Bob’s Red Mill Grains of Discovery

Bob's red mill grains

If you’ve been reading this site for awhile, you know that we love Bob’s Red Mill. Any company founded on the idea that Americans should have more good, whole grains available at their table? We like that company. We also love Bob himself. (Whenever we open a new bag of flour, Lu points and says, “There’s Bob!”) We love that Bob sold the company to his employees when he was ready to retire. And Bob’s Red Mill was the first sponsor of this site, quite a few years ago, and they have been with us ever since.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that life as we live it in this house could not exist without Bob’s Red Mill and its gluten-free grains and flours.

And yet, we have found a way to love them more.

Bob’s Red Mill recently launched a new line of products: Grains of Discovery. These ancient grains may seem new to the American market but they have fed people for thousands of years. (Did you know that amaranth was the staple grain of the Aztecs? It seems it was first cultivated around 6000 B.C.) Now, Bob’s wants more Americans to have access to gluten-free whole grains such as millet, quinoa, and teff through this new line of grains.

I’m thrilled to bits they are now selling small bags of the sorghum grain. First grown in Africa, sorghum spread east through the Silk Road trade route. Today, it’s still widely eaten in Africa and India. But in the states? Well, it has been nearly impossible for me to find before this. I adore sorghum flour but I have not been able to play with the grain. Now, it’s time to start playing.

I’ll start first with the curried carrot and sorghum salad on the bag. The recipes on the side of these bags are far more interesting than most packaged foods offer — alegria (a sweet treat made with molasses), Central American quinoa soup with serrano chiles and cilantro, sweet millet congee, and Ethiopian teff stew. These dishes from around the world sound very much like the recipes in our new cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day: simple to prepare but surprising in taste. We want to share the world with our daughter through our food. The fact that Bob’s Red Mill has made these grains accessible helps us. And you.

Five of the nine ancient grains that Bob’s Red Mill offers — amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and teff — are made in the dedicated gluten-free facility. I respect the way Bob’s Red Mill has taken care to make sure those of us who are gluten-free can eat such a wide array of foods. Playing with our food just grew easier.


Bob’s Red Mill wants to help you discover these grains more easily. They are offering a set of the five grains to five lucky winners. Leave a comment about why you are interested in playing with these grains. Make sure we have your email address! Comments will be closed on Friday, May 31st and winners will be chosen at random. (Open only to residents of the U.S.)  




329 comments on “Bob’s Red Mill Grains of Discovery

  1. Krissy

    Wow, exciting! I am recently gluten free due to an auto-immune disease and it’s is making me feel better. Looking forward to trying these.

    1. JC

      Great except Bob’s and other commercial companies refuse to accept the fact that there is no such thing as GF oats. Since these are also processed where true GF flours are, there is no way to guarantee the GF status of any of their products.
      I can speak from personal experience that all of Bob’s GF products still give this celiac problems.

      1. shauna

        JC, their oats are certified gluten-free. They are grown in a certified gluten-free fashion, tested at every turn. Some folks react to the protein in oats (avenin) as though it is gluten. However, it’s not true to say that there is no such thing as gluten-free oats. I’m an extremely sensitive celiac and I have never reacted to these oats.

  2. Kate

    How cool!!! Now that I am gluten-free I have been enjoying experimenting and cooking/baking with all different grains, flours, etc. I would love to try out this new product line!

  3. Katrina Crenwelge

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to add these to my kitchen. I am newly diagnosed celiacs and am learning all the foods/recipes I can enjoy. This would be wonderful!!

  4. Gruppie Mama

    That is so cool, I’ve never seen whole sorghum either. I would love to try playing with their whole collection! We’ve been very dependent on Bob’s Red Mill goodness too, since taking our 10yo GFCF and thus our whole family 2 years ago!

  5. Amy Hays

    I love experimenting with healthier GF options for my family. I also LOVE BRM products. We couldn’t live without them.

  6. Anna Metnick

    I’m a huge fan of Gluten Free Girl and Bob’s Red Mill products. I’ve been GF since 2002 following being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It’s wonderful to see how many new, delicious, and healthy products are available. I’d love to use these flours for the recipes in the new Gluten Free Girl and the Chef cookbook. Thank you!

  7. Corlean

    Yes please! : ) Would love to add these to my ever growing arsenal and play with the possibilities. I guess I could share them with Jim too.

  8. Shelly B

    Oh this is exciting news! Can’t wait to try them – but am even more excited to see what you and The Chef put together with them! Yum!!

  9. Debbie Aldous

    Whenever I drive through Portland, I take a detour East to load up on the goodness that is Bob’s Red Mill gluten free products! My first visit there had me feeling like I had come home.

  10. Mary

    Would love this! I like to grind my own grains, and these grains are HARD TO FIND, even in our well-stocked natural food stores. Excited to see Bob’s Red Mill is bringing them to market!

  11. Dawn

    I am so excited about these. I was just saying today, after making my husband some sourdough bread that I wish I had more gluten free flours that were whole grain so I could experiment with gluten free sourdough. Experimenting with new flours would be so fun!

  12. Jean

    I would LOVE to try all these different “BOB’S RED MILL grains! Being gluten-free sometimes it is hard to find new stuff to eat! I could make soups, stews–the possiblities are endless!

  13. Emily

    I am so excited to try these and play with recipe ideas! I grew up eating millet porridge that my dad made and I am so excited to try these!

  14. Toni

    Awesome!! Bob’s Red Mill is always offering such a variety of products. You can always count on them for quality in their products!! Thanks for this info glutenfree girl!! 🙂

  15. Kris

    Would love to try these! My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac, so we’re on a steep learning curve…

  16. Lea Shelton

    Love Bob’s Red Mill!! And Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef, too! I am so inspired to make delicious GF food!

  17. Jenn

    I can’t wait to try these. It would be exciting to try new things due a gluten sensitivity.

  18. Adrienne

    Whole grain sorghum? I’ve never been able to find that! Wow, this is really exciting. I can’t wait to pop it like popcorn! Among other dishes, of course.

  19. Anita

    Very excited to try these new offerings. I look forward to experimenting with new flavors for my recipes!

  20. Leanne S

    I am so super excited to try these! I’ve been looking for more gluten free grains other than rice, since the news about arsenic in rice (not eliminating completely, just trying to reduce the frequency). Can’t wait to see them at my local co-op, but it would be even better to try them first!

  21. Lissa

    I love Bob’s Red Mill! I have had a lot of fun experimenting with their GF flours since changing over to a GF lifestyle. These would be a great addition to my kitchen line up. Thanks for this offer

  22. Jennifer

    I can hardly wait to try these. I have been trying to go truly gluten free for about a year. These will certainly help.

