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A few months ago, Danny and I were wandering through the West Seattle farmers’ market, like we do some summer Sundays. Cucumbers, apricots, locally caught salmon. They all looked familiar. And then we strolled past a stall we didn’t know. Keep It Real Food Company. And we turned around to look more closely.

I caught the words gluten-free first. And then I saw “no-grain granola,” along with small peanut butter cookies and brownies. Well, I have to try any new gluten-free foods at the farmers’ markets. I like to support my fellow bakers and gluten-free folks. I didn’t expect much out of the granola, to be honest. How could granola without oats be good? Danny and I both looked at each other in surprise after the first taste. This granola, made with almonds, apples, lots of our favorite seeds, coconut oil, and a bit of honey? It was good. We took a bag home to try for breakfast for the next day. All three of us loved it, including Danny, who is a skeptic of any foods that feel too new. That bag was empty soon.

Katie Coleman runs Keep It Real Food Company. She’s thoughtful, genuine, warm, and astute. And she makes some darned-fine food. I find myself wishing I had stacks of her almond-apricot squares on me all the time for that after-swimming dip in energy Lu always has in the late afternoon. This is real food, made well.

We’re happy to share thatย Keep It Real Food Companyย is our latest sponsor. We hope you’ll order plenty of Katie’s food for yourself and your family. And we’ll let you tell you more about why she makes this food for you.

(Read through to the end for the giveaway.)

What compelled you to create this food? Why is your food grain-free? Why is it sugar-free?

When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. (Type 1 diabetes is a rare, unpreventable autoimmune disease caused by an overly-active immune system. There is no cure. Where many cases of type 2, the more common form of diabetes that we are all familiar with, can be treated through oral medication and in some cases even reversed, type 1 is treated through insulin injections.) As an active, soccer-loving kid with a sweet tooth, it was more than a bummer to hear how much work would be involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the disease. I would need to learn how to test my blood sugar, count carbohydrates, and worst of all, give myself daily insulin injections – a hefty responsibility for a sixth grader.

At that time, the recommendation from my health care team was to switch to artificial sweeteners and whole grains. A well-meaning neighbor brought over some sugar-free candy containing the artificial sweetener sorbitol, but warned me not to eat them all at once because of the stomachache I would likely get from the chemical. After realizing that many commercial products claiming to be “low-sugar”, “sugar-free”, or “diabetic friendly” not only tasted fake but still contained a sizable amount of carbohydrates (because of white flour or other high-glycemic ingredients), my mom and I started experimenting with whole grains, since those had more fiber to slow down the absorption of glucose in my body (not to mention the added nutrients).

As an adult, I continued baking with whole grains more and more, while becoming increasingly skeptical of foods that claimed to be ย“healthyย” but had a long list of chemicals in the ingredients.

I first opened for business in 2011 with a different name and focus. I had heard from nutritionists over and over about the benefits of whole grains, and I knew they were better for me. So, my business started as a whole grain bakery. Basically, I made a variety of baked goods using whole wheat (or other whole grain flours) and simply LESS sugar. It was important to me to use only naturally healthy ingredients, and most of all, it was important that my products were delicious and low-glycemic. (Eating low-glycemic foods is important for everyone – not just people with diabetes. A lifetime of blood sugar spikes can lead to type 2 diabetes).

However, during the first year in business, a combination of events, research, and conversations with customers made me realize that, despite being full of “healthy whole grains,” most of my products were not in fact healthy for me.

In order to manage my diabetes, I wear a continuous glucose monitor. It charts my blood glucose level in real time so I can see how a food affects my blood sugar levels soon after I eat it. Although my products contained large amounts of fiber from the whole grains, they still substantially increased my blood sugar levels, requiring me to take more insulin. It was also during this time that I realized that the recipes I was most excited about (those that had the smallest effect on my blood sugar levels) were those that contained NO grains at all. That, combined with the research I had been reading about gluten and wheat, inspired me to change the focus (and the name) of my business.

Many people come up to me at the farmers market and get thrown off by the fact that some of my products contain small amounts of honey or coconut sugar. They think the only thing that matters for a food to have a low glycemic index is the sugar content. Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. Even though my products do contain small amounts of naturally healthy sweeteners, they also contain large amounts of healthy fats and fiber. This is where the magic happens. When you eat a snack containing a small amount of carbohydrates combined with a sizable amount of healthy fats and fiber, the fats and fiber actually slow down the absorption of the carbohydrates. Although this is common knowledge in the nutrition world, I had come to this conclusion through experimenting on my own body, and watching my glucose monitor.

Have you found it difficult to eat well avoiding grains and sugar?

I’ve been avoiding grains and sugar since before it was in style ๐Ÿ™‚

In all seriousness, I’ve spent the last 20 years (I’m always surprised at how long I’ve had diabetes) learning how to keep my blood sugar levels in control. What I realized in the last ten is that what I was learning about has a name: the glycemic index.

The foods I learned to avoid from experience are some of the foods with high glycemic index values, meaning that they raise blood sugar levels very high very quickly. The foods I avoid are:

white rice
white potatoes
juice and other sugary drinks (except when treating low blood sugar)
candy (and I’m NOT including dark chocolate in this category)

It’s not difficult for me mainly because it’s been a transition that has taken shape over many years. Some of these things were obvious to avoid from the very beginning (candy and soda), but others I realized over time. It’s amazing how eating a grain or starch with meals is so ingrained in our culture. But, once you make it a habit to add a pile of delicious vegetables, you stop missing the bread and potatoes.

One thing I highly recommend is signing up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) or, as I like to call it, “veggie box.” I’ve been getting one every two weeks for five years now, and I credit it as the reason I know how to cook vegetables of all sorts.

As for sugar, I believe that many of us are familiar with the idea that you can actually lower the intensity of your sweet tooth, or your body’s “sugar tolerance.” I definitely recommend if anybody is looking to lower their sugar intake, to understand that it can be done over time by eating foods that are less and less sweet until your body stops craving it. A piece of dark chocolate is a perfect way to end a meal (start with 60% dark, then 70%… until you get to 90%).

