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Here we go. We’re heading onto the open road, not sure where we’re going, and doing it all joyfully, gluten-free.

New York, Pennsylvania, and New England — we can’t wait to meet you.

As you might know, we recently launched our latest cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day. Thank you to the many of you who have written to say how useful you have found it, how many nourishing meals you have made for your family. We’ve loved seeing photographs of your kids eating avgolemono soup, the biscuits and gravy you have made together, and the entire family seated at a table eating fettucine with kale-walnut pesto and oven-dried tomatoes. We love how much you love this cookbook.

But we never stop working around here. We’ve been working on our next cookbook for months. The next cookbook we are creating is called American Classics, Reinvented. We’re taking classic, comfort dishes of the United States and reinventing them,  gluten-free. In order to create the best cookbook we can for you, we want to meet you. And we want to experience the foods you love and miss the most in your hometown.

This is an incredible country, far more friendly and connected than the news would have us believe. We want to sit at your tables, shop at your farmers’ markets, and experience life where you live. And then we’ll convert many of your favorite recipes to be gluten-free, so you can share them with your families for years to come.

Starting September 15th, when we land in New York City, we will be doing daily updates from the road on our website, with photos of the potlucks we will be holding, farmstands and restaurants we will visit, the farmers and makers of good gluten-free foods we will have the pleasure of meeting, and the good food we will be eating. We will also be posting frequent photos on Instagram, updates on Twitter, and recommendations on Facebook and Google+. Follow along with us as we hit the road and share the experience with you.

(And this Wednesday, we leave for 10 days in Italy, leading another culinary getaway with Jovial Foods. We’ll be updating here with glimpses of Roman food markets, pizza made in a wood-fired oven in Tuscany, the festival of lights in Lucca, and suggestions for how to order gluten-free in Italian restaurants. September is going to be one exciting month.)

farmers' market bounty

Here’s the plan.

We’re asking everyone who attends to bring the best food of your town to the potluck. Show us how to best represent your part of the country in our next cookbook! If you want, bring the gluten version. (This is especially for those of you who write cookbooks and blogs and can eat gluten.) On one side of the room, we’ll have the gluten foods. Danny will taste every bite and take notes. I’ll take photographs and ask him endless questions about texture and taste! We’ll both ask you questions about why these dishes are meaningful to you and collect the stories.

(Danny and I both know that our recipes will be better if he has tried the original dish. We’re lucky to be a team here.)

And of course, on the other side of the room, there will be a feast for the folks who need to be gluten-free. Danny and I will be making three dishes from Gluten-Free Girl Every Day for every potluck, as well as having copies of the book for sale. We want you to bring your favorite gluten-free dish! We’ll also have the latest and best of the food and cooking products of our sponsors at each of the potlucks. No one will go hungry.

It’s going to be an amazing party.

But for now, we’d love your help.

farmers' market bounty II

Starting September 16th, on this gluten-free potluck road trip tour, we’ll be doing 10 potlucks in 12 days, in the following places:

New York City
eastern Pennsylvania
Hudson Valley, NY
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
the Berkshires

We have places lined up in most of these states and a tentative itinerary of when we will be there. We have a specific place and time for NYC and for the Berkshires. Those are set. But in some of these states, we need spaces. We’re looking for venues and people to help us set this up. All we need is a space. Some kind of big room, community center, someone’s home? We will have all the dishes and glasses and everything we need for serving, plus ingredients for cooking. So we will just need a space, some tables, access to a kitchen and people to share all this food!

We also want to visit a farm every day along the way, to meet and honor the people who make our food. Do you have farms you love you think we should visit? Restaurants that serve great, nourishing food that happens to be gluten-free? Cheese makers? Charcuterie makers? We want to know the best of your part of the country.

We’d love your help with this. And we’d love to feed you.

So, go! Fire away with suggestions and ideas. Feel free to email me at shauna@glutenfreegirl if you don’t want to leave it in the comments section. As venues and times become more clear, we’ll give you exact details in the coming days and weeks.

