase due to the fake junk out there. I simply can’t wait for the great taste of a fresh harvest from Jovial.

  97. jacquie

    i would love to have a chance to taste really good olive oil. as others have mentioned I find myself shying away from it now due to the imposters and poor quality products out there.

  98. Pam

    Small-batch olive oil sounds like a little piece of heaven. With my budget, Trader Joe’s olive oil is 99% of what I consume. The times I’ve been in restaurants where they served olive oil with real character were eye-opening. I hope I get to taste this olive oil — if not as a result of this giveaway, sometime soon!

  99. Miriam

    We are out of olive oil in the house right now .. Will definitely look for jovial when I’m out today ! Would love to win but I can’t wait .. Will need to get some before the contest ends !

  100. Jeannie Donahue

    Olive oil is something I’ve never really gave too much thought to. I use it a lot and normally just buy the organic store brand. Maybe it’s time to check out Jovial!

  101. Megan

    I try to buy locally-made olive oils but I would love to try Jovial’s. The price is a bit steep so winning some would be quite a New Year’s treat!

  102. laura in new york

    i’m actually kind of embarrassed by how much olive oil my two-person household goes through! but we love it and can’t live without it, so we pour away…

  103. Sarah G.

    LOVE Jovial!!! Haven’t tried their olive oil yet, but if it’s anything like their pastas, it is sure to be fabulous. I’m dying to get my hands on some more of their egg noodles too…. Ordered a case last year when they came out with them, but now can’t get them anywhere. Come back egg noodles!!

  104. Megan M.

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love using olive oil. It is a staple in my house and just about the only oil I use for cooking.

  105. Janine

    I love olive oil, but sometimes find good quality difficult to find. I am very excited to try this brand of oil. I best it tastes amazing.

  106. Kelly Dennison

    That sounds great! My husband and I generally spend a good bit on olive oil. I feel like we can taste and feel the difference. This brand is new to me so thanks for the info!!

  107. Sattie Clark

    Where do I find Jovial olive oil (and other products)? I am in rural Mendocino County, California (the county’s most sustainable wine region). We plan to grow our own olives and make our own oil someday…but until then I’d really appreciate having access to this high quality, organic olive oil.

  108. Eleni

    Being of Greek origin, we eat olive oil with nearly everything. Vegetables, fish, salads, potatoes – a fresh tasting olive oil is a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. One very hard to live without!!

  109. Coop

    I use olive oil to cook most of my meals. I definitely want to try a good olive oil, not just the cheap stuff I get at the store.

  110. M.E.

    Aw, bummer, just missed this contest! I got my dad a bottle of olive oil for Christmas this year, after reading Gluten Free Girl!

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