whatever you believe

grain-free cinnamon rolls

You might be baking tonight. Tomorrow. Maybe even the morning of the 25th.

(Of course, you don’t need to celebrate Christmas to bake on the 25th.)

And you might want some cinnamon rolls.

We made you some grain-free cinnamon rolls. Head on over to Food52 to see the recipe.

grain-free Russian tea cookies

Also, there are grain-free Russian tea cakes. They also happen to be dairy-free too.. You can find the recipe for those here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to wrap some books for Lu. Every morning this month, she has woken up earlier and earlier, happily chattering and dashing into our room to shake us awake and tell us her stories. We race down the stairs to write the day’s date on our homemade advent calendar together and read books much of the morning. These have been some lovely days. It seems that five is the perfect age for this season. Given that, she’ll be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Probably 4:30 on the 25th. So I’m headed for bed.

I’ll be back on Friday with my favorite books of 2013. Whatever you believe, whomever you love, have a wonderful few days.

9 comments on “whatever you believe

  1. Lindsay

    Ohhh sweet Lucy. Girl after my own heart. Books are THE BEST. Smart girl. Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family!

  2. Joan

    I have pignoli cookies in the oven now and will be doing your mother-in-law’s Candied Pecans next.

    May you, Danny and Lucy have the happiest of Holidays.

    And the same to all who read your blog.

  3. Abby

    As one who has chosen not to celebrate Christmas, I want to thank you for your thoughtful, kind way of phrasing this entry. It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

  4. Rita Marlowe

    I have been gluten free baking for some time, so I have experience with the process and ingredients. But, I am sorry to report that the Russian tea cakes really didn’t work. I read all the comments before trying and made the recommended changes to the recipe, but the poor things were floating in coconut oil. They didn’t hold together, either. Altogether a disappointment. The only thing that could have effected the results is humidity as I live in Haiku, Maui, a pretty damp place at times.

  5. Erin | Meaningful Eats

    My heart just skipped a beat about those cinnamon rolls! We made the grain-free dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas and they were loved by all. Can’t wait to try these. Thank you!

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