gluten-free sandwich bread for Thanksgiving stuffing

Hi there. How’s it going with you? Thinking about Thanksgiving yet? It is a week away.

Here? Well, we’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving for months and months. We’ve been cooking and baking, writing and tweaking, and making videos. A lot of videos.

And the one you might like best is the sandwich bread.

Let’s watch how to make it.

Now, let’s talk about this.

This recipe is on the iPad app, which is why we’re not giving you the full recipe here. However, watch the video again. You have all the ingredients. We have a sandwich bread recipe already on the site, one that will make a fine bread for stuffing. If you haven’t already watched this video on how to make gluten-free breadsticks, you should. That dough makes a fine sandwich bread too. And this whole-grain gluten-free bread dough, put into a loaf pan, makes a great sandwich bread for stuffing. There’s a bread recipe in our first cookbook. Plus, the recipe for this sandwich bread will be in our new cookbook. We have plenty of options for you.

And here’s the important part about making gluten-free sandwich bread. Understanding the technique for how to make gluten-free sandwich bread is far important than any list of ingredients. What’s really key —- and please do watch today’s video again —— is the texture of the bread dough when you put it into the loaf pan. It needs to barely cling to the paddle when you turn off the stand mixer, then slump off it. The batter needs to be the texture of pancake batter. (This is all true if you are using psyllium husk. If you use xanthan gum or guar gum, the batter will have a completely different texture. More… gummy.) When you let it rise, you’ll find that the final dough is no longer pancake batter. It’s bread dough.

Make the batter for your sandwich bread as wet and thin as what you see here, then let it rise in the loaf pan. (This recipe was created for a 9×5 loaf pan, in particular this one .) Use a hot oven — we like 450° — and you’ll have a light, fluffy sandwich bread.

(By the way, the top of the sandwich bread we made for the video sank in the middle after it came out of the oven. That is how we realized that we should not include baking powder, which we had been doing. It keeps a lovely domed top without baking powder. And in the recipe on the iPad app, the baking powder is still in the directions. Omit.)

This bread slices easily, has a soft inside and a warm brown crust, and makes a darned fine sandwich. It also makes a great Thanksgiving stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Julie

    Love! Going to get the app now. And happy Thanksgiving – I may start celebrating US Thanksgiving too, just because… ours was over far before Halloween. Too soon!

  2. Rebecca

    How well does your recipe for whole grain bread work in a bread maker? I’ve been thinking about trying it, but wasn’t sure if it would work. My bread maker has a gluten free setting and raises only once.

    1. shauna

      Rebecca, I don’t use a bread maker, so I don’t know for certain. But I think it would be fine. See, gluten-free bread only rises once, really. You make the dough, let it rise (but really, that’s more about hydrating), and then you bake it. Since it’s not the same process as gluten dough, it’s also not so many steps. So give it a try and let us know!

  3. Sarah

    I don’t have an iPad – in fact, I don’t have an i-anything. I love your site and I love your recipes; but it’s going to suck to miss out on things because I won’t buy a product I don’t need.

  4. Jennifer

    This looks great. I am with Sarah, though. I don’t have i-anything and don’t plan on getting it any time soon. Sorry to miss out, wish there were other options. BTW, I emailed you and got your standard “we won’t reply” (which I completely understand!) and followed your instructions to post my question on your FB page, where you would reply. That was a few weeks ago, and still nothing. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      As I look for my question on your FB page, I see that it has been deleted, or has just disappeared. Hmm. So here it is. Again. For the 3rd time. Maybe I will finally get an answer, lol! I have a question about your flour blends. You have one that you call “all purpose” (40/60) and one that you call “whole grain” (70/30). What is the difference in the way these behave/taste? I made the whole grain one and liked it, but now I am thinking about trying the all purpose. Are there recipes that one blend works better in than the other, etc? Is the whole grain one still considered all purpose? I hope you understand what I am trying to ask. This is probably a loaded question, but even just a very basic answer without details would be great.

      1. shauna

        Jennifer, I certainly didn’t delete your question! Many show up there and I don’t see every one. But here’s your answer. The AP flour is close in nature to gluten AP flour. It’s whiter. It’s meant for the baked goods we want to be whiter: pie, pizza, cookies, for example. The whole grain mix is just that. Whole grain. I prefer it in quick breads, muffins, and generally the more everyday kind of baked goods. Both mixes work in the recipes we give in grams. it’s your choice!

  5. Rachael

    I agree with Sarah and Jennifer. I would love to make this bread. I don’t have an i anything either and don’t plan on getting one. It’s frustrating that, that is the only way to get this recipe!

    1. shauna

      Rachael, we gave you the links to bread recipes on this site that work well. We wouldn’t keep them up if we thought they weren’t good. This is a tutorial on how to make gluten-free sandwich bread. Use one of those recipes, make sure your dough looks like it does in this video and you have a great sandwich bread. That’s all you need.

  6. Patricia

    I’m not sure if you realize this, but the directions on the ipad app and the directions from the video are totally different. I made the bread from the app this am before watching the video, mixing the wet first in the mixer, then adding the dry. It was more like crepe batter, very thin and watery. (Its also missing the baking powder from the main list, but I happened to catch that) It also didn’t rise and I had to throw it out. I happened to see your post, so I made it again, following the steps on the video, adding first the eggs, then the butter, then slowly adding the water until it was the right consistency. I had 1/2 cup warm water left in the cup! Bingo, it worked. So I’m a little confused and frustrated. I love what you guys do and want to support you, but if you are asking me to pay for your app (which I happily did), it needs to be correct. I understand editorial errors (like the missing apple walnut cake recipe), but this seems to be more than that.

