Garden Lites giveaway

It’s the end of February. The earth feels…hopeful. There might be flowers soon. I did see a clutch of crocuses in Seattle last week, so it has to be coming soon. But here, on our property, everything is still dark evergreen and brown-grey. Spring has to be coming, right?

This is the hardest time for vegetables. We still have parsnips, celery root, collard greens, and dark green kale. Always kale. I never tired of kale. Okay, even I might be tiring of kale at the moment. I’m craving baby new green vegetables and the splendors of summer. We’re still a long way off.

Times like these call for good frozen vegetables.

One of our sponsors, Garden Lites, wants to give you good vegetables. Specifically, we’re helping them give away some of their delicious vegetable souffles and the chocolate-zucchini muffins. (Every kid loves those.)

Garden Lites makes good gluten-free food, free of nuts or strange preservatives. Most of the dishes are dairy-free and they’re all kosher. We like them around here.

(They also have a new community page with a blog, where they’d love to see you.)

So, if you’d like some bright, roasted vegetables in a form easy to take to work and heat up quickly? Leave your name and an anecdote about your favorite vegetable these days. (This is only for those who live in the lower 48 states.) Be sure to leave a working email address as part of your comment or we can’t contact if you if you should win. We’ll open comments for this post so you can leave one here. Comments will be open until Friday, March 1st, when winners will be chosen at random. Garden Lites is sending out packs of souffles and muffins to 5 winners!

(Spring is coming. Spring is coming. Spring is coming.)

236 comments on “Garden Lites giveaway

  1. Terisa Pittaway

    My favorite vegetable right now is Kale. I had never had any until about 3 months ago, when I discovered Kale Chips. Since I’ve made my own Kale chips by baking the seasoned leaves in the oven until they are dry. I have had Kale in salads and I cooked. I love Kale sauteed in coconut oil. I have even had kale in green smoothies with frozen blue berries, banana and coconut milk. Delicious. I just cant seem to get enough Kale lately.

  2. diane harris

    I have tried a few of the garden lites and LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM. Haven’t found the choc zucchini muffins as they are not in our area…..would love to win so i can try more of them…..zucchini souffle and butternut squash souffle are the only two i ahve been able try,

    Please pick me

  3. anastasia

    my fave vege these days…must be beets. and beet greens, with any other greens, olive oil, garlic, fresh shallots, garbanzos, sauteed, and splashed with balsamic. nom!

  4. Ellyn

    Oh yummy! I would love to win. Asparagus is just beginning to appear at the grocery stores here in Texas and I could eat it every single day. hmmm in fact I think I pretty much have this last week! Cooked on the grill (sometimes with bacon wrapped around little bundles!) roasted in the oven, steamed in the microwave, chopped up in fried rice or in an omelet. I do believe I am addicted to asparagus. Perhaps some new veggie soufflés would cure me of this problem!

  5. Rachel D

    I fell in love with zucchini over the summer. Just throw them in the oven and have a delicous snack in no time.

  6. Becky

    Little Miss Muffet
    sat on her tuffet
    eating her garden lites.
    There came a great brother
    who sat down beside her
    and shared Miss M’s souffle tonight.

  7. cheryl

    I love dinosaur kale, chard, spinach…..all the dark leafy greens. Butternut squash is a favorite to sweeten things up!

  8. Dee

    I’ve been roasting lots of cabbage with olive oil and lemon juice, but it’s hard to find a small one around here, so I have cabbage with every meal (it seems).

  9. Kaity

    I’m all about kale, squash, and radishes at the moment!

    I only just tried Garden Lites for the first time (butternut squash soufflé) a few weeks ago. It was THE BEST microwave meal I’ve had since going gluten-free. I can’t wait to try the other varieties!

  10. Nicole

    this winter has left me tired of snow, but in love with butternut squash and leek soup. hot to ward off all this snow and cold, and filling to keep me set for the nights. 🙂

  11. Robin

    Well – we LOVE veggies around here. Pretty much all of them. But spring means ASPARAGUS! We hit the U District farmer’s market when it opens each Saturday and ask every week until the first asparagus arrives. Then we gladly pay $10 for it. 🙂

  12. Nikki

    I’ve been craving carrots lately! I take a baggie of them to work every day to have as an afternoon snack. Nom nom CRUNCH. 🙂

  13. Dana Tischler

    I’m into Parsnips – roasted with carrots, sweet potato and turnips on top of greens with goat cheese and walnuts…yum! Also, I love the Garden Lites Veggie souffles – haven’t seen the chocolate-zucchini muffins – would love to try them!