Danny and Lucy and I cannot wait to meet you.

p.s. Hey folks in the South and the Midwest! We’re coming to you in February and March!

We want to send out a huge thank you and acknowledgment of the good companies that have come forward to sponsor this American Road Trip Potluck Tour for us all. 

Jovial Foods makes incredible gluten-free pastas, organic tomatoes, and some of the best olive oil we have ever tasted. They make simply great food. 

Attune Foods makes some of our favorite foods in the world, including their new quinoa-chia cereal, which we will be debuting on this tour. They do things right. 

Bakery on Main makes great gluten-free foods, including good granolas and bars. We’ll definitely take some of their instant oatmeal packets with us, for a good breakfast on the road.  

Thank you to these three companies, as well as the companies that might be joining us, for their sponsorship of this tour. 


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  1. Monet

    Bam bam Bakery in Portland is gluten free and closed on Sundays. I would suggest contacting the owner to see if she would be willing to share the space. Worth a shot. Roost House of Juice is a raw juice bar that caters as well, they might be willing to do something or maybe has suggestions about spaces. Space Gallery is always a cool venue but might be too big. I feel like there’s lot of options but I can’t think I anything! I have a 3 month old, my brain no worky!

    1. shauna

      That’s a great idea. And the fact that you’re trying to make suggestions with a baby! Impressive.

    2. Cathleen

      The folks at Roost are friends of mine, and I’m imagining they’d be totally excited to host. It’s a sweet space. Local Sprouts Cooperative is also a wonderful venue.

        1. Caitlin

          These are all Maine–my home, too. I work at a great little market called Rosemont Market & Bakery: Maine-grown produce, meats butchered in-house, cheese from here and away, and fresh (though gluten-style) bread baked daily. We have three stores in town, one of which is a warehouse-style space that just might be a great venue! Send me an email and we’ll see if we can make it happen. And/or! I’d love it if you came by my store when you’re in town: Rosemont Market & Bakery, 580 Brighton Ave, Portland, ME

  2. Sam Weinrott

    Hey, my parents have a venue in Ardmore, PA (though it might be too big). They’ve also been in the catering industry for years, so they could probably help you find another venue if you gave them some more specifics. Let me know if we can help out!

  3. Vhari

    Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar in Narragansett, RI has amazing burgers of every ilk and lots of other yummy food, with many gluten free options! They have a great covered patio, and might be willing to team up. Also, Celestial Cafe in Exeter, RI has great food, and lots of space!
    The Mediator Stage in Providence, RI is an old church that’s been converted into a space for performances, open mikes, and other events. And, it’s got a kitchen!
    Some ideas for gluten-y Rhode Island foods to make over: clam cakes and chowder and “doughboys” (fried dough with powdered sugar, I’m salivating as I write this!). On the other side, “johnnycakes” are white cornmeal cakes found only in RI that are naturally gluten-free.
    Can’t wait to see you guys when you come to my small but eclectic native state!

    1. shauna

      We’ve been working on recipes, thanks to suggestions from people here and on the Facebook page, plus fervent fans of New England food! Clam cakes and chowder are definitely in the book! Doughboys? I hadn’t heard that one. Johnnycakes? I love them. But they probably won’t be in the book because we’re trying to convert the recipes that traditionally require gluten. But thank you. And we’re looking forward to meeting you!

  4. Vhari

    Of course, you’re always welcome to use my home, although it might be a little tight for more than 15-20 people. 🙂

  5. Heather

    In Burlington, Vermont: Stone Soup is AMAZING. Wholesome food prepared with passion and love, much of it gluten free. I eat there safely. I bet they would be down with hosting!

  6. Letty

    Watson’s Farm in Jamestown, RI, is awesome! (I might be a tad biased as I have personal ties). They sell amazing meat. I currently get a CSA from Picadilly Farm up on the NH/VT border that is amazing, so fresh and so full each week! Both would great places to visit. If you stil need a space in RI, let me know, I can look into using the PAC in Jamestown, it has a great hall and a kitchen. Can’t wait, as I have easy access to RI where I grew up, MA where I live, and NH where my in-laws live! Maybe I’ll come to all three 🙂

    1. Kris

      Another great CSA/farm is Waltham Fields Community Farm in Waltham, MA. They actually partner with Piccadilly Farms so that both farms can serve a greater number of people with a broader selection of vegetables.

