Bob’s Red Mill muesli

As you might know, Bob’s Red Mill is one of our favorite companies in the world. (They have also been a sponsor of this site for 3 years.) Not only do they provide a plethora of gluten-free whole grains, flours, and mixes for those of us who must be gluten-free, but they also have a separate facility for the production of those grains, flours, and mixes.

It’s no exaggeration to say I don’t know how I would live without Bob’s Red Mill.

So I’m excited to tell you a secret I’ve known for a couple of months: Bob’s Red Mill is now making gluten-free muesli.

Before I had to cut gluten out of my life, I ate muesli and yogurt several times a week. Invented by a Swiss doctor in the 1800s, muesli is a combination of whole grains, dried fruits, and nuts. You can eat it as a hot cereal, but I add it to my favorite yogurt, with local honey, stir it up, and wait 10 minutes. The grains have softened a bit with the wait. The cereal still crunches. And I always feel happy and full after that breakfast.

Bob’s Red Mill muesli contains certified gluten-free oats, raisins, sunflower seeds, dried apples, brown rice crisp, rice bran, honey, soy beans, almonds, coconut, and pumpkin seeds. So: healthy and delicious.

The good folks at Bob’s are letting us do a giveaway, exclusive to our website. Leave a comment, letting us know why you’d like to try the muesli. Bob’s will sound out packages to 10 lucky winners.

(The giveaway opportunity will be open for 1 week. Winners will be chosen by random number. Please make sure you leave a working email address when you leave a comment or you will not receive a prize!)

Muesli again!


347 comments on “Bob’s Red Mill muesli

  1. Cathi Lamoreux

    Sounds delicious. I eat plain Greek yogurt, blueberries and walnuts almost every day for breakfast. I would love to try the Museli.

  2. Jess

    I have never commented on your blog, but love all your recipes and seeing what creations you come with that I can make as well!
    I was just diagnosed with gluten-intolerance (possibly Celiac) in August of this year, and as a college student, I would LOVE to try the Muesli to get me a good breakfast! I loved oatmeal before I was diagnosed and haven’t had it since, and this just sounds like an awesome new hot breakfast/granola like you described to try–and I have fallen in love with Bob’s Red Mill!

  3. Kerri

    I was introduced to Muesli by my German teacher in highschool and have eaten it regularly ever since. Up until the day my Dr. told me it was off limits. It would be great to have again.

  4. Kjerstiye

    Yum! I’d like to try their new muesli because it’s been so long since I’ve have any! And as good as granola is, it’s not muesli!

  5. Meagan

    I love muesli!! A friend of mine made it a few years back, and I have not been able to find a GF version in my local markets. I will keep a look out for this though-looks so yummy!!! I <3 Bob's Red Mill. Thank you for coming out with such a filling comforting treat for the coming winter months! πŸ™‚

  6. Sandra

    I love Muesli and usually make my own, would love to try this one. I love Bobs Red Mill, I use alot of their gluten free products. πŸ™‚

  7. Jen

    Every time I look at the Bob’s Red Mill section in the store, I lament the fact that they don’t have gluten-free mueseli. So excited to hear that won’t be happening anymore!

  8. Krista Scott

    I was always a granola and yogurt breakfast or snack person. Since going gluten free I have steered away from gluten free granola as it is quite pricey and tends to be less than flavorful. I would love to try muesli with my yogurt instead πŸ™‚

  9. Beyza

    I have been buying Bob’s Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats, Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, Chickpea Flour and those expensive Gluten Free Almond Flour with a grad student salary. My friend’s generally make fun of me saying I am “too extravagant” for a grad student but healthy eating is my priority. Muesli with Greek Yogurt was one of my favorites back in my country and I could not find that similar taste on the products that I tried in the US. That is the reason, I would like to try out Bob’s Gluten Free Muesli.

  10. Deanna

    I haven’t had muesli in so long and I’m sure it will take forever for my local grocery store to start carrying it…I will be on the look out though! Thanks!

  11. Mandi

    Something even better than Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal for breakfast? I’ve got to try it!

  12. Jenny

    I would love to try it! I just went gluten free about 2 weeks ago. It is hard to find any gluten free products where I live and this looks great to try.

  13. Martha

    I am new to this gluten free lifestyle and need a good breakfast. Lunch and dinner are easy for me, breakfast is difficult. I like eggs, but always seem to be in a hurry and don’t make them. Sounds like a delicious giveaway.

  14. Jenny

    I love Bob’s all-purpose gluten-free flour. I bake all my favorite recipes with it and they turn out just as good(I think even better).

    I would love to try Bob’s new Muesli! Where can I find it??

  15. Rita

    I used to eat muesli regularly, but have been without it since diagnosed in 1990. This makes my week!

  16. Lynn

    I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant about a month ago. I am still learning how to live this new lifestyle. I love the recipes on this site & look forward to trying more of Bob’s gluten free products!!

  17. Carrie

    We adore Bob’s Red Mill too! We loved them before my 10 year old daughters celiac diagnosis 2 months ago. And now, wow! We are even more thrilled by their products. I keep writing on the Costco comment card everytime that I go there that I want them to carry a gluten free cereal option. I’ve requested BRM GF oats… But just maybe the muesli, could be something that could fill that need. I’d love to try it!

  18. Jenn B

    I will definitely be buying some of this! I hope to win some too. I would eat it the same way you would, only Greek yogurt and raw local honey. Such a yummy snack or breakfast! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Charlemagne Prokopyshyn

    Hi I’ve been gluten free since 2003 and am living in Germany. There are quite a few gluten free products out on the market here since the gluten free boom in 2011 but the only brands are Schneekopfe and Schaer. I’ve never tried or seen Bob’s Red Mill products because Germany and the UK (i’m from the UK) simply don’t stock them unless in the big cities but I’m a small southcoast seaside village gal! I’d love to get to know Bob’s Red Mill muesli as a lot of people rave about the products and I feel out of the loop and I can then write about my experience with Bob’s Muesli on my gluten free food blog! And I love muesli too… used to eat tonnes of Alpen Muesli before 2003. πŸ˜€ Thank you very much!

  20. aprilshowers

    I’ve found breakfast to be one of the most difficult meals to deal with since being diagnosed with celiac 2 years ago. And I love yogurt so we always have it in the house!

  21. Kim R

    I find breakfast one of the hardest meals to go gf because I want something fast like I used to have before I was diagnosed. I’m excited to try this muesli!

  22. Isabelle

    This makes me excited! I can’t wait to try it. My go-to fall and winter breakfast is bob’s gluten- free hot cereal with yogurt, bananas, almonds and honey. The muesli sounds amazing. I’ve never had muesli before, i’m usually a granola gal.

  23. laura

    i went to germany in college and became in love, infatuated, with muesli. i was diagnosed with a sever wheat allergy eight years ago, and cannot wait to try this!