  14. Patti Cheatham

    I’ve tried the Zucchini Souffle’s. I would like to try a couple more of their products. I’m just so thankful that y’all keep us informed. It certainly does make this a whole lot easier. Happy Sunday.

  15. Angela

    Beets – so in love with them. Roasted with some goat cheese, heaven. Love the beet juice for smoothies, yummy!

  16. Virginia

    Oh, do I love brussel sprouts! Also, high on my list is a savory blend of onions or leeks, and garlic sauteed in olive oil with mashed buttercup squash… spooned over brown rice. Yummo!

  17. Kay

    I have both celiac and type 1 diabetes so vegetables and other low carb foods are very important to my diet. I try SO hard to be healthy!

  18. Patti Cheatham

    Oh and right now I’m into any root vegetable. Roasted, steamed, saute’, mashed, julienne, Gratin, you name it and I have probably prepared it that way. Still not tired of them just yet but the promise of spring peas…ahhh!

  19. Birgit K

    I’m every so slightly obsessed with Zucchini at the moment! I have them several times a day at the moment, mostly lightly sauteed with some onions or very finely sliced cabbage and some of the fresh herbs that have survived the winter weather. Sooo good, especially as a pasta substitute!

  20. Ann B.

    Ah! It’s so difficult to choose a favorite – brussel sprouts, radishes, broccoli, spinach…I like em’ all.

  21. Madelyn Rodriguez

    I’ve never been terribly fond of anything ginger, but lately the spicy little root has been my best friend. Hot water, ginger and a little mint makes the perfect de-stress bedtime drink.

  22. Anna

    Zucchini, Asparagus, Sweet Potato, Snapped Peas & Squash. I don’t know if I can decide which one is my favorite… i’m obsessed with them all!

  23. Maya

    My favorite vegetable is broccoli, and lately I’ve been grilling it since it’s warming up here in Florida.

  24. Lindsey F

    Butternut squash and kale are two of my favorites right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  25. Lauren

    I’ve been obsessed with all kinds of onions, particularly with onions in soup (miso or French Onion for me!)

  26. Kris

    I love veggies, especially frozen ready made mixed veggies as a quick side for lunch! I love zucchini! I love chocolate! And I simply must find out what tasty wonder chocolate-zucchini muffins truly are!

  27. meredith

    oh my gosh I don’t know. I always love kale and lettuce the most, but “currently trending” vegetables include roasted carrots & rutabaga, baked sweet potatoes, & pickled anything.

  28. Martha Russell

    Right now I love swiss chard and sweet potatoes!! Would love to try these products from Garden Lites as I have not had any of their products before..
    Please thank them for this opportunity.

  29. remy

    kale chips. this is my go to when I start to get tired of kale. and then I eat an entire bunch of kale in one sitting.

  30. Monika

    Lately, must have zapallitos in the fridge at all times. They’re almost just like zucchini, but ROUND! I am currently living in northeastern Argentina, and that is what is available. I cook them into scrambled eggs, pasta sauce, stir fries, anything…

  31. Jane

    The farmers market had young carrots! They are simply lovely in anything – yesterday it was a salad with greens, apples, carrots, and sunflower seeds. Yum!

  32. Sarah R.

    We love butternut squash, roasted in coconut oil. One night my 2 girls ate half a squash that way for a bedtime snack!

  33. Christina

    Looks delish. I’m eating with the seasons courtesy of my weekly CSA veggie box. This week’s plans: sauerkraut from cabbage, roasted acorn squash w/ butter and brown sugar (my first attempt at acorn squash), artichokes w/garlic mayo and roast chicken, and lots of salads with baby greens!

  34. Elise

    Tomatoes! I canned over 100 pounds of sauce and purée that is bringing a splash of locally grown produce to our winter diet.

  35. Mika

    There are so many beautiful vegetables (even the only ones in season now…), but I think my current favorite one is baby carrots. I love mushrooms, beans, greens, etc., but baby carrots are sweet, easy to nibble, and keep me happy during long hours of studying/reading research articles/fighting through problem sets!

  36. Katy B.

    Lately, I’ve been cooking up a lot of cabbage….soups, stir-frys, cabbage rolls and I really want to try roasting cabbage wedges w/olive oil, salt & pepper…sounds delicious!

  37. Heather

    My favorites right now are cauliflower and broccoli. I’ve neglected them for too long and now my toddler son is teaching me to experience these veggies in new and fun ways! We love them simply roasted with a squeeze of lemon juice and freshly ground pepper. delish!

  38. Nancy Martin

    My favorite vegetable has always been spinach, followed by kale and the other dark leafy greens.
    I also love winter squashes. Actually I like most veggies!

