a word from our sponsor: Attune Foods

Most mornings these days, Lu asks me one thing after we wake up: “May I have some cereal and milk, Mama?”

I thank her for asking politely. I sort of chuckle to myself at her pronunciation of milk (say milk with the i sounding like the u in cud) and I move toward the kitchen. The milk is different every day —— sometimes soy, sometimes rice, sometimes homemade cashew milk —— because we like to mix up the kinds of milks she gets. But the cereal? The cereal is always the same brand.

I’m thrilled to announce that Attune Foods is our newest sponsor.

I first found the Erewhon cereals just after I went gluten-free. I stumbled on a box of the crispy brown rice cereal at a food co-op in Seattle and thought, “Rice krispies! They’re not gone!” However, it was the good taste and decent crunch of the cereal that kept me buying more boxes.

As Annaliese from Attune explained to us: “Erewhon organic cereals have been around since the 1960s and were started by macrobiotic founders. There are seven gluten free cereals in the line including our Corn Flakes which consist of corn and sea salt as the ingredients (delicious as a breading for baked / fried chicken) and our Crispy Brown Rice- Gluten Free cereal (great alternative to rice krispies).

Along with Erewhon, our Attune chocolate probiotic bars are also certified gluten free. The bars feature three of the most clinically tested probiotic strains and have less sugar than many yogurts. Each bar has 6.1 billion probiotic CFUs to help support digestive health and re-populate the tummy with good bacteria. Sound too clinical – they’re also quite popular with our customers for tasting good.

Attune Foods makes feel-good foods for digestive health. We believe what matters most is what’s inside and thus focus on quality simple ingredients for foods that are simply made.”

We really are big fans of Attune around here. This is how our sponsorship network works. We only team up with companies whose food and practices we love. When we bring on a sponsor, it’s not just for the financial reward that funds the work we do on this site. Each sponsorship is also meant as an honest, stellar recommendation for those of you reading. We only work with sponsors whose food we like to keep in our kitchen. And these cereals are always in our kitchen.

In fact, the one we eat most often is the newest cereal for Attune Foods: the Erewhon Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal. I adore the rich taste of this whole-grain cereal. There are few ingredients: “Organic Whole Buckwheat Groats, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Hemp Seed, Organic Maple Syrup, Sea Salt.” If it sounds that healthy, it might be pretty obligatory in taste, right? Not this one. Imagine the flakes in a raisiny bran kind of cereal, without the raisins, and without the wheat bran, and with far more crunch. This is the only cereal I have ever eaten that stands up to the onslaught of milk in the bowl. It’s faintly sweet, definitely nutty, and quietly assuring. It’s my favorite cereal.

Danny and I were both thrilled that the folks at Attune asked us to develop a recipe for the launch of the cereal. We played with ideas, but when we took bites of the cereal, with its nuttiness, the maple flavor, and the hint of salt, we both thought of the same thing: apple crisp. I still find this crazy amazing, but you’ll find our recipe for gluten-free apple crisp on the side of the Buckwheat-Hemp cereal box.

We’re on a cereal box.

(We also developed a recipe for gluten-free corn fritters for the Attune blog, recently. Go on over and look.)

Honestly, we’re thrilled that Attune Foods has joined us here.

Plus, they’re having a recipe contest right now and you could win.

Attune Foods would like to see your best gluten-free savory or sweet dish for the holidays, by December 31st. The only stipulation is that you use either their organic corn flakes or their organic crispy brown rice cereal as one of their ingredients. Danny and I will actually be looking at all the recipes, choosing the most interesting three, and choosing the winner. (You could win an 11-piece pot and pan set from Circulon and a six-month supply of cereal.) Go here for more details.

So please welcome our latest sponsor by clicking on their ad on the right side of this site. Order yourself some cereal.

And start cooking!

10 comments on “a word from our sponsor: Attune Foods

  1. Maggie

    Since Attune uses so much rice, how are they dealing with the new evidence of high levels of arsenic in rice?

    1. shauna


      Dr. Jean Layton, who is one of my favorite doctors and gluten-free bloggers, wrote recently about the arsenic in rice issue. I encourage you to read her post. But one of the gists for me is that arsenic can be in rice from organic sources, which are not harmful. She also wrote: “Foods grown organically are your best choice since the land is certified to not have arsenic compounds applied for at least 3 years prior to becoming an organic farm.”

      Attune Foods’ cereal are organic, so there really isn’t cause for concern here.


  2. Meredyth

    I have been buying the flakes with strawberries for months now. Delish. Also adore the brown rice cereal for homemade gluten free granola bars. So glad to see your new relationship with them! Congrats!

  3. gillian

    i cannot even *imagine* how cool it must be for someone to see their recipe on the side of a cereal box – congrats on this new partnership!

  4. Jean Layton

    Hi Shauna,
    Thanks for the mention about my rice article.
    I love Attune Foods, they are a company who truly gets how important food is to our health.
    Love this newest cereal, buckwheat is one of those foods that keeps me well charged for the day.
    Congratulations on the partnership, and yes, we need to connect soon.

  5. Lisa

    Hi Shauna,

    I just finished a bowl of crispy rice cereal with berries and some almond milk! I found the cereal at a local grocery store after reading your post about it. I never would’ve known about it otherwise, so thank you!! I also have to compliment you on your apple rosemary muffin recipe; I think I’ve made it at least 15 times and it’s a favorite at our house, as is the waffle recipe. Thanks for being so creative in the kitchen since some of us are not gifted in that area. I do love to cook but prefer to follow recipes instead of experimenting on my own. I really appreciate your wonderful blog and your books!

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