  23. Sarah

    With 4 out of our family of 6 having Celiac our house is 100% gluten free for life! We are new to this and can use all the variety we can get!

  24. Katrina Crenwelge

    I would love to have these in my kitchen. I am newly diagnosed celiac and trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat, all the amazing recipe options, and what should be in my kitchen everyday. I hope to have these soon!!!!

  25. Anna

    My daughter has so many allergies and sensitivities that we wind up eating the same things over and over. SO excited to try new things for her!

  26. kristen

    I love Bob’s! I can’t wait to experiment. Variety makes it easier to keep cooking every day. And I have many gluten free friends. Thanks Bob’s Red Mill!

  27. Elaine

    Just opened the package with your new book this afternoon. I am going to a potluck tonight so I tried the Sunflower Sesame Sauce and put it on a rice and shrimp salad. Delicious. Can’t wait to play with some of these new grains. And make some of the recipes from your book.

  28. gina

    We’re considering going gluten-free in our household and I’ve never cooked with whole grains before. Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. Lisa Sams

    Struggling to adapt after a Celiac diagnosis. These would be great to experiment with for something different than what I’ve been doing. Thanks for the offering!

  30. Laura Salamy

    Interesting. Never had sorghum or millet. Always interested in new grains, as am still sad to lose others… (Only been gluten-free for about 6 months. less migraines though!)

    1. Opinionated Quaker

      I went gf last October to reduce my migraines, too. I went from 3-4 a week to 1-2 a month. So worth it. Looking forward to trying millet and sorghum.

  31. Erin

    I always love trying new grains and these look delicious! So glad to see how careful Bob’s Red Mill is by having a dedicated gluten free facility!

  32. Tif

    I love experimenting with new recipes and exposing my kids to a wide range of variety in food. It’s especially rewarding when they go back for 2nd’s of quinoa chili. =) You’ll never know if they’ll like it, unless you try it!

  33. Becky

    We were going to make a recipe with millet this weekend, but the local store doesn’t carry it. This set would be a great way to try some things I can’t get locally.

  34. Kristy

    Wow, this would be so cool! I’ve played around with GF flours, but never grains. Granola, breads, and maybe even grinding your own flour could be some fun options!

  35. Laurie Clark

    I love Bob’s Redmill products. I have not had a chance to play with these grains in my cooking yet. I would love to experiment with them in their whole form and try grinding them into flours for baking.

  36. Dee

    Wow-would love to try these new products as I’m always looking for new ideas and new sources of nutrition.

  37. Kristin

    I love how going gluten free can–if you are willing to experiment–actually expand your diet! Thanks to you and to Bob’s.

  38. Gianna

    When we discovered our daughter had a gluten sensitivity I took it as a blessing. I love cooking and have really enjoyed discovering all the alternative grains to wheat. Our whole family has benefited, and these grains would be a lot of fun to cook new dishes with.

  39. Robin

    I am a huge fan of Bob’s Red Mill! My pantry is stocked almost entirely with his flours. I can’t wait to try this new product line!

  40. Heidi

    Sweet! We’ve been using these flours for years. This is great to have a reliable whole-grain supply. Bob’s is great!

  41. Ileana

    This is amazing, I just made fried chicken for the first time since mt diagnosis a year ago using Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose flour. These will be great to try!

  42. Maya Davis

    I love Bob’s Red Mill, and I’m so thrilled that they are doing more with gluten free grains. *Makes grabby hands at the sorghum.


  43. Donna

    This is so cool! I love Bob’s sorghum flour (along with all of their other gluten-free flours) and I can’t wait to try the whole grain!

  44. diane harris

    Bob’s red mill is great for those of us in the GF world…been using them for almost 20 yrs now. can’t wait to try this new line of grains!!

    thank you Bob’s Red Mill for helping make GF life a bit easier.

  45. Amber

    As a professional cook it’s my responsibility to prepare meals that nourish people. As someone who must eat gluten free, it’s not always easy to find such food at most restaurants. I’m looking for new products to play in the kitchen with to create meals that are nutrient dense and delicious. Adding some new grains into the mix would be an exciting way to develop new recipes and keep it fresh.

  46. Vicky

    Great giveaway!! So glad to know that Bob’s Red Mill offers all these GF options. I love Quinoa and have always wanted to try Amaranth.

  47. Jessica

    Since going gluten free over 18 months (!) ago, I can honestly say it’s made my cooking better. More adventurous. And I’ve discovered how to make quinoa so that it tastes GOOD, not just something I eat because it’s good for me. I can’t wait to start playing around with all of these (new to me) grains.

  48. Kait

    I love Bob’s Red Mill! These grains look so good and exciting. I can’t wait to try them!

  49. Lianna Forge

    My daughter and I are gluten-sensitive, as are many. I often search the internet for new choices of foods. Grateful that we have more opportunities, thanks to Bob’s Red Mill. Thank you for the offer. We already use many of their GF products…quite the assortment of GF products.
    Thank you,

  50. tamarah

    we are new to the gluten free diet. my daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. so any new products makes us really excited now days

  51. Erica Cooper

    I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill and am very excited about these new products! I’ve really appreciated the wonderful quality products that your company makes….looking forward to sampling these as well!

  52. Avishan Joseph

    I always buy Bob’s Red Mill products and love them. I have gone gluten-free in our household and we eat as much organic as possible too! we always make homemade protein bars & pancakes with your products, but now we cannot wait for the five of the nine ancient grains that Bob’s Red Mill offers: amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and teff. I’ve recently lost 70lbs in the past 2 years, gotten married 3 months ago and want to lose the last 10lbs for my new life! I am beyond excited 🙂 please choose me to be the lucky winner!! Yeah!! 🙂

  53. Tasha

    I can’t wait to try these. My husband and daughter are gluten free. I’m always on the hunt for new grains/recipes to try. The fact that Bob’s carries these will make finding alternatives so much easier.

  54. Lynn

    Have recently made the switch to gluten-free to see if it helps my husband’s chronic illness. I’ve been nervous about it thinking baking would be out of the question. With the help of your blog and cookbook, I know now there’s no reason for that. Would love the chance to experiment with these and put my baking skills to the test. Am a big fan of Bob’s Red Mill products already and look forward to exploring more! Thanks.

  55. Jessica

    So so so excited to try these!! I always have loved their products and now new products 🙂 yay!!

  56. Jean Joseph

    I am newly married and want to make my wife happy, who has a passion for learning and discovering more about gluten free products and organics. I would love to surprise her with these to add to our collection of Bob’s Red Mill!

  57. Chris Lane

    These sound great, and I love cooking new things. I’ve always liked Bob’s products. I always know I am going to get something good.