  39. Katie

    Cabbage! I never knew how delicious it could be but now I’m roasting it, making cabbage rolls and haluski.

  40. Michelle

    I’ve been putting parsnips in everything lately. They’ve become my favorite less-starchy potato substitute.

  41. pat

    I love roasted vegetables. Tonight I had roasted cauliflower and onions. I even roasted a little celery as an experiment and it was good!

  42. Jessica

    Lately, I’ve been on a green been kick. I realized I only eat them when I’m home, so now I make them all the time. It’s a great comfort food.

  43. Christa

    Carrots! Lately I cannot get enough of carrots- raw, boiled, roasted, or in the form of soup (Carrot Orange soup is my Favorite). They may be a wintery vegetable, but I tend to like them all year long- this winter though I have been eating more than my fair share- the next thing I know I might just start turning orange! 🙂

  44. Jessica

    I love roasted asparagus with olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. Cook it till its just a little overdone, and it’s a beautiful thing!

  45. Ginny K

    I’m roasting butternut squash, sweet potatoes, beets, and onions, and eating them like candy. Yummers!

  46. Amy Tong

    Yes, Spring is coming…I’m hopeful. I love roasted asparagus and top with poach eggs, and a few Parmesan shavings. Can’t wait to try these Garden Lites products. They all sound awesome.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  47. Madeline

    I have, on more than one occasion, made a bowl of roasted broccoli or cauliflower as a snack to share with my husband and then eaten the whole thing myself. He gets kind of offended…

  48. Amy

    Our Costco had the chocolate muffins and my son LOVED them. They have not had them since and he keeps asking for more.

  49. Cristin Van Driel

    I absolutely LOVE all vegetables and am trying to increase protein while going gluten free due to health issues. Spent all of Oct. in the hospital with a central nervous system auto-immune virus. Now I am back in the hospital and learning that I am going to have to make major nutrition (gluten free completely, and lots of antioxidants, and more sleep. Not so easy for a competitive marathon runner and endurance athlete like myself.

    These products look so easy and healthy to take on the go to ensure a healthy meal in hand.

  50. Jeanne

    My favorite vegetable is the one I am eating. Well, not now as it is 7 a.m. and I haven’t made my smoothie yet! I love almost all vegetables. My big sorrow is my husband who doesn’t really like any. Potatoes, corn, and ketchup are not veggies!

  51. Esther

    In season: Kale, swiss chard and all kinds of leafy greens. We just discovered how deliciously celery-like swiss chard stems taste, and are enjoying them sauteed until crisp-tender. Also love salads with winter squash and beets.

    Out of season: must keep the house stocked with non-green peppers, and frozen veggies so my kiddos are happy with the veggie choices. They just LOVE their broccoli

    I realized yesterday while prepping dinner that my 4-year old has a knack for eating vegetables in their healthiest state. For the most part, she prefers raw. That even includes eating stalks of kale and nubs of cauliflower as we shop! But for the leafy greens, who release so much nutrition when cooked, she loves them cooked. Just don’t give her cooked carrots….. Makes me a happy mama that she makes great food choices. Not to say she doesn’t love her lollipops and 70% dark chocolate too, but she and my nearly two-year old son are just as thrilled with raisins as a sweet treat after dinner.

  52. Esther

    Oh, and forgot to mention that Garden Delights have been a staple in my freezer for years. Their souflees make a lovely light breakfast, or a wonderful lunch or dinner side. Gluten free, kosher, natural (and the guys at the company are such sweethearts)…. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. hannah

    my all-time favorite vegetable is zucchini. we grow it every summer + come up with all kinds of ways to eat it — from falafel to chocolate chip cookies!

  54. Lara

    Hmmm, right now I am loving Kale, Butternut Squash (preferably in soup) and Red Peppers. My daughter recently became a vegetarian and we are trying out more veggies than ever before. 🙂

  55. Kat

    This winter my go-to vegetable has been cabbage — green, red and occasionally napa. We’ve been using it in tacos, as slaw (with in-season citrus dressings) and, my favorite, roasting it with a little sesame oil, salt and pepper. (When I’m feeling ultra decadent, I drape it with bacon as it roasts.)

  56. Katie B

    I haven’t tried these yet, but have been meaning too. These days I’m struggling to find good vegetables that last long enough for me to cook. Just bought some bok choy the other day and am super excited about that 🙂

  57. Amélie

    I’d LOVE to try those! I’m lactose-intolerant, so all these veggie-full, mostly dairy-free products sound really appealing. Lately, I’ve been trying to find new ways to eat broccoli. I like it raw in salads, or cooked and turned into pesto served with pasta and parmesan. It’s not how I grew up eating it, so I’m trying to reconcile with it!

