how to make gluten-free stuffing for Thanksgiving

Stuffing. Raise your hand if hot stuffing covered in gravy is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal.

(Raises hand.)

Find some gluten-free bread, follow the technique you see in this video and you will have great stuffing for Thanksgiving.

And what about cornbread stuffing?

(Or dressing, as some of you call it?)

Well, of course, it’s pretty much like white bread stuffing. However, in this one, we use sausages and green apples.

Take a look and learn how to make it.

You can use this cornbread recipe and follow the steps you see in the video, or use your favorite cornbread stuffing recipe instead.)

Enjoy your stuffing!


15 comments on “how to make gluten-free stuffing for Thanksgiving

  1. Wendy

    Actually, the next day, fried with and egg poached on top, til the bottem is crusty and the egg is runny. Been doing this since I was a kid! Yay for GF!!!

  2. manuela garcia

    Shauna, I’ve never had a Thanksgiving meal, but I traveled once to Cape Cod in the fall, and we stopped to eat freshly grilled fish at a lovely restaurant and it came with sweet potatoes and cornbread. To this day I dream with that cornbread. It had the right amount of sweet and savoury in it. Amazin. Really, I dream about it. Everytime I see a movie here in Spain or images of New England, I think of that cornbread.
    I haven’t tried the brussel sprouts recipes yet, although I went to the Boqueria Market this morning to look for them, but it is too early here yet, I think we have to wait for a few weeks. But I promise to try them. Brace yourself if I like them. Regards, Manuela.

  3. Jenna

    Hi Shauna! I was really excited about getting the iPad app but I keep hearing it needs an update and now I’m on the fence. Will the update be released before Thanksgiving?

    1. shauna

      Jenna, as is true with any enormous endeavor, like a cookbook, there are a few small errors. We are doing an update. But we are also sending out an email with the corrections. If you would like to sign up for the email at, you’ll have the app and the few small corrections.

      1. Jenna

        Sorry to be a pest but I don’t see a way to sign up for email updates at The only links provided are to like/share and to go to the App Store to buy. If I buy the app am I automatically signed up for email updates. LOL sorry I’m just really confused, just really not used to getting updated info for an app like this. Also still looking for confirmation that the corrections will be sent before Thursday? My sister is GF and this is the first time I’m cooking for her! Tx.

  4. Jennifer

    Your stuffing looks delish! This was the first of your new videos that I’ve watched and I thought it was so well done. You two seem so at ease–and I love the funny expressions on Dan’s face.

  5. Petunia

    Thanks! I’m going to switch it up on the family this year. No crybabies allowed!!
    p.s. Love the dish from Fishes Eddy. I’ve got the same one : ) Please keep the videos coming. You two are delightful.

  6. Laurie

    I’ve tried to watch these videos on my iPad but there is no sound. Any ideas why? I watch YouTube videos from other blogs with no problem.

    Also the app in the App store doesn’t have any super reviews yet and the comments that have been posted haven’t been responded too. I’m still on the fence about buying the app for $5.99.

    But I love your blog and your recipes.

    1. shauna

      Laurie, I don’t know what’s going on with your iPad and the videos. They play for us on the laptop and our iPads. Sorry! As far as the app goes, that’s your decision. We’ve been so busy posting a new video and recipe here every day in November, as well as fielding questions, that I didn’t realize there were comments on the Apple store site. We’ve heard nothing but raves from the people who have purchased the app. But I’m not here to persuade you. You decide for yourself.

  7. Gwen

    I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. My husband has been GF since before Easter of this year. That first major holiday was hellish because he could not eat the special things he usually enjoyed. My husband has given up so much to go GF. But, this Thanksgiving, my mother and I were able to do an entire GF meal thanks to your blog. My husband almost cried when he saw the sweet potato pie. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for healing the holidays for my amazing husband!

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