I also find that the taste of creaminess is often just as satisfying to me as sweetness. Many foods that are marked “low fat” contain extra sugar to make up for the lost fat. I’ve switched back to full fat ice cream and yogurt – I find that I eat less, it has less impact on my blood sugar levels, and I feel more satisfied. All of this leads to fewer calories consumed in the long run!

Lastly, to give a quick plug, many of my customers love my products because they are not too sweet. They actually have flavor! One small cookie goes a long way when it’s full of healthy fats, lots of fiber, and just the right amount of vitamin-rich coconut sugar ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you tell us the story of a customer who has been pleased by your food?

I try to make it clear that Keep It Real Food Co. products are delicious and healthy for everyone, not just people with diabetes or those of us who eat gluten-free. Therefore, it makes me happy when I hear from customers with no particular dietary needs or concerns who just really love my food. One customer comes to mind – she’s a mom with two young boys (and a Keep It Coming subscriber). She and her husband both work full time, so it’s really important to her that the boys have healthy snacks while she’s at work. Their family eats the no-grain granola for breakfast, almond apricot squares for snacks, and peanut butter cookies and black bean brownies for dessert. I know she’s happy that our products are healthy, and I’m happy that two young boys love my black bean brownies.

What fuels you to do the work you do?

Literally? Coffee, dark chocolate, lots of veggies, and wine ๐Ÿ™‚

But seriously, I know I’m lucky to do what I do and to have a personal connection to it. My diabetes allows me to measure the affect foods have on my body, and I hope to use this information to help others sort through all the food available to us today. I love that I offer something different that people can trust to be delicious AND healthy.

I also think it’s a really exciting time to be involved in the world of food. You can’t read a newspaper these days without seeing a headline about food or nutrition, and farmers markets are actually in style! Everybody is starting to pay attention, and I think our world will be a better place because of it.

Keep It Real Food CO

We think you’ll like the food fromย Keep It Real Food Companyย as much as we do. Katie has kindly offered to supply us with a package of food for one lucky winner. She’s including a package of the no-grain granola, the flourless peanut butter cookies, and the seedy crackers.ย 

(She would also like us to tell you about her Keep It Coming program, a subscription site for the no-grain granola!)

Leave a comment here about why you would like to try this food. We’ll choose the winner at random by Thursday, August 29th.ย 

Update: the winner has been chosen at random and notified. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments! And please do try the food from Keep It Real Food Co.ย 

208 comments on “Keep It Real Food Company

  1. Lisa (GF Idiot)

    I’d like to try it simply because I’m a bit skeptical! I’ve had a mass-produced oat-free granola and wasn’t really thrilled, but I’m always willing to try something else. The peanut butter cookies look very intriguing!!

  2. Beth

    I have two and a half (I’m the half) GF eaters in my home. I’m a half b/c although I don’t need to be GF, I end up eating what they do for convenience. However, there are just some things that I long for when trying to stay with the GF lifestyle & it’s goodies like these! Maybe these would help me avoid the gluten once & for all!

  3. Maggie Y.

    Oh wow, I would love to try her products! After recovering from a massive car accident 5 years ago, I find my body is so much more sensitive. Stopped being able to tolerate gluten and am now finding refined sugar makes my energy levels crater. I keep trying to fine tune my diet to give my body what it needs to overcome the remaining obstacles to my recovery. Keep It Real Food Company looks like something I’d love to add to my pantry!

  4. golden

    Oh goodness, that stuff looks good! I would this for when I travel or have to get out wayyyy too early to think about making something for breakfast!

  5. Erin

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year and a half ago. So many products that are marked GF are such a disappointment! I would love to try some of Katie’s goodies! Thanks.

  6. Michelle

    I tried their Flourless Cocoa Nib cookies and LOVED them. I’d love to try more of their products!

    1. Melissa

      I also tried these cookies months ago when I was at the W Seattle Farmers Market and they are TO DIE FOR…. pretty much gobbled them up right away. Not like health food good, just good good. YUM!

  7. Ellyn

    I’ve been eating gluten free since my celiac diagnosis 5 years ago. These foods intrigue me because of their healthy nature as well. Recently I’ve eliminated many “processed” foods, and cut way back on sugars etc for weight loss reasons and I feel so much better! Would love to give these a try

  8. Nina

    I would love to try it because I’m always on the look out for new GF granolas! And this one sounds delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Carolyn Weske

    I am always looking for healthy, tasty snacks and food for my celiac daughter and non celiac son.

  10. Kerry Bullock-Ozkan

    Even though I’ve gone gluten-free, I still feel like I have trouble if I eat too much grain. My sister-in-law has a family history of type 2 diabetes, and she’s lost weight and gained energy by going on a low-grain diet, and I’ve been trying some of her ideas. But I’m such a cereal/ oatmeal person when it comes to breakfast. I would love to try anything that can get me out of that rut – plus they sound delicious!

    1. Angie. Carter

      I was diagnosed celiac 3 months ago. I am an avid baker with a degree in nutrition. I completely understand what gluten is, but the GF flours are a mystery to me. I have felt like a 5 year old in the kitchen to bake GF.
      so far, I find travel the most difficult. I would love to connect with others who eat real foods for nutrition and enjoyment…I just can,t eat all those bars that are hard and protein packed.
      we are leaving NYC today to return to MS, and though I truly enjoyed our time here, I really missed the wonderful pizza and pasta I have enjoyed in the past.

  11. Netty

    I MISS CEREAL!!!!!!!! The taste, the convenience, the crunch, the healthy protein & fiber (I only ate good cereal before–especially granola)….yum! It’s one of the few things I care about having to have given up being gluten free. Even if I don’t win I’ll have to check this out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

      1. Susan

        Her stuff is very good….but it is just way too sweet for me so I am figuring out how to make my own cereal/granola without all the sugar

  12. Susan

    As I’ve watched my dad adjust to a GF diet, and examined all of the packaged stuff my family eats, I want to add more foods that are as unprocessed as possible. These look like the perfect blend of healthy, tasty, and convenient.

  13. Fiona

    I’m always on the look out for healthy alternatives. I’ve been gluten-free for 7 years now and I know there’s something still not right with my diet. Would love to try out this granola.

