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In a few weeks, it will be eight years since I first heard that I could no longer eat gluten. A few weeks after that, I opened up a new page on Blogger, a program I barely understood, and started typing. I wanted to write about the feeling in my body, the easing of pain and fatigue after years of feeling crummy. I wrote about the food I was finding at farmers’ markets. I wrote about joy. That was the beginning of this website.

Of course, at the time, I didn’t imagine anyone reading. I was just typing, flexing my writing muscles, flinging words on the blank screen as rapidly as I could, to match the increasing energy I found in living gluten-free. No one started a food blog then with the intention of getting a book deal or a television show. Being there to write about our meals and the connections we made with the people we love at the table? That was enough.

So much has changed in the last eight years. Danny arrived. So did a book deal. Then a marriage. A honeymoon. My first published book. A positive pregnancy test. A cookbook deal. Lucy arrived. So did our cookbook. Then, another cookbook deal. The chaos and joy of a small person in our lives. More and more curiosity and learning. A lot of cakes and cookies, plus endive salads and avocados with salt. At the end of this month, on the 8th anniversary of my finding out I had to be gluten-free, our latest cookbook. (And the deal for another one after that. We’ll tell you more about both of those next week.)

In the past few years or so, the structure and functionality of this site has been pretty much the same. A few changes, much appreciated, by fine designers who helped us with stop-gap measures. But in the past few years, lots of links have been left broken, old information remained, and the same old colors stayed on the page.

Enter two of the finest men we know: Sam Schick and Eli Van Zoeren of Neversink Creative. Sam has been a friend for years, although we have grown much closer in the past six months that we have been dreaming, then planning, then implementing this overhaul. Eli is a gem. If you need brilliant, compassionate, funny, clear people to help you design your website, business cards, or book covers, these are your men.

Welcome to our new space. Let us give you a tour.

For years, I have felt a little awkward about the way those of you who are new to the site enter into this space. If you’re new to gluten-free, or you want to learn how to bake gluten-free, you have to read through years of stories to glean the information you need. Now, no more.

New to Gluten-Free? Read here for a distillation of all I have learned in the last eight years.

Would you like to learn how to bake gluten-free? A Guide to Gluten-Free Baking should give you a great grounding, as well as some suggestions of recipes to try.

Are you more of a visual learner than one who relies on words? Come take a look at our complete line-up of cooking videos.

Would you like to know what books we’re loving right now? Go to What We’re Reading.

Maybe you’d like to learn about our favorite pots and pans, gluten-free ingredients, and cookbooks?Β Our Favorite Things.

The recipe index is finally up-to-date, with a beautiful interface.

If you’d like to know more about us, there’s plenty there.

Many of you have asked if you could please subscribe to the site via email. Now, you can subscribe to the site via email!

We also now have a complete list of our wonderful sponsors, as well as an explanation for anyone wanting to sponsor.

Would you like to contact us? We have new emails!

We would love it if you’d sign up for our monthly newsletter. A new recipe for you, every month!

Of course, if you’d like to buy our books, we’re more than happy to share them with you.


And this is one of my favorite new features. Many of you noticed that I cut off comments on new posts a few months ago. When I first began this site, comments were a form of community, a place for people to gather and share stories. In the past few years, with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Google+, and thus so many places to talk, the comments section had become more sparse. Mostly, it had become a place to ask technical questions about recipes.

Now, if you have a question about a recipe (or questions about restaurant recommendations or how to travel gluten-free or breakfast suggestions), you simply visit Your Questions Answered. You’ll notice that it’s [mostly] empty at the moment. That’s deliberate. We want you to generate the questions. Send your questions to We’ll post them and give you our answers. Most of the time, you can help each other out more than we can! This way, instead of us taking the time to answer individual emails and reaching one person, we can answer the question that thousands of you might have. We want that space to be a place to find answers for how to best live gluten-free.

And because of this, I’m going to open up comments on posts again. I’d love for that to be a space to share stories and moments that resonate again.


