the chef shows you how to make mango cocktail sauce

I love when Danny decides to play for dinner.

We do a lot of looking through cookbooks together around here. Sometimes in bed. It’s one of our favorite activities. (Yes, we are nerds.) I read cookbooks voraciously, for the story as much as the measurements. I love imagining dishes and trying to figure out how that cook made those words on the page come to life. Danny reads cookbooks differently. He looks for recipes that remind him of something he has eaten or something he has created. He never, ever cooks from a recipe. To follow along someone else’s ingredients and techniques make him as itchy as wearing socks full of spiders. But if he sees an ingredient, a something that triggers a response? He’s off.

Last week, before dinner, he was flipping through a Jean-Georges Vongerichten book. A recipe for peach sauce inspired him to pull the ripe mango from our fruit bowl and make mango cocktail sauce. All three of us enjoyed it so thoroughly that we decided to make a video and show you how to make it too.

It’s so lovely and simple.

In case you want the ingredients written down, here you are!

1 ripe mango, peeled
1 clove garlic, peeled
2 tablespoons each fine-chopped cilantro and fresh parsley
1/4 lemon
2 tablespoons prepared horseradish (use fresh if you want to)
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
2 teaspoons hot sauce
1/2 teaspoon chile flakes (optional)

Want the technique? Watch the video!

17 comments on “the chef shows you how to make mango cocktail sauce

  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    You guys always crack me up. Love all of these videos… really, I can’t get enough.

    Ooooooooh… Just heard the idea of mixing this up with goat cheese. Love it!

    Fish tacos might have to happen this week.

  2. molly

    this reminds me of one of my favorite salsas, a small chop of fresh peach (or mango) plus big fistfuls of sweet onion and cilantro, soused on fresh lime, well-seasoned by salt and chili.

    btw, you have a standing invite to play in my kitchen, anytime 🙂

  3. Ingrid @ Jammy Chicken

    Fruit cocktail sauce is such a fresh and summery idea, and I love the photo of Julia Child on the side of your microwave! It’s just peeking out there at the end of the video – great inspiration for some seriously good cooking.

  4. Mary Fran | FrannyCakes

    This sounds delightful (and I love playing in the kitchen! that is the best kind of playing!).

    Do you think it would go well with chicken or pork? There would be one less human on this earth if I tried to eat the shrimp 🙂

    1. shauna

      Please don’t eat the shrimp! I know it goes great with chicken, because I’ve tried it. I’m sure pork would be great too.

  5. Gal Gone Gluten Free

    Another great post. Myself a cilantrophobe (yeh, tastes like Ivory Soap to me) I’ll opt for the parsley plus parsley on this one. Thinking of giving it a go for a mother’s day brunch… Many thanks, GGGF

  6. Judi

    This looks so delish!
    Thanks for the nudge to use up that mango that has
    been in the bowl this week.
    Love the new camera angle, too!!

  7. Kristy

    I was just thinking of making a mango salsa (because I can’t eat tomatoes) so it’s a delight to see this post! Nerds rule : )

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