  14. Brittany

    I recently found out that I am allergic/sensitive to many foods, including gluten, dairy, and corn. This makes it very difficult to eat out or even eat foods at most restaraunts. I would love to try these wholesome snacks!

  15. Leah

    I just found out that I’m allergic to gluten. Giving it up has made a huge difference in my fibromyalgia fatigue, and I also bounce back faster from the pain.
    However, I have also been frustrated by the chemical-laden, white-rice-based “gluten free” products, so I avoid them. Finding products that use whole foods and no gluten is difficult. I will give this company a try. Sometimes I like to have a treat I don’t have to bake myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Marcy

    I’m intrigued. Eating GF means doing my own baking, if I want to monitor what I consume. Love to find healthy alternatives to making it myself. These products sound great.

  17. Meeka

    I’ve been gf for 6 years now and I can honestly say that finding out I have celiac has been the biggest blessing of my life. It changed EVERYTHING for me. I discovered I love to cook, that I love the science of nutrition, that I love vegetables and seeds, that sugar can be the enemy and that I want to do everything I can to change the way we eat in this country…one mind at a time and through the food I make in my kitchen. ร€ table!

  18. Corey

    I’ve recently discovered that the origin of many of my health issues is: gluten sensitivity. So I’m just starting my gf journey.

  19. Annie

    I’m new to grain free eating and still struggling with it, particularly at breakfast. The granola sounds AMAZING!

  20. Wendy

    I am always looking for new gf foods to try. My 8 year old son and I have to eat gf. We live in a small town in Kansas so this is difficult.

  21. Elizabeth

    Whole food, real food is how we eat in our home. We have two auto-immune diseases in the family: type-1 diabetes for our 10-year-old, diagnosed at 18 months and celiac disease for our 15-year-old, diagnosed at nine years.
    The other six of us don’t have any special dietary needs, but are definitely enjoying the benefits of healthy eating.
    Having something pre-made, without being “processed,” would be a treat for me (and the whole family)!
    Thank you!

  22. Sahara

    I’d like to try this food because I’m gluten, sugar and dairy free, and there aren’t many companies like this in France, where I live! Everything looks delicious. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Sara

    I’ve been experimenting more and more with eating grain free. Would love to see what these treats are like.

  24. Sarah

    I would love to try because I’m always on the lookout for new, healthy GF products. These sound great!

  25. Meredyth

    I’d love to try this food as I have been gluten free for two years and am now trying to still eat less sugar as I still don’t feel exactly right. I have some of the same denial I had when I had to quit gluten but am working hard to look past that as I know how much better I felt when I stopped. Using that feeling as motivation.

  26. Karen

    My husband has celiac disease and we’ve been moving to a less-processed more whole foods diet for several years now. We would love to try these products!

  27. Donna

    I’m one of those folks that always like to try something new. Unfortunately I live in an area with few choices. The local IGA wouldn’t have a gluten free clue. Fifteen miles away there are Food City’s and Kroger. While offering gluten free choices, nothing new seems to pop up. If I drive 25 to 35 miles away, I can find Ingles, Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s and Earthfare. I go up there once every month or two to see and try whatever is new. I’m thinking that this product may not have made our market so I’d love to try it.

  28. Kelly B

    Our family is moving toward gf and fewer grains for general health, energy & focus reasons. Would love to have a taste of her creative and “real” products!

  29. Shana

    As a newly diagnosed Celiac(also lactose intolerant), I’ve been having quite a lot of trouble finding good, nutrient-dense sources of calories and have lost too much weight. Also, so many of the GF products are sadly, disappointing . As I have yet to master a GF snack or baked good recipe, these sound wonderful and would be delighted to have the opportunity to try them!

  30. Jan Cooper

    I’ve been working toward a paleo-esque lifestyle, but struggle with the same issues many people do: I miss certain foods, sometimes enough to derail myself. These products sound perfect for the occasional treat.

  31. Nicki Inch

    I am always looking for healthy gluten free and grain free snacks. I have come to the realization that all grains bother me in some form or another and I do my best to avoid them. Sometimes and I mean sometimes I like to have a quick snack like food that I don’t have to prepare – something that all I have to do is open up a bag and eat it. These sound like the perfect treat.

  32. Darcy

    I have recently transitioned to eating GF and am looking for more grain free alternatives. These products sound amazing! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  33. Jill

    I’d love to try her products because even though I know I should cut down my sugar intake, I struggle! These products look inspiring.

  34. Ashley

    I would love to try the cookies! I have been sugar & fruit free for over two years. I just started gluten free about a year ago. I have alot of problems with my blood sugar. Although I am told I am not diabetic, eating really low sugar helps me to be able to think clearly, maintain my weight and get through the day. After being sugar free for a year I began missing the comfort of having a cookie with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I tried lots of things but everything made my sugar sky rocket leaving my dizzy, bloated, in pain and unable to think clearly. A couple months ago I discovered coconut sugar even when I ate it on an empty stomach I was okay! I am still being very careful about how much I consume so I haven’t been baking alot. But I would love to try these cookies with a cup of tea in the afternoon! It would make my year!

  35. Lindsey F

    I would love to try Katie’s products. I have been GF for over ten years and am amazed by the great products that have recently entered the marketplace. I am not much of a sweets eater or craver but enjoy granola and hate it when it is too sweet. These products will be interesting to try.

  36. Michelle C

    Keep it Real sounds exactly like what my husband and myself need. I am hoping it is available in SC? I’d love to know more.

  37. Shaina

    I would love to try the products because I always have a hard time finding a gluten-free snack to get me through the mid-afternoon at work. It sounds like the apricot squares could be just the thing.

  38. treza

    LOVE the packaging, it would catch my eye with it’s simple goodness & then I would be hooked on the gluten free aspect ๐Ÿ™‚ I love trying new foods, & now that we are just attempting the GF life, I am excited to try new foods. I teach a writing class on Wednesdays with about 90 women and just found out half the class is either GF or celiac’s, so interesting, and all looking for GF foods and stores in our area. Would love to try this and spread the word. thx for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Damselflydiary

    Gluten free and low sugar? Sounds good to me. I am liking things less and less sweet these days!

