around the table.

The other night, someone I have been wanting to meet for years came over for dinner. Andrew Hyde is a vagabond traveler, master designer, enlightened laugher, and an all-around good egg. He’s also gluten-free. We’ve been hearing about each other for  years, talking on Twitter, and yet we had never met. (Perhaps that’s because he’s in Dubai, Kenya, Paris, and Boston within a 2-week period at times.) Thanks to Twitter, I saw that he was spontaneously in Seattle for the day. So we invited him over for dinner.

This is how, four hours later, Danny and I opened the door to three people we had never met before. Andrew, Lee Lefever, and his wife Sachi walked in and became friends pretty immediately. In fact, it happened as soon as we sat around the table. In the hours we spent talking and laughing and sharing stories of our lives, we never moved from around the dining room table. We ate gruyere-olive bread right out of the oven. Danny made us pasta with fresh tomato sauce, goat cheese, and chard. There was a big kale salad. And there were two rhubarb crostata, warm and oozing juice.

We could have continued talking for hours, our elbows on the table, all of us leaning in to hear more. But the light was fading to gloaming out the windows and we had to get Lu to bed. We hugged, our bellies full, and promised to see each other again.

So many of my favorite moments happen around the table.

Writing in this space feels like sitting around the table with all of you.

By the time you read this, we’ll be on our way to the airport for nearly 2 weeks in Tuscany. We’re thrilled that the good folks at Jovial Foods are flying the three of us to Italy to teach cooking classes. (We were the prize in a contest!)  Since Jovial pasta is one of the sponsors of this site, we’re eager to see where the brown rice grows, where the spring water comes from, and how the pasta is made.

We’re also eager for the chance to be away, out of the country, removed from our habits and routines. We’re ready to sit around a new table, with more new friends, in warm sunlight and good food.

We’re not going to be updating this site for awhile. (You can follow us on Twitter or Instagram if you want to see some images of our time there.) I’m closing comments on this post since I won’t be able to publish them for 2 weeks. We’re going to go live for awhile and find some new stories.

You have a great time while we’re gone. Let’s gather at the table when we return. I want to hear your stories too.



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