  58. Ellen W

    I recently discovered a salad mix at the grocery store that contains baby kale – it is the only way so far my boys will eat kale. My 3 year old likes eatings “leaves”.

  59. Shayne

    I’m also on the kale bandwagon these days-either raw or baked into chips. Though butternut squash is a very close second!

  60. Jody

    I’m really enjoying roasted golden beets these days. Maybe because they’re yellow, they feel more like sunshine!

  61. Dana

    My favorite winter veggie these days are sweet potatoes! I bake them, roast them, make chili with them. I feed them to my baby sweetened with cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup. Everyone loves them excrpt for my picky 4 yr old but im going to keep trying 🙂 My email is

  62. April

    Right now I am eating kale, broccoli, and bok choy.
    I love the Garden Lites Chocolate Zucchini muffins! They are great for that mid afternoon chocolate fix 🙂

  63. Jessica

    Right now I’m having a bit of a love affair with avocado. I can’t seem to get enough of them! I’ve been mashing them up for quick guacamole, mixing in sardines and spreading on toast with some lemon for a lovely lunch, and I’m dying to try fried avocado tacos.

  64. Mama G

    Too funny, I just saw these in Whole Foods yesterday for the first time & grabbed a veggie souffle for when I need something quick for my veggie loving, G-Free 4yo (we haven’t tried it yet)… would be thrilled to have a chocolate version to have on hand too. We’re huge on Chard right now, Baby eats a sweet potato a day, and I can’t keep enough Brussels Sprouts in the house for my 4yo (though I’m surprised my husband’s laser-like glare at those little green monsters on his plate doesn’t make them spontaneously combust!)

  65. Jenni J

    I can definitely relate. Here in central Oregon, we got up into the 50s a few times in the past couple of weeks. But it was just a tease, now we’re back down into the 30s and 40s. 🙁 I can’t wait for summer and farmers market.

  66. Shalese

    I would love to try these veggies. My favorite veggies these days are green beans or spaghetti squash. I am always looking for new things that are gluten-free and most recently dairy free.

    Thanks for your blog! I really love it!

  67. Alyssa E-W

    My favorite vegetable right now is a toss up between two root vegetables, parsnips and sunchokes. I get so excited when I can find Sunchokes at the farmers’ market as they are bursting with flavor . Parsnips keep on coming throughout winter and I love making parsnip fries out of them with rosemary and garlic.

  68. DamselflyDiary

    How fantastic! I just bought the butternut squash one and am having it for lunch today! I would love to try to the others. I don’t know that I have a favorite vegetable these days – I eat them because I know I need to. But I have to say that kale or chard in my green drink is always a favorite.

  69. Laura

    My 10 year old is the gluten-free girl in our house and is not much of a veggie eater…I’d love to find some healthy, easy to prepare veggies that she will eat up!!!! She is adventurous and will try new things when she knows for sure they are safe for her to eat.

  70. Laura in SP

    The checker at the supermarket did not know what a rutabaga was. The lady in line behind me asked me why on earth anyone would eat something like “that.” We sure have a long way to go……..

  71. Cindy Aiton

    Tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes! I’m definitely counting the days until my local farmer’s market reopens. 🙂

  72. Annette

    I can’t get enough butternut squash and am making a butternut/spinach/feta frittata 2-3 times a week. It’s a complete meal that’s oh so satisfying and tasty with the contrast of the sweet squash against the salty cheese.

  73. Misch

    Beets, ginger, and carrots! Usually roasted or pureed raw with whatever other veggies are around (onion, celery, garlic…). Finished with EVOO, balsamic and honey.

  74. carly

    I am loving a good salad right now with a lot of colors…red peppers, purple onion, orange carrots, and lots of greens!

  75. Dyane Plumly

    My favorite vegetable these days is butternut squash (along with everyone else, apparently!) But I really can’t seem to get enough and it is so cheap (it was 44cents/lb) at the grocery store right now that I can’t resist! I have made butternut squash soup, roasted butternut squash with olive oil and seasonings, had it with kale in a pasta, and made my first risotto the other night with it! I even have one in my vegetable bowl right now that needs to get made into something creative this week!

  76. Christa Reynolds

    For me there is nothing quite like fresh squash. Not the kind you
    Buy at the local store but the kind that is given to you from a
    Friends’ garden. That was planted, watered and picked with intent
    And purpose. The kind that when you are slicing it and placing it
    Into a hot pan with olive oil; that makes you truly excited about dinner.

