from our sponsors: Bob’s Red Mill pie crust mix

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This morning, we sat down to plan our Thanksgiving menu. It’s coming up, of course. (And if you are feeling unprepared for a gluten-free or grain-free Thanksgiving, then we can help. Check out our Thanksgiving baking iPad app and digital download.) Have you gone to the farmers’ market for fresh pumpkins or pushed a cart loaded with food through the grocery store yet?

If this is your first gluten-free Thanksgiving, or you are cooking and baking for someone who has to be gluten-free, you might be worried about the pie. Well, fear no more.

Bob’s Red Mill, who has been a sponsor of this site for many years now, has come out with a gluten-free pie crust mix in time for the holidays. That pie dough you see in the photo above was made with the mix. It’s light, easy to use, and makes a delicious pie. We made a peach pie for the Daisies Girl Scout bake sale. Lulu and her friend Zuzu helped man the booth, excited. That pie was easy to roll out, flaky and warm, and gone in an hour.

This is one darned fine pie crust.

It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, soy-free, and easy to make.

We like our homemade pie around here. But pie intimidates a lot of people, I know. If you want to learn how to make pie, and you don’t have a lot of time during this holiday season, we highly recommend the Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pie crust mix.

p.s. It makes a great all-purpose flour mix too.

Bob’s Red Mill is giving away three gluten-free pie crust mixes to readers here. Just leave a comment about pie — how much you like it, or why you have a hard time making it, or your favorite kind — to enter the giveaway. Winners will be chosen at random next Saturday, November 30th.

201 comments on “from our sponsors: Bob’s Red Mill pie crust mix

  1. Catherine ONeil

    Can’t wait to use this! Cooking Thanksgiving for 12 with all of the classics – just gluten free for the first time. Was nervous about my pies but not now!

  2. Shannon Orestis

    I was so dreading my first Gluten Free Thanksgiving, but thanks to this site… I’m feeling ready and inspired!

  3. Yvonne Condes

    I love baking pies and haven’t tried this pie crust yet. I make a gluten free flour crust and an almond meal crust, but would love to have a mix to make it easier. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

    1. Lou Ann Piccoli

      Wish I had heard about Bob’s Red Mill having a pie crust mix now. Made my pies, which I’ve been famous for in my family, with regular flour so I couldn’t eat any. I love Bob’s Red Mill products and will be looking for the pie crust mix. Thankful for Bob’s products!

  4. Shannan Powell

    In my family, Thanksgiving = pie. Lots of pie. A few staples from our annual pie bar: pumpkin, key lime, apple, pecan and strawberry rhubarb. Unfortunately, I’ve missed out on some of the joy of eating these incredible desserts with a wheat allergy. This is the first I’m hearing about Bob’s Red Mill Pie Crust, although I have used Bob’s Red Mill bread mixes and often make Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats. Can’t wait to try the pie crust out this week!

  5. Elsa Cumming

    I recently discovered that my recently turned six year old daughter can not tolerate any gluten. I have been gluten sensitive for a long time, but have dealt with the symptoms because it was easier to make non-gluten free family meals. Now that it has been discovered that my daughter can no longer have gluten my whole family is willing to go gluten free. We have tried gluten free recipes periodically, but I have not been able to make successful pie crust, biscuits or rolls. I would love to try out a mix for pie crust for the holidays. It would be wonderful if she could have the same things that everyone else will be having.

  6. Summer

    I have regained my joy of making pies by making hand pies. Some times it is a blessing just to be able to make a little bit and not have to wait a couple of hours for an entire pie to cool. Thanks for sharing another product that I can use when the mood strikes.

  7. Robin

    I’m so excited to try Bob’s Red Mill GF Pie crust mix. I haven’t had a lot of success with GF pies and I LOVE pie!!!

  8. Ginny

    Bob’s done it again! I’ll have to go bug my nearest grocery store for something else from Bob’s Red Mill, but they’re slow. It would be great to have some for the holidays!

  9. Lisa

    Not one swallow of pie since going Gluten Free 4 years ago. I would love to try… I can taste it now… Will it be Berry or Peach? Mmmmmmm!

  10. anna

    “Normal” pie crust is tricky, gluten free pie crust brings it to a whole new level! I love pie, and would love a mix even more!

  11. Dawn Leclaire

    This is a wonderful site. I attempt gluten free food for my friend, especially around the holidays. I made a gluten free sweet potato pie and gluten free gravy for her last year without her knowledge when I offered the pie and explained she could eat it she was beside herself. Unfortunatelty I’m an extremely tight budget and the cost of gluten free products can be prohibitive. But it’s Thanksgiving and she’s coming so I’ll work it out. The free pie crust would be a great help, Christmas is coming :). I also live in a town of 3,000 but the Safeway here is starting to carry Gluten free products…pricey…but available…go Safeway. Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks for the recipes

  12. Lyn Johnson

    Oo! This sounds delicious! Looks like it holds up well too. I have a curious idea for a pomegranate black cherry pie experiment before thanksgiving;) A good excuse to have family around my table! I just love that the ingredients are so tummy wonderful!
    May I ask if you needed to coat the pie dish with anything of choice?

