Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef + Lost Crates


These days, when we’re sitting at the table, everything feels like a feast.

This was taco night last week, with roasted chicken, pickled red cabbage, snap peas out of our friends’ garden, and two little girls jumping on the trampoline while we brought the plates to the table. Any time the air is warm enough to sit outside, we’re happy.

We like to share feasts with you. I like to remind people — with the photos, words, and videos — that life gluten-free is nothing about deprivation. It’s about gatherings and good food and vibrant color, if you want. You choose. Choose the feast.

We’d like to share some of this with you in a different way.


For months, we’ve been searching for a way to put our recommendations for food and favorite kitchen implements into your hands. It’s one thing for us to say here that we like a certain whole-grain cereal or new gluten-free cookie. But we’d love to extend that recommendation into your kitchen.

Enter Lost Crates.

Lost Crates is a lovely place. The folks there like well-designed things, good food, and sharing it with people. They find small start-ups, artists, and environmentally friendly businesses they like and offer their products to people who are seeking them out. It’s a gathering place.

We learned about Lost Crates from Joy the Baker, our friend who likes to surprise her readers with gifts. We found we liked them too.

So, we want to share with you.

how does it work? 

If you subscribe to the Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef Lost Crates service, you will receive a box full of good gluten-free food. We hand pick everything that goes into that box. And we ensure it’s gluten-free, of course. A box will show up at your doorstep with great ingredients, implements, and recipes from us. You can open it up and start cooking.

how often do i receive a box? 

That’s up to you.

You can subscribe on a monthly basis, a quarterly basis, and a yearly basis. (If you subscribe for a year, you save a lot of money.) Each box is $35 + $5 for shipping. We promise you’ll get your money’s worth.

what kind of boxes are you offering? 

All gluten-free, of course!

Each month, we’re going to be organizing the boxes around a theme. September is a Pasta Night box. We’ll have some great gluten-free pasta, anchovies, capers, a recipe for pasta puttanesca, and some surprises.

We’re also planning a Pizza Night box, a Cookie-Baking Party box, a Best-of-the-Gluten-Free Products box, and many more.

(If you’re a gluten-free foods producer, we’d love to hear from you.)

So we invite you to go over to Lost Crates to sign up.

We want to help you make a gathering around good food every month.

p.s. Jack just let us know that you will receive a $6 discount on your first crate with this code: GFGLaunch.


For an update on specific details of September’s box, click here

58 comments on “Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef + Lost Crates

  1. Jena

    I love this idea!!! Keep us posted on which kinds of boxes you’re doing and I’ll sign up according to the area I need the most help with. Thank you!!

  2. BonTemps

    I signed up for the waiting list twice, but didn’t hear back from Lost Crates. Is there a way to confirm that I am on the waiting list?

  3. Jenn Sutherland

    I’m SO excited! I have been pining for one of these magical crate services that I’ve been reading about on Joy’s site, and a few others, and was hoping that someone would take on the GF community and come up with a delicious service for us – and with you selecting the items, I have no doubt that I will get my money’s worth! Huzzah!

  4. Carly

    My only concern would be I have so many other allergies… Dairy, corn, soy, xantham gum, and the list goes on. Sadly, I think I have to sit this one out. 🙁 Unless one month you do a super-über allergen free crate? 😉

    1. shauna

      We can’t meet every need. We’re making the best gluten-free boxes we can. However, there’s nothing in September’s crate that has meat, eggs, or peanuts.

      1. shauna

        Oh of course, I forgot the anchovies. That’s only in the box for September. However, I have to say again that we are trying to craft the best box of gluten-free food we can. We cannot make this an allergen-free box. Perhaps one month we will!

    1. AngAK

      the FAQ section says they ship to the continental US only, for now. I live in Alaska, which is still part of the continent the last time I checked, but my email to them came back with no shipping to Alaska. Hmmmmm, perhaps they mean they ship only to the contiguous US.

      1. Bridget

        I usually read labels for things like anchovy paste, gelatin, chicken stock before I purchase. This is a great idea, though and I wish you the best with it,

  5. Brittani

    I love this idea! I thought it was fantastic when Joy signed up, and think it’s super fantastic now that you’ve signed up. I’m 100% looking forward to it!