  40. Joyce

    I would like to try Keep It Real because I’ve been reading a lot lately that has changed the way I think about “healthy eating” – including GFG’s most recent posts about sugar and “Eating on the Wild Side” as well as a book about increasing fertility through lifestyle and nutrition changes. Its amazing how closely aligned the principles are – and one of the main topics is avoiding wheat, most grains, and high GI foods. So I am very intrigued by Keep it Real – as I know I’ll still want and need “treats” from time to time!

  41. Danielle

    As a former granola eater I have yet to try a gluten free option that gets close to the taste of the gluten variety. It’s sorely missed from my breakfast!

  42. Erin

    This is great, and so timely for me. I’ve recently cut out grains from my diet and I feel AWESOME. My face, which had been breaking out painfully for years, is finally healing. I feel slimmer and more energetic. I seriously can’t believe how much of an impact it has had on me, physically and even mentally. I would totally LOVE to try these products! Thanks so much for sharing this company with us.

  43. Tagati


    Luv the fact that you’ve discovered another treasure! Have to admit, although I eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits (supporting the local organic farmers here in Port Townsend), I do have a sweet tooth and eat lots of white rice (Japanese background) and would luv to try her almond-apricot squares.

    Recently one of my dogs was diagnosed with diabetes, so I’m trying to figure out a good diet for her as well.


  44. NannaNan

    Diagnosed with Celiac disease four years ago changed my life for the better. I set out to heal my villi and actually pictured them renewing and repairing. Then, last year, I tested positive for four strains of Lyme disease. OK, I thought, I’m already eating well, and I can work with my doctor to get better. The treatment for Lyme is a pulising of different antibiotics, on and off, for a period of months and years. The anitibiotics have done a number on me, even with probiotics and taking even more and greater care with what I eat. I am moving toward a raw food diet. I would appreciate trying Katie’s products to help me get started beyond my vegetables and fruits. Thank you, Katie,for what you are doing to teach people, as Shauna and Danny do, and to offer healthy alternatives without long chemical preservative ingredient lists!

  45. Brianne

    Being four months pregnant right now I’m definitely struggling with my blood sugar. These look amazing, and I’d love to try them!

  46. Elizabeth

    I’ve started a edible garden at my high school and hope to teach a class about sustainability and food systems and nutrition. I’m trying (with some success) to feed my young daughter with the integrity. This food looks just wonderful.

  47. sonrie

    I would like to try it to understand that food can have tiny amounts of sugar – but not overloaded, and not none at all – to be tasty. I like the owner’s philosophy.

  48. Gail

    I love the idea of grain-free and sugar-free and nutricious for my family and would love to try any of these products – they look wonderful!

  49. Kelly Jones

    My family is in those early days of going gluten- free, which can be confusing. We are learning the ropes, and finding out that not all products labeled gluten-free are not equal. The Keep It Real Food Company impresses me with its care for quality. The quest for the best will surely result in healthy and delicious!

  50. Leslie

    I am 14 days into the 21 day sugar detox as well as being allergic to wheat. I am trying to get healthier. These foods sound great.

  51. Laura

    As a GF person who works a lot of hours and has limited time in the kitchen due to the necessity for sleep…. I look forward to trying these. An easy healthy snack is always welcome!

  52. Una

    As a woman who’s wrestled with compulsive eating for years, as well as food-lover and cook, I dwell these days in an in-between zone where diets and restrictions are wholly unwelcome combined with listening to the body and really questioning what I want, what feels right, what’s enough. I’m intrigued by Katie’s story about observing her body’s interaction with foods and drawing conclusions from that direct observation; I can relate to that listening, and the realization say that a certain food isn’t right for me not because it’s inherently “bad” but because when I eat it it doesn’t make me feel right. Examining its charge. I love her conclusion about full-fat ice-cream, for example — that takes real curiosity, listening, openness. It’s a challenge — every meal is an opportunity — and full of self-discovery. I’d love to try her foods (hello almond-apricot bars!) and explore her discoveries. Thank you for the introduction!

  53. Kristin

    I have been gluten free for a year and a half now and I have been completely transformed. I too have an autoimmune disease (not diabetes) and this has greatly reduced my symptoms. I have not replaced many of the treats and grain type foods because I find the quality to be lacking. I would the chance to try Keep it Real and find some to enjoy! Thanks!

  54. Dorothea

    My body tolerates gluten just fine, but the more I learn, the more I try to stay away from modern-day gluten products. Even though I love, love whole grain products, I’m trying to eat as gluten-free as possible and am making a shift in my buying and baking habits. I would love the opportunity to try Katie’s products!

  55. jean_e_lane

    I have been half-heartedly fighting my prediabetes. Anyone who can maintain a level blood glucose level is someone whose advice is something to take seriously – for anyone. So before I go clicking all the links in your post, I wanted to leave my comment to get in the running to try some good goodies! I am kind of tired of catering to two different tastes – mine and my husbands. Time to find something that suits us both!

  56. Vicki A.

    As a type 1 diabetic for 15 years, avoiding high-glycemic foods like poison (and with no diabetic-related complications) , I’m delighted to hear about your products. Alas, I live in Portland, Oregon, not Seattle.

  57. Jen M

    I’d love to try these products! I always make my own granola because it’s just too sweet when I buy it. This sounds delicious.

  58. Pam-ella

    This looks amazing! I love that you review prepared foods and ingredients that you love. The granola looks like a great answer to a breakfast that really stays with you. I’m very intrigued. Thanks.

  59. Sandy

    My commitment to living GF is very recent but it has been life-changing. I can’t believe all the time I wasted feeling unwell when the answer was so simple. Now I’m on a mission to fill my pantry with healthy, tasty foods that are so delicious, they don’t feel like a sacrifice. I’d love to try these products!

  60. Trish Gerlitz

    Food is for sharing. With 3 celiacs in the family, the thing we miss most is the sense of community that shared food brings. What interests me in Keep It Real is that it is GF. What kept me reading, is the backstory as it reminds me of a diabetic friend (diagnosed at age 7, wears a pump and never complains). I’ll forward her the blog; it would be even better to enjoy Keep It Real treats together!