  13. Hannah

    To quote one of my favorite shows “All of my feelings go with pie!”. And yes, yes they do. I love pie and am so happy to know there is a gluten-free pie crust out! I like almond flour crusts sometimes but a girl just needs a good ol’ pie crust.

  14. Sarah

    Mmm…pie. My favorite pie(s): amish vanilla, dutch apple, pumpkin-pecan, maple sugar, and peach-blueberry. Only the dutch apple will be going with us and a pumpkin (which is a fine pie, just not a favorite) to Thanksgiving. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Michelle

    I didn’t replace my rolling pin when I went gluten-free because I figured I would always have to roll the dough out between parchment paper anyway. But gluten- and grain-free recipes have evolved to the point where some of them roll out just like regular pie dough! So I just bought a new rolling pin, and I was happy to have a reason to do so.

  16. Kathy

    Oh pie is my one weakness. This may be a godsend, and I can’t wait to try it. The pie crust is my favorite part really, but to make it gluten free I make pumpkin pie without any crust (sad, sad, face). Hopefully when I can find this and try it I can do the happy dance!

  17. Kathryn

    I am excited to try this mix. Never was much of a baker pre gluten-free; tough to get into it now but I’m learning!

  18. Michelle

    My 6 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 weeks ago. She also needs to be dairy free for a month or so until her stomach calms down. I’ve been stressing over the holidays because some of her favorite things she won’t be able to eat. One of those things is chocolate pie. I can’t wait to try this crust for her!

  19. Jennifer I

    We have been gf since my husband was diagnosed with celiac 2 years ago. Bobs red mill has been a lifesaver! The only thing I haven’t tried since going gf is a pie. I think I’ll pick up a mix & surprise him!

  20. Bee

    I was just at the Bob’s Red Mill store looking at this pie crust, but I opted to wait on it until I saw someone else use it–just didn’t think it’d be so soon! Exciting to hear it’s a good crust! I’m going to have to think of a good filling to do it justice now 🙂

  21. Lindsey F

    I love making pies but have not been eating them because I have not yet tried making GF pie crust. Maybe this mix will mean I get to eat one of my pumpkin or apple pies!

  22. Sandie

    Pie has been an important part of my cooking for almost 45 years, and now that we are eating gluten-free, I was afraid there wouldn’t be any more pie. I may have to see if my local grocer carries this!

  23. Julie

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products; haven’t found this one in local stores but would love to give it a try! I miss baking pies and just find GF pastry from scratch can be a bit too finicky. A mix might get me baking again! And I have local blackberries in the freezer just waiting to dive in!

  24. Margaret Clegg

    I love just about everything Bob makes. I use his polenta, all purpose gf flour, and bread mixes all the time. As a blogger, I just tried the Pillsbury crust. I guess it works in a pinch, but I have no doubt that Bob’s would taste better. I’ve used the Gluten Free Pantry Perfect Pie Crust Mix with great pleasure. I would love to win (and review) Bob’s pie crust mix!

  25. Llysa

    I come from a line of pie bakers, but because theirs were always so amazing (lemon meringue, pecan, chocolate cream, nectarine, etc) I never had to make a pie crust until my late 20’s. Then my MIL stepped into the void, and SHE is a dynamite pie baker! Chess pie, pecan again, apple, walnut…) So – started making pies last year – I’m not an expert – as I’ve made about 2000 pies less than ANY of these gals, but I’ll try to catch up. Good to know there is another pie-blend option out there!

  26. Erin

    Usually I make my own GF crust , but it takes so long, I don’t bother making it much. I recently quit mixing my own GF flour too, because I don’t bake enough to warrant storing so many ingredients. I switched to a local GF flour mix, but haven’t made crust yet. Whatever can help the pie get into my mouth fastest, I am down for. Bring on the crust, Bob.

  27. lisa barnaby

    My dad and I are moving towards a gluten free diet. We have both tested as gluten sensitive and suffer from the stomach problems after having gluten. We are doing our research to find the best and most inexpensive foods out there. Bob’s red mill is always at the top of the list.

  28. Kathryn H

    My daughter loves pie!!! So do I, but she really does! She introduces herself as “hi, my name is ____ and I like pie”. Her teacher calls her ______pie. Unfortnetly, since she has been gluten free (I was diagnosed before she was born, she was diagnosed 2 years ago) we have not found a great pie crust – we have found good ones – but not THE ONE. I heard about Bob’s Red Mill pie crust – but have yet to try it. We would love to win this and try it. 🙂

  29. Tammy

    I’ll be buying this to make my pies. Host purchased your thanksgiving app – love it! Thank you. : )

  30. Sophie

    Coincidentally, I just picked up a package of the Red’s Mill Pie Crust mix to try. I’m glad to read your endorsement. My dad loved lemon meringue pies and I love making them because they remind me of him.

  31. Laura

    Oh how I love pie. And since gluten is no longer even a distant friend, I have been making crust- less pies. Obviously lacking in what makes a pie(the crust). I am very excited to see this. I live in a small town and hope I can get the supermarket to carry it; otherwise, thank you mail order 🙂

  32. Rhonda Welch

    I just discovered that I need to be gluten and soy free! What to do about Thanksgiving? I am so glad I found this website to help me plan a great meal for my family while eating wiser!