  24. Erin

    I would love to try the muesli because since going gluten free I have had a hard time finding breakfast foods that I like. It sounds wonderful!

  25. Amanda K

    That sounds delicious! I’m trying to steer away from my normal morning routine of sugary cereal to more whole grain and protein filled options, and that sounds delicious. I’d love to try it with yogurt and berries in the summer, or bananas and warm milk in the winter. Bob’s Red Mill has so many delicious products.

  26. Cynthia Baxter

    I’ve counted on Bob’s for their gluten-free steel-cut oats for years. Great company!!!

  27. Nanc

    This sounds fabulous! We have such few options. I would love to try Bob’s muesli and add it to my collection. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  28. Kerry

    I’ve been making my own muesli for breakfast, and would love to try this as an alternative when I’m on the road.

  29. Amanda O'Briant

    Yay! We eat Bob’s Red Mill GF Oatmeal in our house nearly every single day! This morning we made an exception and had our other favorite, Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal. We would be delighted to have Bob’s Museli to diversify our breakfast menu! πŸ™‚

    Shauna, you are such a wonderful, brilliant person. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I must take the opportunity to share with you that I consider you a primary spiritual inspiration in my life. πŸ™‚ Every time I go to cook something and I use your website for recipes, it’s like a special meditation. The whole grain flour mix. The pie crust. The blueberry muffins. The pancakes. As my children and I weigh the ingredients of these, our ritual recipes, one by one the poetry unfolds…and we eat it up. Thank you for your gifts!!!!

  30. Lindsey F

    Plain Greek yogurt, berries and walnuts are my go to breakfast and also a simple lunch. I would love to try this muesli.

  31. Sara

    Oh, I’d love this! My poor GF husband lives in a house with a dedicated baker, and he just doesn’t get enough treats (I’m trying). He’d love this.

  32. Frieda

    I’ve been eating Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat cereal for a number of years with blueberries and banana. I would love to try their muesli, which I’ve never had before.

  33. Christine

    I love muesli. My mom is Swiss and I grew up eating muesli and yogurt for breakfast. I make a GF granola that is delicious, but it just isn’t the same. I’m so glad to know about this product.

  34. kim k

    Being GF, breakfast is one the harder meals in terms of creativity…I love cereal, but shy away from milk due to lactose allergies. Even with yogurt, things get a little soggy! This sounds good and crunchy and not overly sweet; I’d love to try it. Most importantly, in rural SW UT, a good variety of GF products are hard to find!

  35. Julie

    Such great news. Bob’s Red Mill is such an important grain provider for me now. I so appreciate that they have a separate facility for their gf products. Muesli on Greek yogurt I make will be delicious.

  36. DamselflyDiary

    Oh, I love muesli! But unfortunately I can’t eat this one if it has soy beans in it. Sigh. I hope everyone that wins, loves it. In the meantime, I think I need to write Bob’s and see about getting the soy out of there! πŸ™‚

  37. Kate

    I recently had to cut gluten out of my life and am having a hard time coming up with quick new breakfast ideas. I haven’t had muesli before, but used to love oatmeal or granola either plain or in yogurt. Bobs gf muesli sounds like a great new breakfast for many of us. I’ve been buying a lot of bobs gf flours, and am excited to try this new product.

  38. Mrs. Dubose

    I love all the Red Mill products and would love to try this because I like to eat real food without chemicals and preservatives. PS I love when you write about your daughter! Little ones grow up so fast. I recently started a blog that sometimes touches on the other side of motherhood, as the empty nest approaches! I hope you all stop by and say hello. In the meantime, I am going to make Lucy’s Potato Pie, so tell her to keep up the good work!

  39. Chelsey

    I have heard so much about Bob’s Red Mill products! I always make my own muesli (gf) but would be interested in trying out a prepackaged kind as well. Is it also organic?

  40. Nichole

    Bob’s never lets me down…great wholesome products at an affordable price. Would love to try their muesli. Haven’t seen that one on the shelf yet.

  41. Mary

    I discovered the deliciousness of muesli and yogurt when I was in Ireland, and have been missing out for 2 years now. I would love to enjoy that combo again!

  42. Melanie Magnotto

    My morning go-to is Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats. It’s always nice to have another option and try a different tasty gluten free option! The muesli sounds delicious alternative to the usual with soy milk or yogurt.

  43. Jen

    I miss eating muesli! I’ve tried making my own and it never quite works out. I’m a huge fan of bob’s products and look forward to trying it!

  44. Joy Fasnacht

    Would love to try it for my 11-year-old, who has celiac. I frequently have greek yogurt with granola for breakfast, and would like to try to have her eat something similar… Thanks!!

  45. Raymond

    Would enjoy giving Bob’s Muesli a try as my doctor prescribed a very high fiber diet for my digestion. Thanks! Looks tasty too!

  46. Deanna

    I would love to try their Muesli. Our local Swiss Bakery makes it all the time, but not gluten free, I am really missing it. I usually eat my breakfast with yogurt and grains, whatever I can find that is gluten free. I use alot of Bob’s Red Mill products, especially the flour. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Nicole

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products. I am pretty much exclusively using their plain grains now. I would like to try this new product.

  48. Hannah

    Thank you for letting us know about this! I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity only 3 weeks ago, so I’m still in the middle of a difficult transition. Bob’s has been a blessing, and I would love to try the muesli soon!

  49. Lauren M.

    Bob’s Red Mill products are my FAVORITE! Would love to try this GF muesli. In yogurt, as hot cereal, baked in cookies/breads, plain…endless possibilities πŸ™‚

  50. Maureen Rainville

    My boyfriend was just diagnosed with Celiac disease. With that being said, I need to find out how to cook and shop gluten free. Any advise, suggestions for recipes, or free samples and/or coupons for food items would be greatly appreciated.

    Today is my first day on your website so I am looking forward to reading and learning about a gluten free life for us both.
    Thank you!

  51. Judy H

    I use a lot of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free products. And, certainly, I would like to try the Muesli. It sounds wonderful!!!

  52. Molly

    I too miss muesli since going gluten free. I suppose I’ve just been too lazy to create my own. Good ‘ole Bob! Thanks for the give-away opportunity. Cheers!

  53. Jesse

    I love Bob’s Red Mill! Both before I went gluten-free and especially now! Can’t wait to try the muesli. I’m newly gluten-free and starting to run out of new products to try.

  54. Bren

    Oh, how I have missed a good Muesli! I have tried some and they’ve just been…….flat. With all of the OTHER terrific GF things that Bob’s Red Mill puts out (NO ONE makes a better GF cornbread mix!) I cannot WAIT to find this. As soon as I hit “submit” I will calling around to see who has it in my area. Thanks for sharing the great news!

  55. Susan

    I would really like to try Bob’s Red Mill muesli because of all the great food items that are in it, especially the sunflower and pumpkin seeds, brown rice crisp, and dried apples. Mixed with a homemade yougurt, this muesli is making my mouth water already!!

