meet our sponsors: Bridge City Baking

We’d like to introduce our latest sponsor to you: Bridge City Baking.

We were pretty blown away by the quality of the baked goods Bridge City Baking sent us. Danny was so crazy about their rugelach that he started sneaking some of them out of the freezer and eating them frozen. (They’re even better when baked, however.) We thoroughly enjoyed the coffee cakes, pocket pies, and biscotti. But what we liked best about the Bridge City Baking foods, aside from the vivid flavors and flaky crusts, is the fact they arrived in our home frozen. This is a great idea. Rather than buying a packaged baked good that might have been sitting on the shelves for weeks, buying a Bridge City Baking baked goods allows you to have warm, home-baked goods, easily.

We like our sponsors to share their story with you, in their own words. Here’s Stacie Schechter from Bridge City Baking.

Why did you start a gluten-free bakery?

Food brought Lou and I together many years ago while working in the same restaurant kitchen. After many years of restaurant/bakery experience, our skills, foresight and love of food have become the foundation of our working partnership. Our certified gluten-free products were conceived to meet both consumer demand for wonderful tasting products while addressing the rapidly increasing concern for gluten intolerance. As the gluten-free market niche continues to expand to every department of the grocery store, Lou and I felt there was still plenty of room for better tasting gluten-free baked goods that would satisfy the cravings of consumers longing for indulgent classic desserts. It was only after Bridge City Baking was up and running that my own health concerns were confirmed that I too, am gluten intolerant! It didn’t come as a surprise but deepened our commitment to a movement that was here to stay!

What do you hope people feel about your food?

Our biggest hope, and I say without hesitation, is that you do not have to be gluten-free to enjoy any one of Bridge City Baking products! The most common response we hear at our demos is “Is this really gluten-free?” Baking gluten-free is a complex science, requiring time, knowledge and a strong culinary sensibility. Breaking the assumption that gluten-free baked products are dry and lousy tasting has been the bigger challenge. We would like our customers to know that it is our mission to develop great-tasting, innovative and safe-to-eat products with uncompromising quality and gluten-free standards and expectations.

What is your favorite baked good to make right now?

The BISCUITS!! Our gluten-free bake-at-home biscuits are the first-of-its-kind to hit the market! They are not only little treasures that are lovingly prepared but bring to mind the most wonderful, candid responses from our tasters that have been biscuit deprived and restricted until now! It is our first non-dessert item in our product line.

Can you share a story about a customer trying your food?

At one of our demos last year while we were sampling our pocket pies, I spent some time chatting with an older woman who has been gluten-free for years. We had an instant connection detecting each other’s NY/NJ accents. With elation she spoke of how many more food options there are now compared to when she was first diagnosed. She told me that she couldn’t remember the last time she had a good piece of pie and was hopeful that she would not be disappointed. She tasted our Poached Pear with Caramel Sauce and her eyes bugged out of her head! A dream come true! By the time she had left my table she not only had sampled every single flavor but bashfully hinted that she would love to nibble on a couple of pocket pies in her afternoon movie. Knowing the lack of alternative sweets at the movies, how could I refuse? So off she went in her trench coat and hat with two Bridge City Baking Pocket Pies to complete her outfit to the movies!

What would you like our readers to know about your business?

Besides being passionate about creating great products, we conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity and have taken the extra steps to make sure our kitchen is gluten-Free certified. Even though there are many established “gluten-free” companies, they are not all carrying the important seal of recognition from the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) of NA. This certification has become the industry standard for safe eating for those suffering from gluten intolerance, and for these consumers, has become the added assurance they’re looking for.

We hope you’ll take a look at Bridge City Baking and buy some of their baked goods. We think you’ll like them too.


Update: Bridge City Baking would like to offer a giveaway for Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef readers. They’re offering a box of biscuits, pocket pies, and coffee cakes to 3 readers! Simply leave a comment about why good gluten-free baked goods are important to you and we’ll choose the winners at random on Friday, April 5th. (Be sure to enter your email address or we can’t contact you!)

48 comments on “meet our sponsors: Bridge City Baking

  1. Christopher Sorel

    I so mis baked product and trying to bake my own has sometimes worked out. GF has made my stomach happy and will continue to eat this way.