  6. DamselflyDiary

    I love this idea. The surprise of getting it in the mail is fun. Having recipes with the ingredients you need right there is so handy.

    Can you see what’s coming each month and decline if you don’t want it? I would hate the idea that I sign up and then receive a box filled with sausages when I don’t eat them. I went to the site but it is quite vague. But I think it would be fun to participate.

    Sorry, I am sure you are getting bombarded with questions and requests and such . . .

    1. shauna

      We’ll say what is in each box before it is launched. And I don’t think we’ll be doing sausages at all. Unless we did an all sausage box!

      1. DamselflyDiary

        Even thought I am a gluten free vegetarian, I am taking the leap! I just signed up for monthly box delivery – but not prepaid. I want the option to cancel if I want to. But I am hoping that I love every box coming. It will be like Christmas each month. Anything I get that I don’t want? Well, I can give it to a friend who would like it or donate it to my local food pantry.

        1. jeanElane

          I love your idea of donating to a local food pantry! Now you’ve given me incentive to sign up!

  7. Jamie

    Hi Shauna! are there any options for international shipping? I’d love to sign up but my husband and I just moved to Taiwan. if not, perhaps we can ship to a friend and have them forward to us 🙂

  8. Rhonda

    wow. Everyone’s different. I would never order a crate of food by chance.

    Yeah, I’m gluten free, but health conscious as well. Wouldn’t want to risk receiving any gluten free junk I’m not going to eat.

    1. Nick

      I had to laugh at this comment. Gluten free junk? Apparently you don’t read the site. But I’m glad you could use this forum to espouse your ‘healthy lifestyle.’ Yawn. Live a little– life’s too short NOT to order a crate of food by chance.

  9. Nancy

    Great idea! Having recipes with the ingredients wow so amazing. You have a fantastic mind ever. Thanks for sharing this info!…I keep on reading..

  10. Ksenija

    Red pickled cabbage in tacos? Genious! Just prepared some yesterday myself – now I have to wait for a few days, before giving it a try.

  11. Becky

    I signed up–I love trying new things, and getting surprise packages! Since I will pretty much eat anything as long as it’s gluten-free, and since your philosophy of good, fresh food is similar to mine, it should be fun.

  12. Captainmomma

    Sounds wonderful 🙁 can’t wait until they ship to Canada. Same continent!!! I think you’d do a great job of stocking the boxes and I was so excited!!!

    I did fill out a form on their site in case they ever ship my way.

    Hope it goes over well!

  13. Lisa

    What fun! And if they ever ship to the wonderful prairies of Canada I will sign up. If a crate contains something I don’t like, then off it goes to the food bank. Paying it forward is never a bad thing and I don’t imagine the food banks of the world have much, if any, GF food to give away.

  14. BonTemps

    Hi Shauna,

    Just checking to see if you found out about the waiting list thing. THough is this box contains anchovies, I probably won’t sign up–I dislike them though I know many love them. They’re kind of a love-’em-or-hate-’em food–perhaps in the future you might have better success with more “neutral” foods. Just a thought! 😀 Best of luck! 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Jenn

    I’m so excited to receive my first box! I was surprised though to find out that the promo code (GFGLaunch) for the discount on the first box doesn’t apply to me. I signed up for the quarterly pre-paid program and was “told” that the promotion was only available to “pay as you go” customers. Oh well.
    Thanks for stepping into such an interesting program!

  16. Nick

    Kudos, dudes– kudos. Just signed up… you had me at “crate.” Anything that comes in a crate is instantly amazing. Wines. Co-op vegetables. Meat and cheese baskets. Even big crates that contain major awards that turn out to be hosiery-laden leg lamps. But gluten free recipe-in-a-crate? Holy pickles. It’s like going out to a special gluten free restaurant, at home– and is cheaper than a trip to the restaurant would be, hands down. Just as an aside, I would LOVE if there was an option for wine-pairing by Danny with each box! Especially this pasta box. (And maybe eventually, oh I dunno, a box that had wine IN IT? 🙂 Nice job Shauna. Remind me to high-five you next time I’m in Seattle.

