gluten-free cornbread for Thanksgiving

Cornbread. It’s delightful. And you need a good gluten-free cornbread to make cornbread stuffing (or do you call it dressing?) for Thanksgiving next week.

Here’s how to make it.

A few years ago, we gave you a recipe for gluten-free cornbread. It’s the one we have been using for years. It’s moist and holds up well in a pan of stuffing. I’ve updated it for you to make sure you can make it easily. This recipe is really not that much different than what we are making now.

We want you to have a successful Thanksgiving, gluten-free.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. DamselflyDiary

    Maybe down the road you could put holiday or event specific recipes together in a PDF booklet and charge viewers a couple of bucks to download it using PayPal. I don’t have an iPad so I can’t access your current stuff. Sigh. A $400+ iPad is a pretty high point of entry.

    That said, I love your website and refer people to it often. I use your gluten free flour blend recipe frequently and am still enjoying a fresh pumpkin pie I made with your pie crust recipe (in the food processor). Plus I just love your spirit and passion, and am so happy that you and Danny have been able to turn your love of food into a career!

    I haven’t bought your cookbook because I sense that it contains a lot of meat-related recipes and I am a vegetarian. If you can convince me otherwise, I would be happy to add it to my Christmas list!

  2. Patricia

    I have no problem buying the app, and looking forward to doing so. And I know it’s not your fault the apple store hasn’t released it yet. The problem is many of us are doing our ordering and shopping this week, especially for baking ingredients (I’m sure you know this). Would you be willing to put the recipes up for a fee here on your site? Behind a paywall? Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer, but if so maybe it’s something to consider. Cheers!

      1. Patricia

        Hi, I just downloaded it and it looks awesome! Just a heads up, my app has the wrong directions for the apple cake, looks like its the bread directions. Could you post the directions for the cake? Or do an app update ?

  3. Cari

    I have made your cornbread many time and I am always happy with how it turns out! Would you use cornbread stuffing to actually stuff into the turkey or would you stick with a more traditional stuffing. I am making a gluten-free stuffing to go in the turkey but I am also making a pan of regular stuffing (Tina’s request). I have an old family recipe passed down from Tina’s step father that calls for sausage, bacon, celery, the usual spices and a bag of stuffing. Trying to decide if I want to substitute udi’s white bread or, perhaps this cornbread would work too. I know I could wait until your app comes out and make your loaf bread but I am afraid yeast and I don’t get on too well. I think I want larger chunks of bread than I am going to get from Udi’s . . . thoughts?

  4. manuela garcia

    I got the app!! Brilliant!! I still haven´t managed to donate though, paypal doesn´t let me introduce a foreign postcode or telephone. But I´m happy to at least be able to contribute through the app. Shauna, if you find out how to do the payment from Spain, I´ll be very happy to contribute to your work. Kind regards, Manuela.

  5. Heda

    Thank you for the videos. I’ve enjoyed them so have made a donation. Not real sure how I feel about you regifting half my money to a charity of your choice. I regularly give money to charities of my choice so I’d be happier if you kept the money I paid to you. You earned it.

  6. Jamie

    Hi Shauna, I just downloaded the app and can hardly wait to make the sandwich bread. I have a daughter (as well as myself) that is gluten free and I’m always looking for a good bread for lunches. I was looking at the recipe and noticed that in the directions it mentions baking powder, but it’s not in the list of ingredients. Is it actually an ingredient or a typo?
    Thanks for all the great recipes you work so hard on. Your site was a life saver when I first went gluten free. I’ve learned so much from your site and love baking your recipes. Looking forward to baking all your recipes from the app as well.

    1. shauna

      Thanks so much, Jamie. We used to use baking powder, but then I realized it made the top sink a bit after baking. So don’t use it! We’ll make sure that’s fixed in the update we’re doing soon!

  7. Gretchen

    I was really excited about getting the ipad app, but when I went there I discovered that you are charging 5.99 for the app. When I read your Nov 5th post, you said you weren’t going to be charging for the videos, but now I found out that there is this $6.00 charge for the Thanksgiving recipes.