  61. amy

    Oh my goodness, these look great! Their packaging design is gorgeous, and the contents of course look fabulous. We’ve been making our own granola for ages; it would be great to try a grain-free variety with such rave reviews from the Ahern household.

  62. dezreen

    Why to try – great idea, great ingredients and great packaging! Her glycemic index ahhaa is also quite intriguing! I always thought I was dairy intolerant until I gave up gluten. Sometimes it is what you haven’t tried that is the key.

  63. Katie

    Just starting on the gluten free journey – this goodies look amazing and I would love to have some to bring with me to school for a quick on the go snack. (I am a teacher and start this week!)

  64. jacquie

    while i’m lucky in that I don’t have food allergies, i’m all for keeping food authentic and simply prepared.

  65. Patricia

    I would love to find some healthy treats like granola and almond apricot bars so I can treat myself but not feel guilty about too much sugar and high glycemic index. Thanks for letting me know how to put crunch back into my munchies with gluten free granola.

  66. elizabeth

    your description made my mouth water;
    it’s GF;
    the philosophy behind it just makes sense.
    Please feed me: my stomach is rumbling after reading this post.

  67. Michelle F

    I have type 1 diabetes (42 years) and celiac (40 years, but only diagnosed 9 years) with a growing number of other food intolerances and allergies due to leaky gut from all those years undiagnosed. I am transitioning to a grain-free diet to try to heal. I am so happy to learn about these awesome products and am going to be placing an order tomorrow. Thanks for introducing them to us!!

  68. Lynn Paul

    Sounds interesting, and variety is good! Every so often a treat is good, my husband sometimes eats yogurt if it has crunchy stuff on it so this I could try!

  69. Jennifer

    My daughter has officially found her sweet tooth, and I’d like to find some ways of giving her a treat that have more health benefits than the package of M&Ms she’s recently discovered. Also, I like to try all new granolas!

  70. nicole i

    i would love to try “keep it real”…i have adapted a paleo style diet for the past 15mths…changed my health, my life and my outlook.

  71. Vik

    We eat GF because of celiac, so would love to try these healthy products! Thank you all for hosting the giveaway.

  72. Annamarie

    I would love to try these. I have celiac disease and a neurological condition. I do much better on a grain free diet.

  73. Lisa M.

    My 9 year old son has T1D (dx a little over a year ago) and just got the celiac diagnosis last week (luckily I had read Gluten-Free Girl years ago, so have some familiarity with eating GF, but not to the point of Celiac). Anyway, we’re on a quest to find the foods that he enjoys, so I’d love to add this to our taste-testing list! Thanks!!

  74. Jen

    Ive been gf for 7 years and am just now realizing how sugary foods are impacting my health. I’d love to try these!

  75. Katherine

    Those apricot almond squares sound awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this company and her interview. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and have decided to go gluten and dairy free to reduce inflammation in my body. I’ve been so thankful for how I’ve felt since the change. I’m interested in learning more about sugar and alternatives for it like coconut sugar. I’m always looking for new foods to try as I learn whats best for my body.

  76. Katie G.

    I’d like to try it because I’ve been experimenting more lately with making my own granola and healthy snacks and it would be nice to try yours to see what I think!

  77. Shari W

    I’d like to try it…as I’ve yet to find a gluten-free granola that I like. I’m in that “granola without oats” category myself! What an awesome giveaway – thank you! And thank you for having such wonderful sponsors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Kim

    This company looks amazing! I’d love to try some of the goods. Thanks for hosting the great give-a-way!

  79. Francesca M.

    This post is making me hungry! I think if I got the gluten-free granola, I would eat the whole bag.

  80. Jessica

    I recently discovered that the source of years of stomach ailments was linked to my carbohydrate intake. So now, I’m very mindful of the type of carbohydrates I eat, how & when I eat them, and learning to make do on less. I would love to try the granola, as I dearly miss my morning oatmeal, and mornings are the hardest time for me to digest carbohydrates. I’ll be trying these products for sure.

  81. Le

    My GF anniversary was Sunday. I’ve had a year of hard work rewarded with better health. I’ll love everything but the PB cookies-those will be passed to my husband. (I can’t have PB; he LOVES it!)

    I will definitely be looking for this line of food locally.

  82. sarahkeith

    Thank you for sharing this company’s information! I’ve been experimenting with the paleo diet and am really liking how i feel when I cut out grains and sugar. I just placed an order!

  83. April

    Oh my goodness! It looks so good! I would love to try this not only for myself but for my daughter who has several allergies and leaky gut! We are trying to get he tummy all fixed but, she just started high school and kids a harsh about different foods! She also plays volleyball and these look like they would be great snacks to give energy and replenish!

  84. Carol Acitelli

    I love good food, especially when it’s healthy. And like you, I never pass up a small business with GF products.

  85. Susan C

    I am in the market for snack foods that keep my belly happy and my husband satisfied – these sound like they might to the trick!

  86. Caitlin

    I’ve been gluten-free for two years now, but I’m still discovering foods (potatoes, added sugar) that give me problems. This food seems like exactly what I need to start working into my normal eating. It looks delicious too!

  87. Karen

    I am one of the celiacs that cannot tolerate oats and have been stymied by what to sub in granola to make it yummy! I would love to try these products out.

  88. laura

    I’ve been gf for a couple of years now but am starting to think that grain-free might be a better path. I’d love to try these products!

  89. Anne

    I’m not gluten free but I’ve been making a serious effort to cut gluten, sugar and grains of late. I’ve already noticed an improvement in the way I feel and am intrigued by what Keep it Real is doing! Would love to try out her products.

  90. Kim

    I would simply like to try it because I’m all about putting the healthiest, nutritious, funnest foods in my body. Thanks!

  91. Adrienne

    I am GF, dairy free and egg free so breakfast is a lot of the same thing over and over again for me. I create my own “seed cereal” as I call it with similar ingredients to the granola but I have to go from bulk bin to bulk bin to do it and I would love something already packaged! Thank you for sharing this.