  2. Kendall Bak

    My 2.5 year old daughter has just (this week) been diagnosed with celiac disease, and we are going gluten free. This would be a wonderful way to transition without her missing all the home baked foods I’ve been making while I learn to adapt my recipes. It would mean so much.

  3. Steph

    Since going gluten free over 5 years ago, I have missed nothing more than biscuits. No, I’m not from the South. I’m from Minnesota, in fact. But I had developed a deep & abiding love for biscuits over the years. Please return my love to me!!

  4. Gigi

    I have been gluten-free since a celiac disease diagnosis nearly three years ago. thank you so much to GFG and GFC for continuing to develop recipes, share knowledge and truly change the world. I hope to try Bridge City Baking soon!

  5. Michelle

    It took me years and dozens of recipes to find the perfect biscuit. Then I went gf- a good biscuit is what I truly miss.

  6. Alicia B.

    Well, I really like to cook, but I LOVE to bake!! When I found out I had a sensitivity to gluten, I was upset about it because baking is like my therapy. With some of the research I have done, I have been able to slowly get back into it, but I am still far from the results that I want. I would LOVE to have something flaky again!!

  7. Joyce bardwil

    My son is PDD-NOS and is gluten free to help him with behaviors. He is only 8, it gets difficult to get him to try new foods. We are always looking for good tasting foods for him. Its very limited.

  8. Dyanna

    My daughters and I are gluten free, due to necessity, it has put a big damper on treats for them especially during the holidays. Having options like this would make them so happy.

  9. Heather Bartlett

    Having the chance to try new GF goods is such a treat. My daughter and I are both celiac, and your products sound fantastic. Would LOVE the chance to try a few!!

  10. Wendy Castleman

    What a great idea. I would love to try these and so would my two gf daughters!!

  11. Leigh Allen-Chen

    I do not have celiac, but I am mom to a little girl who was diagnosed over half her life ago at age 3. She’s been gluten free for 5 years and, for the most part, it’s been easy because she was so young at diagnosis. We’ve hit a point recently, though, where she’s getting more frustrated with being GF because it makes her different than the other kids in a less positive way.

    She gets frustrated when I have to send her food to every scout meeting, craft club, science coop or theater practice. At home we do ok, but I’ve started seeing her apologize to people who visit as she offers them a snack. “Do you want a cookie? They’re gluten free, though, sorry.” I’m still waiting for the day when telling folks things are GF doesn’t come with the word SORRY at the end. Maybe Bridge City Baking is a big first step in that direction.

  12. Lisa Seward

    GF baking is a bit of a disappointment, generally. These look so good; takes the sad out of eating GF. Bring back the yum!

  13. Elaine Roemer

    The smell of something baking in the oven differentiates a house from a home. Its as simple as that.

    The smell of freshly baked bread, brownies, cookies, pies and cakes turns an ordinary house into one that is full of love, conversations and laughter. It lures sulking teenagers out of their rooms, toddlers away from building blocks, and adults to disengage from their “smart” devices.

    Being gluten-free hasn’t stopped me from baking, but it has made it a little more complicated at times. I would love to try those biscuits, I can only imagine how great they smell while baking 🙂

  14. Jamie

    I have just recently started going gluten free and it has change and helped my life in so many ways but isnt the easiest change to make. Learning how to cook all over again but its worth it.

  15. Larissa Shapiro

    The Shapiro family (two of us have celiac, my 7 year old and me… well, and my sister, and my mom) sure do love biscuits. And Rugelach. We love baking, but we love convenience too, says the full time working mom….

  16. Marjorie Seawell

    My then six-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes AND celiac disease last summer. As the final test for celiac was looming, my daughter decided to go Gluten-Free in solidarity with her daughter and to try to understand ahead of time what she would be dealing with. Both have made the transition incredibly well.

    I host lots of family dinners for my immediate family which numbers 27. Everyone seems to have a different dietary restriction and the meal-planning challenges are enormous. In addition to the two who are GF, two people follow the Paleo diet, two don’t do dairy, one is allergic to eggs and nuts, and one won’t eat any fish or seafood, not to mention the pickiness of lots of toddlers and small children. Sometimes I feel like putting out roast chicken and some steamed broccoli and calling it good! What I need are easy foods to accommodate each person so they all feel cared about – that’s what moms and grandmothers do, right?