  58. Shaina

    I can’t wait to try these! I have been gluten free for nearly 3 years and I love how much more experimental I have become in working with grains I had never heard of before.

  59. Mish

    Oh my goodness! I am SO excited 🙂 Quinoa, millet, amaranth all mixed together is my go to “pilaf”! I can’t wait to try whole sorghum too. Thanks Bobs! Now, pretty please make Scottish Oats GF too 🙂

  60. Becca Morse

    One of the things I love about being gluten free is the variety of foods I get to use when I cook. I go on more “Adventures in food” than I ever did before. I look forward to making crackers, breads, muffins, and pancakes with these grains, as well as just cooking them up and eating them whole!

  61. Tara

    I love variety in my food… as I strive to be gluten free… it’s not easy to maintain the variety I’ve been accustomed to my whole life… trying these grains would be much fun as well as healthy for me…

  62. Sophia

    Sweet! I’ve been wanting to try pearled sorghum and it looks like this will fit the bill.

  63. Auna Stewart

    Yay! I love Bob’s GF products and am so excited to hear that he will be offering more! And whole grain sorghum?!?! So cool and can’t wait to try!

  64. Christy B

    We love Bob’s! My daughter was diagnosed as Celiac when she was 6 yrs old. Bob’s Red Mill products have made the transition so much easier for her.

  65. Ashley Kinkade

    I am interested in using more of these grains because I will be moving back to Africa long-term in one year. I would like to have more experience cooking with different grains before I embark on this journey, but because I am currently in AmeriCorps (domestic Peace Corps) I am unable to afford to experiment with grains! My email is 🙂 thanks!

  66. Amy G

    I would be a like a kid in a sandbox playing with all these amazing grains- I have a soft spot for Millet. Great giveaway!

  67. Jill

    Food has been my passion as long as I can remember and I’m new to gluten free living. This is just the kind of thing I love to play with!!

  68. Paige

    We are big fans if you and your family 🙂 We recently picked up your latest & greatest cookbook. Can’t wait to try using these grains in your awesome recipes! We love love Bobs Red Mill and have been using his products since we married 15 years ago.
    Thank you!!!

  69. anna

    I am trying to replicate Lebanese dishes that use bulghur, in gluten free of course. I would love to try these in those dishes, especially the sorghum.

  70. Bea

    Having gone gluten free due to a high chance of Celiac’s, I love Bob’s Mills products, and would love to try out a few more!

  71. Ouida Lampert

    I’ve always loved whole grains. Since going gluten-free, I have been challenged to find grains to use, so these look REALLY good.

  72. Kate

    I’ve recently learned that I can’t eat gluten, and as a teacher of ancient world history, I am particularly excited about these new grains!

  73. Allison

    I have Celiac and love to cook, so I am always looking to expand my repertoire. I love Bob’s Red Mill products and will definitely be trying these!

  74. Kristi

    I was diagnosed with celiac’s 8 months ago and have been experimenting making delicious goodies with your multipurpose flour and other products. I would love to try these new ones! Thanks for your dedication to gluten free products!!

  75. Erica

    Whoa, GFG, I don’t even know where to start! I did what I think might be insulting to some suffering from Celiac. I simply went GF because my best friend’s doctor told her gluten could be the source of her stomach issues (it was) and I thought it would be fun to experiment with different types ingredients since I love cooking and baking. She also doesn’t cook (weird living situation) and I looooove making food for people. Fast forward five months and here I am, still at it. My energy levels are at an all time high, and I’m not sure if it’s giving up gluten, or if it’s simply because I’m paying such careful attention to what I’m eating, and for the first time in my entire life, the vast majority of EVERYTHING i eat is healthy. Not by society’s standards of “healthy” but by my own standards – nutritious as heck, bang for the buck, and most importantly, I know what’s going into my food and I can pronounce all of it. (Okay quinoa took me awhile, but cut me some slack ok). And my friend? She’s happier than ever. I’d love to get my hands on these grains because while I do use quinoa fairly regularly, everything else listed I’ve only tried in the form of flour, and I’d love to be able to use it in a different way.

  76. Kirstie

    Love BRM products already, and would LOVE to try sprouting a few of these. And toasting. And since this contest closes on my birthday, I sure hope I get lucky and win!

  77. Nina

    Life without texture is just so bland and boring! We love the flours, but would love to try the whole grains and get down to the creative nitty gritty. Yes, please!

  78. Gale Rowland

    Want to try these because of my gluten intolerance but as usual in the deep south we cannot find all of the new grains, I can get the Quinoa, the Millet if I travel 140 miles but not the other three and I have some great recipes I WANT to try!!!! PICK ME!!!! Please!

  79. Sarah

    Both of my girls (5 and 2) are now gluten free, as am I mostly in solidarity, I would LOVE to try some new grains with them!

  80. Lisa

    My BFF found out she was celiac quite a few years ago. I found out that I’m allergic to casein two years ago, and have recently cut out gluten because I know how often dairy/gluten issues go hand in hand (surprise! Lost 3 inches of inflammation and water weight from my waist in the first month). I am 32 years old and making such big dietary changes has been difficult for me, but I’ve discovered companies like Bob’s Red Mill and it has made the transition easier. I am an adventurous cook and foodie and I look forward to trying these “new” offerings!

  81. Amy Holowaty

    Bob does it again! I’m eager to try these new bags. I’ve heard of the names before, but have only used quinoa. I like that the Bob’s section of my grocery store will now be my one-stop shop for grains. Thank you for offering these beauties to us! 🙂

  82. Suzanne P

    Having numerous food allergies, I am thrilled to see this. It is very difficult to branch out with limited options. With all of the information out there about true whole grains, its great to see a trusted brand providing these. I hope to get a chance to try them all!

  83. Barri

    These grains had been hard to locate (and that’s if you even knew they existed)! They offer diversity of flavors, textures and nutrients that, up until now, have been sorely missing in the typical gluten free diet! Thanks, Bob’s, for raising awareness and providing access to health and good taste!

  84. Bethany

    Now that I am gluten-free for almost a year I am continually experimenting with cooking and finding new foods to love. Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour has been my baking go-to and I would love to venture into working with more grains! Quinoa’s been the latest addition to my diet, but I’d love to experiment with other safe grains!

  85. Christine Kreiner

    Everything I have tried is awesome, can not wait to get my hand on the new grains.

  86. Laura in SP

    Curried carrot and sorghum salad? Alegria? Quinoa soup with serrano chiles and cilantro? Sweet millet congee? Ethiopian teff stew? What on earth is a congee? Learned so much in reading your post today. And then to be given an opportunity to try all these things. Big thank you to Bob’s Red Mill and Gluten Free Girl and let’s not forget the Chef!