  56. zebe

    I also love having this in yogurt, but don’t eat it often since it means making my own. This would make for a great quick-breakfast on work mornings.

  57. Elizabeth

    So excited! My husband and I used to eat muesli every morning while living in Wales. Since he was diagnosed with celiac disease, that breakfast became just a fond memory…but no more! I love all the Bob’s Red Mill products we’ve tried, but I’m pretty sure this one will zoom to the top of our list. Thanks, Bob! And thanks, Shauna, for publicizing this new product.

  58. Elena V

    My husband and I are both allergic to gluten. Ever since we got married, we usually make breakfast for each other, but when it’s my husband’s turn, he resorts to Muesli :). I’d love to surprise him with a box!

  59. Susie

    I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill. My son worked across the street. He and I would have breakfast or lunch at Bob’s before he moved to Boston . Since I’ve had the wheat allergy, I use Bob’s for all of my alternate flours and so appreciate the quality and variety. I haven’t tried the muesli yet. Looking forward to giving it a try πŸ™‚

  60. CJ

    Newly diagnosed with celiac and I am experiencing the steep learning curve associated with the disease. Bobs Red Mill products have been a lifesaver. Would love to try the musli.

  61. Ryan Kroeker

    I was diagnosed with celiac almost one year ago and have had difficulty finding alternatives for breakfast that satisfy me and keep me full. A main reason for this is that I also suffer from bad acid reflux from eating bigger meals… I am a school teacher so I get nervous eating enough in the mornings to keep me full for fear that I will get acid reflux while teaching and have to leave the class (that’s how severe it is.) So I often find myself feeing hungry within an hour or so after eating my breakfast during the week. I usually do not bring a big lunch either, for fear of getting acid reflux while I’m teaching my afternoon classes so I have to make up the caloric intake in the evenings. I would love to try the muesli as it sounds like it might have enough variety to keep me full without having to eat a huge amount, thus giving me a better start to the day! Thank you for letting me know about this new product.

  62. Kerry D

    I’m excited to try it – I never have before and it’s nice to have some new breakfast options for a change. Thanks for sharing. I love Bob’s products and I’m sure this one is no different!

  63. Melissa Silvey

    I have several food allergies & sensitivities & this is something that sounds delicious, healthy & something I could safely eat. I’m very excited to try this!!

  64. Michelle

    I am new to gluten free eating and I would love to try this muesli. I am just learning how to cook gluten free and cook for my family with clean eating.

  65. Andrea

    My husband is gluten intolerant and I lloovvee muesli, so this would be an awesome option for a breakfast we could both enjoy.

  66. Katherine

    I love granola for breakfast, and am a big Bob’s Red Mill fan, but I’ve never tried muesli…I’d love to give it a try!

  67. Kara

    I just recently found out that I am gluten intolerant. Although I feel a MILLION times better, it’s been a tough transition! Playing lacrosse for my university keeps me on a hunger strike 24 hours a day and having to give away all my post work out snacks was dreadful! Bob’s Red Mill has been a life saver (even on a college budget) and now is stocked in my apartment. I’ve yet to try to the Muesli but it sure sounds like a delicious addition to breakfast or a late night snack!! πŸ™‚

  68. Shari W

    I *love* muesli, but like you, gave it up after entering gluten-free life. I hadn’t really thought of it…until your blog! I love Bob’s Red Mill and use lots of their products as I know I can trust them. Thank you to Bob’s for being such an awesome sponsor – and to you for the lovely blog you share.

  69. Cheryl C

    What a great healthy food. Recently diagnosed celiac and am experiencing the struggle associated with a new diet. How much better I feel though! Would love to try this! Bobs Red Mill doesn’t disappoint.

  70. Suzie

    Breakfast is one of the hardest meals for me to prepare. I would love to try muesli.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  71. Mary

    Yum… muesli. But soy? ugg. Would love to try it to see if I can eat it. My wheat allergy has been with me all my life and is enormous. But the soy allergy is new and slight, and seems to be worse with processed soy products rather than soy beans…. Would love to try the muesli to see if it works okay. Thanks for the chance to do that!

  72. Stephanie

    Just discovered I have a gluten sensitivity and cannnot wait to try Bob’s Red Mill Muesli – because I’m also a big fan of Bob and his integrity in sharing his company with his workers. What a man!

  73. Anjuli

    Just started using Bobs for GF mixes (husband used to insist we do everything from scratch!) and have been impressed so far. Would love to try this.

  74. Alice

    I would like to try a gluten free product–anything. Maybe my little issues might go away like my joint pain or stomach aches the little things like this.


  75. VickiW

    Thank you thank you thank you. Being completely gluten-free is such a troublesome journey and every time I find something that says gluten-free my heart skips a beat and I feel like I can be a success.

  76. Kate

    I was just diagnosed with celiac and I am looking for good things to eat! This museli sounds awesome!

  77. Bliss

    Like many of the other responders to this post, I have been making my own muesli but would love to try Bob’s Red Mill version! There are so many of Bob’s products in my pantry that a bag of muesli would feel right at home! And while I’m here, I’d like to give a big shout-out to Bob’s Red Mill for their GF oat bran! (They must have gotten tired of my asking for it!)

  78. Kanch b

    Gosh, I would love to try this muesli. The ingredients sounds so yummylicious and healthy and gluten-free to boot.

  79. Dorothea

    I love and use a lot of Bob’s Red Mill products and am always open to trying something new – this would be a great opportunity to give their muesli a try!

  80. Carrie

    Years ago, before we went gluten-free, we used to eat copious amounts of muesli. I love the idea of being able to eat it again. The addition of dried apples sounds particularly yummy.

  81. amanda

    Thanks so much for the tip! My other half and I are both gluten intolerant and had thought muesli to be on our list of forgotten favorites forever! What would we do without Bob’s Red Mill??

  82. Allison

    I’m with you, everything Bob’s Red Mill makes is fantastic. Quality and goodness all in one package, can’t wait to try another one of their products because I LOVE everything they make! They are my go-to company for excellent gluten-free items!

  83. Mary

    Wow, I’ve been eating something like this but never realized it had a name! I can pick out the soy beans, right? πŸ˜‰ Not a fan of them, but the rest sounds delish!

  84. jessica

    i would love to be able to try the muesli because then my son might try it. he is a picky 2 year old but he loves yogurt…

  85. Celeste Bradley

    I haven’t had muesli since 2003. I can’t wait to win it–no really, I can’t wait. I’m going to go buy some tomorrow!

  86. Jeannie

    I’ve never tried Muesli, but this sounds great! It seems like it would be a filling alternative and tastier than just typical oatmeal, of which, I must admit, I am not the hugest fan. This mix of grains and fruit sounds quite yummy!

  87. eclaire

    I used to love eating muesli, but have been eating granola a lot more lately. I would love to try Bob’s Red Mill muesli, and switch up my granola habit.