    Yummy frozen GF products would be a HUGE help. I could keep them in the freezer, use what I need and not get left with three-quarters of a loaf of GF bread to languish at my house after the event is over. I totally trust Shauna and Danny – if they say they are crazy about these products, then I’m sure my family will be too.

    Marjorie Seawell

  17. Elise

    Being someone who grew up finishing a meal with something baked, it is important to me because of the love. Even if dinner was amazing, you always looked forward to dessert and the baked goodies my mom made. It’s a reminder of the love she constantly showed to my dad, sisters, and I.

  18. Laurel @Let's Go on a Picnic!

    I’ve been wanting to transition our family to gluten free for a while. It’s really hard because the kids won’t eat many gluten free products. I’ve been searching for ones that meet with their approval. I think finding a good baked good for them would be a start.

  19. Yc Lepew

    BISCUITS! Since going GF, I’ve appreciate Shauna and Danny’s book -the joy and great vibe has kept me from being despondent. “yes”Although baking is such a joy, life’s time restraints get in the way and I can’t wait to try these products. MMM, biscuits and gravy, on the way….

  20. Judy McCarthy

    I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago with Celiac. I miss being able to be spontaneous to drop into a place to pick up a dinner after work or grab a muffin from a coffee shop. My attempts at baking haven’t all been successful and the products from Bridge City Baking sound great. I am anxious to try them.

  21. Emily

    Their products look simply devine – I’m hungry just looking at them! As the only one in my family who has to eat gluten free, it is important to make and have yummy tasting gluten free baked goods that I can share with the rest of them! Also, sometimes I really just want a delicious gluten free version of what they’re eating!

  22. aubrey

    Because everybody deserves a good biscuit, whether it’s toasted with butter and jam and swimming in a plate of gravy.

  23. Crystal

    I was an avid baker before realizing I’m gluten intolerant, so have had to relearn all my tricks. Now even my mom bakes gluten free (I provide her with her flour mix)! I really miss biscuits, however, as I haven’t found a recipe that’s turns out biscuits that are not noticeably gluten free.

  24. Brie

    Rugelach! Oh, god, I miss them! We eat very little grain any more and feel better for it, but while I can’t and won’t cheat on gluten, I occasionally cheat on the grain-free end of things. These look like something worth the occasional treat. I love that they’re frozen and I could just bake a few rather than having a whole package of something I feel like I have to eat.

  25. Jessica

    I love to bake, and when I went gluten free I struggled at first to find my way again. It used to come so naturally, but now I had the joy of learning a whole new technique. It’s a practice that I love, but I do rely on excellent quality pre-made goodies for those times that I just can’t find the time for a little treat. I can’t wait to try the rugelach!

  26. Valerie

    I so miss baked goods. I currently have a kitchen with 8 different types of flour and I can’t really make any of them sing for me. I am drolling at the thought of a nice biscuit right now. And the coffee cake on thier website looks heavenly. Baked goods have always represented home – something my kitchen has been sorely missing these last two years.

  27. Susan M

    I’m fairly new to gluten free and it’s not always easy. I would love to be able to try Bridge City Bakings biscuits – they look wonderful.

  28. DamselflyDiary

    I love to have these sorts of treats in my freezer ready for me when I want them. But finding high quality tasty treats isn’t easy (as we all know). I bake some myself to freeze but what a true treat to have someone mail me a supply of things I would never make myself! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Kathleen

    With two teenage boys who have loved my cooking, switching to a gluten free diet came as a huge shock and disappointment. While I can recreate some of their favorites, I can’t pull off everything biscuits included. They, WE for that matter, would LOVE to have delicious flaky biscuits and pot pies come back into our homes. Looks delicious!

  30. Lisa

    I love to cook. However, I have MS, which can insist that I not prep/cook/bake on certain days due to fatigue or heat intolerance. We are planning to move to a more rural state where diversity will be less for the gluten intolerant. The idea that you send your goods frozen has me almost jumping up and down!!! Yippee! Thank you for your ingenuity and creativity!

  31. Rebecca

    My son was diagnosed at 2 with Celiac Disease. I love having baked treats around for him because he deserves delicious things in life just like gluten-full people. We would love to be able to sample these lovely products.

