coming on Monday

It’s November. We’re less than 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving.

We’ve been thinking about you. We’ve been cooking, baking, filming, writing, and creating for months.

Come back here on Monday when it all begins. We have a surprise for your gluten-free kitchen.

(If you have an iPad, you’re going to like this one.)

15 comments on “coming on Monday

  1. Adrielle

    This is very exciting! I came on here for just this reason, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Zeila

    I can’t wait! Your blog has made all the difference to my daughter and me as we learn to live with celiac.

  3. jt

    Can’t wait to try Bob’s Red Mill Muesli! These cooler days have me yearning for breakfasts more substantial than my usual piece of fruit. I mix my own gluten free oats with dried fruit and nuts, but it would be very convenient to have it already mixed. It would be a great take-a-long for hiking. Also good for traveling when eating gluten free can be especially challenging. I’m ready. Where can I find some?

  4. Nanette

    My 11 year old daughter with CD has been asking for muesli and would love to try Bob’s Red Mill’s. Hope we win! Thank you!

  5. Christine

    So excited to try Bob’s Red Mill Muesli. I am always looking for yummy filling breakfast options to get my day started and my brain working.

  6. Miriam B

    Going on one year now of gluten free for DH. Looking forward to mixing it up with new breakfast options . Thank you Bobs Red Mill , can’t wait to try the muesli.

  7. Gina Rau

    I’m so excited to see this announcement! In Thanksgiving’s past, I’ve basically had some gluten items and some non-gluten choices – but nothing “gluten free” as I define it (breads, pies, etc. that have gluten alternatives). This is the first year I’m planning to cook and bake a gluten-free Thanksgiving and I’ll need lots of help and ideas! Thanks Shauna!!

  8. Joanne Lehman

    Although I can make my own (but who wants to!!) I would love to be able to walk into a store and have something I know will be delicious every time. Bob’s Red Mills products always satisfy!!

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