  77. Megan

    Not to curry favor or anything, but I am loving the kale in my CSA box these days. I don’t know what happened this year, but I went from a hater to a lover. My favorite salad that I’m eating every day at work is chopped kale (whatever type they give me) with the nubbin of green lettuce left over from my husband’s work sandwiches, a bit of chevre for fat, some roasted almonds for crunch, and oh so delicious drizzled balsamic. Mmmm. It makes lunch worth waiting for!

  78. Mara

    Rainbow swiss chard is my favorite vegetable these days. I’ve been adding it to soups or just sauteeing it with some garlic and onions as a side dish. Sometimes I’ll dice up some gluten-free Kielbasa sausage from Trader Joe’s, add it to the chard and pair it with some roasted potatoes. Yum.

  79. Elena

    I am eating so much kale right now! Wilted, juiced, made into kale chips, sauteed. I am using all kinds of different spices to mix it up.

  80. Suzette R.

    Kale for sure… but I also love roasted brussel sprouts, roasted broccoli and roasted parsnips. Can you tell I’m into roasting veggies these days? 🙂
    REALLY want to try those muffins! I’ll be looking out for them!

  81. Liz

    I have been eating brussel sprouts roasted with shallots and bacon all winter. I can’t seem to get enough of them. Here in California we are starting to see some early spring veggies in the market. I was sad when I realized that while spring brings lots of yummy new stuff it also means the brussels will be gone : (

  82. lisa

    Garden Lites is impressing me even more than I expected. I am lucky enough to have the occasional “whole Foods” budget, but it’s nice to see that other grocery stores are carrying them as well. My MIL is a big Costco shopper and is gracious enough to always be on the look out for things for me to eat at her home – I know I’ll be seeing something from them pop up on her table soon!

  83. Patti

    Right now I am totally into broccoli. I prepare this vibrant, green mini tree vegetable in a myriad of ways – cheddar cheese broccoli soup, cooked with butter, pepper, lemon, parmesan cheese, and of course just steamed. Steamed is probably my favorite in the winter because the taste reminds me of the elements of spring – cool air on my skin, fresh picked vegies from our local CSA, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

  84. ChrisB

    My all time favorite vegetable is spinach, raw and cooked. As a toddler I apparently spit or sneezed it out but grew quite fond of it as a young child. In fact my most favorite dish used to be spinach mashed together with potatoes and an egg sunny side up on the side.

  85. Gail

    Right now I’m loving the bright colors of bell peppers (especially with red onions, corn, and a variety of beans). Here in Minnesota, there are no hints of spring yet except that the days are getting longer. March is statistically our snowiest month, so it isn’t time to get wistful yet. 🙂

  86. Caroline

    Our CSA right now is greens greens greens. So I’m loving the brightness, sweetness, and heartiness of sweet potatoes at present. Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. Bliss

    Bein’ a southern girl, my favorite vegetable right now is collards, right from my garden. I chop them and saute them with crushed red pepper flakes and garlic in a wee bit of olive oil.
    My favorite lunch is some of these sauteed collards, baked sweet potato and quinoa–what a beautiful plateful of yummy wholesomeness!

  88. Alison

    These look delicious. Right now I’m roasted vegetables, pretty much any type — carrots, asparagus, sprouts, etc.

  89. Emily

    My favorite veggie these days is butternut squash. Delicious and good for me, too. Makes great chips, fries and, of course, soup! I’ve never tried to make a souffle out of it…

  90. Jill_R

    These sound very interesting. I’ve never tried them or seen them in my market. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. Marcia

    I absolutely LOVE your Garden Lites, especially the Butternut Squash. Can’t get enough of them. I often add cinnamon to it. I would LOVE to win some of these. The zucchini ones are great, too. They’re the best thing to happen since sliced bread! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing some of your newer flavors (such as the chocolate zucchini muffins) in our local stores.

  92. Christina Radcliff

    I’ve been wanting to try these! I really hope I win! You said leave a comment about fav veggie….I Love them all but right now I’m on a big cabbage kick. LOL

  93. Susan S

    I’ve liked spinach ever since I was little and watched Popeye cartoons. Also love the Garden Lites spinach souffle.

  94. Jackie Friedland

    Oh – veggies are hard! I’m really trying my best to like veggies and getting better by the day! My new favorite is spring mix lettuce mixed with spinach. I grew up eating iceburg lettuce and thought it absolutely revolting when people would eat “weeds” (how I saw them). Now I wouldn’t eat anything else! I mix it with some strawberries, goat cheese and a light italian dressing. Yum!

  95. Stephanie Walker

    My favorite vegetable right now is acorn squash and roasting it and then making it into a delicious creamy soup.

  96. Pat Everett

    I love carrots and zucchini! I use them in all kinds of recipes like quiches and baked desserts and would love to win to try garden lites!