  7. Jill

    If you are willing to hit central pa, spiral path farm is an amazing family owned and run organic farm. I have participated in their CSA program for the last three years. They also work with a wonderful organic apple orchard

  8. Kerry

    In the NH lakes region there is a fabulous Tapas restaurant in which the owner makes some fabulous gluten free food! The restaurant is Tavern 27 in Laconia, NH. The owner is Ray, his wife, the chef, is Leslie. They might be able to work something out with you! We have a summer home there, we live in Austin the rest of the year, and we have a standing weekly reservation at the restaurant. My husband who has traveled the world due to his job claims this is his favorite restaurant!

  9. Annette

    I know of two Baltimore area restaurants that might be willing/interested in hosting. Great Sage in Clarksville, MD (a vegan restaurant however…) and Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore, MD (awesome food!). Might be interesting to check out. If I didn’t have a young baby I would totally help organize something but my little guy requires a lot of time. 🙂 Good luck! I look forward to reading about the adventures! 🙂

    1. shauna

      Thank you for the thought. I’m not sure if we’re getting to Baltimore on this trip. But if we do, we’ll reach out to those restaurants!

  10. Miriam

    Newport RI has a food and wine festival in September . Would love to see you there .Check out Fluke in Newport always offering great gluten free options .

  11. Katherine

    How exciting! If you’re near Easton, PA you should go to the farmers market. It’s the oldest continous open air market in the country.

  12. Liz

    Pete’s Produce Farm in Westtown, PA is fantastic. Think the sweetest corn you’ve ever tasted (the mirai is best) and fantastically beautiful and diverse heirloom tomatoes. They also sell all kinds of amazing winter squash, jarred goods, local yogurt, honey, peanut butter, and lots of other produce and grocery items. It’s a must.
    In Maine both the Portland and Lewiston farmers markets are fantastic. The Portland fish market will give you a great sense of the beautiful seafood that feeds us and is such an important player in Maine’s economy.
    Can’t wait!

  13. Doris

    As I live in the Netherlands, I can’t help you with venues or farms. But I am glad to see that you’re going ahead. Wishing you and all those you’ll meet a pleasant, lovely, instructional (is that a word?) and yummy time!

  14. Julie Alexander

    Hey Shauna and James,
    I live in Minden, Louisiana, a small city east of Shreveport, Louisiana. We have a lovely farm location just south east of town that was developed by Cultural Crossroads as a place for developing the arts, teaching farming and sustainable gardening to school children, and for community events. We call it simply, “The Farm.” It has a covered pavilion for hosting events just like yours, including indoor space for food preparation. We host a local farmer’s market in the month of June, a local musical festival, and other events as we can bring folks in to raise awareness of our community jewel. We’d love to have ya’ll come down to see us! The director of the farm is Mrs. Chris Broussard, and her email is I’m sure she’d LOVE to hear from you!

    1. shauna

      Thank you so much, Julie. That sounds like a wonderful place! As soon as we are back from this trip, we’re planning the next ones. I’ll reach out to her in October!

  15. Anya

    I would love to help you when you come down South, and there are a couple of venues I think could be great for you if you come to the Charleston, SC area (and you should – it’s gorgeous here!)but I am confused about how this is going to work. Are you asking us to find a venue for you and reserve it ourselves, or will you reserve (and pay for) the space yourself? Also, driving around the Midwest in the winter might be really problematic, especially with a small child. Wouldn’t it just be easier and cheaper to ask for people to send in their favorite recipes for you to recreate at home? Not trying to be a Debbie Downer; this tour seems like a great idea on paper but I’m uncertain how it will play out in real life. Best of luck, though!