  33. Edie

    As a long time GF person, I am always on the lookout for a great pie crust mix. Bob’s products have been a life saver, and I cant wait to try their newest offering! Will be sharing this news with clients and friends!!!

  34. Melissa Carr

    I have been more of a cake girl. but I know my husband goes crazy for cherry pie. Even though I don’t like pie all of the time, I do like a slice every now & then. SO next time, I am making it Gluten Free!

  35. Karen

    Wow! Since going GF a year and a half ago there is really one thing I’ve been dying to recreate… My grandmother’s cinnamon rolls! She uses pie crust, cinnamon and sugar and one or two other secret ingredients. So far all of my attempts have failed terribly. This flour is so exciting!! Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Maggie

      I was just looking at a chocolate cinnamon roll recipe and wishing I had a way to make gluten-free cinnamon rolls, too. I mostly avoid bread-like products, but every once in a while I splurge. I hadn’t figured out how to make anything flakey though. Then out of the blue, I see this post with Bob’s Redmill’s new pie crust mix. Dreams do come true. Now, if I can get it at my grocery store, we’ll be in business.

  36. Francesca

    I am pretty traditional in my pie tastes. But I actually have come to prefer crisps – which I think is due to my fear of making pie crust. Every year I say I am going to try again, but don’t. I think I will this year.

  37. Nina Mac

    I have been making crustless pies because I haven’t found a gf one that I love and I don’t always want to use nuts. Would love to try this out with my pecan pie.

  38. Anne

    I was always intimidated by pie before my husband went GF, so I haven’t bothered to try. Maybe now, I could at least make a pumpkin pie for him this holiday season. Thanks to you and Bob’s Red Mill!

  39. Maryt

    Of all the gluten-free baking I’ve tried over the years, the perfect pie crust still eludes me, so I’m very excited to try Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pie Crust. So happy to see it is available by the case like many of their other gluten free products I keep stocked in my kitchen. Yay for Bob’s Red Mill!!

  40. Erica

    I used to be a pro at making pie crusts, but have had trouble with GF ones, especially b/c we can’t use eggs either. Am going to see if I can find this in our local stores in time for Thanksgiving!

  41. Clea

    I couldn’t make a pie crust to save my life until I called on my late grandmother. I made the best pie crust ever that day! But then I switched to gluten free, and while my crusts are okay, they don’t come close to that one with my grandmother’s “help.” Looking forward to trying this mix.

  42. Petra

    I would love to make some gluten free pie and show my gluten living extended family that you can make great pie with no gluten

  43. heidi

    I’m very new to the gluten free world, just within this last year we’ve discovered our inability to tolerate any wheat products. Pumpkin pie is huge at our house and for my husband, the non-celiac, pumpkin pie is his iconic holiday pie. I’m looking forward to giving him a tasty and satisfying gluten and dairy free holiday.

  44. Jon

    I like pumpkin pie best of all the dessert varieties. But my absolute favorite is quiche, or egg pie as we referred to it when my son was young and might’ve decided he didn’t like it just because of the “weird name!” And my wife makes the best quiche on the planet, or at least that I have tasted.

  45. laurel

    I love pie and real pie crust freaks me out! Before I went GF I just bought the frozen stuff, and for the last couple years I have avoided all pie as making a GF crust intimidated me. This sounds like a great alternative and something I could handle! Thank you BOB’S! Would love to give it a whirl 🙂 I doubt it’s made it’s way to Canada yet, but I’ve got my heart set on one of my favourites, a blackberry or apple pie…mmmm!

  46. Nancy legere

    We make a meat pie called tourtière for Christmas Holidays. I need to make a gluten free version and this product will be ideal. I can hardly wait to hive ita try

  47. Dy-Anne

    I love pie but my husband is allergic to wheat and nuts so most of the GF pies we find are either made with bean flour (which is bitter and gross) or almond flour which is like instant death for him. So no pie for him and I feel bad eating pie when he can’t. This is our first thanksgiving since the diagnosis so i’m not really sure what to do 🙁

  48. kelbel

    Sour cherry pie is the bomb. And pie is the one thing I have not been able to conquer in a gluten free form yet. Maybe there is hope for me yet.

  49. Sandy McDonald

    My husband is gluten intolerant but I’m not worried about the pies this year!! We both work full time and cooking can be time consuming when you are trying to put it together after working all day…ugh!
    Thanks for making another great product I can trust to be worthy of serving my Family!

  50. Troy

    Honestly, my favorite pie is my grandmother’s buttermilk pie. This mix would make it accessible for all of us.

  51. Sheilahh

    I have been looking for a good gluten free pie crust recipe. We use a lot of Bob’s Red Mill products, so I know this one will be delicious. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill for making the gluten free life a whole lot easier. Your dedication to offering gluten free products has been a blessing.

  52. Sarah L

    I’m not a huge pie fan myself, but my family loves pie! I’d like to try making a pecan pie this year.