    1. shauna

      Patricia, after reading your comment, we went to make up another batch of bread, just to be sure, even though we have made it a hundred times! The batter came out looking exactly like the video. And I know this bread well enough to know it will be great. If yours didn’t rise, it might be that your yeast was old. Bread making is a fine art, about listening to the circumstances in your kitchen, the humidity, the yeast. And even if the batter was a little thinner than we showed you, it just takes a little longer to rise. So my guess is that you used a bit too much water, accidentally, and you are working with old yeast. It’s true that we added the dry ingredients first in the video and the wet ingredients first in the app. The second way makes for a slightly fluffier bread but really, it’s about the same either way!

  7. Dorothy


    What type of electric mixer do you use? I’ve been using a hand held mixer and find it very frustrating.


  8. Jennifer

    Hi. I purchased your app and I really want to love it. Right now it seems to have some problems that need to be corrected. I can’t see the whole pumpkin cheesecake recipe. It says to scroll down but it stops scrolling before it reaches the end of the recipe (and my computer programmer husband looked at it so I know it isn’t just me).

    This is my first gf Thanksgiving and I would love to make some of these recipes, but I really need complete recipes to do this. Thanks so much!

  9. Christy

    I am cheap, so I debated buying the app. I finally decided I had learned so many wonderful things from you guys for free, I should stop being miserly and spring for it. So glad I did! The app is beautiful and easy to use. Your designers and programmers did a terrific job!
    I’m looking forward to perfecting my gluten-free pie. Thanks so much!

  10. Jenn Sutherland

    Psssst…the iPad app instructions still mention baking powder, even though its no longer in the ingredient list. If you’re updating the app, make that quick edit. Making the batter right now! Love the app – it is beautiful, useful, and the interactivity is fantastic! Congratulations!

  11. deardeedle

    It makes me sad that it’s only an iPad app. Especially when without it (for those of us only cool enough to have an iPhone) you can’t get the recipe :/

  12. Erin

    Endless thanks for everything you do. I have been GF/DF for 4 years and you have truly inspired and guided me.

    The Thanksgiving app is wonderful. I am so happy for those newbies who have it to guide them! A couple of quick questions – I usually use himalayan or celtic sea salt. How will that compare to kosher salt in the baking? Also, in the pumpkin pie filling, there isn’t an amount for the coconut milk. Is it the whole can?

  13. Junior

    The ipad only app is so limiting. I’d gladly pay for access to your recipes but do not own and ipad and likely will never own one. Either a cross platform/device app or simple website subscription would be a much better delivery option. I planned on making so many of your recipes for Thanksgiving and now have none because they have all changed or are now on this app that I can’t get access to.

    1. shauna

      We haven’t changed the recipes! They’re all still there. We’ve been linking to them in every post! So you can still have Thanksgiving, gluten-free.

  14. Lole

    Oh crap. Just saw the post re the baking powder missing from the ingredient list on the ipad app. I did NOT catch that. Got up at 5:30 am to start this bread. Is it going to be a total waste? I sure hope not…I made a double batch so if it doesn’t work I’ll be super bummed. Any tips for what to do ASAP? Bread is “rising ” ( if it happens) now.

    1. shauna

      Oh it won’t be a waste at all! The top might sink a little. That’s all. But the bread will be great for sandwiches and perfect for stuffing!

        1. Judith

          Glad I read through all of the comments because I was in a scramble trying to figure out the quantity for baking powder. You know while it may have been removed from the list, the text still mentions to add baking powder to the dry mix.

          And by the way you don’t note the quantity of coconut milk in the pumpkin pie.

          The great thing with iPad apps is you can send updates! I also love the embedded videos in the recipes. Keep it up, you have a good thing going here.

  15. Jeri

    Shauna, I love your recipes and purchased the iPad app.

    However today I was going to mix up a gluten free flour mixture and went to your app. The combination of flours for the mix on the app adds up to 1100 grams, not 1000. The mix in the app is for 400 grams of millet, 400 grams of potato starch and 300 grams of sweet rice flour. Hmmmm. That adds up to 1100 grams.

    No worry, I just went to the web page instead but you ,iChat want to get this fixed or clarify it at least.

    Loved the app!!!!!!

  16. Lindy

    I’m just wondering if your new cookbook will be more recipes without xanthan gum/guar gum? And will your iPad app be updated with new recipes or will I have to buy a new app every holiday? I will TOTALLY pay for the app if I’m getting updates.


  17. Shruti


    What substitutions can I make for egg, xantham/guar gum in your sandwich bread recipes? Would flaxseed gel, and agar agar powder work?



  18. Denise

    Love your Gluten Free Blog. I’m a bit new and would like to know if I can link to you? Also, would love a mentor. I’m sure you are quite busy, but if you have any pointers.


    1. shauna

      Denise, of course you can link here! And as far as being a mentor, I’m touched. But gosh, I have seven years’ worth of writing here! And also, the only guideline I would give you is: start cooking and writing and don’t stop.

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