  92. Dana Bohlen

    I’ve been diagnosed with celiac for 6 years and my dad had celiac and type 1 diabetes. I’m always looking for fun new foods for both of us to try!

  93. Daphne

    Like my fellow community members, I’d love to try this creative take on granola and the other treats. Peanut butter treats are my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. EmSewCrazy

    Wow! I’m so excited to learn about her! I’m also a type 1 diabetic and got diagnosed with Celiac disease a few years ago. Adjusting for both has been a frustrating challenge at times. I would love to give her foods a try. Thanks for bring her to my attention!

  95. Cynthia S.

    Just last night my husband stated that he would sure like a bowl of granola. Being on a gluten/grain free diet we thought we better find a way to make our own. We would love to try the granola from Keep It Real Food Company.

  96. Kim G.

    My daughter is gluten and dairy free. My mom and sister died this year. It’s time we get healthy in a serious way!

  97. Olivia

    Thank you so creating what look like some lovely GF options! I’m gluten intolerant and still struggle to find good tasting food with minimal ingredients. Growing up, I always struggled with my stomach and why just eating a sandwich or chicken noodle soup didn’t make me feel better. Now I’m energized and excited to discover all sorts of yummy, healthy options!

  98. Ann

    I’m gf out of necessity and my husband remains skeptical of foods made with “funny flour.” I’d love to show him just how good the foods I get to eat are, and some Keep It Real products would probably be just the ticket!

  99. Meg Weal

    I’ve just moved to the US from England and I’m trying to source some good, tasty gluten-free goodies…these look like just the ticket! thanks for the giveaway! xxx

  100. Cynthia

    I would like to try these products because I am trying to eat a healthier diet. I am very busy at my job (I’m a doctor) and I need things that are quick and healthy to eat while on the go. These products might just fit the bill.

  101. Karen

    While I usually make my own granola, the idea of granola without oats is intriguing enough to make me want to try it. As for the cookies and crackers, they look amazing! I’d LOVE to try them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Caroline

    Now that I’ve started my clinical years of med school, I struggle to find gf snacks that I can travel around the hospital with and keep me fueled, especially when there’s no opportunity for a meal. Thanks for the opportunity and the new sponsor!

  103. Debra

    Working at a popular Portland market I am always sampling new exciting LOCAL products. This looks like a line customers would connect with. Really appreciate your passion and life story that motivates you. Your granola really sounds awesome.

  104. Rebekah

    It is challenging to always cook from scratch as a busy mom and teacher, especially with sugar/gluten intolerances. I’d love to try products that are ready-made, but not sub-par.

  105. Kristen

    I’ve always had a sweet tooth but lately my tastes have become much more refined. I think my body is telling me to lower my sugar intake and eat foods with more natural flavor. I simply don’t have a taste for the level of sweetness you find in most processed foods, but I do love to cook from scratch and eat perfectly ripe fruits and veggies. The more I pay attention to what I’m really “craving” the more I’ve discovered I would choose the complex flavors of simple ingredients and recipes over those I enjoyed as a child. The bonus is I’ve absolutely noticed less inflammation in my joints, less frequent heartburn, and more energy throughout the day (and I’m only 32!). These foods sound like something I would enjoy. I still have my sweet tooth. I just try to maximize the benefits of my snacks and desserts. Thanks for the offer!

  106. Christine

    I would like to try the no grain granola simply because I am always looking for something that can be a good breakfast. I am so sick of instant oatmeal and simply can’t do muffins and donuts. I need healthy, filling, full for energy wholesome foods to start my day.

  107. VanC

    I’d love to try these food the Apricot bars sound really yummy and I’ve never heard of a black bean Brownie.

  108. Julianne

    My 5 year old has a gluten intolerance, and we are still new to his diet. I’m learning so much about alternatives – it’s kind of a fun new food adventure for us! Thanks for the chance to try these products!

  109. Paige

    They all look very tasty! I would love to try these snacks with my family of six. I keep very busy trying to feed them well and to keep them healthy. Thank you!

  110. ellen

    i love granola. i miss good cereal now that i’ve dropped grains. oh, how heavenly a good bowl of granola with almond milk would be!!

  111. Jet Harrington

    It’s always a treat to find local bakers, makers, and farmers to support. That’s how i first met Molly Moon, and the folks from Manini’s. Looking forward to trying these goodies.

  112. Angela

    I’ve cooked my own granola batches every1-2 weeks, but when I realized I had a gluten free allergy oats were the first thing to go. Those were my ‘staple’ food! I’ve now found certified G-F oats at Trader Joes, but trying the no grain version from Keep it Real sounds great – my favorite aspect of this food choice change is just knowing what ‘good’ stuff I put into my body. It has power.

  113. Chloe

    Most of our food should be unprocessed home made and from scratch but we do need sources of unprocessed and minimally processed pure ingredients. It sounds like Keep It Real is a good example of that.

  114. Alicen

    These goodies sound excellent – especially the granola! I’d love to try them all the way over here on the other end of the continent ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Ally

    I would love to try it because I’m currently in the process of trying to wean my sugar-addicted self OFF of refined white sugar, and am just as skeptical of wheat products. Thanks!

  116. Kay

    I have celiac disease and type 1 adult onset diabetes. I have real trouble keeping my blood sugar low even thought I eat healthy and exercise more than once a day. These new products might help!

  117. Marilyn Greason

    I don’t have celiac disease, I don’t have diabetes, but I do love to read Shauna’s blogs and I learn so much from her about foods that are good and delicious for everyone. So if Shauna and Danny say things are delicious, they usually are! I would love to try these products… and I love the name !! Keep It Real… yo, yo, yo !!

  118. Cassandra

    The challenge is always to find a balance of truly healthy food and a company worth supporting. Hoping Keep It Real is just such a find!

  119. Jaymi

    I’m also a T1 diabetic and really appreciate what Katie is doing. And, I’m always on the look out for healthy snacks for my kids!

  120. Sue

    The low glycemic and gluten free are such a tremendous combination. I am so impressed with this post and energized with plans to try these products. I cannot make everything we consume. This could provide a bit of a break healthfully.