  53. Mandi

    Pumpkin pie is my favorite and we always use Donna Jo’s Dream Pie Crust from Bette Hagman’s books and the filling off the Libby’s pumpkin can. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

  54. Marcy

    I’m so excited that Bob’s now has a pie crust mix. Thank you for the opportunity to win one and try it. Let’s see what kind of pie . . .

  55. Carolin

    That sounds delish! I’d love to try this curst for several reasons: I love Bob’s products but sadly, they’re not available in Germany (where I live) – I love baking but gf pie crust seems seems so intimidating that I never dared to try it – I miss my time in the US a lot so being able to bake such a ‘real American’ desert would be awesome – The ending day of the giveaway is gonna be my birthday 🙂

  56. Tonya

    I miss quiche…real quiche with a crust. The GF crust recipes have left me wanting, I usually just go without.

  57. Mary Hall

    I love pie–any kind of pie. I even prefer it on my birthday to birthday cake. When I gave up gluten, I mourned two things: French bread and pies. I’ll be interested to try Bob’s Red Mill GF pie crust mix and make a beloved (GF) pie. The only problem I have now is figuring out which one to make first.

  58. Karen

    Feeling really clueless in the world of gluten-free baking. I picked this mix up recently and I’m excited to try it. Hope it kickstarts a new phase of baking, which I really miss!

  59. Jean

    I like pie crust. Have made crustless pies for years now as no luck with crusts. Would love to try this one.

  60. Miriam

    I would love to make an apple pie .. It’s one of my favorites ..haven’t had any since I went gluten free 2years ago !

  61. Stephanie

    Yum! I actually do miss pie so much – especially cherry and pumpkin! (And my dad’s famous butterscotch pie!) I love Bob’s Red Mill so I’m really excited to see the pie crust!

  62. Chris

    In my family, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without an apple pie made with five pounds of apples, so I guess I’ll need two packages to ensure there’s enough crust. Can’t wait!!

  63. Dee

    I love to eat pie but never make it because I am nervous about making the crust. I’d love to try this new Bob’s Red Mill crust.

  64. Lauren

    Would LOVE to try this. Bob’s is my go-to. Available everywhere and with a long history of GF-reliability.

  65. Loribird

    Oh man, do I love pie. I haven’t been able to enjoy it since going gluten-free, but I absolutely must try this mix. Quiche, cherry pies, bourbon Pecan pies, chicken pot pie, blackberry cobbler…

  66. sima

    I love that Bob’s has come out with a pie crust mix! Sometimes I like to make Shauna’s pie crust recipe, which is wonderful, but when I need something a little quicker, I’ve wished for a Bob’s gf pie crust mix. So here it is! I had no idea so thank you for sharing, just in time for Thanksgiving 🙂

  67. Candace Stern

    I am a Southern girl who loves pie. When I discovered I could no longer eat gluten (4 years ago right before Thanksgiving!) I knew the thing I would miss the most would be pie. I’ve played around with various mixes and have had good success with Shauna’s recipe! I would love the ease of using Bob’s GF mix! Thanks for sharing!

  68. Shelley

    I love all kinds of pie! I have a hard time because I’m still looking for a good gluten and dairy free pie crust. This mix looks fabulous though!

  69. Chris

    Pre Gluten Free, I was very much a pie maker/eater and many of the recipes that are favorites of my family are pie recipes……I would LOVE to try this new product and share the results with all those who have enjoyed my baking.

    Thank you!

  70. Chris Howard

    We LOVE pie! There’s nothing better than a fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie in season, or the smell of pumpkin pie and it’s wonderful spice aroma wafting around the kitchen while you’re eating your Thanksgiving feast! We just discovered my husbands’ gluten allergy, and Bob’s has saved us with delectable GF mixes (chocolate cake, bread mixes, brownies…). I haven’t seen the pie crust mix, but now that I know it’s out there, I’m on a mission!! Thanks Bob & co.!

  71. kim konikow

    Well, I screw up pie crust ALL the time; would love to get some of Bob’s great assistance. Bet it works out perfectly!

  72. kim konikow

    Well, I screw up GF pie crust ALL the time; would love to get some of Bob’s great assistance. Bet it works out perfectly!

  73. Heather Kostner

    I have never been successful with GF pie crust, so I quit trying. My 4 year old son wanted to make an apple pie…we made a apple crisp instead (he didn’t know any different). Maybe next time we can make an REAL pie!

    1. shauna

      I promise you, it’s really not that hard! Use the recipe for pie crust for our post on pie party, and watch the video we made last year. You can do it!

  74. Maribeth

    I do not have need of pie crust, but I have this rule about never saying no to pie.

    I think it’s great that your daughter is involved with the girl scouts. I have good memories of being involved with them in elementary school, plus I’ve worked for them for two summers (once as a camp counselor, and last summer in the kitchens). =) Cheers and happy thanksgiving!

  75. Rebekah

    What a beautiful crust! I’m longing to make a lattice apple pie… this looks like I could manage that!