  88. Serena Ryder

    I am a registered dietitian who does diet ed for gluten intolerant individuals as well as for myself. I would love to trial this product and recommend it to my patients and clients. I am a big fan of Bob’s Red Mill products and am excited about this new one.

  89. Tess S.

    I’ve never tried muesli even though I’ve heard about it previously. Sounds like a bunch of tasty things I enjoy in one package.

  90. Pat

    I’m 69 and was diagnosed with Celiac disease when I was two. I eat yogurt every day for breakfast and would love to try this muesli for a breakfast treat!

  91. Georgiana

    Oh my goodness this Bob’s muesli sounds amazing and full of all my favorite treats as well including apple, raisins and pumpkin seeds! And best of all, it’s gluten-free perfect for my whole family too! Thanks so much!

  92. Lindsey P

    Ah! I’m so excited for this product! I also adore Bob’s products and can’t wait for muesli which I have missed so dearly for years now. I used to eat muesli almost everyday and since going gluten free I have dreamed of such cereal deliciousness. I’ve considered making my own but have never quite gotten around to it and have always been at a loss for what gf grains to out in. Yay for Bob’s!

  93. Jada

    This combination of flavors sounds delightful! I’ve been a fan of Bob’s Red Mill for a long time, and I’d love to try this muesli. I make my own yogurt, and I’m sure the muesli would be a great addition to it!

  94. Ann B.

    Muesli – never had it before but it sounds delish! Would it work as cereal? I’d douse it with homemade non dairy milk…yum.

  95. Kristen

    This is so generous of them! My oldest son and I avoid a lot of foods to control our epilepsy and Bob’s Red Mill made the transition to this lifestyle so much easier! I always hesitate to try new food items, but I know I can trust Bob’s creations.

  96. Amy Holowaty

    Mmmmm.. muesli! I haven’t that in ages! Would love to try Bob’s version. Thank you for the offer and for celebrating everything worth celebrating. xo

  97. Tabatha

    I’ve never tried meusli before, but all the yummy ingredients in Bob’s Red Mill make me want to give it a go πŸ™‚ Just starting gluten free diet. Meusli plus yogurt sounds like an easy, affordable, nutritious and delicious breakfast.

  98. A Novel Woman

    This sounds delicious! I usually eat raw, rolled oats every morning with added nuts, seeds and raisins. I hope I win a bag, but even if I don’t, I’m going to try to find this muesli. Yum!


  99. Christa

    That sounds great! I think I’ll try it even if I don’t win, because it sounds like a quick easy breakfast that nonetheless will fill me up!

  100. staci

    nice! we would love to try anything to be classified as breakfast-y. my son was just diagnosed and he feels like his yummy options are limited.

  101. Caroline

    Every week I make a big batch of granola with Bob’s Redmill GF oats. But sometimes I get too busy or sometimes want a bit of variation. I would love to try this muesli!

  102. MichelleC

    I have been looking for a great GF topper for my Greek yogurt, I am excited to get to try this!

  103. Scooter Hanson

    I lived in Switzerland as a child and fell in love with muesli there, but I haven’t had it since the celiac diagnosis. Bob’s Red Mill is awesome for bringing this back to me and I can’t wait to try it!

  104. Carolsue

    I eat Museli all the time — and I’m pretty sure this is better than the stuff at the grocery store! We’re experimenting with Gluten Free products to see if it helps with some of the vague digestive distress we’ve been experiencing.

  105. Jenn Sutherland

    Oh, Bob’s Red Mill never ceases to make me happy! Truly, my pantry looks like a GF warehouse, with cases of my favorite Bob’s flours lined up on the shelf ready for service. I do make my own muesli, but it certainly would be handy to have Bob’s stocked and ready on the shelf, so I can take it to go with my greek yogurt!

  106. Linda Hughes

    I am a fan of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free products! Love the corn bread mix, brownie mix, gluten free oats (quick, long cook, and steel cut) , gluten free flour blend….the list goes on and on! Haven’t had the chance or have even seen the muesli anywhere local! Hope to get a chance to try it! Thanks!

  107. Kristin

    I’m not sure if there’s a difference between muesli & granola (which I love) but I’d be thrilled to find out!

  108. Susan Watson

    I eat Greek yogurt and some kind of fruit, mostly blueberries the kids and I picked this summer and then froze, every morning. I would love to add some crunch to it. All the ingredients sound wonderful! I would love to support Bob’s Red Mill too since they are just on the other side of the river from where I live.

  109. ashley c

    This is great news for me. I discovered museil a couple months before going gluten free. I was sooooo sad. I cant wait to try them

  110. Jenni

    One more reason why I clearly need to get to the grocery store more often! I have been looking for a muesli for a long time. I use Bob’s Red Mill products a lot but have not seen this one! Would be perfect for a lazy morning or one involving a four hour bike ride. Can’t wait to try it!

  111. Amanda

    I never got to try muesli before discovering I had to be gluten free, so I want to try it for the experience… And what goes into it sounds delish!

  112. GM

    I have never tried Museli before but it sounds delicious! I would love something that nutritious, comforting, and convenient for breakfast!

  113. Debbie Danks

    We did not know about this new one from Bob’s and might have missed it! I am curious about price. Glad to see that it contains only nuts edible to my also nut-sensitive kids!
    Btw, I could be missing something, but there does not seem to be a link to your website on your emails. I think I might visit this page more if there was!
    Thanks for all the great ideas – and so lovely photos!

  114. Leah

    Can’t wait to try it! Found your blog when my daughter was out on a gluten free diet. What a difference it has made! Thank you for sharing your experience and recipes.

  115. RoSeyf

    Bob’s Red Mill does GF Muesli now?? You made my day – again! You don’t know what you’d do without Bob’s red Mill – and I don’t know what I’d do without Bob’s Red Mill and Gluten-free girl and the chef!
    I fell in love with Muesli way back when I was a recent college grad with a backpack and a Eurail pass. It became a staple in my pantry, one of those “perfect” foods that was quick and delicious and packed with good flavor and nutrition. And I haven’t had it for years. It was tough giving up the Frugal Gourmet’s Ancient Roman bread… And Guiness… and Portuguese Custard Coconut Tarts… and all those other things that just aren’t the same without gluten. And then there is the issue cross-contaminated foods. Really? Plain oats were off-limits too??
    Thanks, BRM for bringing it back to our lives – and thanks, too, the GFGirl for bringing it to our attention!

  116. LMM

    Museli was one of my go-to breakfasts when I lived in Germany. I’ve missed it since I was diagnosed with celiac a year ago.

  117. Joanne

    Love Bob’s GF oatmeal so I know this will be a delicious addition to my breakfast. Can’t wait to try it.

  118. Renata

    I have never actually tried Muesli and with the yummy gluten-free ingredients I would love to give Bob’s Muesli a try! Yum! Thank You!