    1. shauna

      Well of course we wouldn’t ask you to pay for venues! Goodness. When we published this yesterday, what I imagined would happen did happen. People who know the states we are visiting have been sending us droves of emails with suggestions for farms, restaurants, and places to stay. We don’t know these areas. Why not ask the locals who care? And of course, we don’t know the venues in places like New Hampshire. We could give people suggestions of places to throw a party on Vashon! So we’re asking for suggestions from the wonderful community that reads here. As far as the tour goes, we’re intrepid. And as you can imagine, we would never do anything to endanger our child. However, my husband grew up in Colorado and knows how to drive in snow and ice. And if the conditions aren’t safe, we don’t go. We’re up for the adventures to come.

  16. Batso!

    Just as an FYI, the legendary Woodman’s in Essex, MA is totally gluten free (except for clamcakes, onion rings, and sandwich bread). This means FRIED CLAMS baskets with French fries. The family has a celiac relative, and their gf bona fides have been confirmed by GIG. My kids have eaten there many times and never barfed once. Locals all say the food has improved since they went gf–the fried clams are way less greasy.

    Legal Seafood, also a New England legend, does an AMAZING job with gluten free stuff as well. And they’re in airports now.

    1. shauna

      I’ve heard of Woodman’s! And I was lucky enough to eat at a Legal Seafood in an airport once. It was such a relief to find a gluten-free menu I could trust.

    2. Letty

      Thank you for this!! I’m English, I grew up on fish and chips…and since going gluten free have had a very hard time finding good ones that I can eat. I live about 45 minutes from Essex, I’m now planning a trip there :).

  17. Tina Birdsall

    I was going to suggest Tavern 27 in Laconia also. GREAT food and they work with a lot of local growers too. On Thursday’s (until the end of Sept.) there is a decent outdoor market in downtown Laconia, with some great local growers. For delicious cheese you may want to head to Sandwich to the Sandwich Creamery; good variety of small batch artisan cheeses and unbelievable ice cream!

  18. LM

    I genuinely hope you aren’t planning to visit the upper Midwest in February/March. I’m from ND and the snowfall is unpredictable, never mind the frequently sub-zero and icy conditions. Bismarck has a street fair in August which might be better for your needs. Mostly though, the towns are far apart and road conditions that time of year can be scary.

  19. Katy

    I am beyond excited that you are coming to New Hampshire! Of course I’m biased, but Londonderry’s Mack’s Apples orchards are beautiful in late September and they have lovely New England fall goodies (pure maple sugar candy; fresh cider; locally produced eggs, cheese and jams) in their market. You would have to go up the street to the Lion’s Club or Grange Hall for an indoor venue. I’ve also heard great things about the new LaBelle Winery facilities in Amherst, NH.

    1. shauna

      I’ve only ever driven into New Hampshire for a few miles on our way to Vermont. (My best friend and I used to drive up from NY every fall.) I can’t wait to try out all of these places!

  20. diane harris

    will you be publishing your stops with dates and times so we can come see? I’m living in southern NJ near phila…so i’m curious where in eastern pa you’ll be.

    1. shauna

      Yes! So many details have come together in the last 24 hours because of this post and the generosity of this community. We’ll have a final tour schedule up next week!

  21. diane harris

    by the way…tried jovial pasta the other nite…..first GF pasta i didn’t mind eating with nothing on it!! Amazing!!

  22. Katie

    I can’t help with the east coast but just wanted to say that I hope a Midwestern visit is on the agenda someday as well!

  23. Kathryn


    King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT has a kitchen where they hold cooking classes. They also have a restaurant in the same space. Maybe they would set aside a time for your event. Also, has a list of farms in the Connecticut River Valley on both the VT and NH sides of the border. I know some people in Hartland, VT that have flower farm, but they host a community garden space for local people. They might be willing to host something, so if you’re interested I can ask them if you have a date in mind.

  24. Clare

    The Oyster Club in Mystic, CT is all farm and sea to table. Not only am I gluten free, but also dairy free. The waiter was able to tell me item by item what I could eat, and shared everything except things made with pasta or have bread as a main ingredient are always GF. She then checked in with the Chef immediately and reported back with further details. I would check in with them if they have a space as well. Many, many people in Mystic are gluten-conscious. Firefly Farms is a local farm in Stonington, CT: Also, this oyster farm, which is short boat ride away:

  25. Eve

    A few places that I trust to eat at in the Burlington VT area who also source their ingredients locally are, Skinny Pancake, A Single Pepple, and the Istanbul Kebab House Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant (Essex Junction). I think you’d also like checking out Shelburne Farms.