  76. DamselflyDiary

    I have already purchased my sugar pumpkin and am prepared to make my own crust using Shauna’s recipe. Thanksgiving dessert, here I come. But it would be nice to have Bob’s crust on-hand for more impromptu pie making!

  77. Jenn M.

    Bob’s Red Mill products are my fav! I have at least 4 in the pantry now, but haven’t seen the pie crust mix… I miss eating pie so badly after going gluten free, watching others devour hot pies with ice cream, while I nosh on a piece of naked fruit just isnot the same! Can’t wait to try this crust mix, everything I’ve put together on my own has just crumbled…

  78. JayVDK

    I cannot wait to use this new GF mix!
    I have tried other gluten-free flours for pie crusts and it never seems to do it justice.

  79. Elizabeth

    Really looking forward to trying this! I never liked birthday cake and so always had a cherry pie for my birthday dinner … will do so again this year, after a very long time without. Thank you!

    1. patricia

      Thank you once again…always learn so much from you…but more than, that I truly enjoy your shared writings. patricia

  80. Anya

    Pie always reminds me of my grandmother, who passed away the week before Thanksgiving three years ago. She made the world’s best sweet potato pie, with plenty of bourbon (both for the pie and the chef!), and it’s the one thing we haven’t been able to replicate without her. We haven’t had a pie in the family, gluten free or otherwise, since she passed on, and GF pies always seemed so intimidating. Seeing Bob’s mix for the crust, it makes me want to give it a shot now.

  81. Janet

    Pie is a family tradition in our house…everyone loves it! Now that some of our family members are not able to eat gluten, however, it has been such a challenge to come up with a really great gj pie crust. (A crustless pie just isn’t as good.) I’m looking forward to trying Bob’s Red Mill pastry. I use a lot of Bob’s other gf products, so am anticipating wonderful things. Thanks!

  82. Becky

    I have been worried about the holidays and having to go without my favorite dishes…including pie! I am wanting to try making a pecan and pumpkin pies…to win this would help on that endeavor!

  83. Kati Rose

    Memories of baking and eating pie take me back to some of the best moments shared with my mom and my grandmother, may they rest in peace. Now I can pass the tradition on to my two daughters, even though this will be my first GF Thanksgiving! I’ve baked with Bob’s flours before and can’t wait to try the GF pie crust.

  84. M

    It’s my first gluten-free Thanksgiving and I’m sadly not even attempting to make a pie. I miss apple pie so much!

  85. Keri Kelley

    This is our first week going GF…yep, just before Thanksgiving. I’m traveling to family member’s homes and it’s my diet and my nursing 16 mo old son so I’m hoping to contribute to these meals with some dishes and great desserts (since I usually bake sweets every year) that are GF. I tried Bob’s GF oats this morning – yummy!

  86. Meg

    An easy-to-make pie crust? Sign me up! I wrestled with making pie crusts before I had to go GF, and now that my local Whole Foods seems to be out of the pre-made ones, I’m terrified at the thought of having to make them from scratch this turkey day. I love to bake and have no problems trying out new recipes, but pie crusts still stump me.

  87. An Allergic Foodie

    One of my favorite childhood memories is waking up the day after Thanksgiving and having pumpkin pie for breakfast. It was a such a treat. My mom made the best crust. But since being diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago, I haven’t even attempted to make a pie. I’d like to try Bob’s Red Mill pie crust to bring back a tradition I can share with my kids.

  88. Michelle

    I just purchased this pie crust on Amazon because I couldn’t find it in my local grocery stores. Just made an apple pie with it. It was great. I had tested out a couple different other gluten free flour crust for a pie and this by far was the best.

  89. Linda

    I worked for several years (a while back) at a retail and commercial bakery, and became known as the Pie Lady. Since having to give up gluten/wheat, I’ve done very little pie baking. (And I shudder to think of the Crisco and trans-fat issue…)Driving to Whole Foods for a ready-made (and expensive) GF pie crust has been a rare occurrence. So this will certainly be worth a try!

  90. Mollie

    I love pie! Will need to try this pie crust. Have a new gluten intolerance for myself and one of my sons. Our favorite- apple, cranberry with candied walnut topping.

  91. Andrea

    I LOVE pie, but I’ve always had trouble with the crust. I’m challenging myself this year and making the pies for Thanksgiving… I’m bringing pumpkin cream cheese pie and chocolate pecan pie. Crossing my fingers they turn out well!

  92. Rashawnda

    I make a great sweet potato pie and am learning to make it GF so it can be healthier for me. It would encourage me to share such recipes with some family members, who are gluten intolerant and don’t think that you can enjoy healthy foods that are GF.

  93. Nancy

    I always make my own crust…much harder since cooking gluten free for my celiac son. I make at least 3 gf desserts for thanksgiving and one is always an apple pie. Im going to try Bob’s Redmill and make a second one!

  94. Monika

    Pie is the best. This is my first GF Thanksgiving, and I would love to have it be made a little easier with this flour mix!