  87. Sara

    These all sound great! With three small children (and myself) needing to eat gluten-free, I could use all the help I can get 🙂

  88. Kari

    Sorghum and millet are my go to grains when baking. I am completely geeked out to try cooking with these in whole form!

  89. Michele Witbeck

    I am interested in trying new foods. I’ve used sorghum in the past but haven’t had any exposure to the others.

  90. lisa

    This is super exciting news, woo hoo!! We are fairly new to CD as our son was diagnosed less than one year ago. He is a very picky eater, having just turned 12 and I was so surprised to discover that he loves amaranth pudding and we are making our way down the other ones in this offering. Love the international aspect of so many of these GF foods and the variety this way of life has introduced into our meals. Excited about the many recipes I will be trying out. We love GF Girl (chef too or course) and all the recipes, and are big Bob’s fans now too. 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity to win, I am a huge fan of any kind of savings to help our meager budget along.

  91. Mindy

    Nice! Can’t wait to try the sorghum which is the only one of the five I haven’t tried yet. I’m mostly grain free but do put one type into rotation about once a month.

  92. mary

    Thanks to you, Bob’s Red Mill, my gluten-free lifestyle has been painless and delicious! I have a whole freezer shelf dedicated to my Bob’s products – you have some of everything – or so I thought until today!! I love the idea of a curried carrot and sorghum salad~I cannot WAIT to add these products into my regimen.
    I think this means I will have to add another freezer shelf! Thanks, Bob’s!!

  93. Jen

    Since going gluten free last July I have been afraid to have any grains, this would be a great way for me to start to reintroduce some grains in my life!!

  94. Jodi

    I am on day 3 of starting a vegan/gluten free eating plan. These grains sound amazing and something I should definitely include in my made over pantry!

  95. Gareth

    I suddenly have the urge to try these grains for summer salads! Thanks Bob’s Redmill for an adventurous summer ahead (well, food-wise, anyway)!

  96. Melanie

    I love to cook and bake. I’d sooner buy a cookbook and specialty ingredients than eat out at a restaurant. Ever since my sister developed a sudden and painful gluten allergy a few years ago, I’ve been looking into new gluten-free recipes. I’ve just been limiting myself to potatoes and quinoa for lack of immediate access… I would love to get my hands on some new-to-me gluten-free grains (and the cookbook to tell me what to do with them).

  97. Kristen

    I’m so excited about these grains! I live right down the road from Bob’s Red Mill and this is a huge improvement from when I used to mail order cases of their GF flours. I have already purchased some of the millet and quinoa and am excited for making them into summer salads with fresh veggies and herbs from my garden. I will also take your suggestion Shauna, and try out the recipes on the side of the bag.

    On another note, it was really cool to see you at Powells and I feel quite honored to have my new cookbook signed by the whole family! I’m on my third loaf of sandwich bread since then 🙂

  98. Karen

    Quiona makes it’s way to our table frequently, but I’d love to expand beyond rice and quiona.

  99. annemarie

    I too would love to try the sorghum and millet in whole form, I’ve only seen it as flour.

  100. Karen

    I love experimenting with whole grains and it would be so much fun to add some new ones to my repertoire and my family! And with fresh vegetables from our garden this summer, the timing could not be more perfect for some new fun in the kitchen.

  101. alexandra @ sweet betweens [blog]

    I am beginning to discover a slight gluten and dairy intolerance in my diet and have *just* [last week, in fact!] started experimenting with gf baking in my kitchen. This prize would be a fantastic jumpstart to my exploration of the gf world! Thanks for hosting such a sweet giveaway!

  102. Christopher Sorel

    bob red mill quiona is great and have not tried the others yet. Love to try in some recipes

  103. Patty

    Would love to try these products! I love Bob’s Red Mill products and the gluten free options!

  104. Mary Beth

    Wow! These whole grains look wonderful, and certified GF grains can be really tough to find. I hope they’ll be in stores soon.

  105. Erin

    I love baking with these grains. It would be fun to try some main dishes with these grains. The recipes from the bags sound great!

  106. Cheryl

    I would love to try some new grains especially Quinoa! Thank you for this opportunity to win some cool products. (Also I use Bob’s other products alot) Love your blog and the interesting places you visit.

  107. Denise

    I love Bob’s and their dedication to providing quality gluten free products. I’m so excited to try these new (old) grains. Variety is so important to keep things interesting and healthful when eating gluten free. Thank’s to Bob’s for coming through yet again. 🙂

  108. Julie Arangio

    I recently went gluten free to help with my psoriatic arthritis. It has helped and I have had no joint pain for over a month and am off my medication! These grains would be a fantastic addition to my diet! Thank you!!!!!

  109. Sally

    We LOVE Bob’s Red Mill as well and look forward to more adventures with new grains.

  110. Shannon @

    I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill, too! I live in Portland, so I’m fortunate to get to visit the store often and just had a major haul there on Saturday! I also just found I’m out I’m gluten-intolerant and am struggling to adjust to the new changes in my cooking and eating. This package would be a really fantastic chance for me to do some experimenting and try some new things!

  111. Marci

    Can’t wait to try All of them!!! Love Bob’s Red Mill for keeping us supplied with Quality Products!

  112. Nancy

    It was so delightful to meet you, Danny and Lucy at Powell’s recently and to pick up my copy of Gluten Free Girl Everyday. It meant a lot to me to be able to tell you in person that your blog was the reason I was able to stop crying about my celiac diagnosis in early 2007. I have already enjoyed so many recipes from the book, but can’t wait to try out the Chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies made with teff flour. I also look forward to making my own Injera. I’d love to win this sampler of the 5 different grains from Bob’s Red Mill so that I can try them all.

  113. Nic

    I mirror many of these comments. My son is gluten-sensitive and I love the idea of changing things up with some new items in the pantry 🙂

  114. Samantha

    My little sister was just diagnosed with both an intolerance to gluten and dairy. She is feeling overwhelmed at the thought of what preparing and eating food will look like from now on. I’ve read and been inspired by your blog for years (as someone who tolerates gluten just fine). I want to share with her what I’ve learned and support and encourage her through this transition as she gets healthy. This give-a-way would be the perfect thing as we start spending more time in the kitchen together!

  115. Marla

    I am 6 months into gluten free due to gluten intolerance. Feeling 100% better (truly thanks to your site) I have yet to venture too far into grains for fear of old symptoms returning. I would Love to try these.

  116. Angela

    At 35 I gave up gluten after battling post-chemo orthostatic edema. It helped significantly manage the symptoms. I use Bobs Red Mill to experiment with recipes for my family, so that we live together in a cancer free life:)

  117. Lu

    Because they’re different! They’re not just plain old regular wheat flour, but a chance to play around.

