Let’s Cook Together: avgolemono soup


We were thrilled to bits that so many of you cooked with us last weekend. Every weekend, we’re inviting you to cook with us out of our new cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day. Last weekend, we made biscuits and sausage gravy.

Many of you wrote to say you found the recipe easy to make. More importantly, you enjoyed your biscuits. This comment made me and Danny so happy:

“This was the second recipe I tried in your new book. My husband (a southern boy) told me they were the best biscuits he has ever eaten… and he doesn’t have to be GF!”

Whoo hoo! Thank you, Rebekah.

So, if you’re missing good biscuits, take a look at our book.

Now, let’s cook together again, shall we?

Each chapter of the book is a different strategy for getting dinner on the table. Want something fast and nutritious? Try the stir-fry chapter. Want to feel like a kid again? How about breakfast for dinner?

One of the most useful chapters — and perhaps the most requested — is the breaking down a chicken chapter. It’s an amazing waste of money to buy chicken in plastic-wrapped parts. If you buy an entire chicken, then break it down into its parts, you can use every part of that chicken for meals that week.

Avgolemono soup is one of my favorite ways to use the chicken breasts. It’s a great last-minute, what-do-we-have-in-the-refrigerator-for-dinner soup. It’s so simple: chicken breasts, stock, rice, eggs, and lemon. In fact, avgolemono means “egg lemon.” You might be surprised at how filling and creamy the soup is, but never dull with that hit of lemon.

Here’s one note for you. Danny and I love that acid tang of lemon in a dish. Especially me. So this soup might be assertively lemony for you, if you’re new to it. Try using the juice of one 1 less lemon than called for the first time you make it, then taste it. If you want more lemon, squeeze away!

So, if you want to make a light spring soup that’s filling enough for dinner, let’s cook avgolemono together this weekend.

And if you don’t have our new cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day yet, you might want to order it so you can cook with us next weekend.

Happy cooking, all!

8 comments on “Let’s Cook Together: avgolemono soup

  1. Letty

    This soup is so delicious!!! It was hearty and filling and somehow light at the same time. Perfect for an early summer evening. My picky one-year-old even ate some, and she hates rice. I did make it with boxed stock (blaming the one-year-old for that one) and without any actual measurements I had to wing it, but the soup came out delicious. Thank you!

  2. Milon

    Hi Shauna, I’d love to try this tonight but will be using boxed stock and bought chicken breasts. Would you mind please giving some guidance about the quantities of both needed? Thanks so much.

    I made pizza last night for the first time in well over a decade, following the recipe in your book. Every single person in my house was happy last night. Thank you so much.

    1. Milon

      Ended up very much winging it and it came out more stewy than soupy, but yummy. I’m a big fan of avgolemono so will definitely give this another go – though maybe a little less lemon for me next time (I used 3.5).

  3. Katey

    Starting a late-Sunday dinner because I was working in the garden all day (yay!), but this recipe looks quick since I have the stock already to go. I came here to ask the same question as Milon. I have some frozen chicken stock that I want to use (3 cups). Wondering how much rice to use. I’ll wing it like Letty!

  4. Katey

    Thanks so much for suggesting this soup! Now I get why so many people like it. The combination of ingredients didn’t ever call out to me in the past, but now that I made it, I LOVE IT! So creamy and satisfying, with a little kick of lemon. (Though I would use white rice next time. I only had brown rice and it took forever!!)

  5. SanderM

    We tried the grilled pizza this weekend with quinoa flour instead of millet (I was out of millet). It was the best pizza I have made (and I make a lot of pizza). Everyone love it (there were 3 people that required gf, but everyone else loved it too). My husband bought me your book for Mother’s day, he says it was a very good investment. 🙂

  6. Sarah G.

    This was the first or second recipe I made from Feeding Lucy 😉
    All four of us devoured it – no leftovers. I was intrigued and nervous about stirring in egg at the end, but I was so glad I did. And I was definitely okay with Danny’s suggested amount of lemon! Thanks so much for this one. It was great. (And perfect for a summer cold too)

  7. Lori from A Family's Life

    I had just gotten your book in the mail, and this was the first recipe I tried.

    It was delicious! We are a half Turkish family, and love some lemon in our soup!

    Can’t wait to try some more!!

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