  95. Maegan

    Pie. For me it is the best creation ever. Sweet or savory, it can be a complete dish without having to deal with too many dishes! I began making pies when I was 18. The New York Times Cookbook’s Lemon Meringue pie. Sweet, tart and super lemony. My crust was light and flaky. But since needing to be gluten free I have yet to have a successful pie experience. And for a pie lover, that is a hole that I would love to fill again! Good job, Bob’s!

  96. Deby

    How does Bob’s Red Mill pie mix compare and contrast to the pie crust described in the pie party blog entry? Has anyone tried both? I ususally make the pie party crust (with Bob’s Red Mill flours).

    1. shauna

      Deby, I like ours better, but I’m partial to the flavor of our flour mix. But the Bob’s mix is super flaky and lovely.

  97. Mary Patton

    My grandma baked me my very own cherry pie when i was a child. she made my sister her own apple pie. It was the only time we didn’t have to share anything. I felt magnificently spoiled and loved. I’d love to be able to re-create that experience without getting sick. Looking forward to Bob’s new pie crust mix!

  98. Stephanie

    Yum! It looks perfect. I love to make a great peach pie in the summer, and I’ve been dying to try my hand at pecan pie lately.

    1. Tizzilish

      Yum. I have baked a jillion apple pies and never thought to add star anise. Motivation to use this pie crust flour!!

  99. Amy

    Pie, glorious pie! 5 years GF and a flaky delicious crust still eludes me. It’s worth all the trial and error and maybe another crack at a mix.

  100. Jennifer

    I have never made a pie crust. Ever. Just one of those folks too intimidated to try. I love Bob’s Red Mill and would love to try this mix. Seems it’s time to overcome my fear of making pie crust!

  101. Brandy

    I have such a love/hate relationship with making the pie crust from scratch. It usually comes out well and tastes delicious, but sometimes, I don’t have that long to make the pie. This would help such a great deal – would love to win it!

  102. julie

    this is my first GF thanksgiving day and i really was worried about pies. pecan pie is my all time fave!! i’ll definitely give this one a try

  103. marissa

    This will be my first gluten-free thanksgiving, actually it’s my first GF week, and the thought of dinner without pumpkin pie made me extremely sad. Thank you for sharing your great recipes and knowledge around food allergies.

  104. Jem

    Pie crust was always my responsibility growing up. My mother used the process to teach my how to have patience in the kitchen, since using a knife to cut butter into flour is a tedious process for anyone, especially a 9 year old. Now I use my food processor, and after just discovering I have a gluten issue, I have been avoiding making what I love. This would definitely give me the boost to start experimenting with baking.

  105. Nancy

    I have taken control of my blood sugar with low carb meals and nuts. Just today I looked through a friend’s paleo diet cookbook and knew I was onto something good. I’ve linked through paleo recipes to and saw Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pie crust mix and I’m thinking that there can be pie in my future without a sugar spike.

  106. Tizzilish

    Me oh my, I love to bake pie.
    Please award me the Bob’s Mill Gluten Free Pie Crust mix.
    Do you know this song, from the depression era?
    “Just around the corner
    there is a rainbow in the sky
    so let’s have another cup of coffee
    and let’s have another piece of pie”

    Glutenfreegirl says many are intimidated by pie. It is hard for me to relate to anyone intimidated by pie making. Pie has been my specialty since grad school in the seventies. Since going gluten free and dairy free, it got more challenging but I am more healthy, win win.

  107. Janet

    My favorite Lemon Meringue Pie. Thanks for the giveaway!! I love Bob’s Red Mill products. That is probably the only company I use.

  108. Linda

    I can’t wait to try Bob’s Red Mill pie crust. Lately my pies have been made without crust (more like pudding) so it’ll be nice to have a tasty crust again.

  109. Susan

    Oh, I love pie so much – apple is my favorite. I haven’t ventured into trying to make it gluten free … so I just miss it & wish I could eat it! So exciting to see that Bob’s Red Mill has a GF crust! You just made my day – thank you :o)

  110. Jennie

    I love Bob’s Red Mill’s products because not only are they tasty, but I don’t feel deprived when cooking/baking gluten-free. This is another product to add to the list. Thanks BRM!

  111. Kim Weber

    Learning and so new to GF! I am surrounded by helpful friends but thinking about pie and our Thanksgiving dinner for 12 makes me nervous! I have been trying lots of BRMill stuff…even pre-GF and have always liked them, I love, love pie, one of my favorite desserts and the family looks forward to “Nana’s famous Pumpkin Chiffon Pie” every year!! I am now not nervous about the pie crust having trusted BRM already!! Very excited, thank you so much!!!!

  112. Heather

    We’re big on pie around here. I keep wanting to make an entirely pie-themed meal! I don’t think I could choose a favorite kind, but pumpkin, chocolate cream, and pecan would all be right up there at the top of my list.

  113. Laura

    I am a bit obsessed with BRM, as anyone who opens my fridge, freezer, or cupboards can attest to. I really enjoy baking and cooking, and I certainly have all of the different flours to make my own BRM GF pie crust. But sometimes, just sometimes, I really enjoy it when my family can bake for me! It would be really fun to try this mix so maybe the hubs could surprise me with my grandmother’s sugar pie or chocolate meringue pie! Thank you for the chance at this giveaway!