  121. Ryann's Mom and Aunt

    My daughter was diagnosed with T1 diabetes a month after turning 13 over 18 years ago. Always athletic she struggled with high highs, low lows and was diagnosed as insulin resistant and needed more and more insulin to stay within range throughout her teens and 20’s. Frustrated with western medicine’s tendency to treat the effect more than the cause she began a quest for answers with her struggle to maintain a decent A1c and “normal’ life. (One of the reasons she decided to pursue a career in alternative medicine.) Food allergy testing 4 years ago discovered a high intolerance to wheat and peanuts (and immediate removal from her diet) has resulted in a significant reduction of insulin needed to maintain a healthy A1c and significant quality of life. After a family vacation in Florida and tasting the ONLY GF treat (disgusting) option my daughter had on a menu one evening, her professionally culinary trained Aunt (my sister) has been on a quest to raise the bar on GF/low sugar/low glycemic baked goods. A huge fan of GF blogs she is continually “trolling” the internet finding recipes to try while blending flours, grains and nuts to use as alternative ingredients. Trying to create healthier options that taste amazing, not only for her niece but the entire family! If chosen to receive the gift pack- I’m confident my daughter and sister would enjoy immensely! I’m ordering granola for both as soon as I hit send!

  122. Jess E.

    I’d love to try these items because they sound delicious! And requiring a gluten free diet, I’m always trying to find quick, health(ier) and delicious treats that don’t require my own work in the kitchen. Because sometimes I want to be lazy too!

  123. Melissa

    As a person with auto-immune disorders (arthritis, colitis), I have discovered in recent years how much better I feel when I don’t eat gluten. I’m always hunting for new GF products that are convenient and actually healthy too. These products sound delicious!

  124. Kerry

    These products all sound delicious, and I always feel better when I eat grain free. I found this story inspiring!

  125. Allison

    Popping over to her website right now! I recently found out I have a wheat allergy. My mom and I are always on the look out for new recipes, and gluten-free businesses (and we love your ‘Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef’ book!).

  126. Ally

    Thanks for introducing this delightful company to us. I haven’t purchased granola in YEARS because almost all prepared granola is such a bummer, but this stuff looks amazing! I don’t do well with oats and I haven’t done refined sugars for the last year so this stuff will be a must try treat!

  127. Mallory

    I have been gluten free for over a year now and feeling some better. I have been trying to reduce my sugar also to see if that helps. I still get hungry for snacks/desserts (who doesn’t!) and it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what to have with no gluten or sugar. These treats look great!

  128. Melissa Carr

    I would LOVE to try a granola without oats! Since recently going gluten free (2months now), I would love some low sugar alternatives that have high fiber!

  129. Kerry E

    I love finding new gluten free products that are made with an emphasis on healthy and not filled with empty, tasteless calories! I cannot tell you how much money I have wasted on products that didn’t even taste like food!

  130. Kelly

    I would love to try this granola! It sounds very interesting. I’m fairly new to gluten free so I’m up for trying new things.

  131. Kristen

    I would love to try some of these foods! We don’t buy much packaged food but it would be so nice to have a dependable brand like this to just know it was wholesome and easy for a quick snack to keep around for when we have the kids out and about!

  132. Sarah G.

    This line of foods sounds perfect. Because 2 of 4 in the household are celiac, we have a gluten-free, low sugar household. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with cutting out more and more grains. I’d love to see what combinations she’s creating. Also, if we continue to go mostly-grain-free, the granola might be a perfect substitute for our morning oatmeal (or it might inspire the substitute). Love reading her story and look forward to trying her products. Thanks for sharing, S&D.

  133. allie

    As a grad student, I rarely splurge on these kind of items, but the grain-free granola sounds great — and perfect for my allergy-forced grain-free mornings.

  134. Charlotte

    I’d love to try this because it goes along with my own eating principles and looks absolutely delicious!

  135. HNK

    I used to call myself “low gluten and low dairy” because I just couldn’t get all the way to free. But after just getting back from traveling for a month in Central America where it was harder to control my diet–and noticing the dramatic effects on my body–I am more committed than ever to being GF and DF! These foods sound excellent! Thanks for the post.

  136. Graca

    Thank you for the article and hosting the give-away. Although I am not celiac, I have found that my health has improved immensely since eating a gluten-free diet. Most surprisingly has been the improvement with my sinuses and that nasal polyps have not returned since the change in my diet. I would love to try these new-to-me products.

  137. Jenny

    I recently had an ALCAT blood test that showed me how severely I needed to avoid any and all gluten and dairy. I even have to cut back on sugar, only a wee bit every once and awhile. Since then I have been on a search to find companies that I could eat with piece of mind. Thank you for letting us know about Keep it real food company! P.S. Love your recipes. ^_^

  138. Jamie

    I’d love to try these products because I am constantly experimenting with healthy baked goods. I love finding way sot make delicious treats that are healthy too!

  139. heather

    our family would love to try this out! with two working parents, sometimes the packaged snack option becomes a too frequent go to…

  140. Sam

    I am very intrigued by this company and way of eating. It is so much easier on the body and I know in my brain it is delicious, and yet I have been so programed that my instinct is to think it wouldn’t be sweet/tasty enough. I really, really, really want to try it!

  141. Ka

    Since going completely gluten-free in October, all of our snacks have been homemade because prepackaged grocery store GF snacks have way too many ingredients and unhealthy fillers. But this stuff sounds delicious and the ingredients are pretty much the same as what I bake with at home.

  142. Ursula

    I am not just gluten intolerant, but carbohydrate intolerant, and would love to try these foods!

  143. Mandi

    This is just what I’m looking for. I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac since I was two and feel like I know how to manage that but now I’m living with my father-in-law who is pre-diabetic and I don’t know how to cook/bake foods that everyone can eat. This article gave me some great ideas for my own cooking but I’d love to try the Keep it Real Food Co. products too. Thanks!

  144. Kat

    I have been lovin’ on GF granola lately. But I’m at the point where I’m realizing the many GF treats are spiking my sugar levels. So I’m always open to trying new, gluten free alternatives.

