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For years I suffered from anemia. I never knew why. I couldn’t give blood because my anemia made my blood not useful to anyone else. There’s a sobering thought.

By the time I was diagnosed with celiac, my body was so clamoring for any good nutrients — vitamins A, B, C, zinc, magnesium — that I could barely function. My intestines were unable to digest much of anything. I felt like an old, withered woman.

After my diagnosis, I searched for good supplements to give my body a boost after all that time of lacking. So many supplements or vitamins contained gluten. Or could. It’s that gray area that confuses. I think the ingredients are gluten-free. Is there anything I’m missing? 

I wish I had found Wellesse then.

This local-to-us supplement company is producing good-tasting liquid nutrition supplements that are certified gluten-free. I’ve been taking their vitamin D this winter and I swear I made it through those dark rainy months better than I normally do. (I’ve been deficient in vitamin D every year I’ve been tested. This is the first year my levels have been normal.)

Now, I want to make it clear that we are not medical professionals. There’s a great debate out there over whether or not nutritional supplements help. I don’t want anyone reading this and thinking we have the path to your health. You’re the only one who knows what is right for you.

But of all the vitamins I have tried to take these past 7 years, these are my favorite. (Last year I tried to swallow a B complex vitamin that was like a horse pill. I gagged every morning.) These are also the only ones I know that are certified gluten-free.

This is why we’d like to introduce Wellesse Liquid Supplements to you as our latest sponsor.

And, as always, we’d like the company to introduce themselves to you.


How did Wellesse begin? What was the passion behind this business?

We began as a small company in the Pacific Northwest in 1988, dedicated to producing the highest quality dietary supplements. Today, we’re a premier manufacturer of fast-absorbing, liquid nutritional supplements at a value price for health and wellness. Our growth has been guided by a passionate belief that our quality supplements make it easier to stay healthy and active at every stage of life.

Quality is an essential part of our heritage. Our ethic of quality reaches beyond our supplements to touch every corner of our company and every person at Wellesse. It’s not only found in our essential ingredients, but also in every step of our process-our science, our manufacturing, our safety and our service. What drives our ethic of quality is quite simple: we’re committed to doing the right thing…because we care about our consumers.

Can you tell me about the protocol the company uses to ensure the vitamins are gluten-free?

Wellesse elected to become one of only a few supplement companies that are Certified Gluten-Free by a third party, GFCO. It is confusing for Gluten sufferers to navigate through the myriad of products that are self-proclaimed gluten free because gluten can be found in many inactive ingredients without a firm committment from their entire supply chain. By way of certification, Wellesse suppliers are required to provide Wellesse with ingredients that do not contain wheat. Additionally, our products are tested regularly to ensure we meet the certification standards of less than 10ppm. The proposed FDA standards allow for higher amounts of wheat, 20ppm and lower, so a certified product is the guarantee to consumers that Wellesse product truly are gluten-free.

Why did Wellesse make such a push to make sure the vitamins are gluten-free?

Recently a family member of our CEO was diagnosed with celiac disease. As he started doing more research, he discovered that many who have celiac or even just follow a gluten free diet are deficient in several vitamins. Also, they are unable to absorb nutrients very well from food and because our liquid supplements are fast absorbing and easy to digest, they are a great solution. Plus, many vitamins do contain gluten and we wanted to make sure that ALL of our supplements are certified gluten free so that anyone with celiac or gluten sensitivity can take them safely.

What do you hope that consumers get out of Wellesse products?

We offer consumers a great-tasting, fast-absorbing alternative to pills and tablet supplements. Many people are not able to swallow pills very well or simply cannot digest or absorb them. Wellesse Liquid supplements are more easily absorbed and are gentle on the stomach. We want to help as many people as possible to reach their daily nutritional goals easily – easy to buy at your local retailer or online, easy to take and easy to absorb and cost effective. The ultimate reward is to make a difference in people’s lives – their health – that enables them to start or keep doing the activities they love to do; whether that is hiking, walking, gardening, shopping or playing with the kids or grandchildren.

We feel that our gluten free liquid supplements are a great tasting way to fulfill the important nutritional requirements of those who are gluten intolerant and celiac disease sufferers striving for better health.

Many liquid supplements do not taste that good and people are afraid to try them, but one of our priorities is to make our liquid supplements taste as good as possible and most people are quite pleased once they do try ours. Plus, you can mix them with juice, water, or in smoothies or shakes and the dosages are easily adjusted if needed, with the provided dosage cup. Again, it’s all about convenience and what works best for the consumer so that they take it EACH day for optimal health.


We certainly recommend them to you. This is why Wellesse is our latest sponsor.


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5 comments on “our newest sponsor: Wellesse Liquid Supplements

  1. Pat Machin

    I find that really interesting as I’ve suffered from anemia at odd times during my life and I definitely go through periods of Vitamin B deficiency. There was some research done at the end of WWII about the difficulties of absorbing vitamins from tablets. It was apparently a problem for soldiers released from POW camps in the Pacific area who had damaged digestive systems as a result of malnutrition.

    I’m passing a link on to my daughter and daughter-in-law who each have a child with celiac.

    Thank you.

  2. Jenn Sutherland

    Thanks for bringing some awareness to the other nutrient/micronutrient deficiencies that we celiacs often have. I think too many health care providers feel like once you figure out gluten, you’re all set and are back to health, when most of us fumble around, still exhausted, feeling amazingly better, but still with layers of low-level digestive issues that linger…leaving us better but not truly well. I’ve worked with nutritionist and naturopaths for several years, and with professional guidance and some great supplements selected exactly for my needs, I feel so much better! So glad you found some that work for you, and that are gluten free! I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with supplement manufacturers to determine whether their products are GF, so it’s always nice when the labeling is clear and true!

  3. Kathryn


    Thank you for the information. I am working with a holisitic nutritionist and I will talk to her about this product. I called them because I needed to know if they are soy and dairy free. I was told that all their products are soy free. All of them are dairy free except the digestive health product which has a small amount of milk – 1/8 tsp per serving if I remember correctly. The woman is sending me samples so that I can be muscle tested with them.

  4. Gabrielle

    I nearly cried (okay, I did) reading this. There’s a period, sometimes reoccuring, when celiac of food being a source of fear instead of a source of nutrition. I felt amazing my first month off gluten, then my symptoms slowly started creeping back. I’m still not sure what it is, but to have an easy to digest, dedicated gluten-free product with the nutrients I need is just so joyous. I’m on the lookout for new iron supplements right now – I’ll be sure to pick these up if I can find them.


    Oh. My. Gawd. Shauna – was diagnosed w/vitamin D deficiency this year and had to start taking prescription strength D for the last 4 months; been anemic at various times in my life too – never had to be transfused, thank god, but had no idea the connection – this is seriously crazy that I have probably had this my whole life & didn’t know it. Wonder if I can swap this out for the prescription strength stuff – am gobsmacked; sharing this info w/my sister too

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