  119. Jenny Jo Kristan

    I’d like to try Bob’s muesli as an alternative to cereal for my kids on school mornings. I feel they eat so much gluten and I’d like to try some healthier things — especially hard on rushed mornings!

  120. Suzanne

    For years I have eaten homemade plain yogurt with fruit and some kind of crunchy cereal. Avoiding gluten makes many of those cereal options a no-go. I would love to try the muesli – it sounds delicious! And I love all the ideas from your site! Thanks!

  121. Pam Simos

    Hi Shauna,
    Your blog is one of my favorites. Love your writing, recipes and enthusiasm.

  122. Pam Simos

    PS (Didn’t answer the question). I love muesli, especially as an easy make-ahead breakfast for mornings I know will be hectic. Soak it overnight in the fridge and it’s ready and delicious in the morning with fresh fruit or on its own. Cheers.

  123. Eliana

    I lived in Austria for a year as an undergraduate student and muesli was the most popular and well-stocked breakfast cereal at the grocery store. That was before I went gluten free and I would love to try it again!

  124. Ocean

    Bobs’ is fabulous!!!
    I adore their GF cornbread mix. Following the instructions exactly you will create the most delicate, light, fluffy cornbread!!
    This could also be used to create a cornbread stuffing for the holidays!!

  125. christa

    Jealousy…….as I walk down the cereal isle at my local food store to realize (yet again) that I cannot have my muesli. I walk slowly past my old lover: remembering the smell & closing my eyes to remember the chewy-goodness of that first bite. Then, reality sets in; that the box isn’t coming home w/me because I am gluten intolerant πŸ™ Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill I will be able to sprinkle it on my yogurt, put it onto my warm apple crumbles, eat it with milk or just shovel handfuls of it (straight from the bag w/o shame) right into my mouth! Hallelujah!

  126. Mary Patton

    Since becoming Gfree I eat gluten free oatmeal every morning-mostly due to being a teacher with a very limited budget and limited time in the AM to make something. Lately I’ve been stuck in a breakfast rut, and began baking my oatmeal. I’d LOVE to give this Muesli a try because I’ve never had any! And it seems like the perfect mix up to my routine!

  127. Danielle C

    Before I was diagnosed, I ate BRM’s Muesli daily – it was my favorite. I cannot believe I’ll get to have it again!! WOOHOO!!

  128. Dennis johnson

    I’m not really celiac but the doc has said cut out white flower. I’ve been struggling with breakfast. This sounds like the perfect alternative.


  129. Tagati

    Luv your bog and really enjoy your videos too!

    Haven’t tried muesli before, but am a fan of Greek yogurt and steel cot oatmeal, so this would be a wonerful opportunity to try a new product.

    Mille gratzie.

  130. Stacy

    I’d love to try this because it sounds awesome! We have nuts and honey with greek yogurt, and this sounds like the perfect thing for when we want to try something a little different.

  131. Hannah

    I’ve never had muesli before. It seems really healthy but I’ve never seen a gluten free recipe.

  132. Anaiah

    I agree – I’m not sure I could have made it without Bob’s Red Mill. They are amazing! I would love to try anything new and gluten-free they come out with.

  133. Kristina

    What’s not to love about muesli? I am a BRM fan as well. Couldn’t live without their delicious products! I’d be very excited to try this.

  134. jessicac

    I love yogurt in the morning, and this would be perfect… and I haven’t tried something from Bob’s that I haven’t liked!

  135. Candace

    Ive been gluten-free and vegetarian for a few years now and I’ve figured most things out, but I never stop missing a nice warm, filling meal on cold winter mornings. And I imagine it’d be delicious in my Greek yogurt too!

  136. Jillian

    I would love to try the Muesli from Bob’s Red Mill. Their products are a godsend for us gluten free girls.

  137. Liana

    I’m a big fan of yogurt and muesli in the morning. I love that it’s healthy, filling, and easy to take with me to work. I’d love to try Bob’s Red Mill muesli. It sounds delicious!

  138. hsanders

    Hi guys, I love reading your blog, Shauna I think your writing is great and I love getting your email updates. I am yet to be diagnosed as celiac, however, I have been travelling Europe, Turkey and Morocco for the last 11 months avoiding gluten and wheat like the plague as I am certain I at least have an intolerance to it (will find out soon hopefully). I have been eating very little at breakfast time, mostly the “tasty” rice cakes while everyone enjoys scrumptious pastries and fresh bread. My dad makes his own muesli but I will no longer be able to eat it (its pretty good πŸ™‚ ) and I’m on my way home back to Oz on Tuesday so to receive some “proper” breakfast that would be just as exciting as returning home to my family, friends and beautiful dog Jasper πŸ™‚
    Thanks for being great and providing so much to us foodies (with a slight restriction)Hollie

  139. Penni Frank

    I eat Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal multiple times a week as well as his steel cut oats. I would love to try the Muesli as an alternative breakfast choice.

  140. Allison

    Thank goodness for Bob’s Red Mill! I would love to try this muesli, as I miss it so much from my gluten days.

  141. jacqui

    I’d love for my college-age daughter to try this. She is gluten intolerant (diagnosed about a year ago) and still trying to figure how to eat well. I visit your website regularly to get ideas for her.
    Thank you!

  142. Lex

    Love your site and all the amazing recipes. As someone new to gluten-free you are a welcomed addition to my emails. I’d love to try the muesli but alas Bob’s products are not nut free, or at least none of the products I’ve come across have been. πŸ™ But even so I’ll remain a loyal follower, looking forward to whatever you come out with next.

  143. Brooke Lee Smith

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to try it! I have been trying to find a premixed gluten free version. With the time crunch of our daily lives, making our own can be hard to do! I love that they sponsor your site, too cool! I look forward to grabbing some at the grocery store as soon as it hits shelves! xoxoxo Brooke

  144. Larisa aka KitchenWitchoftheWest

    Would love to win a bag of this as it contains many of my favorite foods, I can eat it, and have dearly missed the yogurt & museli habit I picked up as an exchange student. Now that there is coconut milk yogurt I’ll be all set!

    Thank you for hosting a giveaway, on top of all the fabulous info you share with us.

  145. Karen

    I would happily try this if it didn’t have soy beans in it. I have an intolerance to all legumes, which means a lot of Bob’s products (which contain garbanzo bean or soy bean flour) are off limits to me. Too bad they had to throw beans into what looks like a great product without them!

  146. Debbie O'Donnell

    I’d love a new gluten-free breakfast option, and since it’s from Bob’s Red Mill, it’s got to be good!

  147. Catherine

    I would love to try this, because Bob’s Red Mill is the best, and I’ve never even tried muesli!

  148. Marny

    We use Bob’s Red Mill products in our house and I’m so excited to see this! I like having cereal in the morning but find that it doesn’t fill me up. This sounds so yummy and filling!