  114. Kathie

    I love pie and have not had one since I found out I was Celiac over 3 years ago, I have been wanting to make one but just have not had the time. I have not made a pie in years! I love pie I won a Pie contest in 7th grade which was years ago. I am just dying thinking of a delicious Cherry Pie for Christmas or Pumpkin then I can sit with the family and share an after dinner desert.

  115. Nina

    I have always loved pie and missed it after having to go wheat and dairy free. I have liked Bob’s Red Mill GF Products. So this sounds like a great one to try for pumpkin pie using coconut milk. Yum!

  116. Pamela Burge

    Anything by Bob’s Red Mill has been wonderful, so I’m not going to hesitate to order this asap. I need a versatile go-to for crusts, and anything needing flour and was so glad to see this featured! Thanks so much! I can’t wait for that pie! After my pumpkin, or sweet potato, I’m going to do a paleo custard cheese pie…This will be perfect!

  117. Thryth

    Your pie crust looks amazing! I have never ever managed to make a pie crust look that good, even when using wheat flour back in the day before being diagnosed with a wheat allergy. I have tried without success to make a gluten-free pie crust for quite some time. They usually end up breaking apart when I try to transfer the rolled out crust to the pie plate or they are way too crumbly or hard as rock after baking. I am very excited to try Bob’s Red Mill GF Pie Crust Mix. Once I find the pie crust mix in a local grocery store, I’ll be making my family’s favorite pie; what I call Bumble Berry – a combination of blackberries, strawberries and rhubarb – with a crumble on the top rather than a pastry crust.

  118. Kris

    Pies are my most favorite dessert, and I love baking them. For Thanksgiving I am doing 2 pecan pies and 1 pumpkin pie. My dilemma is in choosing the recipes to follow, and that is the filling and the crust. I tend to change them from year to year, trying to tweak to get the best tasting. I love your blog and your recipes, and Bob’s Red Mill flours – they are about all I use, except I get sweet white rice flour from the Asian Market

  119. Oliver

    I love pie. Apple pie, Rhubarb Pie, and recently after making a pumpkin pie from scratch (roasted pumpkin and gluten free to boot, also a first) I discovered I do like pumpkin pie. My Uncle used to make the most fabulous Apple Pies and I’ve been trying to match that taste. I have picked up a lot of tips on crust listening to him and my mother talk technique and I have enjoyed building crusts, even when they fail. I look forward to trying different flour mixes now that I am focusing on gluten free (for my sister and girlfriend). One day I’d like to open my own gluten free bakery here in Alaska.

  120. Sue

    Pie! I love pie! I usually have more pies than people at our Thanksgiving dinner. I’m heading to the store tomorrow to ask them to carry Bob’s GF pie crust mix. This is great news.

  121. decoybetty

    I love bob’s red mill, but haven’t tried the pie crust yet, pie crust always scares me – but that’s more because I hear so many horror stories from it then from bad experiences myself.

  122. Marianne

    I have spent the past two weeks trying to sort through gluten free, dairy free pie recipes on line so that myself and my son will not have to go dessert-less on Thanksgiving day….it’s a bit overwhelming! When I saw the new bobs red mill pie crust mix that is gluten and dairy free, I just wanted to jump for joy! This would make it much easier for those of us that need some simplicity in the midst of all the thanksgiving craziness:) thank you for the chance at the give-away, I have not seen this mix at Whole Foods.

  123. Lisa

    I haven’t tried Bob’s pie crust yet, although everything else they make is delicious. Pumpkin pies seem to be easy to make with a nut-based crust, but I miss apple pie, and this crust makes it look like it would turn out wonderfully. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and thank you for being such an inspiration to me. Finding your site is one of the things that I am most thankful for this year!

  124. Sandy

    Can’t wait to try it! I just mastered gluten pie dough – then went gluten free a few months later! I am a pie over cake girl all day long – so I can’t wait to try this mix! Thank you for sharing!

  125. gwen

    I have not made a pie since I’ve discovered I was gluten intolerant. I guess I have felt that since making a pie takes so much time I want to make sure it will be delicious for everyone. I have tried other Bob’s products. I have made apple and peach crisps with Bob’s Gluten free oats. Perhaps I should expand my horizons!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your blog and books!

  126. Jessica

    I have a wonderful menu and road trip from Chicago to Brooklyn to celebrate with friends that love to cook and share food just as much as I do. My husband wanted to be in charge of pie, and he has been poring over pie crust recipes. This could be a great solution to quell his angst!

  127. Sue

    I absolutely love pie, and my family knows, I’d prefer a birthday pie to a birthday cake any day! I’m thrilled to see the pie crust from Bob’s, especially when I may be in a hurry.

  128. Cassandra Dunham

    I was never very good with baking, and now knowing i’m celiac i have become pretty darn bad. Although, this bobs pie crust mix fills me with hope to try a wonderful key lime pie again 🙂

  129. Erica

    If I win I will give it to my friend Barb for her Christmas dinner, baked into pies or not, as she prefers.