  26. Rebekah

    You must come to my area, north of Philadelphia, PA! There are many amazing organic CSA’s here, including, the world’s most fantastic all gluten-free bakery (mostly organic too), and some amazing cuisine (my favorite local place is I don’t know how large of a venue you would need, but there are a plethora of community centers that are very welcoming. Please come!

  27. Ally

    I’m no longer living in Maine, but Barrels Community Market in Waterville is wonderful – community based, into experimenting with good food, and focused on partnering with local farmers and artisans. Seriously great place – and they host community events in their basement. I found my first ever gluten free baked good there after discovering I needed to eat gluten free in college… sadly, their supplier in Brunswick burned down a few months later – but it was great while it lasted! Have a wonderful trip.

  28. Jean_E_Lane

    When you decide to come to the southwest, make sure Albuquerque is on your list! I can’t help with venues or local food as I am a midwest transplant that can’t get into chili, red OR green! I think the best time, weather-wise, would be late August or September. The spring winds will have gone and the heat will be tempered. Can’t wait for this new cookbook!

  29. Molly

    Broadturn farm in Scarborough maine is well worth checking out, such a gorgeous place.
    I so hope I get the chance to meet you guys, I used to live in West Seattle and I love seeing your photos of the area! Safe travels !

  30. Lisa Z

    Of course you know you are welcome to stay, but your visit might just coincide with my annual “January Party” which has always been a potluck anyway. I think you might just be able to use the dining / living room as your work lab. Keep us posted!

  31. Linda Fazio

    If you’re by Murphy, North Carolina or Palm Beach Gardens, FL let us know. We would be happy to have you in our home or in Palm Beach Gardens, we have a nice Club House.

  32. Sophia

    If you want to stop in Northampton, MA, on your way from Boston to the Berkshires, you have more amazing local organic farms to choose from, many doing wonderful activist work around food access and sustainability. I’ll put in a plug for our friends Jen and Nate at Crimson and Clover Farm (, who lease their land from the awesome nonprofit Grow Food Northampton ( I think you’d really love the work that Grow Food is doing (farm education, a new community garden, food access in low income communities, preserving historic farmland…!) and I would be happy to put you in touch with Jen and Nate and/or Grow Food if you are thinking about a Connecticut River Valley stopover…

  33. Jacqueline Faiman

    There is a wonderful farm, Quarry Hill Farm, near Souderton, PA, about half an hour from Philadelphia. We get a CSA share from it and have visited the property. It’s beautiful (someone obviously put a lot of thought and resources into planning it all), AND they have a newly built barn that they use for special events. I think it would be a fabulous place for a potluck. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get you the contact information.

  34. frances

    there are lots of farms in southeast pa. we get our csa from snipes farm, in morrisville, just north of philadelphia and over the river from trenton, nj. it is a small, old family farm, mostly organic.

  35. Julie

    Shauna, Shauna, Shauna. This is a fantastic idea. I know you from a long time ago, when I had the blog A Finger in Every Pie which went dark in 2008 when I became a high school principal and no longer had time to blog. I will definitely cook for and come to the NYC event if I possibly can, but for a Vermont venue you MUST check out The Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative:
    They’re a collective of farms and small food businesses in the Randolph/Northfield/Brookfield area of Vermont. Our favorite farm, Green Mountain Girls, is a member, and the farmers Mari and Laura often do events on the farm, with cooking demos etc., and have a space for it. We just went to “taco night” there recently, with almost all ingredients (other than tortillas) raised on the farm. Our favorite restaurant in the area, Ariel’s, is also a part of the cooperative, and could be another option for hosting. If I can manage it, I’ll try to come to the Vermont event as well…my in-laws live a few miles from both Green Mountain Girls and Ariel’s, which is why I’m such a big fan of the local farms and local food…

    1. shauna

      Julie! Thank you so much. And of course I remember you. Oh, I missed your posts! Please do email me about the NYC potluck, which is already booked. But I’m getting you in. ( And we would love to go to Green Mountain Girls! We’re having the Vermont potluck at Bliss Ridge on the 19th. Have you seen this place? Oh my goodness.