  118. Tara

    Yay, thanks Bob’s Red Mill! I love their products. I haven’t ever had whole Sorghum, I look forward to trying it. I am gluten free due to an auto-immune illness. It will be nice to have another option for summer salads.

  119. Bonnie

    An inspiring man. And great products. I feel lucky to be able to visit his store in Oregon.

  120. Teresa Waugh

    Newly diagnosed with Celiac, and am wondering how I’m going to cook! My sister told me about Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef…. would love to give the book and the grains a go!

  121. Kayla

    I love Bob’s! I love going into their store and seeing Bob milling about. I would love to play with Sorghum-I’ve never seen the grain before and am always looking for more interesting things to play with in the kitchen!

  122. Marsha

    Bob”s Red Mill Gluten-Free items are the best. But what would you expect being from Portland, Oregon?

  123. jacquie

    I have been using whole grains more and more in my diet and am loving them. I really liked the concept of “ancient” grains – people that live on and from the land just have so much to share with us if we are only willing to listen. thanks bob for giving some of these old standbys a platform on which to shine.

  124. Hillary

    In baking school my favorite things to make we’re breads and pastries using different grains. I would love to grind some up in my vitamix and create some flavorful baked goods!

  125. Jen

    I’d love to try these! I’ve never baked with grains like these and have been trying to branch out in the kitchen.

  126. deborah towne

    I love the recipes on the back of your products they are some of my all time favorites (i.e teff muffins) can’t wait to try the new grains!!!!!

  127. Penny Ngai

    Love Bob’s Redmill, and excited that they are bringing more gluten-free whole grains. Can’t wait to find these in the store!!

  128. Lisa DAngelo

    I love Bob’s products and Gluten Free Girl….can’t wait to give these a try. Have never seen whole sorghum and bet that all the products – with Bob’s high quality emphasis – will be fab.

  129. Karen Ingraham

    I’d love to test drive these new products. Trying new things and sharing them with others is one of the best things about having my blog. I’ve recently completed a new website design and will be uploading it this week. Love to bake and cook with whole grains and fresh local ingredients. It’s all about getting healthy and staying that way. Long live gluten-free.

  130. Amanda

    I sometimes find sorghum at my local Asian grocery, but it’s chancy. We have loved learning new ways to cook and experiment with flavors and grains.

  131. kristi

    I love Bob’s Redmill high quality products! I love eating new foods and look forward to making new recipes with these ancient grains!

  132. Samantha

    I am new to the gluten-free diet and would LOVE to try these grains out! So glad to have stumbled onto your website… have learned more about the history of Bobs Red Mill products.

  133. Kerry

    Love! Have tried some of these grains, but I haven’t played with sorghum or teff yet.

  134. Stephanie

    I’m working on living completely gmo free and Bob’s Red Mill is one of my go to companies for gmo free grains, flours, and seeds. I’ve had my eyes on each of these for some time, but haven’t taken up the time to purchase them. I’d love to experiment with them in the kitchen and add them to my healthy lifestyle! Thanks!

  135. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    Such a cool giveaway! I would love the chance to bake with amaranth, and have never seen sorghum flour in stores before. (And I would definitely buy Bob’s Red Mill teff flour to try making injera if I knew someplace that sold it!)

  136. Patti Cheatham

    Oh my gosh I am so excited about these! I’m gluten free because I had too, not because I chose too. It was Shauna and Daniel’s book that made a very depressed baker see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m taking care of my sister who was released 10 days ago from a 44 day stay in ICU because of small cell lung cancer and a brain aneurysm. I’ve been given a chance to help her with her diet and if it were not for Bob’s Red Mill, Gluten Free Girl and The Chef and Gluten Free Girl Everyday it would be extremely exhausting to cook gluten free, preservative free, etc. She is beating the odds everyday and my deepest gratitude has to go to Bob, Shauna and Daniel! Thank you so much!!

    1. Patti

      I would also like to say that I’ve been perplexed with choosing whole grains but have loved all the
      suggestion’s for the different types of GF flour and binders via GF Girl and Bobs Red Mill. Whole grains are so important for my sisters recovery and frankly for everyone in this house. I’ve had so much fun cooking gluten free for my sister, her husband, my mother, daughter, grandchildren, etc. Today after 10 days of cooking they found out they have been eating Gluten Free. They have been raving about the amazing meals. Now to get my sister through her rounds of chemo so I can see if this is making a difference for sure! Actually, I know without a doubt that it is working but they have to be convinced.

  137. Christy

    We recently went gluten free for both my daughter and myself. I’m still trying to figure out new grains. These would help.

  138. Kathy Hamann

    I unfortunately have Multiple Sclerosis and Celiac Disease. These would be great in my GF pantry.

  139. Becca

    Oooh! I’ve been looking to incorporate more whole grains in my diet and since and I have to keep gluten free sometimes it feels like there are limited options as far as things that are readily available. I would love to experiment with these!

  140. Jan Molinaro

    I recently moved to Portland, OR and have been enjoying Bob’s Red Mill products. A regular staple in my pantry. Would love to try the new products.

  141. Andi

    I just recently decided to eliminate wheat and gluten and would love to experiment with other grains.

  142. Nancy

    I love to bake and haven’t done too much since I was diagnosed with Celiac Diease 6 months ago. I Would love to experiment with these grains.

  143. Margaret Clegg

    Husband made a tasty millet pudding once, and love the quinoa. I think i tried o pop the sorghum once, to no avail. Don’t think i have tried working with the 4th item.

  144. Hettar7

    I didn’t even know sorghum was a grain. I’ve only seen it as a syrup. 🙂
    I’m glad Bobs is coming out with these and I can’t wait to try them.

  145. Elizabeth

    Oh, I love Lu’s adorable comment (“There’s Bob!”). So sweet.

    That said, we’re friends of Bob in this house, as well. We’d love to win a pack of ancient/new GF grains!

    Thank you for everything!

  146. Coletta

    Since going gluten free I have my life back! I would love to try these grains to explore other amazing gluten free foods for myself and my family. Some I am familiar with but not all of them.

  147. Bonnie

    I shop at Bob’s Red Mill at least once a week. I’m excited about trying new grains and trying to get my husband to eat something other than rice.

  148. Brenda M

    There has been a silver lining to having to be gluten free, and that is discovering so many new foods and ways of cooking/baking. Bob’s Red Mill has already been a huge part of that for me and I look forward to trying these new products.

  149. Sandy Morris

    I love all of those grains and I love Bob’s Red Mill! Their products are a staple in my house and I have always had great luck baking with them!

  150. Camilleon

    I cannot wait to try these!!! Bob’s Red Mill flours and hot cereal are indispensable in my kitchen, and I eagerly look forward to trying these new grains!