  149. Elaine

    I would love to try the gluten free muesli. I’ve always loved Bob’s Red Mill and have been buying the products for YEARS so it would be wonderful to try something new from them.

  150. Marilyn

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products – we buy both the gluten-free products, for my mom, and the regular for the rest of the family. She’ll love the museli!

  151. Sara Ehrenhalt

    I’m just making the transition to being gluten-free, and stumbling across your site, I think I’ll be here a lot. πŸ™‚

  152. Ashlie

    I just found out that gluten is off-limits (some extreme irony for a pastry chef), and used to love muesli. I love Bobs Red Mill stuff, would love to try this!

  153. Llysa Holland

    When I lived in SF, I lived down the street from a European breakfast place, and my go-to breakfast was NOT the waffle or baked pancake, but the muesli. With their fruit of the day.

    I’ve missed it – this is such a great thing to know!! HOORAY!

    I <3 Bob's Red Mill! Such wonderful things they do to keep us eating happily!

  154. Steph

    I would love to try out a new breakfast GF option! I am only 6 months in to this, and breakfast is my hardest meal of the day. Love your blog — it is my ‘go to’ source for GF!

  155. Carmen

    I am so excited to try something new, and have one more wonderful product from Bob’s Red Mill to play with in the kitchen.

  156. Ann

    Glad to hear of the new muesli! There are now many more “nutritious” gluten free items available and Bob’s Red Mill products have been so helpful in this area. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago with celiac, when rice cakes were basically all I could find that were gluten free. I made EVERYTHING from scratch.

  157. Ariane

    Well, ladies and gents, I am going to play my “culture card” – being German I grew up on Muesli and had it every morning with joghurt before school! As I love Bob’s Red Mill for its flours and grains, having a muesli from Bob would be the perfect addition to my pantry. Great secret you are sharing Shauna – just love it!

  158. Caneel

    My husband is going to be thrilled when he finds out! We’d love to try it because we’ve been trying to come up with our own homemade versions that I’m sure aren’t as good as this one!

  159. Vicky

    My 5 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, I would love to have a quick healthy go to snack for and she would love it!

  160. Lisa

    I would love to try Bob’s muesli! Since breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, I’m always open to trying new gluten-free products. This sounds like a delicious way to get your fiber.

  161. Elizabeth

    This sounds great! It would be a time and sanity-saver, especially for traveling, which we do fairly often. We have tried making our own, but this would probably taste better.
    Thank you!!
    Mom to six, ages 4 to 16; one with type-1 diabetes (2/05), age 9 and one with celiac (8/07), age 14

  162. Tiffany Riley

    OMG!! I recently discovered that I am celiac and it has changed my world. I was googling and your blog has given me that hope that a foodie like myself can still eat great food. My father was raised in Switzerland and I have been eating yogurt and muesli for breakfast at least 3 times a week for my whole life, now breakfast has become a huge struggle, I would LOVE to try this product. Talk about making my life more normal.

  163. ZoeDawn

    I would love to try it because my homemade muesli was gross. I make good granola and grape nuts but I failed in the muesli department!

  164. Mary Bailey

    I enjoy a hot cereal for breakfast and am tickled to see Bob’s Redmill has come out with GF Muesli. For those GF friends that are also Lactose free – his muesli will be great in Yoplait new lactose free yogurt. Thank you for this website – looking forward to making the stuffing for Thanksgiving.

  165. heather

    pick me pick me! please! this is day 3 of the great gluten free adventure, a trip which i did not choose, but intend to enjoy to the best of my ability. fortunately, my daughter has been gf for a couple of years and my husband has a fabulous attitude so there is wonderful support, but today was my first day shopping, and this is all pretty overwhelming.

    btw, when i googled ‘gluten free food blog’ you came up in first place!

  166. jay beadle

    6 weeks on a gluton free diet mandated by testing postive in the comprehensive Cyrex test. I am so tired of eating eggs and bananas for breakfast that I am looking for to trying something new. I was only on the gluton free girl web site because this diet is so new to me and I was doing some research. Tough to change the diet of an active 54 year old man, but already feeling so much better that this is a perminent lifestyle change. 1038 Longvalley Rd, Glenview, IL 60025

  167. Chris

    I’ve made granola a lot but have never tried making muesli. I love many of Bob’s Red Mill products and would like to try muesli on Greek yogurt for breakfast.

  168. Marla

    I work in healthcare. Although I am fortunate to eat whatever I want, I often have patients with allergies. I love being able to recommend good food to those who ask. And if I have tried and liked it, I know it’s good to pass on

  169. Sarah

    SO awesome! I love Bob’s Red Mill. I love Bob. I even got to meet him when I went to Portland and visited his Red Mill. It was pretty much amazing.

    My husband is the one with celiac disease, but we keep our home gluten free. He eats Bob’s Red Mill breakfast cereal almost every day. I love it too and often eat it like grits. The other day we had it with fried eggs and kimchi. Pretty delicious.

    I’ve been missing a good companion to go with yogurt in the morning. There’s gluten free granola, but it’s tends to be super expensive and it’s hard to find time to make it myself. I’d love to try the muesli with yogurt, and I bet my husband would love to try it as a hot cereal.

    Thanks again for everything, Bob’s Red Mill and Gluten Free Girl! πŸ™‚

  170. Caitlin

    Thank you so much for the muesli update! Like Jess, who posted before me, I was just diagnosed at gluten-intolerant (potentially with Celiac) in September of this year–the day before I got married! I have been reading your blog for a long time and find your stories comforting and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and triumphs. I look forward to learning about your next adventure!

  171. Holly

    I would love to try Bob’s Red Mill muesli for breakfast in the cold months ahead. I love a warm bowl of yum on a cold morning by a fire.

  172. Stephanie

    I eat yogurt for breakfast every morning; usually with some combination of mini chocolate chips, berries, and granola. I had NO idea Bob’s made this, and it sounds like something I need to try! I live in the middle of nowhere (aka WY), though, and I have never seen it at the stores here. I guess if I don’t win, I’ll have to order it online.

  173. Meg

    I’d love to try the museli because I just discovered that I’m gluten intolerant, and as a college student I’ve barely been able to find food I can eat since I don’t have the time to cook so I haven’t eaten breakfast since I was diagnosed. This would make an awesome breakfast!

  174. Lara

    I would love to try this! I am not sure I have ever had Muesli. I have been eating GF for many years and usually steer away from anything like this. Sounds yummy.

  175. leah

    I would love to try this muesli! i used to eat it all the time but after i found out im gluten intolerant i obviously had to say goodbye πŸ™ I love Bob’s red mill products too!

  176. Maddy

    I’ve just discovered a gluten intolerance so I’m still in the process of finding all these gluten-free products that are also incredibly delicious but don’t bloat me up like a Macy’s Day parade. I would love to try the muesli and hopefully substitute it for my love of oatmeal.

