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This morning, I wanted to tell you about the warm, sunlit day that made everyone in the Pacific Northwest appreciate the sky again. We all go a little wild when the temperatures rise above 70 degrees and the clouds disappear. After a gloomy winter, most folks in this area unfurl like buds beginning to bloom as soon as we see the sun. There were two glorious ferry rides, lunch outside with some of the best pastrami I have ever eaten, a reading with wonderful folks in the audience (they came inside in this weather?! I’m grateful), a pasta with ramp-watercress pesto, and a twilight game of hopscotch with Lu that made my heart feel glad.

I was going to share more, and the recipe for that pesto, but we have to head for that ferry dock to leave the island soon.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be taking the ferry a number of times, and then airplanes, clutching our passports. I’ll try to write as often as I can. However, without a laptop to write in hotels at night, the posts might be limited to quick stories and photos when I can post them.

If you’re looking for recipes, might I remind you there are 120 of them in our new cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day?

(Thank you to all of you who have bought the cookbook so far. It has been in the top 100 cookbooks on Amazon since it debuted! We’re so grateful. But much better yet are the stories and photographs trickling in, stories and photographs of you cooking from the book. We’re so happy you love it. Thank you especially to Kristina, who wrote this to us:

“I made your apple pie yesterday for the love of my life whose all time favorite dessert is apple pie. (((Thank you)))!!! It was the first pie in 39 years that has turned out beautifully. And the taste!! OMG!!! Love at first bite! He said it was the best apple pie he’s ever had. You are the first person after a long line of people who have tried (and failed) to teach me to bake pie, to successfully unlock the 1 thing that has foiled me for years. Nothing is going to stop me now!!!”

Kristina, you have made us so happy. People making pie successfully! Best feeling in the world.)

So, before we run for the boat, I’d like to point out a few places we’ll be soon.

Tuesday, May 7th


Shauna appears on AM Northwest, on KATU TV in Portland. I’ll be on about 9:20, talking about zucchini noodles and chocolate chip cookies!

7:30 p.m.

Shauna and Danny at Powell’s Books in Portland for signing and celebration.

This is a long-held dream, to read at Powell’s. We’d love to see you there!


Thursday, May 9th

7:00 p.m.

Shauna at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park for signing and celebration. Come on by!


Wednesday, May 15th 

And next week, when we’re in NY, the only event that is not sold out is this:

6:30 p.m.

Shauna at Posman Books in Chelsea Market for signing and celebration. This one’s free! Come on by.


After that, we’ll be in Italy, teaching cooking classes with the Jovial folks. It will look a little something like this.


And then we’re home again, at the end of May. We’ll be having more readings, gatherings, potlucks, and celebrations, hopefully in your town. We’ll fill you in on this soon.

For now, the cooler is packed with chocolate chip cookie dough, ready to bake. We have a stack of books in the car for Lu. We’re rolling down the windows and letting the sun shine on our faces as we drive down the road.

See you soon.

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  1. Jabbara

    Hi Shauna, I’m confused, you said that you weren’t coming to Portland? Or was it just the potluck that was cancelled? It’s tomorrow, if it’s happening.

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