  145. Lauren

    I’m like Katie, Type 1 diabetes for 30 years, and a celiac as well. It’s wonderful to hear her food journey, knowing mine has been very similar. Long live big piles of veggies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. Sarah

    I would love to try these. Our house is totally gluten free so my fiancรฉ can eat anything in his home and these products could be a great addition!

  147. Lauren

    This company looks amazing! My husband has Celiac Disease and is greatly affected by high glycemic foods. I would love to try her products.

  148. Jessica

    I don’t tolerate gluten from wheat and just recently realized that I don’t tolerate other grains (corn/rice) either. So, a treat that tastes good and is grain & gluten free is worth a try!!

  149. Stephanie

    I would love to try this food! I am at low risk of diabetes myself, but it runs in both my family and my husband’s. I am trying to reduce sugar as a cancer preventative since losing my mother to the terrible disease. These sound like what I would create if I had the talent and the time…

  150. Adrienne

    Wow, her products sound amazing! I’d love to taste them. Gestating my little squirrel has given me a raging sweet tooth, something I’m not used to dealing with. Add to that a constant need for snacks and protein and, well, I could really use some more delicious options. I’ve been trying to cut my sugar and grain consumption down the past year, since I feel so much healthier concentrating on good veggies and meats.

  151. mittens

    The only grain-free granola I’ve had is the stuff I occasionally make myself, and I don’t make it all that often. I’m always on the look out for healthy low-glycemic options for breakfast and snacks because I just can’t deal with those post meal food comas anymore. I love eggs for breakfast, but it gets old pretty fast.

  152. Abby

    Oooh! I’d love to try these products! I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac and Dermatitis herpetiformis and finding tasty, healthy snacks that won’t make me miserable has been a little daunting. Most of the time I make them myself, so I can control the ingredients but man, would it be nice to find something that I could buy and trust for those times when I don’t have the time! These certainly look like they fit the bill.

  153. jill

    I would like to try these products because of an autoimmune illness I cannot eat grains…My dad is also trying to eat more healthy and is trying to be as paleo as possible… We would both love to enjoy them together!

  154. Sandra J Smith

    I would love to try these because they all sound delicious and I am always looking for new gluten free snacks to try! Thank you for the opportunity!

  155. Sheryll Ziemer

    Your blog was the first Gluten Free advice that I’d tried and your advice made it real for me. I had “cheated” on occasion, but after reading more and more of the blogs, I realize that isn’t smart.
    I miss cereal, I miss lots of foods, but these products sound heavenly. Can’t wait to try them all!
    Thank you for your continued help and your wonderful writings!

  156. Jennifer B

    I found out recently that in addition to having Celiacs, I can now no longer tolerate rice or white potatoes. I feel like I’m starting from scratch in adjusting my diet and learning how to eat again. I’ve begun exploring grain free items since rice is the cornerstone of traditional gf products. I would love the chance to try a grain free product that comes with such rave reviews!

  157. Rachel Morrison

    I discovered I was allergic to gluten, dairy, and high fructose and regular corn syrup when I was 14, 8 years ago. When the first little section opened up in the grocery with gluten free pancake mix when I was 16 I almost cried I was so excited. Now it’s amazing to be able to find so many options and alternatives, and extremely healthy options at that. Thank you for all your recipes and tips. This new company is so exciting and I can’t wait to try out their products!

  158. Carolyne Thrasher

    I would love for my Dad to try these. He has type 2 and I’m always trying to find ways to help him. We did a gluten free trial for my Mom and Dad lost 8 pounds! Mom couldn’t stick with the gf though so now I’m torn as to what to do. They live with us or we live with them. Basically we provide for one another in varying ways and one of the ways I help them out is with nutritional support. There are 3 generations in our home. Sometimes it makes grocery shopping and cooking challenging.

  159. Kerri S

    As a T1 diabetic and a Celiac I’m always on the lookout for GF foods that won’t cause my blood sugar to spike. I also love the backstory of how the business came to be..

  160. Mary Henington

    Thank you for the heads up. I live near Seattle, but have never been to the West Seattle farmers’ market. I would love to try Keep It Real Food Company’s products, before signing up for regular granola. I have been living gluten-free, low GI, etc. for 5 years now, since I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. It has been a struggle getting my mind fully around all the dietary and lifestyle changes, but I’m getting there.

  161. Pat

    I used to eat a lot of granola, but it no longer tastes good to me. Perhaps I need to try one without grains.

  162. Bernadette

    I’d love to try this granola as I can’t tolerate oats or quinoa which seem to be in everything lately!!! If I like it, I’ll be a great customer!!!

  163. April

    I’ve been looking for granola that doesn’t taste like it is drenched in sweetener. I want to taste the seeds and nuts, not the sugar. And I am a sucker for peanut butter cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. Katherine

    Not going to lie, I want some because I’ve been gluten free for just over a year now and I’m always looking to sample new treats. IT makes me feel super good to find a yes after lots of no.

  165. Katie

    I would love to try these products, especially the granola, because we struggle with good, healthy breakfast options for my son, who has both celiac and diabetes. Traditional breakfast items spike his blood sugar and lack the protein necessary to power him through the mornings.

  166. Gratefully Gluten Free

    I would like to try them because they look sooo good, especially the apricot squares.

  167. Mollye

    I’d love to win. I just started clean eating to maximize health after receiving an autoimmune syndrome diagnosis.

  168. Kimberly

    Because our whole home became gluten free when 50% of us were diagnosed as celiacs and 100% love to share yummy food together.

  169. Wendy Rubach

    I would love to win because I want to try the black bean brownies….brownies out of black beans seems too good to be true!

  170. Megan

    Wow, that granola looks great! I’ve been super grumpy in the afternoons, and realized that it’s probably from a sugar craving. I’m trying to break that 3 o’clock broiler-s’more habit, and it sounds like these healthy convenient foods might be a good way to ease out of that snack habit. Clicking over to her website, I see her kitchen is also soy-free and dairy-free! Cha-ching!!

  171. Susan

    Tried the granola and the dark chocolate chunk bars. Both were good and the bars are delicious, but…the granola is just too sweet for me. Looks like I’m going to half to make my own GF dry cereal because everything that’s out there at the moment is made for kids.

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