      1. Claudine

        Is the 19th at Bliss Ridge a definite? Will you be posting more details on your blog? How are you set on local foods? Thanks! We’re so excited you are coming 🙂

        1. shauna

          It’s a definite! We’re doing a post tomorrow, announcing it all. And we would love for you to come and to bring the best of Vermont food with you!

  36. Melissa

    Portsmouth NH is amazing. Flatbread pizza has gluten free choices and is across the st from the Portsmouth Health Food store which carries many gluten free choices including subs/sandwiches made to order. Flatbread Pizza is also amazing bc of its community super night in which the give a percentage of sales to local nonprofit/charities. They also use many local grown products. The farmers market in Portsmouth, NH on Saturdays is amazing and the largest in the area. Feel free to ask/pick my brain for other ideas/venues etc. thanks for being so wonderful!

  37. Yvonne

    Well, I live in CA, so I can’t help you with venues (yet?) — but I have a Pennsylvania GF makeover request for your road trip.
    Eastern European “nut roll.” I’m sure when you’re in PA, you will find requests for it from people there too. It’s yeasted, with walnut filling, or it can also be made with poppyseed filling. I know it from my Hungarian ancestry, but my Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, etc. friends all make it too. And I’ve also heard it called “PA nut roll.” In fact I’m hoping some PA peeps will provide you with a request and a sample. (If by any chance you make it to central PA, I might be able via relatives to line you up with one.) It’s just not Christmas without it. My husband went GF last winter, and he feels oh so much better, and we are experimenting with GF for my son as well.

  38. Laura

    Looking forward to attending (fingers crossed!) your potluck in Boston. Wish I could offer a space.

    There is a wonderful dairy farm in Framingham, MA, called Eastleigh Farm. There are several cheese makers who use their facilities, including Nobscot Cheese. On the same road, there is a wonderful CSA only farm called Stearns Farm.

    And, if you’re in Framingham (or passing through on the way to Boston), I highly recommend getting some pao de queijo at Forninho Magico (The Magic Oven). Amazing and delicious Brazilian cheese bread. Very representative of the local community here.

  39. Sini

    What a wonderful, wonderful way to celebrate food. Can’t wait for the road trip updates AND most importantly the cookbook! You three are just so inspiring.

  40. Kat

    Thrilled to hear you will make a stop in beautiful NH! I live in on the seacoast (Dover) and might be able to hook you up with a church hall/kitchen if you are looking at southern New Hampshire…good luck on your adventure and I’ll cross my fingers that I can come to your potluck, wherever it is!

  41. Amy Middleton

    Shauna; This potluck idea sounds fun. If you come to the Twin Cities area, I will make you our regional treat: battered cheese curds. Yup mine are gluten free and really the best. gfGoodies is my company and the Breading and Batter mix is what I use for the cheese curds. It really was the inspiration for the business because when I was diagnosed with celiac, I missed the state fair cheese curds. A friend wondered if they could be made gf and that started my exploring. Hope you are near me on your travels!

  42. Lu-Ann

    How many people are you expecting at these events?

    I maybe able to help out with a venue outside of Boston.


  43. Doris

    Come to Des Moines, Iowa! Although you should really come between May 1 and Sept 30 when you can visit our amazing Saturday Farmers Market downtown! We have lots of great organic farmers and some restaurants that focus on locally grown foods. We’d love to host you! The potlucks sound wonderful!

  44. valerie Capdepont

    are you coming to the San Francisco area? would love to meet you guys, you are a beautiful inspiration!
    We might be moving back to Argentina and would love to start a place where wholesome gluten free, organic and sustainable foods are celebrated! our little Georgie deserves that and so much more!

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