  130. Vicki

    I LOVE pie! I never make it for having to deal with making the crust…seems too difficult. My favorite has to be pumpkin pie with whipped cream all over it. I was just told at the allergist’s that I should try a gluten-free diet. Bummed about that. Just checking out this site for the first time…on a recommendation by the doctor! I might start to get excited about the diet, if I can still have my favorites!! 🙂

  131. Ashley

    Pecan pie is my hands-down fave! Because I have to run 9 miles for every slice I eat (isn’t that on the news every year about this time?) I only make it once a year. Thanksgiving isn’t the same without it.

  132. Phyllis Horst Nofziger

    Excited to try this gf pie crust! Just bought it at a bulk department and the package says “use 1 package” but since I bought in in bulk I don’t know how much 1 pkg is — I’m guessing maybe 1 lb? Could the measurements also include cup measurements?

  133. kathy

    Big pie eaters around here but unfortunately i cant join in cause of wheat allergys. Its def the crust thats to blame as i haven’t found a GF crust that works. I’d love to try Bobs red mill version!

  134. Erin

    Pie is my favorite food! Thank goodness we can make a good gf pie crust! I’m looking forward to trying Bob’s new mix, I really like Bob’s gf products.

  135. Kerry

    Pie, yum! And that crust looks fabulous, I am thinking a nice Coconut cream pie would fill that crust well!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  136. Tami C

    Would love to have a wonderful GF pecan pie this holiday season. Pie just hasn’t been the same since going gluten free. It sounds like this crust will be lovely.

  137. Deb

    This is my 3rd Gluten Free only Thanksgiving and Pie is the only thing I haven’t included on the menu. Can’t wait to try Bob’s Red Mill mix and have a traditional dessert again.

  138. lisa

    Just stopped by Gluten-free Girl , my “go to” site, for a pumpkin pie recipe. I think GFG brings respectability and excellence (plus humility and play) into the gluten-free world. Glad to see that Bob’s Red Mill has added a pie crust mix to their line, cuz sometimes I just don’t want to measure the dang flours. Grateful to be gluten-free in these times!

  139. Diane Schmidtke

    Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie,
    Who can’t have it, holler I.
    First my daughter,
    then my man…
    couldn’t have it,
    now they CAN!!!

    Thank you Bob’s Red Mill…..can’t wait to try out your new pie crust!!

  140. Erin Ribka

    Wow. I want to cry, I am so happy to have stumbled on your site and your gluten free pie crusts. I found out just this summer that I am NCGS. I started baking with my Nana when I was about 5or 6 and never stopped. Until this summer. Pie is my absolute favorite. Any kind (well, almost). I made one, fresh cherry pie a couple of months ago and it was okay, but the dough felt all wrong. Sat down tonight to find the crust recipe again and found your site. I am excited to try again tonight! And more excited to eat pumpkin pie tomorrow!! Thank you!

  141. Kerri

    This is great! We are in month 6 of going gluten free, and my husband has been asking me to figure out how to make a pie crust because he sure misses pie. My favorite is pecan pie (or as my family called it here in the south: “Karo Nut Pie”), and my husband’s favorite is apple.

  142. Twig

    Pumpkin pie is in the oven with Bob as I type. Since I don’t cook much I had to make an emergency call to a sister to get the scoop on how not to make it soggy. So far so good! The three Bob mixes I use are pancake, pizza and now pie crust. All bean free, soy free which we need!

    It’s been decades since I rolled out a crust. Whoo Whoo!

  143. sonya

    I checked out the ingredients, and was sad to see that Bob’s Red Mill GF pie mix contains xanthan gum, which puts it on the no-no list for me. I know plenty of people with celiac disease can tolerate xanthan gum quite well, but many people can’t, such as yours truly. Its inclusion is a little puzzling to me, since pie crust can be much more easily mimicked sans xanthan gum than, say, pizza crust, based on my own experiments. But I definitely know that it’s impossible to satisfy all dietary restrictions in one recipe, so I can’t really blame Bob’s Red Mill for producing a GF mix that is as sturdy as they can make it.

  144. Rae @ So Rae...Me

    I LOVE pie. I just made sweet potato and chocolate pecan pie this morning. It was my first attempt at a gluten-free dough (not your recipe but I wish I had seen it first.) I’m glad to see that I don’t have to completely give up desserts just because I’m gluten sensitive.

  145. wanda pope

    what would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin and pecan pie, the filling this year was my best but having just gotten the word to be gluten free I am very excited to have it be even better next year. Thank you for your contribution to my next holiday meal.

  146. Shawna

    Not a big fan of cooked fruit, so I’d make all cream pies – banana, coconut. and chocolate butterscotch.

  147. Rooh

    I loooove pie! Apple pie, pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie are my favourites. And I miss them so. I make them for my family, but it just doesn’t feel the same since I can’t have any. I’ve always felt that leftover pie makes an excellent breakfast, especially pumpkin. Veggies at breakfast 😉

  148. Alexis S.

    I would love to try this pie crust! I make peach and raspberry crostata, and creamy pumpkin and Chocolate Chess pie frequently. I would love to find a cheaper alternative than Williams-Sonoma GF Pie Crust. Mix.

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