  151. Mira C

    How wonderful! I have been using sorghum and teff flours for quite a while, but am looking forward to trying the actual grain! Hope you and your family had a wonderful time in Italy. 🙂

  152. remy

    I would LOVE to try making a risotto-type preparation with sorgum! I used to make one with farro weekly before I was gluten free.

  153. robynn

    I recently discovered I needed to alter my diet to become gluten free. I would love to try these to expand my repertoire!!

  154. Lynn

    Anything from Bob’s Red Mill is wonderful…my personal favorite is golden flax seeds. These new grains will be exciting to try!

  155. Carol

    I learned I was a celiac one year ago. I have always been an organic gardener and make most everything from scratch. I am happy to see that 2 of the grains offered are organic!

  156. Robin

    Love this! I’ve been curious to try sorghum.

    And I had to laugh reading your last post: I too just got through the slog of transatlantic flights with little ones yesterday, I too skipped a couple of hours of potential sleep while they slept to watch Silver Linings Playbook, and I too have been abuzz with ideas from the NYTimes article about the human microbiome!

  157. jill levine

    I can’t wait to try all these new grains and I am so glad they are going to be easily available!

  158. Lain

    Would love to try these. My 19 year old son and I found out 2 years ago that were are Celiacs. Would be fun to try something new.

  159. Judy McCarthy

    Since I haven’t used all of these grains, this looks like a great opportunity to try out some of those recipes that use these grains. Bob’s Red Mill is a trusted GF company.

  160. Ruth

    I have been discovering the world of gluten free eating since deciding on my own that food was the path to solving my autoimmune issues. Doctors never suggested diet as a solution other than eating healthy, which I was already doing, and taking vitamin D and fish oil supplements. Having abandoned all processed foods and embraced ideas from vegans, raw foodists, gluten free cooks, and whole foods advocates, I have greatly increased the variety and nutritional balance in the food I eat. I have experimented with a wide variety of grains, but would love to try the sorghum.

  161. Jeannine

    I always love to try a new flour, but I’ve not tried many grains whole aside from quinoa and rice. An exciting new area to explore, for me!

  162. Heather

    Aside from quinoa, I’ve only used these grains in flour form. I think it would be fun to play with the whole grain. Right on, Bob!

  163. Kelly M

    Yum, I love the idea of playing with new grains. Since going GF about 9 months ago I have really enjoyed playing with all the new flours. I really want to broaden the variety of grains my family eats.

    p.s., love the new cookbook! We made the oat risotto the other night and it was delicious. I also used your crumble topping to top the rhubarb from my garden… fantastic

  164. Pamela

    I’d love to play with all these grains – I’ve been playing with the flours for about a year now and would love to try out the whole grains!

  165. Kelly

    i would love to sample these grains and share some delicious gf food with my friends

  166. Leah

    In my book there is no more delicious food in the world than anything Italian. It would be a great adventure to try anoffering of Bob’s Red Mill grains in dishes such as eggplant parmegiana (ground up millet as “breadcrumbs”), gorgonzola and kale quinoa, millet milanese, sourghum con funghi. Loads of garlic, sage and sangiovese. I can inhale the Tuscan breeze now.

  167. Kay

    In addition to Celiac Disease I also have type 1 adult onset diabetes. I want to see if these are grains that I can eat without raising my blood sugar. Many thanks for all your good work on behalf of those of use who MUST eat gluten free.

  168. Molly D

    I was recently placed on an anti-inflammatory, gluten-free eating regimen to control auto-immune symptoms so I am looking forward to trying new grains and foods!

  169. Esther

    We love Bob’s!! My husband met him at a food show a few years ago and snapped a photo of the two of them together for my enjoyment. Really lovely man, and provides wonderful grains and flours for the GF community.

    I love Bob’s flours from these grains, and look forward to trying to cook with the whole grains. Millet porridge with Almond Milk? Popped Sorghum? Teff polenta (I still have the recipe I tested for your 2nd cookbook)? Yes please!!

  170. Melissa

    Since being diagnosed as Celiac, I love finding new recipes with new ingredients. I love rice, but I like having a variety of choices (and choices with more nutritional value). I love to cook and already love several of the Bob’s Red Mill products :).

  171. Whitney Athayde

    My husband is gluten intolerant and it’s always a struggle to satisfy my cravings as a nursing mother with his need to be gluten free. Having more grain options like these would be uber helpful!

  172. maryanne

    Have been buying Bob’s flours when I can find them locally, and would love to try the grains.

  173. Anne

    I love Bob’s Red Mill, and I hope these will be available somewhere near where I live, since it can be tricky to find the full variety of products they offer around here. As someone who has to eat only whole grains, I’m always looking for new ones to try. I eat a lot of quinoa, but I’ve never seen sorghum in a store before, and I’m looking forward to trying it!

  174. Lynn

    I would love to try these new grains out. I’m GF, but having a hard time figuring out how to peacfully convert the rest of my family from wheat 😉

  175. Tracy

    We are just branching out into the whole grains of the flours. We have an 8 month old and she reacted to the standard baby oatmeal and we are not sure why. Daddy has Celiacs, so we were already on the look out for her to react to things. When she spent the evening retching up baby oatmeal we were not sure if it was from the oats or from the contamination with wheat. Our next try will be with Teff for a good source of iron.

  176. Kat

    I am always looking for new, exciting grain options to put in my lunchbox. They’re so much more satisfying than a plain green salad. Would love to try these!

  177. Anamcara1004

    I love Bob too and use him almost exclusively so can’t wait to add these to my pantry. Thanks so much and rest well!!

  178. Halli S

    Hi there. New to this site and very seriously considering going gluten free. I’ve never tried any of the grains that you’ve pictured and would sure love experience them!

  179. Rebecca

    I love ancient foods. There is something about them that feels so hearty and real and grounding. Can’t wait to try these!

  180. Linda Williams

    I love Bob’s Red Mill too, and received several sample packs of the sorghum grain at the Asheville GF Expo. I plan to cook the whole grain sorghum and then use it to make BBQ Baked Sorghum since I’m both celiac and have lots of food allergies including legumes. I crave a replacement for baked beans and I think the sorghum will hold up to the dish, millet did not work. Last week I used the sorghum in a sorghum vegetable soup that replaced the barley originally in the recipe. It was fantastic! I miss cooking with whole grain wheat berries and plan to use the sorghum and amaranth grains in those old recipes.
    Thanks to you both, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  181. Lisa Chavez

    I have been looking into gluten free for helping with fertility issues as we may try to have a baby and I am nearly 40 now. I have read that it can help with inflammatory issues that sometimes negatively impact a woman’s fertility. Looking foward to trying these.