  177. Lauren

    Why do I want to try Bob’s muesli? Why?! Becuse I haven’t HAD muesli since I had to go GF. OMG DO I WANT TO TRY THIS!

  178. Claudia Horner

    Oh what splendid news! I’ll have to try this asap. Thanks for sharing and I’d love to win!

  179. Joanna

    Hello – would love to try this out! I recently (3 months) found out about my gluten intolerance and in the past 3 months a WARM breakfast has been one of the most difficult things for me to figure out. This Muesli sounds like an awesome contender!

  180. Laurie

    Bob’s Muesli sounds great! I’m trying to discover new foods with my daughter, who recently moved back home after graduating from college. We’re both trying to eat as healthfully as possible, she’s mostly gluten-free and I am strictly GF. Ate food with flour in it by mistake a few weeks ago and got canker sores in my mouth as a result! First time that’s happened! Can’t wait to try the Muesli … oh and I’m a rabid fan of your blog/books, heck of your LIFE!!!
    xo LSH

  181. Karlie

    OMG muesli! I miss it so much! I used to eat Alpine cereal almost every day before I found out I had celiac (possibly because it made me less sick, in retrospect, although the oats aren’t GF)

    I sure hope they sell it in Canada too!

  182. Dave

    I’d love to try BobΒ’s Red Mill gluten-free muesli. Before going GF I used to enjoy it over yogurt. Now I make my own using Bob’s GF oatmeal and dried fruit, but it would be a whole lot easier just to open a bag.

  183. Elaine Roemer

    I love Bob’s Red Mill! I would love to try their Muesli. Bob’s Red Mill is one of the few companies I recommend to my clients in hospitality. They are a reliably safe source when cooking/baking for those with celiac. I can’t wait to try their muesli!!

  184. Sandra J Smith

    My husband, son and I are all newly diagnosed wheat/gluten allergic or intolerant. We are always looking for new products to introduce into our diets.

  185. Anna S

    New to the Gluten Free world and LOVING IT!

    After losing 40 pounds (on purpose, the healthy way), then followed by months and months of intense stomach issues, being diagnosed with acid reflux, headaches 4+ times a week, irregular menstrual cycles, etc… I knew some change had to be made. Following Dr’s appointments and personal research, I decided to go GF for a few weeks to see what would happen.


    I felt like a brand new person. No stomach issues or acid reflux flair ups since June. I know that I’m not celiac (I can tolerate dressings, mustard, soy sauce in moderation without getting sick), but I believe I am gluten sensitive/intolerant most definitely.

    I love to bake and cook, so this gave me the opportunity to try new recipes and new ingredients. I have found an even greater joy in cooking and baking all over again. Its the thrill of trial and error (and many recipes work out better than I expect).

    I actually placed my first huge order into Bobs Red Mill this weekend and cannot wait to get more cooking/baking supplies to stock my pantry with. I did not order the Muesli but would LOVE to try it. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for posting all of your great information for us to read, and to make me feel like i’m not alone.


    1. shauna

      Congratulations, Anna! Just a note, mustard does not contain gluten, unless it contains beer. Same with salad dressings. That’s an old myth. So keep an eye on yourself. And it’s worth getting a celiac test, just to be sure.

      1. Anna S

        Hi Shauna!

        Thanks for the reply! As you can see, I’m still trying to transition and learn as much as I can about the GF world. Thanks for the tips about mustard and salad dressings! πŸ™‚

  186. Heather

    Yay for Bobs Red Mill! I see their stuff in the grocery store and would love to try the new muesli just to have a new, healthy alternative for breakfast.

  187. Karen Binge

    I teach preschool students with differing disabilities in a self contained classroom at my local Elementary School. It’s so hard to find a breakfast that will hold me over until my 12:25 lunch break. My students require a lot of energy from me, and thus muesli just may be the match for the mid morning hunger I usually get.

  188. Amanda Fox

    Love myself some Muesli but haven’t had the opportunity to try Bob’s Red Mill and would love to! I used to buy the Muesli sticks from Whole Foods but they stopped carrying them (tear!). Woot for your giveaway!

  189. Laurie

    I love Bob’s Red Mill, and I have tried almost all of their gluten-free products. They are safe and delicious, and so healthy. What’s not to love about this company?

  190. Maryanne

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products and am happy that the national chain grocery stores in my area carry a selection of products from this company. I’m not gluten intolerant, but I do love to try a variety of food products.

  191. Nancy

    Would love to try your product. Adding gluten free to my already miserable Crohn’s disease has me frustrated. I have looked at your products and going to set myself up so I can do some much needed baking for myself. Thank you from me and many others in this situation.

  192. Susan H

    I have been making a version of this, but would LOVE a Bob’s gluten-free version. I am with the Gluten-Free girl, I feel like I could not live without Bob’s! Super happy to try this new offering!

  193. ellen

    We are so delighted that this product is going to be available. We love muesli so, so much that we risk it from time to time and eat not certified GF muesli which feels like getting on the i-80, for just one exit, without a seatbelt. Foolish, but sometimes… Now, win or not, we win, because we will have GF Muesli in the cupboard and our 10 pm jonesing for good carbs will be answered responsibly.

  194. Andrea

    I just found out just about a month and half ago that I have a wheat intolerance/allergy. I was lucky enough to attend a gluten free expo here in my hometown this past weekend. I have a great support system and a boyfriend who is going GF, too! πŸ™‚ I love Bob’s products and would love to add another breakfast option to my menu. πŸ™‚

  195. jenn

    i too enjoy Bob’s Red Mill, and i’m ecstatic to have a “granola” type option that is g-f! i like BRM’s g-f quick oats, so now there will be another option for breakfast. do you know when they come to market?

  196. Grace Flower

    I’d like to try it because our foods list is short and we would love to add another breakfast that is NOT eggs πŸ™‚

  197. Jesica D

    I love crunchy grainy breakfasts and we are getting bored of all the other GF quick morning options out there!!

  198. Renee

    I have never tried muesli but it sounds like a great alternative to my normal routine. My fiance recently discovered he is gluten intolerant and we have been searching for recipes and alternatives. We will definitely try this!

  199. Gayl

    I have never had Muesli, but I would certainly love to try some. I just noticed my local small town IGA carries Bob’s products; coolest thing ever! Thanks!

  200. Jess h

    I just found your website adn have to say I adore it!! You had me teary eyed when I read the story of you and Chef! I’m Gluten Intolerant and would love to try a new Bob’s red mill product!! Thank you for all you do!

  201. Terry B

    I’ve tried a couple other Bob’s Red Mill products and enjoyed them, but I’ve never had Muesli before…

  202. Danielle

    I’d love to try the museli because it’s my husband that’s gluten-free, but we’d both like to share the same breakfast on Sunday mornings!