  97. Connie Tuschl

    Love Garden Lites and drive 200 miles to get them. Would love to try the muffins because those i haven’t gotten yet. Come to Upper Wisconsin Please.

  98. Belinda Slater

    Love the veggie souffles. Pizza and Southwestern are my faves!!! Favorite veggie has to be broccoli, zucchini and yellow are a close second/

  99. Katherine Sprouse

    would love to try any of these products. I’m so bored with what I have available to me. but I have found a grocer who carries your product about 30 minutes away. Can’t wait 🙂

  100. Meghan

    Oh, this is so exciting! I’ve been wanting to try these and haven’t found them so far! My favorite veggie right now is chard, sautéed with balsamic, red wine, and some earth balance butter! Yum, yum!

  101. Hillary

    I am still loving roasted winter squash! I am happy with a bowl of naturally sweet and delicious squash, a warm fire and a good book.

  102. Christine H.

    I’m loving brussel sprouts right now, especially when carmalized onions are thrown in with it!

  103. heidi wigand

    What vegetable dont I love? We’re growing cauliflower, broccoli, rutabega and beets, Some of my favorites. Im more into the au natural so I stick to just steaming veggies plain. With a garden lite souffle thats dinner every night. I cant wait to try these.

  104. Jenna Drew

    I have to admit that I’m a big fan of the Garden Lites Butternut Squash Souffles. One secret of mine is that I sometimes eat them for breakfast if I’m running super late and want something healthy!

  105. Holly

    My favorite vegetable these days is carrots. The local farmer’s market has some really fresh, crunchy and sweet ones that go great with homemade hummus.

  106. Alison

    These days… roasted turnips with smoked paprika and lime juice, and steamed zucchini with carrot ginger miso dressing, in equal measure. And kale, all ways, always.

  107. Gwen

    Mmmmm. I’ve been enjoying cauliflower, particularly the recipe in Gluten Free Girl. The one with paprika and cocoa powder? Yum.

    I also love brussel sprouts throughout the winter; particularly with lemon and garlic; it is always a bittersweet moment when I see them disappear from the farmer’s market.

  108. Kim Hunt

    We are new to Gluten free but are always looking for ways to have fresh foods that taste great as well!

  109. Kate

    The veggie I’m enjoying right now is any green frozen one. We’ve just about given up on fresh anything here in the Midwest and frankly, a little thaw in the sauce pan w a good pat of butter and some S&P and they taste as good as anything else!

    I really hope I win! I want to try a vegetable soufflé!

  110. Amy B.

    Our favorite new dish in our house is fresh green beans sauteed with garlic, soy sauce, and red pepper flakes. I cannot wait to try this combination on asparagus too!So easy and so good. My husband doesn’t like veggies very much but these disappear as quickly as they are made.

  111. Deb

    I have always loved asparagus, but I really like the garden delights because with those the veggies are cooked in them.

  112. Jen

    Kale sauteed with garlic in coconut oil and sprinkled with lemon juice. Kale and potato frittata. Roasted sweet potatoes and beets. Winter comfort food. Would love to try making some kale chips!

  113. Edeline

    I’d have to say my all-time favorite vegetable cooked in any way is eggplant!! Growing up, my parents had green thumbs 😛 and always had plenty of vegetables in their garden.

  114. Sarah G

    I know half of the other commenters said this, but I have to admit that I’m roasting curly kale at least twice a week. This is partly because my body’s inhaling them as quickly as they are served, but also because my husband, four year old, and fifteen month old all eat them as well and that is so satisfying (getting greens into all of them at once). I’m also into a local farmer’s spinach for soups, roasted butternut squash (leftovers blended with apples for the kids’ Little Green Pouches), and pan roasted sweet and sour brussel sprouts with pancetta or bacon. C’mon Garden Lites! Reward this wordy post, please!

  115. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    My favorite vegetable these days is kale, but I also like chard, and I’m so relieved that I recently convinced my fiancee that she likes chard too! It took cooking it up in a flavorful chicken broth to convince her, but now I don’t have to feel quite as silly about how many nights a week I want to put kale on our table… we can mix it up a little with chard (and broccoli)!

  116. Jen

    Fennel! I’m seven months pregnant and eat fennel obsessively! Apple-fennel-manchego salad with toasted walnuts and champagne vinegar; potato-fennel gratin; roasted fennel soup- its amazing in everything! I’ll probably never eat another fennel bulb after the baby comes but I’m loving them right now.