  182. Michele

    I’ve finally started experimenting in the kitchen after being gluten free for almost two years. These products will certainly help me as I test out new recipes!

  183. Erin Middleton

    I love Bob’s Red Mill! I am gluten free, and I am always looking for interesting ways to replace the wheat (and sugar) that dominates the diets of the teen boys I care for in my home. Was just thinking of quinoa stuffed poblano chiles this morning. 🙂

  184. Laneia

    I’ve enjoyed Bob’s gluten free flours for almost eight years now– it’s extraordinary that they’re bringing gluten free whole grains to the table now, too! I’ve had minimal experience with these grains and would love to experience them to their fullest capacity, not simply as flour. Shauna, I’ve followed your blog since the beginning– thank you so much for offering your gifts to the world!

  185. Brittani

    I would adore a shot at getting these bags of grains for free! It’s so fun to experiment with different, REAL foods – I’ve never even heard of kamut (shaaaame). I have to be honest, though, and mention that I plan on buying them as soon as I find them at the store!

  186. Texas Mayhaw

    Bob’s Red Mill was the first GF source I found when I went gluten free. I discovered quinoa was great in salads much later. I now make great pot stickers using millet. Gluten free cooking has made me more creative!

  187. Sandy

    I need to find a substitute for rice! “Rice-with-stuff,” a.k.a. pilaf, has for years been a winter dinner staple . . . but my husband has developed a sensitivity to rice. We love tabbouleh, but while himself is not actually celiac, he is somewhat sensitive to something in wheat, so I’ve been replacing the wheat in our diet – crackers, cake, pizza crust are all possible (no, make that fairly easy) with sorghum and oat flours and potato or tapioca starch. Most of my “alt” flours are from Bob’s, via the local Adventist grocery store.

  188. sarah lorenzen

    I love Bob and his company and his products. I live in Milwaukie and have been there while he plays piano, he is soooo cute! I would love to win all these amazing grains!
    xo sarah

  189. SanderM

    I already use sorghum and amaranth flours in baking. I like sorghum in anything sweet and amaranth makes a great addition to breads. Quinoa is wonderful by itself, I like it with citrus fruits like lemon and orange and jalapeno. Served beside grilled chicken or fish with a little mango salsa is best. Iit would be cool to see what the other whole grains are like cooked in a rice cooker type thing. Millet is a heartier grain I prefer mixed into breakfast cereal with a bit of maple syrup. I would love to try to puff some amaranth and make a cold type of breakfast cereal.

  190. KNatGU

    We’re not a GF house, but I do like to incorporate more whole grains into our diet and these great recipes on the side sound like a good jumping off point.

  191. Amanda Yoder

    I love the nutrition and diversity in these ancient grains! Plus. as a celiac, once gluten/wheat are gone, experimenting with other grains really is a must! So exciting!!

  192. Rebekah

    I want to try, because, frankly, I get kind of sick of rice!
    BTW, bravo on the cookbook. We’ve eaten from it every day since I got it on Mother’s Day.

  193. erin

    The one that is not pictured is the one I want to try most…the teff. Every since I became aware of teff I wanted to try it but I was too, um, shy may not be the right word. Intimidated? There are lots of recipes on the internet but none from trusted sources. I can’t wait to try it!
    Thank you – hope you acclimate to this time zone quickly.

  194. Kris O

    I would love to win these grains because I feed my family a gluten free, non-GMO diet and I make
    everything from scratch. I would love to experiment and share on my blog
    I really enjoy Bob’s Red Mill products and would happily give these new grains a try!

  195. Rhonda Kloster

    I have been loving the Bob’s gf products for a long time! These new ones are going to be great as my (soon to be 3 yrs.) grandson is gf now. Runs in families for sure.

  196. Brandy Anderson

    I would love to try some new recipes with these grains! I’ve recently started eating GF (by choice, luckily for me) and am new to all the good stuff available out there!

  197. Ally Sublett

    oh delightful! I LOVE sorghum flour and we eat Quinoa all the time! I would love to try the other grains too! I will watch for them at our local stores.

  198. Barbara Hawkins

    I’m a big fan of quinoa, but haven’t tried sorghum. I’ll have to do that.

  199. Jenn

    The silver lining of Celiac disease, for me, has been the forced expansion of my food horizons. I would love the chance to further my taste adventures with these hearty grains!

  200. Susie

    I have the new cookbook and I need these to try out the recipes! Love to Bob’s Red Mill for all of the support 🙂

  201. Carla K

    Newly gluten-free and excited to try all the healthy alternatives that are available!

  202. Dorothea

    I’m interesting in trying all of these – I’m all for foods that get us back to our roots…newer isn’t always better! Besides, baking with just AP flour can be mighty boring, and I like to be excited about what I’m eating.

  203. Amy Berkebile

    I find myself happiest when I can cook food to make people smile. I am always altering recipes, and trying to make a new gluten free dish for my friend who is senstive to wheat. This would be a great way to find something new and begin a new cooking adventure that ends in smiles.

  204. Shawna

    So excited to hear about these new grains. Bob’s Red Mill GF flours are great. I’m looking forward to trying these and trying out your new recipes! Thanks for all the information you share!

  205. Sisley

    I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill products! I am very sensitive to gluten, and thanks to these products, I can eat deliciously and live happily!

  206. Caroline

    Thanks for the great give away opportunity! Our baby’s first grains were quinoa and millet. I’d love to sample Bob’s collection.

  207. Zebe

    I really want to explore & play with the textures of these (especially the sorghum since I’ve never seen it in full form), but I also want to crack it & use it to attempt my own GF beer!

  208. Rebecca Brewer

    I love Bob’s Red Mill. I’m always ready to try something new for my kids.

  209. Marjy

    I’m lucky enough to have access to gorgeous heirloom legumes and all sorts of rices to play with through a vendor at my Farmer’s Market, but I don’t think she’s ever gotten sorghum, which fascinates me. Even before gluten and I broke up, I loved playing with different grains. I can’t wait to find these in stores!

  210. Cindy

    I also love Bob’s Red Mill. How can a person not!
    I’ve found the whole amaranth grain, but not the sorghum or teff. Would love to try them! And I have your cookbook, so I’m ready!

  211. Carolyn

    Will be looking for these items. Always trying to get healthy options into my kids diet

  212. laura

    We live by the original Bob’s Redmill store so I’ve been eating grains from there since I was a little girl! Love them!

  213. Lisa W

    I love Bob’s products. Looking forward to experimenting with sorghum for desserts!

  214. Samantha K

    I would love to try these out. My daughter (7) and husband are recently gluten free. I am continually trying to find new things for them to try, especially for my daughter that has given up so many things 7 year old loves in favor of feeling healthier. Thanks for your website!