Can we talk about the way this space looks? Damn, Sam and Eli, you done good. A friend of mine saw the site this morning and said: “It’s so clean! It feels like a white kitchen. It makes me feel very calm.” That’s just what we were hoping.


Also, if you have a smartphone or tablet, check out the site there. It’s now mobile responsive, with a streamlined design intended for those devices. As another friend wrote to me this morning: “Since I usually access your site on my phone in the kitchen (as I’m sure many others do) the mobile optimization is a big improvement. So simple.” Now, we hope you find it easier to cook in the kitchen with our site in your hand.


There’s more. I know there’s more. We’ve been working on this for months. And for the past few days, I’ve been chained to the laptop, talking with Sam and Eli about the thousand tiny details it takes to launch a ship like this. Bravo, guys. Bravo! Please feel free to email us with any glitches you see. (I already know that some of the photos from Flickr on the oldest posts have disappeared. I’ll get to those.) Be patient as we feel our way into the space.

But Danny and I are both so happy to be here, with you.


77 comments on “this looks good

  1. Katy @ Katy's Kitchen

    I first started visiting your blog after listening to the “We’re About to Be Friends” podcast you did with Joy the Baker. It was really wonderful for me to start reading your blog after I heard your voice. I really love the new design, congrats!

  2. Libby

    Beautiful! It’s so lovely and it’s so easy to get around. Congratulations on this blessed life that you’ve had. I do not have a medical need for a gluten free diet but your writing style, the way you appreciate things and express them keep me coming back over and over again. Sometimes I even look for old posts just so that I can hear your writing voice. Here’s to another 8 years and beyond. Thank you for what you do for us.

  3. Urban Wife

    It’s marvelous! Congratulations on having such an amazing design team to help with the new look. SO happy this site exists. It’s a bright shining beacon. πŸ™‚

  4. Claire @ Plant & Plate

    Beautiful! Love the new intro sections and recipe index, and the look & feel is lovely. Also appreciate the different areas for community conversation and technical questions. You’re such an inspiration, and this site is a wonderful resource. Keep it up.

  5. Michele

    Wow. This looks great and will very much enhance the quality cantent. However, you need your own favicon to appear on the browser tab. Currently you just have the Bluehost square.

  6. Carrie

    Site looks great! Have been a fan since the beginning and your first book saved me after my diagnosis! I looked at cheese, olives and veggies with a new love! Thank you!

  7. Autumn Hoverter

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Especially the New to GF and GF Baking. I send newly diagnosed GF patients to your site all the time and they will adore these resources. I’ve watched you and Danny’s progress throughout the years with awe and wonder. Cookbooks! Blog! iPad App. Living a whole, fulfilled life while pursuing your passion. You two inspire me. Thank you.

  8. netty

    Yea!! Comments! I wanted to let you know on your fridge makeover post that I use a china marker (you know…those wax pencils with the paper you have to tear off to get more pencil) to write directly on my glass jars or metal Ball Jar lids so I know what’s inside. It’s great and comes off with a tiny bit of scrubbing. Thought you might enjoy that. It saves the step of tape. πŸ™‚ And… about your ear…so sorry! Not sure if you’re into it but acupuncture could totally help that heal fast. πŸ™‚
    Love the new site! Can’t wait for the new cookbook!! πŸ™‚

  9. Carly

    This redesign makes me so happy! I was one of those “new to gluten free”ers that pretty much went back and read every post you ever wrote! These are wonderful improvements!

  10. Kirsty

    What a fabulous new look! Clean, easy to read. You have been inspiring me since I went gluten free in December. Thanks for your wonderful heartfelt tales, anecdotes and of course your recipes!

  11. Monet

    Your site was the first site I found and read when searching for ways to help my husband navigate his gluten allergy. I found food ideas to keep his belly happy and ways to cook things he thought he’d never eat again. Thank you for that! And I can’t wait for the new book! FOOD!!

  12. chris

    Oh Shauna – I am so glad you are here and this site has always rocked and now even more so! I am just one year behind you – I just passed the 7 year mark of my GF life and you have been a guiding force since the very beginning! I found you within the first few days of needing someone to help me through this. You calmed my anxiety and gave me the strength to realize that this is not the end of the world, just the beginning of a great new one! Thank you and thank Danny – you two are wonderful!