  32. Andrea

    Going gluten free has helped my immune system as well as my internal absorption. I have never felt better. Going gluten free has been fairly easy because I like to cook, but desserts and breads are still hard to perfect. I would love to try these frozen pieces of heavan to eat whenever my heart delights!

  33. alicia lewis

    I have celiac disease and have been gluten free for two months. I am so happy that the p as in is gone and my hair is no longer falling out:) there are other health issues in my life this has been very hard for me to incorporate gf into my life because of all the hospital bills and the fact that im not able to work and shoot gf is expensive lol gf baking is important to me because i still want to be able to make delicious things for my girls and watch their faces light up when they get to lick the spoon:) however its been hard to get started especially since xanthum gum is like 14 bucks for two ounces lol im slowly filling my cupboards with new flowers but im still scared to branch out:)

  34. G Davis

    Our family loves baked goods, but with two kids under the age of 4 it is almost impossible to find the time to bake. I love the idea of being able to take some yummy baked goods out of the freezer and have them ready in no time sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to try Bridge City’s products.

  35. Rinnie

    Before I found out about my gluten intolerance I was a baker. I mourned when I found out. I had just mastered really fantastic bread. Now that I’ve played in the kitchen a bit, all my friends prefer my GF baked goods to most of their gluten-full versions. It makes them happy in the belly, which makes my heart sing! It’s important to me that people learn that gluten free doesn’t have to suck!

  36. Lenora

    I love to bake at home but have yet to perfect the biscuit. I was the go-to baker during my flour days, and now, now I’m trying to regain that crown but gluten free. slowly making it; lots of errors, but more successes. I love baking and gf baking because it is a way of showing people you love, you are willing to go the extra mile and make something from scratch for them.

  37. Mish

    I have always loved to bake, but gluten free baking has been so much fun! I love the challenge! It is so important for me to have baked goods that taste good for my son. I don’t want him to feel any more different than he already feels having celiac disease. If we can have good baked goods, he’s not missing out at all 🙂

  38. Adrienne

    These products look awesome! I think the best thing about a really good glutenfree product is that everyone can participate in the deliciousness. None of that this-is-your-special-glutenfree-thing. Everyone truly gets to eat together and no one suffers from eating a product that tastes like cardboard, just because it’s all their glutenfree friend can eat.

  39. laurie

    I am a chef that is constantly looking for quality gluten free baked goods to serve to guests! These looks like a great option.

  40. Vickee Boyd

    My 6 year old son has allergies to gluten, milk, soy, eggs and peanuts and an intolerance to refined sugar. His options are pretty minimal most of the time. There are only a handful of restaurants that he can eat at in our area and have to take our own eats with us everywhere we go just in case there aren’t options for him.
    We have yet to find any commercial GF baked goods that he can eat, we can afford and don’t taste like Styrofoam. I’m trying everything in my own kitchen to come up with tasty alternatives for him so that he doesn’t feel left out all the time at school, parties, etc. But it’s hard to find good recipes that actually taste good, are somewhat nutritious (starch sandwich anyone?) and don’t kill our budget. Many expensive GF ingredients have gone into the wastebasket at our house courtesy of lousy GF recipes that he can’t stand the taste of. My entire family is getting very frustrated with our kitchen, meal times and budgetary constraints. We would all be very grateful for any new addition that will actually work with our family instead of against. My little man needs a break!

  41. Mika

    I love gf baked goods because I haven’t yet really experimented with gf baking on my own. I know, I know, there are GREAT recipes on this site!…I just haven’t yet taken the plunge with choosing flours and testing recipes, etc. In the mean time it means I love prepared and bake-at-home gf items.

  42. Rhonda

    I live in Arkansas, about 45 minutes from the lights of a big city east or west and have a hard time finding GF foods, products and baking goods at the local grocery stores. Having some tasty GF baked goods would just be a reason to do a happy dance! I requested to the manager of my local store to order Betty Crocker GF cake mixes and I was looked at like I was from Mars!

  43. Maly

    I rarely buy gluten free baked goods these days because they are pricey and most just don’t taste good. So if I’m going to spend the money, I want the product to be tasty and worth the price. Since this product is highly recommended, I would definitely give it a try.

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