  215. Susan

    I recently went gluten free due to autoimmune thyroid issues and would *love* to have some interesting grains to add to my pantry!

  216. kim konikow

    Gluten Free has certainly increased among the population in recent years, as has the availability of products, thank goodness! But not so much in Southern Utah… it’s a lonely place to shop, and only the “top” brands are marketed here. BRM has always been a staple, especially fun to visit while traveling so I can stock up the home pantry. All the ancient grains would be experimented with in a variety of GF recipes – YUM! (I’ve yet to try Teff.) Glad BRM continues to support my favorite GF girl (and her family).

  217. Tara Sharp

    My fiance is wanting to try our own food blog based on ancient recipes. These grains will be so useful!

  218. Kelli

    I was just introduced to millet 2 weeks ago with a recipe on the blog Naturally Ella. I initially got pretty sick and my doctors & I figured out I was gluten sensitive in 2011. I am still trying to learn about what all I can eat that won’t bother my stomach. I do use Bob’s breakfast cereal, cornmeal, almond flour and a couple other items, so would love to try all the new wonderful grains I know nothing about!

    Thanks for the give-a-way!

  219. Eileen Loughman

    We have been switching our diet to unprocessed whole foods (looking for less meat and gluten as well) for about a year now. I have tons of recipes for these grains already and haven’t had a chance to cook with most of them. How fun!

  220. Molly

    I have concerns about this line of products from Bob’s Red Mill because these grains are staples in areas of the world where financial resources are scarce. Demand for them in the US can drive the prices up so high that the people in the countries that produce them are no longer able to afford the grains which sustain them. That’s what has happened to Quinoa in Bolivia. I think it’s important to recognize that we have a great deal of privilege in the US when it comes to food availability, and to try to be contentious global citizens. We can do this by tempering our enthusiasm about “new” food products so as not to interfere with the availability of those products for the people who rely on them, especially when those cultures are so often far less financially fortunate than we are. I think it’s great to expose ourselves to other cultures and their food traditions, but we must be careful to balance that with an awareness of the privilege of abundance that we enjoy in the US.

    You can read more about the Bolivian quinoa shortage here:

  221. Vik

    Thanks for this giveaway! I was diagnosed with celiac 3 months ago, and so my husband went GF as well. We were so happy to learn about Bob’s dedicated GF facility, and have several bags of products and would love to try more!

  222. Kit

    I’m just so sick of rice and potatoes! Don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but I need more side-dish (and main dish) ideas 😀

  223. Kasia

    can’t wait! i love trying new grains, especially for salad additions in the summertime!

  224. Bozena

    My daughter just showed me your website, and I can’t wait to try your recipes. We love quinoa in our family, and I’d love to try all of these in grain form (we’ve had many in flour form already).

  225. Julie

    What a wonderful giveaway. I use quinoa often -as a vegetarian with celiac, it is a great source of protein. I’ve never used amaranth or sorghum as grains not ground, so it would be fun to try them. Thanks.

  226. Chris

    I love to bake….and then I married a Gluten Free Guy. I love to make things especially for him & the more ingredients available, the more choices I have to cook something for him. We LOVE the Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust and it’s delicious! We make the pizza on the grill…amazing!

  227. Michelle

    The only food allergy I’d been exposed to was kiwi (myself), and then along came our wonderful adorable son, not even 2 yet and sensitive to so many different fruits and veggies, as well as sugar, wheat, barely, spelt, corn … seems like a never ending list. I’m learning so much about the food we eat – like what is organic, or gmo(very scary stuff – it’s in a lot of our pre-packaged foods) or non-gmo. He likes quinoa and I even got my husband to eat it! We’d love to have more to experiment with to help give us more food choices, as they are very limited . Thanks Bob’s Red Mill!

  228. bruin

    i also am so excited to play with the sorghum grain–i use the flour constantly, and i wonder how it would taste differently if i got to grind it myself and also all the possibilities of salads and such. yay!

  229. Rachel

    Thank goodness for Bob’s Red Mill. Hard to find supplies in my small town in Northeast Ohio. Can’t wait to try the ‘new’ grains!

  230. Margaret

    Millet and quinoa are staples in my gluten-free kitchen, and teff is a breakfast favorite. I only know how to make teff porridge and teff muffins, though, and I have never cooked with whole amaranth or sorghum. I would love to experiment with them!

  231. Becky

    This is exciting to see! We’re re-entering the GF world after a several year hiatus and would love to be able to try these grains. Thanks for the post about them!

  232. Brittney

    We’re a new GF family, and I’d love to have these on hand to experiment with new recipes!

  233. Liz

    I have recently started cooking for myself rather than just eating salads out all of the time. I seem to be eating a lot of rice so it would be great to try some other options!

  234. Barrie

    I have been in kind of a funk with my gluten free experimentation, and I feel that this would be a good jump start to getting back into it and eating more healthfully again.

  235. Amy Kat

    My family is new to gluten free living, and we’ve been looking for new and interesting grains to replace wheat and wheat-based products. These sound so intriguing and the recipes sound delicious!

  236. Caitlin

    I love the idea of being able to serve a more diverse palate of whole grains to my mostly gf family!

  237. Jinger

    I see all of these glorious quinoa and millet salad creations online, and I wish that grocery stores in our area would get with it and offer these things for less than a small fortune. I would make the hell out of some delicious grain-based salads with all that Bob’s. Yes indeed.

  238. Mariah Arnett

    We love mixing and experiment with Bob’s red mill flours while baking. I’m looking forward to the new line. We definitely will be getting some! 🙂

  239. Annie

    I am excited to try out these new grains as I have recently started eating gluten free.

  240. Jean

    I’ve used Bob’s stuff for years. Always ignored the GF, but I’ve just recently realized the need for GF in my diet. Going to be counting on you and Bob’s to help me learn how to do this alone.

  241. Melissa

    My husband and I have recently made the switch to a gluten-free diet and I’d love to win these and try out some new recipes!

  242. Donna

    Thanks for posting this, I have recently started eating gluten free products and I can add this to my list to try.

  243. misty jo

    I might be a little late on the give-away end of this, but I am so grateful for this post. Over the last month or so I have been on a very strict diet to try and rid myself of inflammation which has been casuing severe adrenal fatigue, daily headaches and migraines, belly issues, and hormonal problems. My list of foods I can eat is still substantial, but the avoid completely list has been so hard because so many gluten free products are made up of them – sugar, soy, corn, potato, and white rice, peanuts… “/ I’ve used quinoa, but knowing about these other special grains may very well change mine and my husbands life in so many wonderful ways! Thanks for posting.

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