  13. Margaret@KitchenFrau

    It looks absolutely wonderful – very calm and eye-catching. I bought your Gluten Free Girl book for my 20 year old daughter when she was first diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago and you are the first blog I started following because of that book. Since then 2 more of our 4 children were diagnosed with gluten intolerance and multiple allergies. Your blog inspired me to start my own blog 2 years ago and it has become a passion and a joy and a learning journey for me since then. Thank you from my heart.

  14. Patricia4for kids

    Your blog changed my life and your recipes and cookbooks made it much easier to be gluten free.
    I saw the similarities in our lives– gluten causing fatigue and bronchitis and went to my doctor and got tested. Now after two years without gluten, I have been healthy and able to achieve one of my dreams. I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book, Incredibly Clever Critters and am working on my next. Without your blog, I would probably not have been able to maintain a gluten free diet and I have definitely benefited from your uplifting and inspiring posts on life . To me, you are gluten free with creativity. Thank you.

  15. Chris @ Charming Chris

    Shauna, I’ve been a no-comment lurker since nearly your beginnings. I moved to Seattle, started looking for local blogs about food, restaurants, farmers’ market finds… and found you and Molly (Orangette) in the same day. I felt like I’d stumbled into an otherworldly library. These amazing women, writing such beautiful prose about food, with all of these glorious pictures… I was smitten. I’ve followed your story since then, even after I left Seattle. I’ve never met you, and yet, I am so proud of you. And now, with this beautiful redesign, the blog looks as clean and classic as your writing. This site looks like it deserves you now. So here’s to my first comment – I couldn’t stand not to let you know how spectacular this looks, and how spectacular I think you are.

  16. Julia

    Bravo is right. Loving this new look! But really, let me be real with myself: this is a mere perk. I’m sort of addicted to your writing, so the text is all I really need. (I’m also kind of loving this font in this comment box.)

  17. Laurie Barrie

    Your new site is fresh and crisp, like clean laundry hanging on the line in a gentle breeze. Okay, that probably sounded really corny, but that’s what fresh and crisp reminds me of. Love your new look! Thank you for all you do for those of us who enjoy your site, your recipes, your words.

  18. Tamzin Nel

    Your blog is my absolute favourite and feel strangely proud and excited for you with this progress!! You are SUCH an inspiration – thank you πŸ™‚ x

  19. Rhonda

    Love the new layout, and the “newbies” section. I bake gf treats for a coeliac colleague, which means I always feel like a gf newbie in need of guidance. Thanks for all the useful information!

  20. Marla

    I love the changes! The layout is beautiful and clean. Your site has been a lifesaver for me and an inspiration to stay on the up and up when I wanted to be weak and eat that little bag of crackers. Thank you, and congratulations.

  21. Kendra

    Congratulations on the new site and new book! Thank you so much for your presence in this community. I always look forward to reading your blog posts and learning about the latest kitchen experiment, interesting books, and life on the Island. Happy day!

  22. Sandra

    Change is good no matter what it is. I have always wanted a white kitchen. I only wish the best for your family and always reach for the sun! The last 3 years you have made my laugh, cry, giggle, demystified Gluten Free, you made sense about all those GF flours, and best of all, you tell a great story, thank you for being you.

  23. Darly

    Im am soooo thankful for all you have posted here. I suffer tremendously from eczema only if I eat gluten. Gluten free keeps my eczema away so, you have made a big difference in my life by sharing what you do! Thank you!

  24. Kathryn

    Hi Shauna love the new page it looks great! Just wondering how its going working out the thanksgiving app glitches? Thanksgiving was agggges ago now and I’m starting to feel bit annoyed as myself and others who have always followed and supported you spent money on a product and are continually ignored about an error free update. But now your website is revamped…beautifully. its great you have time/money for this venture. When will you be fixing the app?

  25. Elizabeth

    It does! It looks like a clean, white kitchen!