    Now, I won’t mind paying the $6.00 if this is just a one time only fee. You made reference that you were going to be posting future videos for the Ipad. Is there going to be another fee for the next ones, or is this just a one time only fee and future recipes will be included. If this is a Thanksgiving only thing, then I don’t really feel it’s worth it.


    1. shauna

      Gretchen, that’s a standard fee for apps. And the app is a completely different endeavor than the videos, which we are putting up here, one a day, for the month of November. Each iPad app is a separate entity, so the holiday baking app will be a separate purchase.

  8. Francine

    App is awesome…thank you. Pumpkin Pie recipe calls for coconut milk but its not listed in the ingredients section. How much? One cup?

    1. Margaret

      Appreciate all you do and the experimenting with GF issues so I don’t have to (GF since 2007). App is terrific and I know it went up quickly so a work in process and a few edits needed. I want to make the Pumpkin Pie but need to know the liquid amount (either coconut milk or evaporated milk). I suppose I can google the Libby’s can directions and figure it out. Also on my app, the Pumpkin Cheese cake instructions cut out at “Put the springform pan into a large….” I assume it’s a water bath (thus the need for the foil under the pan). Is there a place on your website you can post corrections? Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Your blog has enhanced my life and is such a blessing! Thank you!!

  9. tirzah

    Can I still download the app if I don’t have an ipad, but a mac computer? I’m not techy at all! Thanks:-)

  10. Leslie

    Hi Shauna,

    I absolutely loved your book, love your website and I love that you are adding yet another place to publish your g-free recipes. I’m looking forward to getting the Thanksgiving app!
    — Leslie 😉

  11. Megan

    Hi Shauna,
    This might not be the best place to ask, but we are going to be using a recipe for gf pie crust, and we were wondering if that is a recipe we should add psyllium husk to?

  12. Helena

    I don’t have an iPad and I find that I’m not likely to watch a video unless the recipe outlined in the text really calls out to me and is something complicated – on the other hand, I’d be MUCH more likely to pay $1-$2 to download individual recipes, depending on the recipe (for example, the sandwich bread you just posted about). Allowing another means of subscribing to this content (other than the iPad app) would be nice for those of us who lack that technology. If I did have an iPad, I’d be much more likely to buy an app if I knew it would give me access to special or exclusive content in the long-term, as well.

  13. Leslie

    I’m giving up Thanksgiving this year to concentrate on Christmas. That’s when my family will get together and it gives me more time to try some of your baking recipes. I want to try the psyllium you’re using instead of xanthan gum. I can always taste it and I don’t think it agrees with me, either.

    Do you know if there’s any way to bake with okra? Would it be possible to extract the mucilage somehow and use it in muffins (mmm, mucilage muffins) or other baking? I can’t find anything on the web.

  14. Joyce

    Hi Shauna,

    Love the app and the videos. Really well done. My daughter and I were diagnosed with celiac last January – this has forced me to become a better cook and I’m actually enjoying it. The positive tone of all you do is greatly appreciated. We have thanksgiving in October here in Canada, but I’ll be trying your app recipes for Christmas. Many thanks.

  15. mary

    sick of being sick, so i’m looking more seriously at your website (blood tests were neg and i tire of shrugging docs). i love bread: make it, eat it, have “raised” and babied a now years old starter. but something has got to change and i believe it will have be the way i eat — let my bread-ego fall to the side of the road and pick up a more kindly staff. first thot: cornbread is an easy and well loved substitute, but i was surprised to see that you added flours. as is said in the south, real cornbread is ONLY a good stone ground corn meal (2c.) to which is added: buttermilk(2c.), eggs(2), baking soda (1-1/2 tsp) and salt (1 tsp). melt 2 Tbs butter in a hot cast iron skillet that has been sitting in a preheated 425-50 oven. pour the batter in and bake for 35-40 min. this traditionally sugar-free cornbread can be a dessert slathered with butter and honey/jam or a sturdy foundation for a savory mess of veggies. wish me luck with your sorghum bread recipe! will try to bang it out this weekend. thanks for all that you do, Shauna.

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