  203. Joan

    I have never tried Muesli but would love to. I have a gluten sensitivity so options can be slim. You can only eat so much GF oats for breakfast. πŸ˜‰

  204. Marcia Coakley

    Muesli is brilliant and versatile. I remember I had a little trouble wrapping my head around the whole concept when I was younger (30 years ago) – raw bits and grains soaked in milk? I soon discovered the variety and was charmed by the possibilities after facing my fear of “exotic Swiss-style museli”!
    Go Bob’s Red Mill. Thanks, Shauna and Danny.

  205. Heidi

    I’d love to try the new muesli. So many in our family are now gluten free and while we make a lot of gf granola here in our home, I’d love to share the muesli with my neice!

  206. Elaine

    I would love to try the BOB’S RED MILL MUESLI, as with most of the gluten free products they make I am sure it will be very tasty

  207. Kelli

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products. I have not had muesli in years. I will be looking for this product now. Thanks.

  208. Monica

    I became addicted to muesli and yogurt on a trip to Switzerland. Bob’s Red Mill tastes just as I remember……love it!

  209. Jennifer

    I am a huge fan of Bob’s Red Mill – many of their products are staples in our home. We would love to try the new muesli product as we move toward a gluten free household.

  210. Jamie

    I’d love to try this muesli, because I’m looking for a gulten free grain I can include in my diet.

  211. Ben

    Muesli was the first healthy item that I tried on my journey to living a healthier life. I loved it but have never been able to find it since I first tried it. I’d love to win so that I can make this for the whole family.

  212. Sharon

    Yum, I would love to try muesli. I love yogurt with fruits, nuts, or granola. So, muesli sounds like it would be a good addition to my yogurt plus it is gluten free.

  213. Val Ritter

    I saw this new cereal advertised on their website last week and have been searching the web to find where to buy it. Would be so happy to receive a package for free! Looking forward to nutritious, quick, and delicious breakfasts again.

  214. Maggie

    Oh how I crave a GF muesli! With plain yogurt and some homemade maple syrup, slightly roasted and salted almonds. What a beautiful start to any morning! Thank you kind folks at Bob’s Red Mill.

  215. Monica

    So happy to read of a new Bob’s Red Mill product! They are available here in Sydney Australia and I love them!! Thanks for the update – I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of muesli here.

  216. Alisa

    Whenever I have friends or family in town, I bring them to Bob’s Red Mill. I never leave without a huge grocery bag full of rice, grains and treats. Even if I don’t win the musleli, I’ll pick up a bag on my next visit. (But winning is always fun!)

  217. Emily

    I had to start going gluten free because I am nursing my daughter and she seems intolerant to wheat. Can’t wait to try the gluten free muesli!

  218. Stephanie B

    I’ve never had muesli but it sounds delicious – so even if I don’t win I will go out and buy some!

  219. Jennifer

    To celebrate my first month gluten-free, I sent myself “flours” – all from Bob’s! I’m a GF newbie and am LOVING trying all kinds of new things…. This muesli is on my list!

  220. francesca

    i’d love to try the GF muesli! the first time i had muesli i was visiting my family in ireland….and it has always reminded me of those lovely slow irish mornings. i haven’t had it since going gluten free and bobs red mill muesli sounds amazing!

  221. Mimi

    I couldn’t like without Bob’s Red Mill, either, and have a stash of at least five Bob’s products in my cupboard at any given time.

    Never tried Muesli, though. Will have to do that!

  222. Meghan

    WE LOVE BOB’S RED MILL TOO!! They are great, and I’ve NEVER gotten sick from anything purchased from them. I’d love to try this new product! I don’t love gf cereals, they always leave me hungry. But this sounds like it might be filling in the mornings. Another favorite is ther gf hot breakfast cereal:)

  223. SusanO

    I’d love to try a GF version of museli instead of the too-sweet, cereal laden GF granola that I have resorted to putting on my yogurt.

  224. Maggie

    After 48 years I’m finally eating oatmeal, which before was “yukky” πŸ™‚ Now I’m all about tasting different hot cereals… would love to try this!

  225. AJ

    I am always on the trail hiking and snowshoeing and muesli is the perfect energy food but so hard to find gluten-free. I would love to try this for energy to explore the outdoors!

  226. Kevin P

    I’m trying to reduce my gluten intake, it’s not the easiest thing to do when you’re so used to eating these foods. I’ve been experimenting with different flours, not a huge fan of almond flour, haha I bought a case of it so I have to use it up though.

  227. Kirsten

    I used to LOVE muesli! Nothing like a bowl of muesli with milk or apple juice (hot or cold) to start a morning. I hope it’s available in Canada too!

  228. tara

    Hi…i’ve actually never had museli even in my gluten glory days. I would really love to try it as it sounds like a great hearty breakfast especially in the winter !

  229. Una

    my 19-month-old son luca and i make our cheezy polenta using bob’s, and our current batch of homemade granola is likewise composed of bob’s oats, rye, and wheat germ. mmm. i love the sense of trust — in their ingredients, their process, their philosophy. the scandinavian cereal-lover in me would love to try the new line of muesli and add it to our pantry… thank you!

  230. Marie Martin

    I’d like to try the muesli because I’ve been missing the granola effect of mixed grains, nuts, fruits, etc. The mixture also sounds delightfully tasty and well-rounded. It’s time for me to try oats again.

  231. Dana Tischler

    I’m new to this whole gluten-free world and struggling with breakfast, so I’m really excited to try this product!

  232. Vicky C

    Big huge fan of Museli. Love it hot or cold. One of the big things I’ve missed since I was diagnosed.

  233. Steven

    In 1974 I was given some muesli to eat, being told it was oh-so-European and Continental and healthy and I can’t remember what else.

    It was like eating gravel.

    I decided I hated it, and that food ideology could convince many people to eat anything.

    I’ve learned a thing or two since 1974 about food. And other things.

    But I’ve never bothered to re-try muesli.

    This article has piqued my curiosity, and I will buy some Bob’s Red Mill (a favorite company for YEARS).

    Unless I win this contest. Then I will eat the free stuff and most probably purchase more.
    Because I don’t think Gluten Free Girl or the Chef would steer me on to a gravel road.
    At least not on purpose.

  234. lisa

    I am excited about the muesli – the last time I was able to eat it, I had to smuggle it in my suitcase from overseas. Bob’s sounds even better than that one!

  235. Molly Mansfield

    I’m always looking for gluten free breakfast ideas. I eat so many Bob’s gluten free products, including the oatmeal. I would live to try the Museli. It looks and sounds delicious!

  236. rachel

    I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago and have eliminated many trigger foods from my diet such as dairy. Wheat also seems to be a trigger food for spasms so I am learning how to find substitutes. Would love to try the muesli!

  237. Patricia4for kids

    Bob’s Red Mill GF Muesli would add some crunch back into my life.
    I can’t wait to munch on some muesli.

  238. Laura W.

    We would love to try it because we love to try new, healthier products. I have tried some of their other items for our family, but not that. Sounds yummy!

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