  117. Candice Barter

    I’m eating a lot of spinach these days. Sautéed with garlic, baked into casseroles, but mostly blended into my own smoothie concoctions! I love knowing I’m getting green vegetables with my breakfast every morning. My kids are loving frozen peas and raw baby carrots these days. Can’t wait until our CSA starts and we get a box of fresh vegetables every week! Would love some more frozen veggie options for the kiddos!

  118. Sue

    I am rocking the spaghetti squash this winter! Roasted in the oven, ALWAYS–never steamed or nuked. I have a recipe for a delish, veggie-laden spaghetti squash pie that does NOT use red sauce. I also discovered that the cooked squash freezes beautifully, meaning I always have it on hand and don’t have to plan for that extra hour of cooking time.

  119. Judy

    I just got a Nutribullet, so I guess I’d say spinach because I’m having some delicious green smoothies.

  120. Lisa

    I am in love with the last of the Yukon Gold potatoes from last fall’s harvest. Maybe not the best choice as I am trying to watch my carbs due to pregnancy induced hypertension, but I can’t help it. With butter, with cream, any way I can eat them 🙂

  121. Chris

    I love all roasted veggies, but in particular, roasted zucchini, peppers, eggplant and cauliflower are some of my favorites. Just roasted in the oven with a spritz of olive oil and pinch of sea salt…also good, simple way to make kale chips ( which even my 11-year old, picky eater son likes!). Love Garden-Lites products!!

  122. Stephanie

    I love so many vegetables these days! Just came back from a trip to California, where I got to eat a lot of local asparagus (missing it here on the East Coast). I’ll pick one for the moment: Okra. This summer, I got bags upon bags of it in my CSA share–including taking bags from the people who didn’t want theirs. I started making “okra fries” out of it. Toss whole okra in olive oil and good sea salt and roast in a cast iron pan. Pick a dipping sauce, and eat like French Fries. It’s analogous to what kale chips are to potato chips.


    P.S. I miss being able to comment on your posts!

    1. shauna

      Oh, thanks Stephanie. For a lot of reasons, the feeling and experience of writing this site is far more free and joyful if I don’t allow comments right now. I’m sure they’ll come back in some form.

  123. Robin Meyers

    I love the pizza flavored veggie souffle it really tastes like pizza for those of us who are gluten free, it is delicious!!!!

  124. Natalie Gibbs

    I love that we have come so far that I can give my daughter “puffs” for babies that have kale and spinach in them! I grew up hating most vegetables and wouldn’t eat mushrooms until junior high- as a result I am determined to provide healthy eating for my daughter as the fun norm. Right now I am loving greens- and so is my daughter!

    I have had the souffles for lunch, but didn’t know they had zucchini muffins- So fun.

  125. linda

    Spinach. Always has been my favorite and probably always will be. I love adding it to everything from pasta to chicken.

  126. Llysa

    I grew up in Sacramento, CA, and my midwest-raised parents were actually pretty savvy when it came to veggies. I grew up eating artichokes and a million types of squash, and every potato every grown.
    However, didn’t ever have eggplant until I moved away to college. Not even as baba ganoush – my mom had had a bad bitter experience with it, and never let it in the house. I’m so grateful to have had a strong veg background… still – these are some of the roughest weeks – the dearth before the bloom, in a sense.

  127. Jeannine

    I’m nuts about spinach at the moment – frozen, fresh, anything but canned. Fried noodles and spinach, spinach omelets, spinach salads with chunks of sweet potato and peanut dressing – yum!

  128. Laura Cunningham

    I love brussel sprouts – in frittata, in spaghetti sauce and roasted by themselves (with balsamic vinegar and garlic). I do like squash (I have 5 pumpkins that I need to cook) but they’re kind of a pain with the cooking time!

  129. Pam

    We love kale around here. Our first baby arrived last week via c-section, so I’ve been ordered out of the kitchen for the next week or so. We prepped some healthy freezer meals ahead of time so we’re not just living on take out, but man, I’m craving fresh kale.

  130. Jess

    Love arugula and beets! Arugula with everything and anything-mixed with homemade vinaigrette, on top of a wrap, or with beets…yum!

  131. Urban Wife

    There isn’t a vegetable these days I won’t eat unless it’s out of season tomatoes and summer squashes. Lately, I’ve been on a roasting kick. Every vegetable is roasted and my, oh, my…how utterly delicious!

  132. Lacey

    My favorite vegetable right now is freeze dried okra! Strange, right? I found it in the deli section of the grocery store – bright green and crunch looking – and it’s WONDERFUL. More like a potato chip than the slimy boiled green veggies you may have in mind when you hear the word okra. Delish.