    I love your new design and am especially pleased you opened comments up again. I missed the conversation — the two-way street. Thanks for speaking and listening.

  26. Jenn Sutherland

    Shauna and Danny – the new site is SO beautiful – clean, and calm, and I love the new categories of information to help folks at all stages of the GF journey. I actually had my own shorthand list of posts from my favorite blogs saved in Google docs that I would share with friends and strangers who reached out after diagnosis – now I can just send them here – BRAVO!

    And most of all, I am so glad to see comments back. It’s amazing how much I missed them…I could still connect via Facebook or Twitter, but the community here in the comments – sharing, supporting, asking questions – it is something special all its own. Thank you!

  27. Heather BTV

    My first reaction when the site loaded: “Ooooooh WOW!!” It looks really beautiful. Congratulations!

  28. Molly (Sprue Story)

    I love the redesign. Thanks for being a gluten-free blogging pioneer! I doubt I’d have had the idea to blog myself if others like you hadn’t gone before me, and it’s been such a source of help to me here at the start of my gluten-free life. πŸ™‚

  29. Lily

    I’ve been reading your culinary and life journey since I was in my early 20’s, about when I started to take my doctors seriously and stop eating gluten. Your site helped me realize that taking care of myself could taste amazing.

  30. Julie

    I’ve been spending time here for so many years.. and the new site feels just like home. Love it! Congrats on all the exciting things going on in your lives! xo

  31. Lynn

    Beautiful re-do! I was afraid you’d closed the comments because of the trolls…which meant they’d won. Hooray!! They didn’t. Happy for you,…I’ve been reading your blog for nearly eight years.

  32. Dolores

    I love the new look! (even the font selected for the comments!!) It’s so neat, modern, clean, white!!! But I have to confess I miss the banner of the old site… the hens… the currants… those pictures were bright, vibrant, full of passion for living…
    Thank you and congrats for this 8 years of healing…

  33. Eliza B

    Wow the site looks so fresh and clean! Spruced up, shall we say. 8 years must seem like both a long and a short period of time at this point, seeing as so much has happened, it must have all moved so fast. Excited for the new cookbooks! A relative was recently diagnosed with celiac’s and we’re trying to reinforce the notion that he can still eat as much as he did before, just with cooler flours.

  34. SarahN

    I just wanted to let you know that the font looks hard to read on Google Chrome, however in IE it looks wonderful. And I’m a chrome user… πŸ™ Just something to let you know more than anything. (My comment is a lovely font though!)

  35. molly

    good? pfft. GREAT!
    way to go, team shauna. the layout, the typeface, the white space, it rocks, all of it. love love love it. but you already knew that.

    happy spring to you in seattle,

  36. Linda from Wales, UK

    A long, long time visitor now. I didn’t think I’d like any changed, but I LOVE IT. Thank you for all the support you have given to all your readers over the years, both of you.

  37. Stephanie

    Love the new site! It’s so easy to get around and I adore that you’ve integrated it all in this post so that we can have a look at everything! Congrats!

  38. mandy

    I’m loving the border and shadowing of the photos in the posts. Looks awesome, simple, & clean. It’s the little things that make big differences. I’ve been reading this blog for over 5 years and I felt like a proud sister when I saw your awesome new design this morning. What a great accomplishment and I wish you all the success in the world.

  39. Lenore

    Your site is great & love your blogs. Heartiest congratulations, it’ snot easy for sure but well worth it in the looong run πŸ™‚

  40. Jamie

    It sounds weird, but I’ve been reading your blog for almost 8 years. I have had celiac disease now for 13 years. I feel like I have watched your blog grow and develop into something I share with people almost on a daily basis as a resource for learning about gluten free life, not just recipes. With the blog redesign, it’s going to be even better. Thank you so much for sharing your lives, thoughts, ideas, and information with us!!

  41. Allison

    Congratulations! I’m really happy for every good thing that happens to your sweet family.

  42. Carrie Minns

    Wow, Shauna!! Congratulations. Your site is beautiful, calming and inviting. Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you and your darling family next.

