in the morning

baked onion rings

I never know what we’re going to be eating when I wake up in the morning.

Danny and I both love to play in the kitchen. It’s our favorite space to dance. After years of cooking methodically, following a recipe to the letter, I released into experimenting after I met Danny. It’s funny how different food can taste when you stand in the space before the stove at ease.

Of course, Danny has been doing this for years. He never follows a recipe. It makes him itchy to stare at words on a printed page and try to replicate the choices someone else made at the stove. (Pretty funny that we write recipes for a living now, right?) He adores looking at other people’s cookbooks. He pores over them daily. But he uses them to wake his senses to flavor combinations he might not have tried or remind him of dishes he has been wanting to eat. He likes to create, not re-create.

I love his confidence.

And I love the mornings when he wakes up and says, “Hm, I’ve been thinking about oven-dried onions. I wonder what that would be like?” He disappears into the kitchen to play with the mandolin . A few hours later, he hands me a dish of warm crunchy onions.

Play, my love. Keep playing.


Oven-dried Onions

Prep Time
Cook Time
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These dried onions have the crunch and saltiness of potato chips without the frying. If you need a little nosh of something to satisfy that urge, these might be good to make.

And hey! Come fall, these might be perfect for that green bean casserole so many us love without having to buy that glutenous can of fried onions.


about 1 1/2 cups of oven-dried onions
1 large yellow onion
extra-virgin olive oil, preferably in a spray bottle
kosher salt or sea salt


These should be good for 2 days or so. After that, they will lose their crispness.

20 comments on “in the morning

  1. Islay Mulcahy

    I recently read somewhere, that canola oil is very bad for you. How do you feel about sunflower oil or safflower oil?
    Definitely going to try those onions? Yummm!

  2. Stephanie

    I MUST make these! I love onions. They are my favorite food, second only to avocados. Having baked onions like this means I can add them to my other snacks, or in lieu of fries, or tossed on top of a burger or eggs. Why didn’t I think of this before?!

  3. EllenFitz

    Question: Do you bake them as slices and then break them into individual rings later? It sounds like it but your picture looks like separate rings, not slices plus I can’t imagine a single layer of separated rings from an entire onion thinly sliced fitting on only two sheets. Could you please clarify for me? Thanks!

    1. shauna

      Those are slices, just as we wrote in the recipe. When you use a mandolin, some of them break down into parts. And it’s easy for them to break apart!

  4. EmSewCrazy

    Found you blog last week. Love it. This sounds delicious. I’m going to have to try it since one of those things I miss is green bean casserole.

  5. Kit

    Oh yum, I have got to get husband to do this.
    My husband, just like yours, does not follow recipes, makes up wonderful, tasteful, flavorful meals, every day (lunch and dinner daily), I am so lucky. We get cookbooks from library and jot down ideas for future meals, not the recipe but the idea. Husband does not do baking (desserts or bread) because it requires recipe/measuring, he even threw away our measuring spoons during kitchen redo but I needed them yesterday to make crackers for the first time.

  6. Jenn

    Yum. Must make this.

    Also would like to thank you for Gluten-Free Girl Every Day…bought it for the Kindle and can’t wait to begin cooking through it.

  7. claudia

    Oh, good! I’ve done these before, because I love to use carmelized onions, and it takes so long in the pan. But I put the temp too high, and it was hard to keep some of them from burning. And I love the idea of using parchment paper here. Thanks for an easy way to make a sweet and tasty treat!

  8. Kelly

    This looks like a fantastic alternative to the canned, fried onions. I’m already picturing lightened up casseroles for Thanksgiving!

  9. Monique

    This inspired me to try it using my Excalibur Dehydrator … I can already imagine the aroma.

  10. Jules Duggan

    This is brilliant. One of those moments when one thinks, why didn’t I think of that!? Fried onions is one thing I used to love on burgers, etc. Can’t wait to try them and share your link with my blog followers too.

  11. VladM

    I’ve done this with onions and thin sliced tomatoes, and instead of plain oil I use a little zesty Italian salad dressing. The intensification of flavors, and the sweetness of the tomato are amazing. Use it as a sandwich topping, a base for pasta sauces, or even on hot dogs.

  12. Nan

    While I don’t currently have a mandolin, I have had two in the past and both were a pain to use and didn’t work well. Do you have a suggestion for a good quality mandolin that won’t break the bank?

    Thanks for the idea, I can’t wait to try it.

  13. PauletteG

    I have made these twice already. They are simply awesome. They are the perfect topper for aby savory dish that calls out for a topping. They are also awesome eaten all buy themselves

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