    1. Julia

      Nick, that’s a great idea… but only in theory. Wine shipping is heavily regulated in the US and very, very complex and confusing (not to mention the packing work you’re asking the Aherns to do to keep the bottles from breaking, and extra shipping costs for something that heavy). Adding wine to the boxes would make this project a full-time job for Shauna and Danny.

      1. sunny

        I think wine pairing is a great idea! Given the complexities Julia described, and the inability to ship wine to some states, why not just include Danny’s recommendations for wine pairings, if including the wines themselves is problematic?

  17. Peg B

    I am sooo excited about this! I always do my best cooking when I have new things to try and this will be perfect! And as was already mentioned in previous comments, still cheaper than eating out as a decent restaurant, which is also a good way to justify the expense if needed. Very cool, I can’t wait!

  18. Harriet

    I’ve been following you ever since a visit to a friend in Vancouver. Her daughter is GF and my friend had your cookbook. Loved the recipes! Made tons of them even though no one in our family has a gluten issue.

    Now it turns out my daughter is gluten sensitive- it may be celiac, but we haven’t gotten the test results back yet. So glad I’ve been trying out so many of your recipes. And now, the CRATE! Great excuse to get a prezzie in the mail. Thanks for everything.


  19. Sunny

    I am going to sit this one out, too many food allergies combined with Celiac, diabetes and arthritis. We are lucky to have local produce most of the year. Going out to eat is always an “adventure”. Love your site.

  20. Cindy

    I will sit this one out too. It sounds like a lovely idea but I really don’t care for capers or anchovies.

  21. Monica

    Love the idea of having a gift of food for me every month. Can’t wait to see what new ideas this brings into my kitchen!

    Can we hope for a GFG chain of restos at some point?

  22. Rochelle Kwiatkowski

    I’m looking to possibly sign up for the box – however I clicked on Sept preview and nothing happens – can you advise on what is in september’s box?

  23. RE

    I would do this, but instead of premise cookies, I wish you’d send ingredients for homemade ones and the tried and true recipe.

    We’re gluten and wheat free, dairy and egg free and I recently started using quail eggs with huge success bc I needed a bday cake for my sons 1st bday and it was so delicious.

    I also am afraid bc I don’t want junk food either 😀

    I love fresh health food and I like ingredients I can make things from scratch. Plus I stay away from refined sugar too.

  24. Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out

    This is a really great idea. I personally am not GF and haven’t ventured much into the GF world (aside from reading!) because I just simply feel overwhelmed and don’t know what products are good and what to try! Getting to try out products that you know are going to be good (but you might not have known about before) is such a great way to get introduced to GF cooking.

  25. DamselflyDiary

    I got my crate today! I checked the values of the items online (as best I could) and I have to say this crate is a very good value. I am sure Shauna and Lost Crates are making a little off of each box – as they should – but given that, I think it was worth the money I spent for it. Plus it is fun.

    I will wait until we have some cooler days before making the pasta (it doesn’t sound too tasty when it is 90 degrees out!) but it’s nice to have a recipe ready to go. I don’t really need the cheese grater but it looks like a really nice one and lists for $19.95 on Amazon! I think I will save it as a gift for someone that might enjoy it.

    I don’t have a lot of extra money for things like this, but for now I am going to try to earmark some for my monthly crate and see what happens going forward. I like the adventure of it all – even if I don’t need or want everything. 🙂

  26. kelly higgins

    I just received my first GFG lost crate and I am very excited to try to make the pasta recipe that was e-mailed and also sent with the box. I also received my delicious looking capers, pasta and cheese grater. The one thing that was missing was the much talked about quality anchovies that I was looking forward to receiving. Regardless, I am looking forward to receiving future GFG lost crates. It is like Christmas every month. Keep up the great articles, photos, videos and sharing, it is truly great.

  27. Monica

    Just received my crate yesterday. Will be making the recipe this weekend!

    I love the card you sent with ideas for use of anchovies and capers. Any chance you could include the recipe for the dish on a card like this too? I know you included the recipe on a separate sheet of paper, but I’d love to have something that I can keep (ideally with the picture that you included on the caper/anchovie paper, of the dish) and the half size is perfect to file away. Thanks!

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