  43. Kylie

    Oh, you guys! It is so beautiful! Somehow so sleek and polished, and yet also so homey and *you* (and I mean that in the best way). Congratulations! (I also very much enjoyed taking a look at your About Me, which I haven’t read in a long time.) I’ve been reading your blog for a handful of years now, and it makes me so happy to see you continuing to share yourselves (and your heartfelt smiles) so joyfully.

  44. lmen

    kudos! new site looks really lovely, and your posts most always make me smile. thank you!

  45. Louise @ Kitchen Fiddler

    Brava! Congratulations on your newly redesigned site, which looks beautiful! It truly feels like walking into a bright airy kitchen, one with lots of room to breathe and to easily find all that you need. And thank you for bringing back the comments section–I have missed that in recent months!

  46. Malisams

    Congratulations! This looks wonderful, and all the improvements make so much sense. I’m excited that it’s responsive now, too…I’m on my ipad mini at the moment and it looks fantastic. So happy you’re so happy, too. Thanks for continuing to inspire and help us GF (and just food-lovin’) types!

  47. Carlyn Berghoff

    Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Your site was my inspiration for beginning a gluten-free blog and I love the new and improved version even more. Thank you for your voice and all your inspiration!

  48. Helen

    Love the new look! Just wanted to point out, though, that your little bookmark icon now looks almost exactly like the bookmark icon for the Guardian news website – same font, just different colour. Sure it’s not an issue, but wanted to point out in case you didn’t know!

  49. Sini

    This does not only look good but fantastic! Clean. I simply love it. Nice work.

    Have a delicious weekend and greetings from Finland,

  50. Lauren

    Since you happened to open up comments on the entry right after the one I wanted to comment on, this story will be *almost* relevant. Though I’m a few years your junior, I’ve shared a similar love of Paul McCartney to the one you described. Only I didn’t really have the opportunity to buy his albums the day they came out (with the exception of the last few). I studied abroad in London during my 2nd year of college. I think I secretly hoped that at some point during those 4 months, I would randomly encounter him on the street. I mean, I was there when his daughter was born…he was obviously in London at that time. But it never happened. Then, a year later when talking to a classmate who studied in London the year after me, she casually mentioned eating dinner at a restaurant for Thanksgiving (near to my school there that I HAD eaten at)…and Paul and family were there. But she didn’t even care! *sigh*

    I also (with everyone else) love the new format. Now I just need to find the time to spend hours browsing around πŸ™‚

  51. KK

    Love your website and the new design is awesome! So happy about the mobile version too, I often use your recipes in the kitchen looking at my phone! Also want to say I loved your post about Lucy not wanting to tell you that she can read better now…brought tears to my eyes. love.

  52. Tamara

    Just wanted to drop by to say THANK YOU!

    Our gluten free journey began the same time as yours…my daughter was diagnosed in April 2002. I now have 4 children, and we all eat gluten free. I pretty much live in my kitchen! I felt like I was a decent baker, but I also always thought there was room for improvement.

    I just recently started baking by weight…and wow. What a difference. I am finally feeling confident enough to not feel bound by a recipe. Today I made an old chocolate chip cookie recipe that I just could not get quite right. I weighed my flours, used a different combination, and bam, it worked.

    It is fun to be able to play in the kitchen again, there are so many new recipes I can’t wait to try. Thanks again for all you do!

  53. Campbell

    From day one of ‘oh no – GF, what does that mean?’ when you so kindly replied to my email with words of hope and excitement, through to this morning at a Cafe where I got to share who you are with the young girl behind the counter who said ‘I don’t think we could make those GF” and I got her to google you to see what is possible – it’s been a great journey.

    My wife asked me today if I needed to stay GF, my answer – what am I missing out on?

    I’m starting a new life soon, consulting to the world, and hoping they’ll come to me asking me to help them, however that goes, I’ll continue to drop by here and visit with you, the Chef and Lucy (and all of your global friends) – love from New Zealand.

    PS – the link I’ve included is our holiday house here in NZ, everyone’s welcome to visit

  54. Astrid

    After I originally commented I appear to have clicked the
    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same
    comment. There has to be a way you can remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

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