  133. Patti Bulish

    I just got some asparagus. I love it . I just found out I need to eat gluten free. I am chemical sensitive and so excited to find your blog.
    Patti B

  134. Jenn

    Kale, big heaps of delicious kale. My friend introduced me to a recipe where you make a light curry with coconut milk, making curried kale that’s quick, easy and tasty (we ate it for dinner last night over a hearty helping of turnips). In fact, I think I might make some kale when I get home from work…

  135. Ashlieba

    My favorite vegetable? I have to pick one? That’s like choosing a favorite child! Right now I’d have to go with brussel sprouts, though. Crisp up some bacon, sautee the sprouts and garlic in a little of the fat, toss with GF pasta and a little Parmesan… Heaven!

  136. Judy A. Johnson

    I would never have believed that Swiss chard could make me happy, but it does. Buying rainbow chard, with its red, green, yellow, and white stems, is like buying a bouquet of flowers.

  137. Ashley

    I’m really loving roasted chunks of butternut squash or sweet potatoes tossed with goat cheese, spinach and almonds (and I’m not even GF!).

  138. Jo

    It changes all the time but right now I can’t get enough of kale (I’ve been eating it raw in salads, baked, and in bean and letnil soups), squash from the garden (just simply roasted or baked), cabbage (I just started roasting it which has been a revelation, in a slaw with a vinegary dressing or shredded and made into a fritter), and fennel (braised, roasted or raw). These have all been staples for me so far this winter.

  139. Tracey

    I’d love to try these! We are in a bit of a veggie slump here. My girls are both GF+ low oxalate, and mighty tired of the usual winter fare. I always aim to make any main dish with veggies, then have more veggies on the side. On the side, the 9 year old loved steamed broccoli and cauliflower with a garlic and drizzle of sesame oil yesterday and the 11 year old is really into sauteed mushrooms. I am on a watercress kick- 2 big bunches in the blender with broth for a yummy soup…. but I drink the whole thing since the kids don’t like it. My best sneak this week was mixing leftover rice 1/2 and 1/2 with finely chopped, cooked spaghetti squash. No one but me likes spaghetti squash, but they didn’t notice that the “saffron rice” under their lamb kebabs was squash- even my hubby!

  140. Jennifer

    Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with spinach. I love it in everything! It goes into my daily juice and/or smoothie. It makes up a part of most of my meals and snacks…salad, sauteed with garlic, olive oil and lemon zest (Buddha’s Hand when it was in season!), added to quesadillas and soups…The list goes on. The best part is our three year old sees me eating it all the time and now asks for raw baby spinach leaves to munch on while he’s playing. Super cute!

  141. Megan Schwartz

    In the winter, I love brussel sprouts. My sister and I always sauté them in 100% maple syrup. It is delicious!

  142. Jet Harrington

    I finally made it to Sitka and Spruce. Everything there was amazing, but it is the simplest things that I am repeating: kale with roasted shallots and anchovies; creamy yogurt topped with sliced honeycrisp, drizzled with honey. Simple. (I never tire of kale either. Just, never.)

  143. Amanda

    I’m all about cabbage these days. Roasted, slaw, or chilled and stuffed in the bra for a homeopathic remedy for plugged milk ducts for the breastfeeding set!

  144. Molly O

    Without a doubt, I can’t wait for sweet corn season! My cousin married a farmer and I love to go back to Oklahoma and visit my family and the farmers’ markets during corn season to buy from them. I’m still trying to convince them to mail a box of sweet corn to me in DC! It’s great grilled…actually all of my favorite veggies (asparagus, bell peppers, squash, zucchini) are all delicious straight from the grill.

  145. Ann

    The CSA box is yielding a lot of kale just now and my husband makes never ending variations of “wilt,” each one better then the last. He may be tired of cooking it, but I’m not tired of eating it.

  146. Eileen Kelly-Meyer

    I’ve just discovered edamame, and I love them! I’ve always liked lima beans, and that’s what the flavor reminds me of, but edamame are crisp, not mushy. I’m loving them steamed, in salads, in casseroles – you name it!

  147. Deanna G.

    My favorite vegetable is cauliflower. When I was younger my mom used to eat it dipped in ranch dressing & I asked to try it one day and I just thought it was the best thing ever!

  148. Michelle

    I’m really into radishes these days. I like slicing them thinly and piling them on buttered bread with a little salt. I always thought it sounded a little precious, but it’s delicious!

  149. Carmen

    These products sounds great! I get home late often and need something healthy to whip up. It’s so hard sometimes! Lately I’ve been eating roasted veggies a lot – mostly carrots and broccoli. Also sauteed swiss chard and tuscan kale. And mashed cauliflower is delicious. I’m really lucky to live in California!

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